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Joshua Jackson: Back To Work On 'Fringe' After Vacay!

Joshua Jackson: Back To Work On 'Fringe' After Vacay!

Joshua Jackson cozies up to costar Anna Torv’s body double on the set of Fringe on Monday (November 26) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 34-year-old actor has been hard at work lately filming the last few episodes of the show as it comes to a close. The series finale will air in a two-hour event on Friday, January 18 at 8/7c.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Joshua Jackson

The week before, Josh was spotted shirtless lounging poolside in Cabo San Lucas with girlfriend Diane Kruger.

15+ pictures of Joshua Jackson filming on set of Fringe

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joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 01
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 02
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 03
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 04
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 05
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 06
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 07
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 08
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 09
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 10
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 11
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 12
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 13
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 14
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 15
joshua jackson back to work on fringe after vacay 16

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67 Responses to “Joshua Jackson: Back To Work On 'Fringe' After Vacay!”

  1. 1

    That woman is prettier than Anna

  2. 2
    Peter Says:

    Joshua Jackson seems to have more chemistry with that woman than with Anna.

  3. 3
    klara Says:

    Aw, Joshua looks so handsome and happy

  4. 4
    Kyle Says:

    Is Olivia hurt? No, no, no………………………..

  5. 5
    laice Says:

    I love his cute smile, very charming

  6. 6
    marc Says:

    No shirtless Joshua Jackson today? bummer……..

  7. 7
    gab Says:

    Joshua and that body double have a cute thing going on there!

  8. 8
    Extr Says:

    Joshua is doing an amazing job this season. I can’t hardly wait for more.

  9. 9
    heh! Says:

    He is so incredibly gorgeous! And so is Anna’s body double. Look at them, so cute!

  10. 10
    Jo Says:

    These photos contain SPOILERS. Which a******* of a photographer is it that doesn’t give a stuff about taking photos that are going to spoil the finale for fans of the show? Someone needs to seriously tell the guy off. These photographers only care about the money they make from sites like JJ buying them. They couldn’t care less about the show or the fans.

  11. 11
    newsflash Says:


    So paparazzi only takes pictures of celebrity they like or showes they like?
    Hate to break it to you, but all the paparazzi are in it for the money.

  12. 12
    Chris Says:

    John and Jasika are there too. Anna gorgeous as always. :)

  13. 13
    flora Says:


    Since when has it been a paparazzi’s job to protect people from getting spoiled about their favorite shows? Why did you even look at these when you knew they were set pictures? People baffle me.

  14. 14
    samantha Says:

    I’m going to miss Josh on my TV every week

  15. 15
    Sharon Says:

    oh the last episode :(((((((((((((((((((

  16. 16
    sylvie Says:

    aw, i love joshua jackson

  17. 17
    +++ Says:

    That´s Anna Torv´s stunt double.

  18. 18
    Gabe Says:

    I just adore Anna Torv. ♥

  19. 19
    dimitri Says:

    Josh is already back from Mexico? Wow, what a lifestyle. So jealous.

  20. 20
    dimitri Says:

    did you know that the luxuary hotel (cabo azul) where Diane and Joshua stayed at, was for about 3500 dollars a night!!!!!!!!!!!

    Talk about being rich! Another reason to be jeaous.

  21. 21
    tom Says:

    Anna Torv is So beautiful . Love Olivia and i’m seriously going to miss the show.

  22. 22
    Ben Says:

    One of the best -if not the BEST- show on TV.

  23. 23
    Jonatas Says:

    Anna torv is amazing and beautiful!! good actress and real hot too!

  24. 24
    Lucy Says:

    I admire and respect Anna torv immensely.

  25. 25
    Carla Says:

    Oh no, Fringe! My dear Olivia Dunham!

  26. 26
    Vieira Says:

    John Noble is AMAZING!

  27. 27
    fan Says:

    I’m going to miss these characters so much. :(

  28. 28
    Gustavo Says:

    Friiiinge! I<3 Olivia Dunham.

  29. 29
    Sebastian Says:

    Anna Torv, Her hair is GORGEOUS!!!

  30. 30
    Rick Says:

    I will miss this show!!!! i love Anna’s voice so sexy and sweet

  31. 31
    Lana Says:

    Gonna miss it, love the cast especially Anna / olivia

  32. 32
    Ethan Says:

    I’ll be sad when this show ends…Olivia/Anna… I love you !

  33. 33
    mallie Says:

    Josh is incredible. I can’t believe Fringe is coming to an end :( I will miss him so much!

  34. 34
    the bishop boys Says:

    Josh only gets better with age. Great actor!

  35. 35
    Jo Says:


    It doesn’t bother me because I don’t care about spoilers, but I know that these pictures appear on tumblr and retweeted on twitter and appear in the timelines for people who don’t want to be spoiled. They can’t do anything about that. Their the ones that get spoiled, when they don’t want to be and they didn’t ask for that. I can place myself in their shoes and totally understand why they are majorly annoyed.

    The photographer could only submit non spoilery photos if he truly cared. However, if it’s the one that I think it is, then that’s not going to happen anytime soon. As long as these photos keep getting megahits on JJ by the trolls, the frequency of them appearing on here is not going to stop.

  36. 36
    norma Says:

    Oh, Joshua, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Thank you, Jared for the pictures once again!

  37. 37
    ken Says:

    it sucks

  38. 38
    paul Says:

    Josh, is the MAN! Very cool guy!

  39. 39
    kate Says:

    I think that showrunner Joel Whyman is directing the last episode. I adore Joel. He always gives Joshua an amazing storyline.

  40. 40
    naty. Says:

    @Peter: if josh has no chemistry with Anna problemis’s him , Olivia had chemistry on the show with John Scott, of course she married him, with Lucas in In “Which We Meet Mr. Jones” in bad dream with dancer ,Besides, she had also chemistry with Charlie Francis, Frank, Sam Weiss,

  41. 41
    kim Says:

    Joshua has an adorable smile. He is such a sweatheart.

  42. 42
    floris Says:

    Still got it, Joshua. You still got it:

  43. 43
    Sandy Says:

    OMG Olivia!
    I doubt she dies in the finale but she certainly takes a beating.
    JJ please post more Anna Torv!

  44. 44
    georgina Says:

    Joshua Jackson is too perfect for words

  45. 45
    flora Says:


    If it’s that important to someone to remain unspoiled, stay off tumblr and Twitter. It’s no secret that set photos get posted on both of those networks, so people that care that much about not being spoiled just need to make a choice. It’s not a paparazzi’s responsibility to protect anyone’s sensibilities, period. Their entire job revolves around violating the privacy of others. Furthermore, these pictures aren’t even that bad. All the main characters have been banged around, bruised, and scarred all season. If I only had to go by these photos, I still wouldn’t know what was going to happen to any of them.

  46. 46
    Janne Says:

    i love this series Anna Torv and John Noble are exceptional actors!

  47. 47
    lauren Says:

    Josh has such a pretty face… sigh.

  48. 48
    cindy Says:

    Joshua is always happy and smiling on set. He’s always interacting with everybody on-set. He is the perfect guy to have around while filming. Never a boring moment.

  49. 49
    tRay Says:

    I <3 all the characters, but the father-son chemistry between John and Josh is magical.

  50. 50
    danielle Says:

    Joshua, you have been my favorite actor since your might ducks days and you were my first celeb crush. You are an amazing actor.

  51. 51
    Marly Says:

    Joel Wyman better give Polivia a happy ending. What kind of ‘love letter to fans’ would it be if Peter and Olivia don’t end up happy and together. they have an amazing chemistry together

  52. 52
    lolita Says:

    Thanks Jared, we can always count on you for the many gorgeous Joshua Jackson pictures. Keep them going!

  53. 53
    MassEffect Says:

    Anna Torv pics make me happy!!

  54. 54
    Angie Says:

    Januari 18, 2013. This day will be the last day, we will see our handsome and talented actor Joshua Jackson on TV.
    But lucky for us, Joshua is in a high profile relationship with
    Diane Kruger. That means we are still going to see Joshua many many times out and about. And THAT gives us hope!

  55. 55
    adrien Says:

    Jackson is one of The rare celebrities/ actors I’d LOVE to be
    friends/ hang out with. He is just So charming!! And he has a great sense of humor in every interview I’ve seen him!

  56. 56
    eleonor Says:

    I watch “Fringe” for 2 reasons: Joshua Jackson (I can’t believe how hot he has become!) and Dr Bishop crazyness.

  57. 57
    Silvie Says:

    I perfectly agree! I love Bishop Boys ^_^

  58. 58
    observer Says:

    I’m so grateful that we got a season 5. It gave the change to Joshua Jackson to show us what a wonderful actor he is. What a fantastic way to end the show.

  59. 59
    cai Says:

    I think Josh is dating an observer, DK has is bald and pale skin is cold to the robot

  60. 60
    cai Says:

    I think Josh is dating an observer, DK has is bald and pale skin is cold to as a robot

  61. 61
    zoe Says:

    I like Josh. He fiiiine and very good on Fringe.

  62. 62
    scarlett Says:

    I dig Joshua more as he ages. I have a feeling that he’s going to grow into his look in his 40′s, like George Clooney did.

  63. 63
    nicole Says:

    Josh Jackson is simply gorgeous! What a charming, talented, handsome man!

  64. 64
    seinfield Says:

    Joshua Jackson will forever be a flawless man.

  65. 65
    JJ pic (26/11/2012) Says:

  66. 66
    claudette Says:

    Joshua personality is just soo admirable, genuine & likable.
    I just LOVE this guy,

  67. 67
    mallie Says:

    @adrien: Right? He’s so down to earth, charming and funny! I’d love to meet him one day, because he doesn’t look intimidating at all. I like to think I wouldn’t stutter in his presence! I would love to thank him for the wonderful job he has done in Fringe, he’s so talented and handsome!

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