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Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower: British Fashion Awards!

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower: British Fashion Awards!

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower make their red carpet debut as a couple at the 2012 British Fashion Awards held at the Savoy Hotel on Tuesday (November 27) in London, England.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones co-stars helped support the talented designers at the annual event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lily Collins

In case you missed it, make sure to check out Lily and Jamie in the trailer for Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which was released earlier this month. The film will hit theaters on August 23, 2013!

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52 Responses to “Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower: British Fashion Awards!”

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  1. 26
    @katy Says:

    if you werent a bonnie or a hp fan you wouldnt be bothered about jamie or lilys pr or non pr relationship
    You wouldnt have gotten so defensive about not being one either

  2. 27
    @holland Says:

    May i remind you that the hunger games and twilight sell lots because they are already movies?
    Also divergent is becoming a movie now too..
    Since when does a book need to sell as many as THG and twilight to be considered popular.

  3. 28
    Katy Says:

    @@katy: I have nothing for or against the HP kids, but I will call PR bullshit when I see one. This is PR bullshit. You need to quit trying to blame people just because they don’t like them. I also thought Lily/Taylor and Lily/Zac were PR bullshit and said as much back in the day. I didn’t follow Jamie when he was with Bonnie, but maybe they were PR crap too.

  4. 29
    Katy Says:

    @@katy: I have nothing for or against the HP kids, but I will call PR bullshit when I see one. This is PR bullshit. You need to quit trying to blame people just because they don’t like them. I also thought Lily/Taylor and Lily/Zac were PR bullshit and said as much back in the day. I didn’t follow Jamie when he was with Bonnie, but maybe they were PR crap too.

  5. 30
    Holland Says:

    @@holland: LOL THG and Twilight sold WAY more at this time before they were movies. TMI is nowhere on their level. Nowhere. Divergent, which hasn’t even started filming yet, is always on our top 10 list of top selling teen novels. Divergent and Insurgent have been on there for months. TMI hasn’t even made a blip since it’s trailer debut.

  6. 31
    Alexandra Says:

    @Ala: actually, he had that tattoo before he started dating Lily.

  7. 32
    Cate Says:

    @Cece: I don’t care if they are dating each other or not but it’s bizarre how obsessed people are with disproving their relationship. They are pretty lowkey. They’ve been dating for nearly 6 months and this is the first time they’ve even attended an event together. Unless you follow either of them or are one of those obsessed Bonnie fans you wouldn’t even know they are dating. The Zac Efron thing was a silly rumour because Lily went on a few dates with him. Jamie was already cast by then.

    @Holland: You are right about sales. TMI is nowhere near the Twilight, THG, Divergent (although Divergent seems to be mainly a US phenomena compared to Twiligth and THG) league in terms of sales. It will be interesting to see how it and all the other YA movies coming out next year do.

  8. 33
    dany Says:

    Lily has two tattoos? Jamie must have something very special, because lily is doing things never done by any guy

  9. 34
    Holland Says:

    @Cate: I certainly don’t follow this couple but I feel like Isee them all the time in pap shots. So I can see why people think they’re pulling the PR chain. Lots of actors call the paparazzi to get attention drawn to themselves. Personally speaking, the first time I heard about Lily was when she was dating Taylor Lautner, and bless that boy, but it’s very obvious he’s gay. Those two always screamed PR to me. So, sad to say, but Lily does have a PR dating reputation for me because of that (shrug).

    As for the YA movies this year, I don’t expect many to make a splash. The Host, Beautiful Creatures and this one – none of them make sales on the level of THG or Twilight and none of them have sparked any conversations at our work meetings to be on the look out for the ‘next big thing’. Divergent is the only one that we’ve talked about in that area. But honestly speaking, Hunger Games is still the Big Thing right now.

  10. 35
    Cate Says:

    @ Holland: The only paparazzi shots of them are when they were filming TMI in Toronto usually going to and from their hotel becasue the paparazzi knew where they were staying and their routines. I’m not a Taylor Lautner fan but I haven’t seen any evidence he is gay (personally he has never set off my gaydar) and he’s dated other girls. I’m not sure why you would assume their relationship was PR and they were pretty private when they were dating. There are hardly any pictures of the together.

    @dany: I’m shocked! I didn’t see those. Never would have thought Lily would get one ever! I can’t see what hers say but at least they are small and easily hidden! This is going to be so awkward if they split!

  11. 36
    Katy Says:

    @Cate: Just a personal opinion on Taylor and I know I’m definitely not alone there, lol. But again, that’s my views and why I don’t really buy her relationships.

  12. 37
    Holland Says:

    @Cate: I think it’s quite obvious Taylor is gay, but (shrug). I still like him though (like him better than Rob or Kris). But I’ve felt all his relationships have been fake.

  13. 38
    em Says:

    Why are people saying Jaime and Lily are PR while for example saying “aw they are so cute together” to Lea and Cory from Glee. why are people so sure Jaime/Lily are PR but Cory/Lea are true love?

  14. 39
    Yesenia Says:

    @Holland: Your such a buzz kill man.Ok so the books don’t sell well,but that doesn’t mean there are no fans of this book series.
    And you don’t if this movie will be good or not, have you seen it yet jeesh..

  15. 40
    nika Says:

    even though Jamie is not my type I must admit he’s interesting to look at. I just like that he’s different, but he should gain couple lbs. What’s up with guys being too skinny these days anyways??? Its not attractive at all…and Lily is kinda growing on me. BUT the person i’m most excited to see in this movie is definitely Jonathan Rhys Meyers! Now that’s a guy I’d date if I was her:-)

  16. 41
    Sarah. Says:

    Lily is really doing good as an actress. First I thought.. oh she is the daughter of Phil Collins who is just trying to be an actress. But she’s doing really well. I’m reading the book now, it’s not an easy read to be honest but the story is not bad. I’ll definitely watch the movie!

  17. 42
    Holland Says:

    @Yesenia: I was replying to someone who was so sure these two weren’t using PR for fame because they were SO SURE this series would be the next big thing and they don’t need the PR. Fact is, they do. As a bookseller, I’m just stating facts, and this series is nowhere near the level of Hunger Games, Twilight or even Divergent. It’s just there among all the other teen novels like Beautiful Creatures.

  18. 43
    blah blah blah Says:

    @Lisa S: Your nuts and delusional if you think only Bonnie Wright fans hate these two. Do you troll their sites all day long. I Don’t like Potter or Wright but think this guy is tooo skinny ,looks ill and has ruined the movie by being a attention seeker and dating another attention seeking serial dater. They seem odd and all I saw in the film clip was them and not the characters and that has pissed me off. I was looking forward to this film and now all I see is this odd couple and not Jace and Clary. You just make your argument desperate when you label all lamey haters Wright fans only.

  19. 44
    light bulb moment Says:

    @Suzi Marander: Your sooo smart and brilliant and worldly. Thanks for schooling me with you words of wisdom ….I now love skinny duche bags and serial dating fame whores. They are my world. This “little one” now gets it and can see the big world through your TMI /Jamily colored glasses. Tks.

  20. 45
    Katy Says:

    @blah blah blah: These people just want to excuse and write off anyone who thinks Jamie/Lily reeks of bullshit. They can’t face the reality that a lot of people find Jamie and Lily over the top. They have their 10 fans who seem to think they’re the cutest thing eva, but anyone outside of their fandom thinks they’re ridiculous. Just visit ONTD.

  21. 46
    Diana Says:

    Where did the healthy good looking Jamie go? Did he get lost along the way? Not fair! I miss those good ol’ Darling Buds days when he was still cool!

  22. 47
    Pia Says:

    A mi me encantan juntos! Se ven lindísimos, aunque Jamie está super flaquito y podría engordar un poco. Ojalá les vaya bien!

  23. 48
    Carie Says:

    @holland You are so ignorant, it’s almost funny. I work in Barnes and Noble and I can tell you for a fact this book sells very, very well. While we are talking about it, I’ve never seen one person buy a book called Divergent. I think most people are more familiar with The Mortal Instruments than this book called Divergent. Oh and I know you don’t keep up on the entire sales of Barnes and Noble because the person who does, does not work in the children’s area and he works in the Barnes and Noble 15 minutes away from the B&N I work at. So, my friend, you must the little girl here.

  24. 49
    Anna Says:

    If you live and come from England, you know Jamie Campbell Bower symbolizes a true English lad. His style is how the men dress in England for the most part and he’s skinny just like almost the rest of the population in England. You American folks just think he needs to gain a few lbs. because the majority of you are decently chubby. JCB is a very nice and strapping young man and Lily is quite beautiful. I see no reason for picking apart their relationship. It is also none of our business either. I don’t think the majority of you all would like your relationship with someone to be picked apart by the public.

  25. 50
    American folk Says:

    @Anna: thanks Anna without you I would have never know what a “lad from England looked like” If only there was some type of device where I could look at pictures or video of these strange things you call ‘strapping young men” then I could see for myself. Hmmm or if there was a thing that flew in the sky that could take me to this place called England that is the home of all the skinny beautiful people. But alas even if they existed we Fat Americans would not be able to stop eating long enough to use our hands for looking at photos of the English Adonis that is Jamie Bower. Riiiiggghhhhtttt…. Here is a little fyi for ya… I have been to England and ya all aint Gisele!!! In the age of the internet and airplanes we can see for ourselves what you look like. If you want to talk stereotypes I have a new word for you Miss England 2012 ..ORTHODONTICS. But I would guess your really not from there anyhooo because you would never be able to make such a blanket statement when you know just by looking around that England has just a big a problem with obesity as anywhere else. It’s the statement skinny “like the rest of the population” that gives you away. Oh and I think you just offended like 98% of the TMI fans and the author!! And he still looks sick and they still look off and she still can’t act.

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