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Miranda Kerr Reveals Diet & Workout Plan

Miranda Kerr Reveals Diet & Workout Plan

Miranda Kerr keeps her hair up while carrying her adorable son Flynn during a stroll on Tuesday (November 27) in New York City.

The day before, the 29-year-old model donned a cute red scarf while exiting an office building with Flynn.

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Miranda recently talked with People about how she prepared herself for the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“[I've been] doing a lot of Pilates, yoga, boxing and working my core, butt and legs. I also drink healthy green juices everyday, and protein shakes,” Miranda shared.

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miranda kerr pilates yoga boxing & juices diet for vs fashion show 05

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  • janie

    omg, are they immune to the cold. it was FREEZING in ny today. she’s crazy!

  • toriiw

    why are there so many needless posts on thi person?

  • MFB


    God… I SO AGREE!!!!!!!

  • -_-

    funny that J.J doesn’t post the pics of her flipping off the paparazzi

  • Frozoid

    It was in the 30s today in New York. Why doesn’t he have a coat on? And why is he wearing that newsboy cap? He needs a hat that covers his ears. She seems more concerned about herself than his wellbeing.

    And where is her husband? They are never together.

  • Skye

    She’s scarily thin. Probably looks good on camera in photo shoots, but ew in real life.

  • RupertSanders

    always lovely…where is Orlando?

  • A

    @-_-: Do you have a link?

  • Babi

    Where’s her husband? it’s over?????

  • -_-

    @A: this is the only link that seems to work: – (most are on tumblr)

  • Denise

    Aw cute is she pretending to dislike the paps ?
    JJ also doesn’t post the pictures in which she is incredibly obviously posing for the paps:

  • Tasch

    Hater sockpuppets pretending that they don’t know exactly where Orlando is.
    So desperate, and so obvious!
    And really? You’re wondering why JJ doesn’t post (really) old pictures?
    Are you just pretending to be that stupid? Or are you really that dense?
    Too darned funny!

  • Tasch

    Uhmmm because idiots like you keep posting.
    You’re making a lot of money for JJ.
    Why in the world would he stop giving people what they want?

  • Chica

    @Denise Jesus, any person just going about their day and happens to be papped does not look like that. They’re usually trying to hide their face, rushing, wearing more casual clothing, not looking directly into the camera, etc… Can she be any more desperate? Or any more in love with herself for that matter??

  • Tasch

    Actually, it was partly cloudy, and in the 40′s today.
    They are dressed just fine. And she has his jacket in her hand. If he had needed it, I’m sure that she would have put it on him.
    And come on, really? You post here enough to know where Orlando is, and that before Miranda came back to NY for work, they had been together for nearly two months. Must you play dumb as well?
    I guess we will just add you the ‘idiot hater’ category.

  • Tasch

    Huh? She is dressed very casually. It’s not her fault thatshe is gorgeous.

  • uhm

    Haters go to the trouble of digging up an old pic, and then they have the nerve to call her fans “obsessed”?
    Wow. Just. Wow.

  • Jean

    I like how she protects her baby’s eyes with a hat. I hate it when celebs are walking around with sun glasses on, and their child is with them without their eyes protected.

  • sara

    Miranda looks great, as always. And Flynn is just the cutest baby!

  • u

    @Tasch: “partly cloudy and in 40s today” – thank u weather woman but as someone who lives in NYC i can tell u it was freezing today

  • @20

    Uhm, no. It’s freezing now, but it wasn’t bad today at all.
    And is it really so hard to type ‘you’? Are you 12?

  • u

    @@20: yes it is really hard to type u.
    that the only thing you can attack? lol.. and it was freezing all day and he is a child who should be covered up

  • Lena

    Orlando is filming Zulu with Forrest Whitaker in South Africa. I’d sure love to see him for a change. I love little Flynn but enough of Miranda!

  • You

    Using “u” instead of “you” is the only thing you said that should be attacked.

  • u

    @You: get a hobby dear

  • @u

    They weren’t attacking you (u?), they were correcting your poor grammar. You taking offense, when you know that you were just being lazy is, indeed, very childish.
    Oh, and by the way, it wasn’t “freezing” here, all day. I was out in the park, and a light jacket was all I needed until much later in the afternoon.

  • Tom

    LOL at the obsessed fan who said she didn’t drink green shakes…. loser

  • Mikaela

    Riiiight, by a lot she means once a week and seriously if she had been doing all these exercises she would look very different….and protein shakes, seriously?? I do not believe that.

  • @27

    Where did anyone say that? Are you seeing things? Or, like most haters, just making stuff up out of thin air?

  • @28

    She looks incredibly fit. You don’t get abs or a rear like hers UNLESS you work out more than once a week.
    Saying that it doesn’t look like she works out just proves your ignorance of fitness routines. Guess that means that you are just a lumpy couch potato.

  • Tiff

    So many busy bodies but this is the place for that! ;)

  • Sarah.

    I don’t see Orlando anymore! Is he filming?!

  • @32

    I guess that no one reads the comments before posting?
    How many times do people have to say that he is filming in South Africa before everyone catches on?

  • lol

    This girl calls the paps more than any celebrity, person in popcutlre I’ve ever seen. Its quite sickingley obvious.

  • @34

    LOL! We have offered PLENTY of proof that she doesn’t have to call the paps.
    Continuing to deny those facts, just makes you look like an idiot.

  • Terrible Twos

    OK she drinks green slime and shakes but does she EAT FOOD?!
    She looks like she could use some solid food in her diet.
    Too skinny.

  • Irreversible

    You mean you only drink green juices…too skinny

  • Jessie

    I’d like to see the rest of that interview because nothing in that statement says anything about eating solid foods.

  • @38

    It doesn’t say anything about breathing, either, but I bet she did.