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Olivier Martinez: Hand Brace for Lunch with Eduardo Cruz!

Olivier Martinez: Hand Brace for Lunch with Eduardo Cruz!

Olivier Martinez sports a hand brace to protect his broken right hand while stepping out for lunch at Cecconi’s on Tuesday (November 27) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 46-year-old actor was joined at lunch by Eva Longoria‘s former boyfriend Eduardo Cruz.

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Earlier in the day, Olivier was seen flashing a smile while heading into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for a doctor’s appointment to treat his injuries from the Thanksgiving fight with Gabriel Aubry.

It was recently reported that there is no surveillance video of the brawl, due to Halle‘s repositioning of her surveillance cameras, according to TMZ.

20+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez grabbing lunch with a hand brace…

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olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 01
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 02
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 03
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 04
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 05
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 06
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 07
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 08
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 09
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 10
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 11
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 12
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 13
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 14
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 15
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 16
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 17
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 18
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 19
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 20
olivier martinez hand brace for lunch with eduardo cruz 21

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  • Maria

    There’s a chance Martinez could be deported back to France because of the fight? It’s very clear who the aggressor is. I bet Aubry will sue him.

  • This is Sad

    He couldn’t be more obvious and show off his hand. I hope the judge sees his idiotic actions & gives custody to Aubry.

  • Natalie

    That’s funny, how come his hand is broken if only two or three days ago he was pumping gas with that very same hand ?! BTW, how convenient it is for Halle to have had her cameras “repositioned” exactly when there is doubt about who started the fight…

  • martha

    Show me the xrays. Of course the cameras were repositioned. Why would you film the driveway?

  • Tracy

    Oh…there is no tape…how convenient…I smell a big pile of BS.

  • Denise

    There wasn’t a scratch on his hand after the fight and the day after there wasn’t even any swelling. He looked smug as shit and now all of the sudden its broken ?

  • Joe

    She beefed up security in 2011 because of a stalker… Last year, and she has no camera recoding her drive way? Seriously? Seriously? Wha-

  • whoa

    What a faker. Give up loser your acting skills suck as bad as your awful girlfriends.

  • Fellow Canadian

    Psycho. Halle Berry is also a hypocritical witch. She said she didn’t want Nahla near her FATHER because he had a temper. What about the man she’s engaged to who is capable of such destructive force towards another human being — which could(‘ve) possibly resulted to murder! She’s just wants Gabriel to go away now that she has her baby from his goodlooking genes. I use to love her but I can’t stand her anymore.

  • He is a abuser where is Halle

    What would people say ir it was Halle that was beaten up not Gabriel.
    The Same thing. Seeing thos Same bruises that Rihanna got. Right
    Down to the black eye! Idpf that was a woman that was beaten like that
    Would she get the restraining order… No seeing The reaction Chris
    Brown got after hitting Rihanna it is the same thing! How Olivier had no
    Brace on his hand pumping gas shoving if hand with the scratch on it
    To the camera. Now he is wearing a brace because Gab him a restraining order!

  • Magzz

    How convenient

  • lainey

    OMG!Olivier Martinez and Eduardo Cruz:Hollywood is infested with jerks:

  • Krissy

    They deleted those tapes because it would CLEARLY show that Aubry was AMBUSHED by olivier. This is your child’s FATHER. What is wrong with this woman??

  • no!

    aaahhahaaaaaaa.. it looks like hes trying to make a claim for workers comp’ — add a limp to it, maybe even a neck brace.

  • Andamentothat

    Halle and Olivier need to stop the drama. Nahla is a little child whose childhood is ruined thanks to these two. And please if Gabriel is the one with the temper, then what is Olivier… Hope the judge sees through this phony Martinez.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    Olivier’s a douchebag for starting a fight so his girlfriend can run to a judge to further spite her baby-daddy.

  • Bradley Patt

    I can’t believe Halle would want her child dropped off in the street, which is what Olivier told Aubry. Halle uses AthenaToysdotcom to please her men in the Bedroom.

  • Hutu

    They planned all out, Because the child daddy won th case of not moving the kid to France. They repositioned the camera before the incident happend. Halle tried everything to make child’s daddy disappear,want her child have nothing to do with him.
    She is crazy, nuts,

    How could that guy with beat up face, broken ribs started the fright, and this jerk injured on his hand,

    So, I guess his head, ribs keep hitting his hand. No fool can fall for that shits.

  • lbs

    This man is such a liar. IF his hand were broken they would have had to cut off the cheesy pinky ring so the swelling doesn’t cut off the circulation. It’s been on since Friday though. Probably still has some blood on it.

    He is a POS and she is a moron to want such a violent toxic thug around her daughter. So sad

  • pickles

    Olivier’s hands was swollen and the outside by his knuckles was scratched like maybe he scraped it on the driveway when he was slamming Gabriel’s head on the pavement. His had was swollen from punching gabriel. Look at the poor guy’s face! Gabriel had his hands photographed. They aren’t swollen so it is obvious Olvier injured his hands while punching Gabriel. He beat him bad and yes, he could’ve killed him. I hope he gets charged with assault and is ordered to go back to France. He disgusts me and shame on Halle Berry letting this happen to the father of her kid.

  • whataprick

    what a prick this guy is. see him waving his poor hand around? see him grabbing for the door with the fingers that were supposedly broken.

    this is just disgusting. halle you are a loon and a half.

  • cosmetic dentist burbank

    Does anyone really care

  • villedeville

    The day after the incident he was seen buying liquor at a liquor store at 7AM. Clearly he was not wearing any hand brace while holding the liquor bottles. This is a show.

  • Jen

    What a class A douche!!

  • Guest Account

    The fact that Halle Berry turned off the cameras on her property is proof enough that this was a set up

  • eerv3

    I’m glad he “injured” his hand. Definitely not looking a slight bit innocent after we’ve seen Gabriel’s messed up face with not a scratch on his hands!

  • erve

    I’m sorry but he should’ve beat halle! not the innocent father who loves his daughter! scumbag

  • ibue

    How would this scumbag feel if 1 day he has a kid w/the idiot halle & she ends up leaving him for another dude & he tries to visit his kid & that dude beats him up senseless! KARMA will get you buddy!

  • rvnr

    that psycho halle plotted to get engaged to this douche so the court would think they are a more stable home for the daugher, but after this HELL NO! her fiance is a CRAZY MANIAC who beat the daughter’s father senseless! The father should take the child immediately! He is WAY more stable, down to earth & normal!

  • Jen

    So, yesterday his hand was fine and today it’s not? What a faker.-…
    Guess this is what happens when you beat the shit out of people!

  • Casey

    THis is all such BULL. Berry is waffling on about how dangerous Aubrey is for ‘starting’ the fight in front of Nahla, but um her fiancee beat the s**t out of her Nahlas father in front of Nahla. given the berry claeims to have been in an abusive rel. before, it looks like things dont change. shes an absolute BTCH.
    Martinez was seen and photographed with his hand barely grazed up and fine. wasnt swollen wasnt bandaged wast anything. now that Aubreys photos have been released, now its been shown how VISCIOUS the assault on him was, Berry’s camp is in damage suprised the didnt wrap his whole arm. this was a TOTAL set up. shes a witch and that poor child…should be with aubrey. now her camp is claiming she’ll quit hollywood for Nahla to protect her because she feels so unsave……..YEAH RIGHT. and just how would that keep Nahla save? she was denied the right to move Nahla away from Aubrey so…….

  • Mixup

    Olivier is going to beat hell out of Halle and than walk out and leave the bitch. how can you sleep with a man like that halle you make me sick

  • Rocky

    @This is Sad:

    What a jerk! All of a sudden he’s got a brace on his hand. Guess Halle’s lawyers told him to get one on ASAP!

  • Aranka Paul

    Halle Berry wanted a child, period. She chose Gabriel for his looks, period. She probably didn’t expect him to get attached to the child. When he started demanding his paternal rights, she was faced with the obstacle she needed to remove. Isn’t this the same woman who didn’t want her child to be exposed to Kim Kardashian, but she is willing for the bloody fight to take place in front of the little girl?. Call me crazy, but I think that Kim Kardashian is less likely to do harm to the girl than either of her “two” fathers. If Gabriel’s tamper is a subject of criticism, well so is Olivier’s as well. Olivier was a boxer so I am sure he can inflict bigger damage to another human being. Halle Berry is a spoiled Hollywood diva who wants everything in life to be done her way and her way only. Well, life is full of surprises – she wanted a child, she selected Gabriel to have a child with and she has to grow up. She has to make some sacrifices in life like us ordinary folks do (may I add every single day).

  • Kim

    Olivier Martinez and Eduardo Cruz: Two birds alike flock together and that’s not a good thing!

  • see

    Olivier strutting around like a proud peacock, displaying only attacker injuries, he looks like he feels pretty damn good about what he did.
    Made sure no surveillance was recording anything.
    Attacked Gabriel out of the blue, left Gabriel no chance to defend himself as Olivier came from behind and beat down Gabriel to the ground.
    Made death threats to Gabriel. Sat on Gabriel, punched the side of Gabriels face, held on to Gabriels head and repeatedly slammed Gabriels head into the concrete driveway. Rendered Gabriel unconscious. Got up and kicked Gabriel in the ribs so they broke. Then Olivier made a citizens arrest and handed over Gabriel to the police.
    This is so transparent you have to be blind to not see the truth.
    Olivier may be strutting now like he got away with something.
    But the day will come when his pro-boxer background and unprovoked brutal assault on Gabriel will land him considerable jail time and a one way ticket out of USA.
    Criminals get deported.
    And if they manage to prove Halle Berry set him up to it, she will get jail too. She already has a shady record.
    There is no way Olivier has any reason to fight Gabriel, would it not be for Berry talking him up to it.
    Gabriel has never done anything wrong. The only thing the past proves is Halle Berry’s attempts at making Gabriel look bad. No court ever belieevd her or anyone she she up to frame Gabriel
    The pushing a nanny sceme failed
    Now this attack from Olivier failed
    ALL SET UP BY BERRY to fram an innocent Gabriel

  • Len

    oh my … wearing the brace just to show how much HE was INJURED. so pathetic. team Gabriel all the way.

  • ex nihilo

    oh lookee, a hand brace, why? sorta like a flashing sign to advertise ‘this is the hand that ripped up Aubry’s face’?

    hope he and that disgusting excuse of a woman get sued for $$$$

  • duh

    @This is Sad:Duh…he’s dumber than Halle and that’s not saying much…justice will prevail.

  • three words for Mr Martinez

    Immigration Naturalization Services

  • titiparisien

    Oh come on !!
    Olivier is what we call here a “titi parisien ” , an old school one ( he s 46 years old )
    from a poor background, father boxer , a little bit thug
    nothing to compare with nowadays guys from the ghetto , wo only know to use a gun or beat a girl like Chris Brown :)
    but he never , ever will beat a woman
    and a boxer NEVER provokes because he knows how to use his fists and how powerful he is
    gabriel aubry seems to have marks only on one side
    it was visibly a face to face brawl
    so leave him alone