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Olivier Martinez: Tuesday Morning Doctor's Visit!

Olivier Martinez: Tuesday Morning Doctor's Visit!

Olivier Martinez smiles while heading to a doctor’s appointment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Tuesday morning (November 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 46-year-old actor received medical attention for the second day in a row following his fight with his fiancee Halle Berry‘s ex Gabriel Aubry on Thanksgiving day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

In case you missed them, check out the photos of Gabriel‘s bloody and bruised face that were included in the restraining order he filed against Olivier.

20+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez heading to the doctor…

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69 Responses to “Olivier Martinez: Tuesday Morning Doctor's Visit!”

  1. 1
    OHCanada Says:

    Psycho, you can’t fake this one. I hope Gabe suits you and Halle for everything including the kitchen sink and the armed guard! And take his kid away from you.

    Funny how he looks permanently drunk. And s-kanky. yuk

  2. 2
    Oliver Says:

    “Gabriel attacked me and repeatedly hit me in my fists with his head. He would not let up. I am the victim.”

  3. 3
    Danelle Says:

    He seems rather please with himself.

  4. 4
    Fuk off Says:

    This piece of shiiit should be in jail !

  5. 5
    R Says:


  6. 6
    YoK8t Says:

    oh god
    who would want a child around someone who is capable of such violence and is this remorseless?

  7. 7
    elle Says:

    team gabriel for sure. Halle seems psycho as does this guy. I don’t believe Gabriel is at fault, so pretty as he is! Poor gabriel for dealing with these psychos

  8. 8
    Kel Says:

    Lock this pig up!

  9. 9
    French bully Says:

    Ce mec est un monstre, gardez le! En France on en veut plus!
    *This dude is a monster, you can keep him to yourselves! In France nobody wants him back!

  10. 10
    yeaa Says:

    Ughhhhh. I can’t stand his smug look. He won’t get away with what he did.

  11. 11
    toria Says:

    Gabriel took pics of his hands and there isn’t a mark on them. If he had punched Oliver continuously then one would think that his hands would be swollen and would carry some abrasions. I’m thinking Oliver and Halle are lying. Big time.

  12. 12
    DB Says:

    If this scumbag doesn’t go to jail for what he did, that will be a bummer.

  13. 13
    TheEricaStar Says:

    I used to find him attractive now I couldn’t find him less attractive.

  14. 14
    Justice Says:

    Going back and forth to the hospital to make it look like he was the victim in this lame big old set-up. He seems to love the attention and spotlights. For someone who was always pushed back into the shade he looks quite happy and remorseless. Why isn’t this guy deported or in jail? Gabriel Aubry should sue his A$$ for all he’s worth and Halle is a crazy ***** for allowing him to be near Nahla 24/7.

  15. 15
    Really? Says:

    Okay, seriously? What would he have to look guilty about? Maybe I had a slightly redneck up bringing but I was taught that you don’t START a fight, but you sure as hell FINISH it.
    I don’t buy the cries of “set up” at all just because a pretty, blonde model who’s the ex boyfriend of the lady that everyone loves to hate got his face mashed by an ex-boxer. Everyone forgets that 90% of Halle’s argument over Nahla is because of Gabriel’s anger problem. How many people that know the guy personally have come out and said “Yea, he has a bad temper.” A lot! Because he does! Don’t swing at people you can’t fight.
    It took him four days to come up with a fake story for a restraining order………after he was embarrassed to get flattened by someone half his size and ten years older. His story is about as well written as Twilight.
    Team Olivier, all the way.

  16. 16
    Diane Says:

    He’s a disgrace, and ugly inside and out!!! Lock him up. Poor little Nahla.

  17. 17
    Ford Says:

    What the hell does he need medical treatment for?! Isn’t Gabriel the one with his face smashed in?

  18. 18
    Diane Says:

    Nahla is not his child. Stop interfering, idiot!

  19. 19
    Ford Says:

    … and he looks like a douche in those jeans!

  20. 20
    Sunny Says:

    I don’t believe Gabriel Aubry started the fight. He had just won in court to keep her daughter in this country. Why would he get himself in this kind of trouble? He was probably still celebrating the win. Plus, if you take a look at Gabriel’s injuries you can tell that Olivier attacked him in a very malicious way. It looks as if Aubry was caught off guard. I want to hear what a judge will say after seeing all the evidence.

  21. 21
    Ruth Says:


    He was formerly a professional welter-weight boxer so he knows how to fight. Also Gabriel had no reason to cause any trouble after winning his case about allowing Nahla to move to France. This is a set-up by the child’s mother and her boyfriend to get him into even more trouble and sadly he fell for it. Halle really has no shame.

  22. 22
    Olivier Psychopath Martinez Says:

    So Gabriel Aubry was arrested with a bruised and battered face and this guy was let free? They want us to think all this was only self-defense?
    A trained fighter vs a model? WTF is wrong with California laws?
    How stupid do they think we are? LOL

  23. 23
    essie Says:

    omg Olivier is just loving the cameras!!! what a twat

  24. 24
    mila Says:

    @French bully: @French bully:

    really? What has he done there? Is he truly as despicable as he seems over here? OMG!!!

  25. 25
    pickles Says:


  26. 26
    why is he so happy? Says:

    So Oliver is all that and tough, but he just beat the snott out of a little girl’s father that lives under the same roof as he, and I’m sure she loves her dad very much.

  27. 27
    Sucker Punched Says:

    Pretty vicious of him to smash Gabriel’s moneymaker like that then play the victim card and go about his day like nothing happened.
    Nahla is NOT his daughter ! Back the hell off you moron !

  28. 28
    QueenOfTrashin Says:

    My family and I have just been through 15 months of a setup and I can now smell one over the Internet. Halle Berry should lose custody and have only limited, supervised visitation with Monsieur Martinez receiving a PRO which, hopefully, will send his a** back to France with no possibility of returning. Halle Berry is a crazy b**ch and her gigilo beaux is no better.

  29. 29
    Mia Says:

    Maybe Gabriel is not the perfect father, maybe he has anger problems …and we don’t know enough to judge the whole situation but there are some hateful things that Halle did that I can’t stand …for example wanting to move to France not giving a SH*T of the fact that her daughter would be separated from her father. That could’ve been acceptable only if the father was a real monster…I don’t think this is the case. Where is your humanity Halle? …don’t you believe the father has the right to live close to his daughter without a judge having to tell you this? How would you like things if they were the other way around ? …you stay in the US and Gabriel and Nahla move to France ?

  30. 30
    fitz Says:

    @Mila @mila @mila @mila

    he has done nothin special, french bully is just a mytho…french do love
    martinez actually. i don’t, but i hate Halle and i think this ho deserves whats she gats.

  31. 31
    Yoki Says:


  32. 32
    Funny Says:

    Funny that Gabe was a sh*tbag when the started collecting his 20k a month in child support for a kid that he doesn’t have full time custody of. He was a loser, a mooch and a deadbeat user. Then he gets beat up as is now a poor, pitiful soul that needs mercy. GAG.

  33. 33
    natalie Says:

    @Really? You claim that Gabriel has anger problems?? what about Oliver? Look at the way this guy beat his face up to a pulp, and thats not anger problem?Oliver is a trained boxer, he knows how to throw punches, and knows full well he can cause harm. He meant to cause harm to Gabriel. Gabriel face is his job, he is a model, now with his face ruined like that, he will be out of job contracts, they’ll be loss of income for him for sure. Oliver knew what he was doing making sure Gabriel would be unrecognisable. Oliver should be the one arrested, freaking Cochon de merde! Go back to Paris Oliver! Halle is stupid if she takes this man (Oliver) back. With such brutally that he did on Gabriel, its just a matter of time that the tables will be turned on Halley or God forbid Nahla. Gabriel is the father of Nahla, he loves that child, and has a right to see her. It’s none of Oliver business to go in between the mother and the father of Nahla. One day Nahla will find out what they did to her father. Both Halle and Oliver are disgusting human beings. I hope in the end there is justice for Gabriel.

  34. 34
    Really? Says:

    No, I do not think that’s an anger problem. I think that’s a “someone laid their hands on me” problem, which he took care of.
    Gabriel’s career is not over, since when are black eyes and scrapes permanent?
    I really wonder what planet everyone else lives that that people never loose their cool and fight.

  35. 35
    Poor Aubry Says:

    Psycho. He needs to wipe that smug grin off his face.

  36. 36
    po Olly Says:

    A real man never takes such unfair advantage of another,,,that is unless he’s reeeree reeeree scaawed inside.

  37. 37
    French bully Says:

    Since when do we love him? We hate him and his smug face. He never did anything worth reminding and has no talent for acting either. Why is he a despicable human being? Because he left Kylie Minogue for a younger chick when she was suffering from cancer and her career went downhill. Because he owns shady restaurants that get you food poisoned in a heartbeat. Because he’s a well known gigolo over here and he’s the target of many allegations about rape and assault.

  38. 38
    Mia Says:

    @Really : self defence is a great and respectable thing but it must also be reasonable and proportionate to the magnitude of the attack.

  39. 39
    French bully Says:

    @fitz: C’est toi le mytho, arrêtes un peu ton délire mon vieux.
    French do not like his pretentious ass. He’s been always seen sniffing around rich American gals, nothing else. He wished he could make it big over there but he’s only known for his random hook ups not his short ‘acting career’.

  40. 40
    siennagold Says:

    He comes across as an a$$h10Le

  41. 41
    Nex Says:

    Pure trash. Inside and out. Can’t wait till Gabriel sues his a$$ off!

  42. 42
    Louise Says:

    Something is really wrong here! Martinez needs to go back to France. We don’t need French trash and gigolo’s in America; revoke his pass to America.

  43. 43
    dooliloo Says:

    Moral of the story is if u find yourself attracted to Halle Berry for a one night stand, fair enough. But if you fall in love with her, then you are insane. If she falls back in love with you, you are a dead person or better yet call the 504 battery drive for men in black to have you isolated. Because this is what happens with Halle Berry : you become alienated!

  44. 44
    omg Says:

    I bet Halle edited the secruity tape or the camera was purposely shut off at the time of the incident. Halle, you are so stupid, you said your baby girl’s daddy is abusive, and yet you date another abusive man, ex-boxer, you allow him contact your child who just beat up your child’s dad. you are not making any sense Halle. Wake up!!!

  45. 45
    Daphne Says:

    Go away, you freak!

  46. 46
    Len Says:

    wow .. after seeing the pictures I’ve lost all respect for the Frenchie … he’s a human beast and that is not OK.

  47. 47
    Jay Jay Says:

    Halle and this scumbag should be in jail. Gabriel should be given full custody and be taken far far away from those two psychos

  48. 48
    Isha Says:

    Yeah, yeah and if the fight went the other way, you all would be saying Grabe was only defending himself. How many days it take for Gabe to report to the police that Olivier threatened his life? Nahla could have come up with a better lie than that! Get real…

  49. 49
    rachel Says:

    Halle can not raise a child nor can either one of these men

  50. 50
    Rocky Says:


    ITA! He should mind his own business. He’s pissed that he can’t leave the States and I’m sure he said something that ticked G. off. MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!

  51. 51
    Sarah. Says:

    For what he did to Gabriel he should be the one facing charges! Halle is crazy. Nahla is not in a good environment..

  52. 52
    KissThis Says:

    Low-life monster. Hope he goes to jail.

  53. 53
    Irene Says:


    “Gabriel is guilty! He damaged my hand with his eyesocket!!!!!”

  54. 54
    Marieme Says:

    Oh right! Now he’s smiling for the cameras. FRAUD!

    After all this time he decides to finally smile just to protect himself, all the while failing to realize that of all times he should be doing anything but smiling right now. Who smiles after being supposedly beaten up? This is a supposed to be an unhappy time, no? Talk about disconnection from reality. Fraud!

  55. 55
    Irene Says:

    He can leave alright. He does not want to lose his cashcow… Er… Newfound ready family Halle and the daughter of man he beat, Nahla.

  56. 56
    AA Says:

    What a sick f***. I’ve never seen a photo of him smiling, except now after he attacked someone, and after that someone has shown the world his injuries. What a monster.

  57. 57
    Toni Says:

    @Justice: Who hit who first. Gabriel got his face handed to him.

  58. 58
    ex nihilo Says:

    daily mail has pics of what this dk did to the other guy. frenchie and berry appear to be vastly disturbed individuals.

  59. 59
    Wake up halle berry Says:

    Halle berry you can lost your daughter, wake up.

  60. 60
    Jen Says:

    What a class A douche…grinning away like an idiot!

  61. 61
    What the? Says:

    @marieme. And @AA
    100% Agreed!
    You know there is something seriously wrong with this douche now.
    This has to be the first time i’ve ever seen him smile.

  62. 62
    jen Says:

    Just wait next he will be beating Halle and Nahla.
    Clearly he has no self control.

  63. 63
    jen Says:

    Halle is the truly scary person here to watch.
    She has set this whole thing up. She is using both men.

  64. 64
    arrogant bastard Says:

    What an arrogant *******….glad you have that Johnny Cochran smug coming form the lawyers. LOL

  65. 65
    justice will be served Says:

    Justice will be serviced, trust me.

  66. 66
    Sandalwood77 Says:

    @Olivier Psychopath Martinez: here’s the flaw in what you said: a trained fighter vs a model has nothing to do with whether or not Gabriel had it coming. You people need to get off your self righteous soap box. If Gabriel started the fight, it’s his own fault he got his sissy ass beat up.

  67. 67
    frenchness Says:

    Olivier is a thug

    he s well known in France for his behaviour

    when he was young , he used to hang out with junkies and bad boys

    he s from the ghetto and his father was a boxer too

    personnally i ve never seen him in any movie , abroad or in France

  68. 68
    frenchness Says:


    Olivier is a thug

    he s well known in France for his behaviour

    when he was young , he used to hang out with junkies and bad boys

    he s from the ghetto and his father was a boxer too

    personnally i ve never seen him in any movie , abroad or in France

  69. 69
    omd Says:

    he seems to love the attention. what a washedup scumbag. why isn’t he deported?

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