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Who Won 'Dancing With the Stars: All Stars' 2012?

Who Won 'Dancing With the Stars: All Stars' 2012?

Dancing With the Stars has crowned its first All Star!

Tuesday night’s episode featured one last performance from the final three contestants, which were all female for the first time in the show’s history.

The top three consisted of television personality Melissa Rycroft (and partner Tony Dovolani), Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson (and partner Derek Hough), and soap opera star Kelly Monaco (with partner Val Chmerkovskiy).

So who took home the mirror ball trophy?

SPOILER ALERT: Only click inside if you want to know who won DWTS Season 15!


Shawn Johnson was the runner-up, while Kelly Monaco came in third place.

ARE YOU HAPPY with the results of Dancing with the Stars Season 15?

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  • Ellie

    Shawn should’ve won.

  • Ashley

    I honestly believe that out of the three, it should’ve been Shawn. Though I am happy for Melissa because she’s a good dancer and I like her, I just think that Shawn was a bit better and cleaner in her routines. I wouldn’t be surprised if this had been set up for awhile. Melissa’s the only one in the finals that hadn’t won before.

  • Sar

    Poor Shawn :( She wanted this the most

  • Dani

    @Ashley: I totally agree…this was a joke. shawn should have won because she has already beaten melissa before and this is the all star season. someone who has won before should have won again. i also don’t think the judges scores should count so much i hardly ever agree with them anyways

  • Lulu

    Woo…. hoo …… Tony Tony all the way. He was never paired with potential winners, mostly middle-aged has been ladies, except Melissa, who tried her best !

  • Jorie

    Congrats to Melissa and Tony and to the runner ups, Shawn and Derek and Kelly and Val. And thanks to all the participants for a fun season of DWTS….this show is a nice getaway from Monday Madness. ;)

  • KK

    You people are nuts, Melissa was the best DANCER by a mile. Shawn was the best ACROBAT/GYMNAST….unfortunately for her, it’s a DANCING competition.

  • seeaaaa

    I wanted Shawn to win all the way but there was a moment a the end when they were about to announce the winner where i had this random change of mind where I felt Melissa went through a shnit load of things to overcome this season and she and Tony really deserved it…no question Shawn’s ma girl!

  • Vee

    I’m disappointed. Shawn was best!!

  • DWTS Fan

    Go TONY!!! Represent for Albania!!!

  • AliceEmma

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  • eerv3

    I stopped watching after Joey got eliminated. Wasn’t a great cast either.

  • leelee

    Melissa was so boring and stiff. Kelly or Shawn should have won.

  • Roxie

    Congrats to Tony and Melissa they were good. But in all honesty, Shawn and Derek were better and should have won. It certainly was a great season. Very entertaining and super dancers except for Pam and Bristol.

  • Xo

    Tony deserved it, especially after he had to put up with Kate Gosselin.

  • Tammy

    I’m incredibly happy that Melissa won! I’ve been rooting for her since I found out she was going to be on the show! Here’s a point that I want to bring out: Personally, I thought Melissa was robbed the last time she was on the show. Also, with the fact that they won their respective seasons, we were pretty sure that Shawn and Kelly had the skills to make it this far again. I’m not saying that they didn’t have to work very hard, but in a way, Melissa had to work even harder to prove that she could dance as well as the former champions. She made it all the way to the end without having won a Mirrorball yet. Good for her and good for Tony, too!!! I think the final 3 was pretty accurate, but the best certainly won in my opinion!!

  • Get over it

    Like it or not, Melissa and Tony had enough viewer votes, combined with judges’ scores, to win. ;)

  • Sammy

    This was the ALL STAR season. Throughout the show, Shawn proved she was the best of the best. She was the only one that stood out. While Melissa is a great dancer, I just don’t feel she is worthy of the all star title.

  • chris

    uhhh who? i think we need to reexamine what stars means just saying

  • anon

    So happy for Tony especially!

  • Fletcher

    Truthfully, I like both Shawn and Melissa. They both had their own set of cards to bring to the table and they’re both great… plus, I’m really glad Kelly didn’t win, she wasn’t that great and came off incredibly snobby.

  • Noelle

    Absolute joke.

    Shawn should have won. Shawn was a superior dancer in EVERY respect. Yes, she and Derek broke rules when it came to their routines to incorporate her skills in gymnastics, but when it came to dancing, she was cleaner, more consistent, and had more chemistry with her partner.

    Shawn was constantly underscored because the judges “expected more” while Melissa was over scored constantly because of improvement. That contemporary free style was A MESS. An absolute mess. Kelly and Val’s freestyle was a carbon copy of the final scene of Dirty Dancing, yet they were both scored on the same level as Shawn and Derek’s freestyle: you HAVE to be joking.

    It’s just a shame. Shawn deserved that trophy.

  • Hope you’re sitting down cause

    here it comes.

    It’s a reality TV dance competition. Sorry if your fave didn’t win….maybe you should have voted a few more times. The reality is that every one of the “stars” will go back to their comfortable lives tomorrow and the world will continue spinning on its axis. Life as we know it will continue, despite Melissa and Tony winning the mirror ball.

  • Samba

    What a poor way to end the finale..
    The show should go back to a judges only!!!

  • Samba

    I agree ..what a joke

  • Madison

    I adore Shawn & Derek. They were amazing this entire season. I did vote for them, although I did sneak in one vote for Melissa & Tony. I’m really happy for Melissa & Tony because they were awesome as well. Neither of them had won, and Shawn & Derek had, so overall, I’m happy.

  • Samba


    Well said !!

  • Greg

    I sure Gene Kelly would disagree with you.

  • Agnes

    I qiute agree Ellie!

  • Tiana

    I think Shawn lost because she and Derek purposely ignored the rules and flaunted it. It was poor sportsmanship coming from an Olympic Champion. I blame it on a lack of maturity on her part, and perhaps some insecurity about how her body type compared to her two willowy fellow finalists, who had lean dancer’s bodies. Maybe Shawn figured she could just razzle dazzle the voters with her gymnastic skills, but it was a dance competition after all. I truly believe that Shawn’s “I want to dedicate this season to the fans and have fun” attitude turned off a lot of fans, too. The other contestants came to win and played by the rules in the spirit of competition. I think Shawn’s ego is still bruised from her failed Olympic comeback last summer. And this isn’t Derek’s first rodeo. He should have known better, because he’s been called out on the rules many times before with different partners. Melissa & Tony played by the rules and kept it classy. They acted like true champions, not bratty kids.

  • cheri

    I have to say that I wasn’t at all surprise by the outcome. I think they have had this set up for Melissa to win for a while. I agree that this is the All-Stars, so anyone should be able to win. Since I work at DISH on Tuesday nights, I always have to wait until the morning to watch DWTS. With my DISH Hopper, I can use Auto Hop since DWTS is recorded with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I get through DWTS in less time, since it skips over the commercials for me, and I still have time to get the kids off to school. I think Shawn and Derek were definitely better than Melissa was, and more consistent with their dancing. They should have been the winners.

  • Phyllis Barnes

    I am very happy Melisssa and Tony won, they deserved it. Good job with all three couples.

  • vanessa

    Nice. Tony needed this. :)

  • Gundi

    What a poor way to end the finale..
    The show should go back to a judges only!!!
    I’m very disappointed. Shawn was best and
    should have won. Melissa was so boring and stiff.

  • jennie

    @Ellie: totally agree. This was crap. The judges low scores over breaking the rules by breaking the hold prevented the best dancer from winning.

  • jennie

    @KK: lol. not even close.

  • Laur

    Congrats to Melissa & Tony!!!! Kelly & Val 4-Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • solecito

    Shawn and Derek were ROBBED.

  • pup

    Yay for Tony!! Nicest outta all the dancers.

  • chris

    i think the voting for this show is just about as real as american idols

  • jessica

    @Gundi: then they still would have won because they had the highest scores.

  • Andrea

    I don’t have a freaking clue who any of these people are.

  • oy

    This crapfest of sequins is still on the air?

  • Jen

    I don’t watch the show, but how is it fair to have a professional gymnast in an amateur dance competition in the first place? Floor exercise and dance are a huge part of their training. It seems unfair.

  • Cindy

    @KK: Shawn might be an acrobat and gymnist, but at least 50% of her dances did not have the exact same moves like Melissa. Shawn took risk while Melissa played it safe. The fans wanted Shawn, but the judges chose Melissa. I could see weeks ago that Melissa would win even with all the errors she made, her scores were higher that she deserved.

  • Kallai

    OMG Kelly should have definetly won the Mirror Ball and Melissa shouldve come in THIRD! The two needed to switch places. 1st Kelly 2nd Shawn and 3rd Melissa NOT 1st Melissa 2nd Shawn 3rd Kelly! BOOOOO! Kelly I love you and watch GH because of you and Jason! =] You were cheated out of the Mirror Ball! You so deserved to win!

  • Jordan

    Anybody with half a brain knows Shawn was obviously 100% the winner. She was robbed and DWTS is rigged. Makes me sad she didn’t get the Olympic comeback she wanted. Love you Shawn and Derek, Team Shawnough for life!

  • Jordan

    @Noelle: AMEN TO YOU!!!!!!!