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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Lawyer Visit!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Lawyer Visit!

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez try to avoid photographers as they make their way out of a lawyers office on Tuesday (November 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 46-year-old actor got in a fight with his fiancee Halle‘s ex, Gabriel Aubry, on Thanksgiving.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

It was recently reported that the fight was “mutual combat” and it’s “highly unlikely” charges will be filed against Olivier, according to TMZ.

On the same day, Olivier was spotted wearing a hand brace to protect his broken right hand while stepping out for lunch at Cecconi’s.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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Credit: Reefshots; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • scumbags

    low class garbage

  • R

    Two worthless pieces of shit!

  • Shay


  • AMY

    I can’t stand it, his face should be messed up, but there not even a scrtach on it!

  • Total Set-Up

    Citizens Arrest made on Aubry?
    HB had phone in hand ready to call police as Aubry was jumped.

  • pickles

    Shame on her for letting that low class piece of garbage do that to the father of her child. Olivier Martinez needs to be charged with a crime. And HAlle needs ot pay all the legal fees for Gabriel too.

    TMZ says the police said it was a mutual fight. There was nothing “mutual” about the fight they got into. It wasn’t a fight, because a fight involves more than one person. This was a beatdown. Gabriel was his punching bag. He kicked him while he was on the ground and cracked his ribs too.

    Just wait, they’ll get all dressed up and walk the red carpet. Does her PR ever talk to her? Every gossip site I visit she and Olivier Martinez are trashed. Maybe they think they are fooling people acting like vicitms, but they aren’t.

    All you have to do is loook at photographs of Gabriel & Olvier to see how Olivier’s hand is injured from punching so hard and Ganriel’s aren’t. Gabriel’s face tells the tale.

  • ?

    what judge would let this violent maniac be around a child while they cut off the real father who has no motive and has been victimized

  • XxXxX

    “mutual combat”, see? Gabriel is NOT ALL THAT INNOCENT, folks!

  • Iris

    I have no doubt that Gabriel Aubry is most likely a douche, but I’m convinced that he is the lesser of two douches in this case. WAY lesser. Poor Nahla.

  • Usa

    They are both gArbage who look miserably. Halle you crazy witch you brought it all on yourself. Should’ve just gone to a sperm bank you psychotic kunt. I thought you were trash ever since you injured that young girl in a hit and run years ago and thought you couldn’t be a worse person. Well you are, you and your angry lover disgust me!

  • Evy

    First picture since the socalled “mutual fight” where Olivier is spotted wearing a cast on his hand. I feel sorry for Nahla & Gabriel is just a father “fighting” for his rights…

  • AliceEmma

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  • carly

    Anyone in Hollywood wanna hire these two nuts?

  • http://Justjarde Gun


  • Jen

    Gabriel had just won his case, and had NO motive to incite a fight. Olivier and Halle did. They wanted to frame him and take Nahla to France. Scumbags! You can’t just beat a person within an inch of his life and get away with it!

  • derp

    If you can provoke someone enough to swing back then you have mutual combat. Question is who had the premeditated desire and anger to start a fight and create a situation for their own gain. It’s pretty obvious, those that felt cornered by recent developments in this custody case, HB & OM.

  • Maria

    Pathetic! but well…they do deserve each other. I feel SO bad for Nahla & Gabriel :( Nahla should be with her father who actually cares about her, not these two losers.

  • Sammy

    Man, that Oliver is so sexi!

  • Sandalwood77

    I didn’t know Gabriel Aubrey had such a large fan base.

  • how respectful

    HB shuffling into court with ripped jeans and slippers.

  • Marie

    yeahh mutual, sure.
    I hope Martinez doesn’t get away with this. And H. Berry either.

  • harhar

    you know what? gaby will lose these battles he`s trying to win. him being alone with that kid ever again is out. he is a hot head and makes mistakes that have cost him his little family. he fills out “petitioner of ex-wife” which is strange cuz there is no record of a marriage or divorce, now if there were secretly married and he wasn;t supposed to disclose it, than halle could sue. but if he wasn’t married than he’s submitted falsified documents. People think it’s easy to lie but when you lie to the police & a judge, they will catch you and you will be arrested for perjury / obstruction of justice. I think older olivier surprised tall younger gaby with his strength and that’s what sting gaby more. standing up for a small child and his new family means olivier didn’t do wrong here.

  • please

    @Sandalwood77: i think it’s the same 30 people all over the net who are siding with the pretty useless one.

  • Oh Great!

    Halle paid off the lazy police! If this is the Beverly Hills PD then it is a definite that evidence was thrown out due to being paid or celebrity favortisism. Celebritiies always get the upper hand. Poor Gabriel I know it hurts being shilled to the core like this by the system. Hopefully, the judge will see the truth and rule in his favor.

  • kitty

    no one can land a punch on Olivier… he’s too greasy

  • http://@zorbitor Zorbitor

    See…OJ & Chris Brown…that was just mutual combat.

  • Bobby


  • Kim

    They both look unhappy! I guess they didn’t get the news they wanted and that is a good thing. Halle, the game is up. You have lost a HUGE part of your fanbase. I hope it was worth it!

  • Frozoid

    She is 46 years old. She is visiting her lawyer. it is not appropriate for her to be wearing jeans with a hole in the knee to her lawyer’s office.

    Well, at least she’s not wearing those cut off shorts she is usually seen in every day.

  • DB

    This whole situation is so effed up.

    The judge should take the child out of the situation and place her with a guardian until very, very thorough investigations and evaluations into each party can be conducted.

    I tend to be Team Gabe, but in a situation like this, it’s better to be safe and put the interests of the child first, imo.

    What a mess. That poor little girl.

  • Dee

    Police call laying on the ground and raising your hands to protect yourself from billyclub blows resisting arrest so I don’t know if I trust their judgement.

  • onoy

    Gabriel is a douche. It takes two to Tango. Gabriel does not deserve all this sympathy. I cannot wait when that gabriel gets into it hopefully with someone else. I wait to see what all the haters will say.

  • Frozoid

    @harhar: Um, Aubry is a hot hear? What are you talking about? Did you see the injuries inflicted on him by Martinez? You need to do your homework on this subject, pal.

  • see

    Me thinks Halle Berry hired much more internet commenters to offset the TRUTH of opinion coming out on ALL internet websites covering this story.-
    Would the moronic trolls please stop trying to defend Halle with lies about Gabriel, you’re f-ng stupid. And blind to the obvious truth.
    Olivier Martinez belongsi n prison and to get deported.
    And Halle Berry is looking more and more like a real psychopath, after years of trying to make Gabriel look bad and endless failure at that, the only one looking bad and showing her true colors is Halle. She is crazy.

  • Tyui

    Lowlife scumbags. Yuck. They deserve each other. Pure trash, the two of them.

  • tik tok

    HB is being consumed by anger and she will sink,
    one way or another.

  • let’s not forget…

    All of you coming down on Halle for her alleged part in this and call her nasty names. You keep forgetting to mention that she is a product of a crazy WHITE mother. she is attracted to what she knows, WHITE TRASH. let the red thumbs roll!!!!

  • Dolores

    crazy whites,crazy blacks and every crazy color in-between ..”crazy” is the operative word

  • Hope

    @XxXxX: That c*nt Halle should lose custody of her child. She does not deserve title of mother..seflish wh*re.

  • Porky

    @let’s not forget…: you are the trashy one here..your racism speaks volumes about you as a person. Halle is a disgrace to any race she belongs to and not the other way around. You are full of hate just like Halle.

  • Smells

    Does Oliver ever change those pants? I know French aren’t the cleanest but come on same jeans for the past 2 weeks?????

  • Jen

    Olivier is not looking so smug!

  • Frozoid

    @Smells: Halle Berry wears the same cut off shorts for months on end.

  • Mikaela

    According to his rofile on IMDB “Olivier fought as a welterweight in Europe, taking after his father who had also been a pugilist” who would throw the first punch? A pugilist or a model?

  • commonsense

    Maybe the police called it mutual combat because they couldn’t determine who started the fight. What’s certain is that there wouldn’t have been a fight if Martinez hadn’t approached Aubury to “talk”.

  • pickles

    Remember these are actors, so looking pitiful and upset is the pose they adopt when the cameras roll. She even dressed to look pitiful. Seems like she likes to include Olivier in her meetings with her lawyer, but I hope her lawyer gave her a good talking to. A good lawyer won’t just tell you what you want to hear, he will also tell you waht you need to hear.

    Maybe they weren’t at the lawyer for her. Maybe the lawyer was telling her she blew it. Maybe this was the lawyer telling them that Olivier is going to be charged with assault. As he should be.

    Olivier is a POS.
    He’s living good for now, but hope he sees the inside of a jail cell soon. It would be nice if, when Nahla gets old enough to know about this, she also learns the guy who assaulted her father went to jail for it.

    This isn’t about being a “fan” of Gabriel. This is about what is right. Nahla is obviously at ease and happy with her father. They had the Child Protective Services all over this for a year now investigating him, because of Halle’s accusing him of stuff. The court decided in his favor.

    Like it has already been said, Gabriel had no reason to be angry, Olivier and Halle did. Gabriel’s face looks like hamburger. Olivier is strutting around with a busted up hand from hitting him, and Gabriel’s ribbs are broke from being kicked.

    So IMO, you just need to open your eyes to the real facts, and you will be on Gabriel’s side. He is the father. Olivier is nothing. He needs to get out of the way.

  • Casey

    Trying to avoid being seen by the paps my a.s.s. please they wanted to be seen at their lawyers and they wanted his pathetic little sympaty play of a hand brace to get photographed. what piles of s&i*

  • aha

    For some reasons she attracted only abusive men. She needs to get out of this relationship. He will abuse her b/c of his temper.

  • sheila gagné

    Halle Berry should wake up before it’s too late, if she was intelligent she should have told her boyfriend to not interfere with her and Gabriel concerning Nahla, he is not the father and never will be, alot of women when they fall in love with another man, they have this fantasy believing that their new found love is going to be the father to their child, and dont’t care tu push the real father aside. Anyways it won’t last with Martinez either, she doesn’t seem to stay long with the men in her life. And why is it that when a father wants to see and take care of their children, they are often told to stay away. If he let’s her move to France, he knows that he might not see his daughter for long time, Halle will see to it that she forgets her real father. I think that Halle Berry has her personal interest in mind and not her daughter’s. Have they seen a mediator to try to solve this problem? Maybe Gabriel is not perfect, perfect looking yes, but he loves his daughter and does not want to loose her Halle’s boyfriend.

  • stay the F out of it

    Olivier has no business walking Gabriel to his car or whatever, he has no business being near him or even looking at him, let alone talking to him. Plain and simple.