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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Lawyer Visit!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Lawyer Visit!

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez try to avoid photographers as they make their way out of a lawyers office on Tuesday (November 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 46-year-old actor got in a fight with his fiancee Halle‘s ex, Gabriel Aubry, on Thanksgiving.

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It was recently reported that the fight was “mutual combat” and it’s “highly unlikely” charges will be filed against Olivier, according to TMZ.

On the same day, Olivier was spotted wearing a hand brace to protect his broken right hand while stepping out for lunch at Cecconi’s.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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  • LFR

    Gabriel should have full custody. Halle and Oliver are two low-lives who are a terrible influence on a child. Oliver is a punk and Halle is trash… let’s not forget her hit-and-runs. Oliver should be behind bars for the injuries to Gabriel and then deported back to France. Halle should commit herself to an insane asylum.

  • betty

    If the nanny was the one suppose to meet the father for the drop off why was Olivier there? Olivier has a beef with Aubrey because of Halle and the court not allowing her to take that kid to France. The way Aubrey was beaten shows it was not a scuffle or fist fight but a brutal beating by an ex boxer. Halle used Olivier to get back at him because she lost her court case this is not something that just happened . What makes Halle think her child is going to like the man that beat her father because he wanted his rights as a father. I can see Aubrey concern for his child with a man like Olivier around you would have to have a mean and vindictive streak to beat a person as Aubrey was beaten.

  • Yep

    Yep, thank God, Ollie Boy finally took that Johnny Cochoran “I’m gettign one over on you” smug look off his mugnot making this a racial thing).
    Halle’s Frog Prince is totally screwed. Wonder if any charges will be brought up against Halle?

  • NE1

    Now he has to have his girlfriend pay for a high price lawyer to get away with f–king someones face up so hard the dude almost lost an eye. Oops.

  • DA may get involved

    DAs office may get involved: l-aubry-avoid-criminal-charges

    When Halle Berry’s stalker, Richard Franco, was arrested in 2011, the Academy Award winning actress turned over “extensive surveillance video that showed him jumping over the fence and into her driveway. There were at least five different cameras used and the footage, which has never been publicly shown, is still in possession of the District Attorney’s office. At least one of the cameras was positioned inside the driveway in 2011,” a source close to the case tells us.

  • Criminal charges rtinez-fight-filing-police-report-assault

    Gabe wants criminal charges brought against Olivier for beating the living daylights out of him on Thanksgiving,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. “Gabe can’t believe that he was the one arrested when he says he did absolutely nothing to provoke the attack. If you look at the pictures of Gabe’s hands after the fight, there isn’t one scratch, nor did he suffer any wounds to his hands, as Olivier did. Gabe says he was rendered defenseless because he was knocked to the ground by Olivier’s punches. Remember, Olivier’s father was a former professional boxer and he has trained for years also.”

  • three words for Mr Martinez

    Immigration Naturalization Services

  • experts no OM

    If Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Don’t Settle Differences It Could Damage Nahla For Life ughter-nahla/#utm_source=copypaste&utm_campaign=referral

  • more sympathy

    @Casey: Casey agree …just like her saying in ROL, Perez that she wants to give up acting (movies) to be a mother to Nahla???? Didn’t she say this before? If she really cared about Nahla’s well-being instead of think with her lower anatomy (ewww –to have that drunk man’s thingy in her -must very desperate) we all wouldn’t be reading about this clustfrack and Halle would be living in Canada or in Tiburon/Marin Co. when she had the chance. Oh wait, that involved being with Aubry. No all of sudden she wants to move to France. Her drunken frog Prince doesn’t really strike me as a stud in the bedroom regardless of his sleazy rep.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    These two greasy, filthy, dirty POSs look like they spend all of their time drunk and drugged up. The court/CPS needs to order drug testing on these two and Nahla needs to be removed from her mother’s “care”.

  • NYC

    Disgusted with Halle Berry.

  • KissThis

    These two make me sick.

  • Breezy26

    Halle Berry is clearly a nutjob…and Olivier, well he’s definitely got his issues. I feel so bad for Gabriel, who is clearly a wonderful daddy to little Nahla. This was clearly motivated by the order forcing Halle to live in the U.S. with Nahla. Maybe Olivier should high tail it back to France and stay there… And the Family Court should really be able to see through Halle’s claims and give that baby to Gabriel, who clearly is protective of her. Sad thing is that I’m sure HB & OM already erased those surveillance tapes…shady witch that she is!

  • Stunned

    All of this, so that Halle does not have to pay any child support and share custody? I mean, this woman is not able to have a normal relationship. How many divorces now?? It’s really sad for the child, who must endure this type of behavior from so-called adults in the public light. Just unbelievable! My heart goes out to that poor little girl, who does not have a chance of normality with a mother like that.

  • Fostermom

    So from what I know so far as a foster mom if there is a domestic disturbance where police are called and a child is residing in the home then DCFS is automatically called in who interviews and makes those involved submit urine samples for testing (drugs, alcohol, etc). So if this happens for the usual resident of Los Angeles then I am not sure why this is not happening for these folks – I have to admit HB and OM are not looking that great recently – could be stress, age or – what else is out there that smoothes out the rough edges of life? – Perhaps the best recommendation is that HB’s daughter stays with her grandmother – Too much abusive partner history with HB – She needs a time out I think…there are definitely benefits to being a single mom in this instance!

  • Fostermom

    @QueenOfTrashin: yes I agree but assume they will get their housekeepers / hired help to do the urine samples – have seen it before with ‘friends’ helping out drug addicted parents of children in foster care!

  • May

    @Total Set-Up: Actually it was Oliver who called the cops after he beat Aubry. If psycho Halle was really concerned about what happened, then should would have called the cops when the fight started. I guess she enjoyed watching Oliver beat up Aubry. Psychotic b*tch…

  • halle is a POS

    Halle is a dirty POS who needs to have her other eardrum burst. ROT IN HELL YOU PIG!!!

  • omd

    i wonder if this ahole ever laid his hands on kylie minogue when he was with her. good thing she dumped him.

  • laura


  • Loser

    What a loser! I’m surprised that Halle lets her boytoy run around in the same dirty clothes everyday. I guess Halle hasn’t given Mratinez his allowance lately.

  • Rosie’s Ash

    It’s funny that Halle says she is fighting so hard for her “daughter”, but I think she is really fighting hard to 1) keep her money 2) rid the world of Aubry. If she was fighting for her daughter she would have her daughter’s best interest at heart, and none of this drama is in Nahla’s best interest. That child is in a very stressful position and no one can shield her from all of this insanity. So, everything that Halle claims she is fighting so hard to protect and to keep……..she is doing exactly the opposite. Damage has been done. Ask Fostermom, kids remember. Relationships can break very easily,especially between mothers and daughters. Kids are smart, they can see crazy like the rest of us, I bet this child already doesn’t trust her mother or her mother’s choices. I think Halle has already lost her child, she just doesn’t know it yet, give it 15 years, then Nahla will make Halle wish she would have kept her mouth shut and focused on her child’s happiness instead of her own.

  • Ohboy

    I’m gonna add my 2 cents. The only way I think it’s justifiable for Halle to keep her daughter away from Gabriel is if he’s an abuser or a pedophile. Other than that, if she just doesn’t like his personality, she’s going to have to deal with it. Also, Halle Berry always seems so angry as of late. I’m thinking she has Borderline Personality Disorder, which makes someone love you one minute and hate you the next. I’m not a fan of Gabriel Aubry, but when I saw that the right side of his face was completely swollen and he looked like an alien, thats’ when I thought, man, this is gonna be some bad karma for Halle and her fiance. If they did set this up and start it, why go all out and almost kill the guy? Plus, she seems completely unaffected by it. If she claims that Gabriel has anger issues, which he might, then what does Olivier have? Rage issues? I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, next to a guy who did that to someone’s face. Just saying. Olivier is going to end up resenting Halle Berry for “ruining” his image, if he can no longer make movies because of this, if people no longer want to hire him. It seems as though she used him to get what she wanted. Again, unless Aubry is a serious criminal, she has no right to just be the only parent. If she’s doing it just because she wants Nahla all to herself, then that’s not healthy for the daughter.

  • Leah

    Olivier is sooo damn ugly!

  • Ohboy

    I think it’s very telling that Halle’s mom, with whom she is very close, hasn’t been spotted with her daughter for years now. Just saying. This whole battle will do nothing for their romance. If anything, it’ll tear them apart. She’ll blame Martinez, for beating Aubrey so hard, that she loses her bid to keep her daughter all to herself, and he’ll blame her for ruining his career. This is not going to be good for the two of them.

  • Marieme

    Anyone think this will finally break up this relationship? Maybe someone will come to their senses and realize Halle should not be a relationship with anyone until she gets mental health attention. What a major B.

  • marco

    I wonder how long it will take these two to turn on each other now. They didn’t think the plan would go south so fast and they would have so much public backlash. I bet halle is ticked at him for doing more damage then she probably thought he would and now its clear he was out of control.

    Well- I hope they are fighting with each other now and the stress of it gets to them- maybe they will crack under pressure and turn on each other and one of them will fink on the other.

  • justsaying

    marco @ you are so right their are already at war watch their body language from thanksgiving day.he costing her money

  • Clamsie

    Didn’t Gabriel win some court case where Halle has to pay him like $100K or more a month for life? It was some sort of custody agreement. So if he’s getting that, why can’t he let Halle live her life with her dau where she wants and then fly to visit the kid when HE wants?

    They’re all Springer trash, IMO. Violent trailer trash with money, nothing more. I’m shocked that Martinez hasn’t challenged Gabriel to a duel!

  • marco

    @clamsie…because he wants his child to be near him and to help raise her not just see her on a few outings and have to leave the county to do so.

    and also it is no big deal that he gets money. Women get child support all the time- why is it a big deal for a man? that is the law- the one with the most has to help the other..and its not 100k its 20k a month which after a big mortgage for girl to live in same sort of house as mom is not too much – so he is not getting rich of halle money . It will make things a little easier for the next 14 years or so but so what…women get child support most times…good to see a guy being treated fairly.

  • Ohboy

    Yea that body langauge isn’t good. She’s looking down, looks stern, and emotionally cold, and he looks a bit out of it, and in the 1st pic, he looks like a bull walking around his prey, like a literal boxer. He looks like he’s in a fighting stance in the 1st pic. I’m sorry, but I hate when women use men to fight one another. Just because men are stronger, doesn’t mean it’s right, and plus because they are stronger they could do some serious damage.I also think that she’s going to blame Olivier for going too far, even though you should never resort to physical violence at all. I feel like Halle Berry is the type of person who is always miserable, and who is never satisfied, and whose happiness always depends on the other person either fulfilling her needs or failing to fulfill them. Very Borderline behavior.

    I used to like Halle Berry but when I see her in interviews now, she seems so reserved, and it’s almost like she has no empathy for the interviewer or very little. Halle is Leo, no offense to any Leos, but Leos usually live in their own world, and are very solipsistic. They think everything revolves around them. Halle needs to go to a therapist and try to fix her Borderline Personality Disorder, otherwise she’s going to keep picking men like this over and over and over again.

  • Ohboy

    You know if this was a set-up, it would have been more believable, if Aubrey was hurt just the way Olivier is hurt, a bruised hand, a scratch here and there, etc. But the fact that Aubrey looks like minced-meat, makes them look like the complete and utter agressors.

    I saw a picture of her in the car with Olivier, after the fight, and she was looking at him so sternly, and with such criticism, that she was probably thinking, you failed to secure me my full custody, and you are to blame. She’s gonna blame him.

  • jane

    They definitely set up the poor guy and then acted like the victims and of course Gabriel wont get justice because they are celebrities and he’s just a model. It’s sad, this guy will never be in peace, Halle wont rest until she takes that kid from him and flies in France with Olivier.

  • Maria

    Oliveir do not have one scartch on his face just his hand and Gabriel has his face all bruised. Now dont tell me that Martizinez is not responsible for those injuries on Gabriels face?

  • Ungawa

    Oliver beat the dog mess out of that model prick lol

  • d

    It seemed like everything started going south for Halle Berry when she switched lawyers. She was with that laywer, who was considered very diplomatic and kind, and she even won to get supervised visitation when the child is with Aubrey. But ever since she switched to that laywer who represented Mel Gibson, things have been going off the rails. The laywer is known as no holds barred, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he even hatched up this little plan. Attack the guy, claim to the cops he was being unruly and attacked first, and you’ll get full custody. Halle, playing fair in life isn’t easy, but it pays off in the end. Now you’re in a heap of sh*t. Hire the old lawyer, if he even wants anything to do with this.

  • lainey,,20651640,00.html#21247344

    This is HB history!Men who still want to get close to her must be nuts.

  • JL

    she is a biiitch

  • Whatever

    Stipp your crying about Gaby! He is responsible for his crzy behavior too…I’m sure Halle needed a man to defend her. Gaby is a bully!

  • lanadelrey

    Hi halle berry`s management team
    if u read this, know that the actress and her rapist looking guy oliver are NOW HATED by the public. so they can go f themselves.

  • wiphoenix

    All this started with that idiot kissing Nahla on the beach when she was mostly naked. What kind of mother encourages that?

  • Jean

    @Oh Great!: #24

    It’s not the Beverly Hills Police, it is the LAPD. The BHPD does not handle cases in the Hollywood Hills, that LAPD territory.

  • Jean

    @how respectful: #20

    Can you read? She is not going into court, she is visiting her attorney’s office.

  • Jean

    @Zorbitor: #26

    You racist scumbag.

  • Oh Great!


    Well that’s even worse. The star struck PD!

  • wiphoenix

    @Jean: she should be charged as well, she was clearly the cause of the whole mess. She’s a vile pig, she deserves the suffering she gets.

  • Sarena


  • Sarena

    @marco: Typical loser speaking for another loser. REAL MAN WORK AND PROVIDE FOR THEIR CHILD.

  • Lou

    @Sarena: Well, Gabriel would not make as much money as Halle even if he was a lawyer. Not many jobs in the world have salaries that equal a reasonably successful Hollywood actor’s income. Halle claimed that Gabriel couldn’t provide the same life style the girl was used to, and the law says that when parents have joint custody the one who makes more money gives some to the parent who makes less. Usually, men make more, even when a man and a woman have exactly the same job. Not, in this case. So, if women want equal rights, they should apply to these situations too. Gabriel is not a saint for sure, but using the money the judge decide she should give him to bash him is unfair.

  • JustK


    You mean 2 years.