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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Lawyer Visit!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Lawyer Visit!

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez try to avoid photographers as they make their way out of a lawyers office on Tuesday (November 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 46-year-old actor got in a fight with his fiancee Halle‘s ex, Gabriel Aubry, on Thanksgiving.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

It was recently reported that the fight was “mutual combat” and it’s “highly unlikely” charges will be filed against Olivier, according to TMZ.

On the same day, Olivier was spotted wearing a hand brace to protect his broken right hand while stepping out for lunch at Cecconi’s.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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Credit: Reefshots; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Môd

    @Smells: ” I know French aren’t the cleanest ” what a stupid prejudice …

  • oy

    You have to admit that it’s interesting to watch as one stupid man after another falls into the Halle pit.

  • Athena

    His face IS messed up, just not from the fight. From bad D.N.A.

  • Hutu

    We all know from the beginning, Halle and Martinez set it all up, so, they want to take daughter away from him forever, they moved the camera position,nothing recorded before the beating. Gabriel should sue him, deport him back to France. We don’t need scumbag live in this country.
    Mutual my ass, this is not mutual. It’s call beating the shit out of someone.

  • Set up… Totally,,,,

    Halle complaints grebiel violence, look who she got now, worst than the one before. Halle will end up looking like grebiel beat up face.
    How could you let this shi..t head to be close to your child, your are totally a phycho.lier. Bitch… I used to be a big fan of your, no longer , less people will see your movie now.

  • iambebe

    if only, berry and aubry can sit and talk without their ego, just be there for nahla, nothing is much of trouble.

    if only, berry focus on raising her daughter as normal as she can be without date another man in a short time, let alone engage, she can be ideal to be single mom and nahla would be happy to have her real dad around for sometimes before berry met another man which brings positivity in their relationship.

    i just felt sorry for nahla, poor kid.

  • what

    So their lawyer visit did not go well eh? From the sad looks of those two perpetrators.
    Some questions they most likely asked the lawyers:
    - Can we go to France now, to get away from all this hoopla? hellz no
    - Is the security footage missing, a problem? hellz yea, since you claimed to feel so unsafe in America you want to move to France and yet you dont cover all areas with security, how much a extra camera cost eh?
    - How bad does this look? superbad
    - Can you get us Nahla permanently? less likely than ever before
    - Would us marrying now makes us look like a good family and get us Nahla? hellz no, due to the extreme violence proved by olivier actions
    - Are we screwed? hellz yea
    - How screwed are we? you run now you put away for life
    - Can we travel with Nahla? hellz no, kidnapping even if you cross the state line as long as this matter is a matter in the courts

    –then the sadfaced twosome perps walked out the office of lawyer, royally……

  • titiparisien

    Oh come on !!

    Olivier is what we call her a “titi parisien ” , an old shcool one ( he s 46 years old )

    from a poor background, father boxer , a little bit thug

    nothing to compare with nowadays guys from the ghetto , wo only know to use a gun or beat a girl like Chris Brown :)

    but he never , ever will beat a woman

    and a boxer NEVER provokes because he knows how to use his fists and how powerful he is

    gabriel aubry seems to have marks only on one side

    it was visibly a face to face brawl

    so leave him alone

  • titiparisien

    Oh come on !!
    Olivier is what we call here a “titi parisien ” , an old school one ( he s 46 years old )
    from a poor background, father boxer , a little bit thug
    nothing to compare with nowadays guys from the ghetto , wo only know to use a gun or beat a girl like Chris Brown :)
    but he never , ever will beat a woman
    and a boxer NEVER provokes because he knows how to use his fists and how powerful he is
    gabriel aubry seems to have marks only on one side
    it was visibly a face to face brawl
    so leave him alone

  • Dad Of The Day

    Sad to see two grown men fighting and even worse in the front of your little girl. It breaks my heart for such behavior to occur. As parents we need to be able to set positive examples for our children.

    Halle needs to take matters into her hands and do what’s best for her child. She needs to respect the fact that her and the father of her child is no longer together, move on and discontinue the bitter feelings towards him. Focus on your child and your new love, but allow the father to visit his child in peace, be courteous to one another and allow father and daughter to bond in a very positive way.

  • titiparisien

    Did Gabriel date another woman since they split up ?
    I don t think so …
    Gabriel seems to be a little bit obsessed by Halle Berry
    don t worry they are both french , they are passionate
    et la passion fait des étincelles :)

  • Just me

    Both should be charge for beatimg up her ex. Hallie knew better than to let that happen. That is not oliver child. Hallie gettimg her boyfriend in a world are trouble about this. Its not olivet problem. She must be takimg care are him. Oliver need to get a job or something and out of hallie business. Its not his. This only publicity she can get these days. Using her child.

  • titiparisien

    To get a job ?? well he has one

    he s an actor and he will play in 2 movies next year :)

  • Mix Up

    TMZ is pulling the wool over our eyes the police is not speak about this case. How can the police say someone start the fight when their no tape, three punch became two in eyes, forehead, month, and ribs and it is only three punchs. Picture tell a thousand words no police can tell when you are a boxer you keep on hit a person when their are down please TMZ. Olivier needed to be charge let see when the LAPD finish their investigation what will happen.
    TMZ is pulling the wool over our eyes the police is not speak about this case.How can the police say someone start the fight when their no tape, three punch became two in eyes, forhead, mounth, and ribs and it is only three punch. Picture tell a thousand words not police can tell when you are a boxer you keep on hit a person when are down please TMZ. Olivier needed to be charge let see when the LAPD finish their investgation what will happen.

  • Mery

    Oliver returned to France and stay there, Halle you have consented to beat her father to your daughter, Shame !

  • Halle & her MEN

    Halle you are a selfish *****! Only care about your own happiness. Going after ‘bad boys’ who you know are no good. SHAME ON YOU for putting Nahla through this mess. For having her in the first place using Gabriel as a sperm bank. I bet you never realized he’d be enamoured with his own daughter. WELL HE IS. DEAL WITH YOUR MESS you dumb woman!

  • Annie

    This slimey greasy f*cker needs deporting ASAP. Is he working or doing business in the US? I think not, rather he does nothing but get drunk, bust people’s faces in, waste police time and spend his enabler girlfriend’s money. A regular person most likely would have never had their visa renewed.

  • Cin

    I always thought Halle Berry looked liked a complete fake in interviews. Now it appears she’s also a complete psycho. I hope Aubry gets full custody of Nahla. I’m boycotting Halle Berry from now on.

  • Cin

    Titiparisien: Maybe Aubry isn’t dating because he’s busy raising a child and fighting a custody battle. Halle on the other hand jumps from one man to the next. Can’t be alone for a second, which probably explains her very poor choice of men.

  • titiparisien

    @ aniie

    don t worry , he s an actor and he owns a restaurant in USA , where he pays taxes :)
    he s enterprising , :)
    not like this gabriel who is doing nothing with his life

    but you know Olivier wants to get back to France ….. but with halle and her daughter

    where is the problem ?

    if the father wants to see nahla , he can take a plane , payed by Halle …. like everything else :)

  • Grettel

    He only had a bruised hand and Gabriel had a black eye and a bruised face?? Does this say something???

  • Halle’s no angel

    remember people this is the same woman (Halle Berry) who left the scence of a hit and run!!!!!!!She has no morals she is on,ly concerned for herself this is another example!!!!

  • Grettel

    I just read that cops said Gabriel was the agressor not Olivier. I cant believe there is no justice. I mean look at Gabriel face and look at oliver face. He has no stratch and gabriel is all bruised. I doubt Gabriel did those bruises to himself. Olivier is a beast!! He must be reprehended as well. Both are responsible of course to get into a fight

    I guess Halle got away with it once again and played as the victim and again the cops favors the celebrities and movie stars more than any other ordinary person, look at Lindsey Lohan, how many times that girl had broken the law and continues to get away with it. Sometimes really these things of no justice pisses me off. The judicial system should be equal for everyone not because you are a movie star and has lots of money u are different than others who are not in the business, that is so unfair. The crime does not discriminate if u are a known person or not, you just do it.

    She got away with it because now she has the authorization to take little Nahla away from her father, that is what she wanted im sure and this incident was just the last drop that fell off the glass, because she will say something that Gabriel is an unfit father and he is aggressive and violent so she better have the sole custody of the little girl.

    Shame on you Halle. You should worked those problems out between Gabriel and yourself and not let your dear bf Martinez got in the middle. He has nothing to do with Nahla, he is not married to u yet and he has no rights over Nahla he is just ur bf. But then again you are a looser Halle, only think of yourself. Sh e must be pretty on the outside but she does not have inner beauty at all, she is bitter, arrogant, self absorbed and manipulative.

  • Rocky

    Poor O. I bet he’s sorry he got tangled up with her.

  • titiparisien

    why are you trashing Olivier ?

    just look olivier martinez nahla on google , and you will see

    he s a great stepfather

    the little girl seems very happy with him

    yes he s a boxer but he never get involved in violence stuff before

    he was with Kylie Minogue for a long time et she defended him , after splitting up

    she said that he was a great guy

  • SunnyAutumn

    Scum of the earth for what they masterminded, ambushed Gabriel. You can’t put a boxer up against an average citizen that is not trained to fight. Nahla will block you both out of her life when she learns of this…..

  • Cin

    titiparisien: Are you Olivier?? Or know him personally perhaps? Vous semblez étrangement au courant des détails de sa vie. Anyway fyi, you’re like the only person defending him here.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Keep up, that restaurant Halle financed and will snatch away once this relationship goes kaput, that is if the health department doesn’t shut it down first, as it failed health inspections. Gabriel just wrapped up a photo shoot for a major cologne company. Please take a seat and get your facts correct.

  • GetReal

    Get a life. LMAO! Just look at them on Google!
    That’s epic!

  • titiparisien

    it s not the case sunny autumn7
    not yet :)

    olivier didn t need hallye to own his restaurant , it was one of his dream

    He s got a lot of money , don t worry for him

    at least millionnaire

    @ cin yes i know him a little bit , and i know that he s a good guy

    that s why i defend him

  • titiparisien

    @get real

    maybe trying to get real :)

    just look at them

    Olivier doesn t need halle , he s in movie industry since 1992 , he played with Yves Montand

    don t try to mix up with gabriel toyboy , who works once a year for hugo boss

  • GetReal

    And by the way your comment about the father should take a plane paid by Halle!
    You are an idoit if you think that is the way it works in shared custody cases.

    Why should he just give up his kid so she can go trotting around the globe with a guy he does not know or trust.

    He is the father no matter how you feel about it.
    And, when you have a child, both parents have rights to that child unless one is proven to be unfit.

    She chose the career she has and she chose Gabriel to have a kid with, so now she must deal with the consequenses, good or bad.

    If a judge rules in one persons favor over the other, then so be it, but to say the father should just fly to another country to see his daughter is just cruel and heartless.

    If he did not want to be apart of her life, he would not be fighting for it, litterally!

    Go sit down idot!

  • GetReal

    And I never said Oliver needs Halle or not. I don’t know what he needs. And, I am not defending any of them. I just know that you are very screwed up if you think they have more right over the child than the actual father. Like I said, epic stupidity.

    I know you need your head checked.

    Now, no more time for you. You are too stupid to go back and forth with.

  • Lacey

    Interesting Halle finds herself with these violent men ( Olivier ) didn’t she accuse Wesley Snipes of beating her up years ago, if that was even true? Children are not pawns in a game, what a shame. Gabriel is her father and as such has rights to see her, and every picture I see of them she is nestled into him and looking like it’s her favorite place to be.

  • Cin

    Sunny Autumn: That’s exactly what I was thinking. With those pictures posted on Internet, the proof of what Olivier did to Gabriel will forever be accessible now. I wonder how Nahla will feel when she sees those pictures when she is a little older… Talk about a way to screw up a kid.

  • Mia

    Maybe you’re partially right about Olivier …maybe he’s not such a bad guy opinion is that Halle Berry set him up …but still, what he did is dumb, he shouldn’t have put himself in the middle of this the way he did.

  • Lucky Charm

    Apparently, Halle put her house on the market a few weeks ago…so whether by hook or by crook, it looks like she’s not giving up on her plan to move to France. Now it’s even more suspicious that this fight was planned in advance. Sell the house, have Gabriel’s custody revoked and then immediately move to France with the fiance and daughter, where she will “retire” from acting. Yeah, great plan there, Halle. I’m sure your daughter will really love you & Olivier for that.

    I just can’t understand why she is so intent on replacing an obviously caring parent with a (most likely temporary) new one, and has no problem with the new one beating up the father of her only child. I was p!$$ed off when, after my divorce, my ex refused to see our kids (his excuse was because he was living with his gf in her house, and he didn’t think it would be fair to her to bring his kids to her house.) I told him, he was their father and they deserved to have access to him, could he stay with his mom or grandma, or a hotel, for the weekend, just don’t abandon them after everything else. I felt so heartbroken for my kids having to go for years without seeing their dad because he chose his new gf over them. Of course, once the youngest turned 18 he remembered he had kids…

  • Secret gem

    @titiparisien: Olivier is not even very famous and super powerful, I mean we all know who he is and he has sure his share of movies, but so far not one has been that successful. and I agree with Mia that Olivier should not have put in the middle of a problem that do not belong to him in the firstplace, it was an issue between Gabriel and Halle that is all. He is just a bf he does not have rights over that kid.

    Gabriel did what he did becuase to defend his kid and nothing more, I dont think he did it to make Halle look bad he did it for his daughter and nothing more but then there comes Oliver and screwed everything up.

    I mean the brawl of course was not good in either men and they are both responsible but hey Im sure Gabriel lost his temper knowing that Oliver is getting in the middle in an issue he has nothing to do with him in the first place, specially if he agreed withHalle to take Nahla away from his own father, What do u expect, that Gabriel said OHH YES take my daughter and we are all happy. Dont think so

  • Lucky Charm


    Well, I “guess” you could look at it as “mutal combat” since Gabriel was there, and if he hadn’t been then Olivier wouldn’t have jumped him. Considering that it was Gabriel’s custody time, he would never have been there to drop Nahla off that day if Halle hadn’t asked him to change the schedule for the holiday.


    What is the phrase to denote gutter trash in French?


  • ya


    duh, idiot he is the better fighter

  • Ruth


    He was a fighter in his youth so he knew exactly what he was doing.



  • Justice is served
  • prior to settlement ry-thanksgiving-fight-restraining-order-injuries/

  • blue

    That Berry knows how to pick em. i guess she is such ghetto trash she didn’t know what to do with a nice man like Aubrey. She’s only comfortable with abuse and shoddy treatment. What is she thinking letting that animal near her kid, kissing her kid on the mouth? What does anyone think the little girl is going to feel for that idiot but fear after what he did to her daddy?

  • blue


    She was married to Ron Darling and he beat the crap out of her too. Eric Benet cheated on her. She must be the most screwed up trainwreck ever. None of these men acted that way before or since. She’s just an evil presence. Don’t let the good looks fool you. She’s trash, ever since that hit and run thing I haven’t liked her. She’s a cowardly manipulative selfish punk.

  • blue


    You don’t know him at all. You don’t know him enough to defend his character. Tell us how you think that little girl will feel around him from now on?

  • david justic

    @blue: David Justice not Ron Darling.. Abuse rumors were over exaggerated. Halle recanted story. Did hey ever fight, yes. In fact, Halle even started them. Yes, she is addicted to abusive or violent men. Wesley snipes is the one who allegedly busted her eardrum (if true) not David.

  • Frog Prince ‘s meal ticke tis

    Loks like his days will be numbered…his meal ticket days may soon be up. doubt Halle will go solo to Paris ..think Ollie was counting on gettng his hands on Halle’s money. Not going to happen mon ami.