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Leonardo DiCaprio: Arrested for 'Wolf of Wall Street'!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Arrested for 'Wolf of Wall Street'!

Leonardo DiCaprio gets taken away kicking and screaming while being arrested for a scene in his upcoming movie The Wolf of Wall Street on Wednesday (November 28) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor was seen arriving in a helicopter at the heliport before being taken away by men in FBI coats.

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Leo was joined on set for the scene by director Martin Scorsese and earlier in the day by his co-star Jean Dujardin.

30+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio being arrested on set…

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 01
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 02
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 03
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 04
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 05
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 06
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 07
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 08
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 09
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 10
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 11
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 12
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 13
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 14
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 15
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 16
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 17
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 18
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 19
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 20
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 21
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 22
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 23
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 24
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 25
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 26
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 27
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 28
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 29
leonardo dicaprio arrested on wolf of wall street set 30

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Weirdo

    He SHOULD be arrested for starring in such an indulgent and crappy film. Take him away before they can wrap and spare us this nonsense!

  • :)

    @1: Aren`t you just adorable being the first one to leave a comment on Leo`s thread ( second time today ) even though you can`t stand him? We get it! You don`t like him, you don`t like the choices he makes in his career now why won`t you let the others enjoy these photos? Are you on a payroll to trash him?

  • creed

    Idk why but everytime I see stills from this movie it reminds me of Good fellas

  • @2

    Please ignore it. Don’t feed
    It hates Leo but can’t stay away from ANY of his threads.
    *Dire need of psychiatric help*.

  • Weirdo

    Guess his raging fans are no where to be found, eh? First poster, YES!

  • Weirdo

    @4: Pfft, I post on other threads, Leo doesn’t have all my attention, but he does have my curiosity. :)
    Can’t wait for his upcoming films to sink like the Titanic. YES!

  • :)

    @4: Isn`t it pathetic? The loser is trying to convince the word about his/her hatred but can`t stay away…

  • Weirdo

    @:) – Isn’t it pathetic that all you have is calling me a loser? I have yet to see an intelligent post from you about anything. Except maybe when you went on vacation. That was pretty nice. When you went away. Too bad you didn’t leave for a couple more weeks. Next time take a longer vacay will ya?
    Say something useful or keep being a brick of a Leo fan obsessed with his clean pores or who’s he’s fcuking.
    Because that makes you SO much better than me!

  • Weirdo

    I find it interesting that people with a differing opinion are labeled as mentally ill.
    Are you guys Americans? Because there is such a thing as free speech and hopefully we can all value and appreciate other people’s opinions.
    I’m not in need of psychiatric help because I think Leo’s upcoming film projects are not the best choices. Really?
    SINCE WHEN does that make someone mentally ill? That’s just crazy (excuse the pun.)
    I don’t know who appointed you a clinical psychiatrist but it sounds like you are just upset that I’m not fawning all over Leo’s clean pores and plastic smile.
    No one said this was a site for fans only. It’s a gossip site where people can post what they want, right? Or am I missing something? Because for many months people were saying A LOT worse things than I am and not getting ganged up on or called crazy. In fact, it was encouraged.
    Maybe just maybe think of this… is WORSE to have a perfectly sane person speak THE TRUTH. And you know it.
    If I was truly ill you would write me off. Now you think think telling people to ignore me is going to work. Well it won’t.

  • :)

    @Weirdo: Intelligent comment? Like yours? lol The thing is that you suck all the joy out of the Leo threads going after people who dare to like him or his movies. Vacation? No, I just don`t wanna comment because you are always there. You are everywhere, you are on Leo`s case no matter what.

  • Weirdo

    @ :) Go to Bellazon for all your warm fuzzies. Maybe you will like it over there.
    Well isn’t the pot calling the kettle black? Aren’t you going after me for having a differing opinion? You are on my case no matter what. Take a look in the mirror.

  • :)

    Who talked about warm fuzzies? You are entitled to have a different opinion that`s not the point. It`s about posting it all the time no matter what. What do you expect from people? What kind of reaction do you expect if you are so negative all the time? You don`t like him? Fine! Nobody wants to change your opinion but why push it so hard?

  • Weirdo

    @ :) The same can be said for you my dear. You are on here all the time saying positive things, why are you pushing it so hard? Like I said take a look in the mirror.
    Leo turned down a role, and what everyone is calling a really good script, about a man who made a meaningful contribution to society, Alan Turing. Then he accepts roles like Belfort, who I think everyone can agree is a total sleaze. I thought Leo was a serious actor taking serious roles unlike Tom Cruise and some of his other counterparts?
    What’s so appealing about this film? Nothing in my opinion. It’s insipid and indulgent and a total waste of 100 million dollars to glorify this criminal and POS. I think it’s a bad choice for Leo seeing how he does see a lot of scripts and has the opportunity to do much more meaningful work. Leo doesn’t HAVE to do films like this. He WANTS to and that is what I find so repulsive.
    It’s disappointing to see Marty going back to something like this after doing a beautiful film like Hugo. I just think both of their talents could be used to create something beautiful instead of this kind of crap. Too bad if you don’t agree but you can’t blindly accept everything your icon does as good just because you are a fan. Maybe a little critical thinking would do you some good.

  • ali

    the best thing he did is dump that Israeli over rated “model” .
    she is the most hated person in Israel .

  • ggjhjghj


    Omg shut up. Why do you care so bad? Stop writing paragraphs of things and grow up. You don’t like him good for you. But why are you writing novels about him? Its weird you have strong feelings for someone you never met. Your freaking weird.

  • ggjhjghj

    *You’re, my mistake.

  • @:)

    You’re as bad/addicted. You continue to respond and engage the loon and so have a hand in turning the thread to crap.
    Why don’t you just do what #4 said and IGNORE?

  • :)

    `You are on here all the time saying positive things` Absolutely not true! You must have mistaken me for someone. I don`t think Leo is perfect or all his movie choices are great. All in all I like him but not everything. It`s you who is dominating the thread with negativity. This thread and the pervious ones. Whatever makes you happy!

  • cdan

    there is an interesting blind on cdan today about an a list actor who lost his ex recently because he was hiring strippers to come home and do freaky things with him…banned from club for stealing the “talent” as well…some people guessed leo..which could be given all the partying he was doing in NYC and he and Erin broke up…it would be funny how both parties were so closed lipped and yeah she would break up with him for that…no one clocked him going into Scores though, there are other clubs but I am sure someone would have bleated about him being there…but maybe that is why he took them “to go”…like he used to with playboy bunnies at the mansion…just maybe. this is what happens when you play “laid back”and “undemanding” they will startle you with something REALLY sleazy that you cant ignore..

    sometimes I think enty is making things up because he has so many blinds every day…but this one was funny…people guessed Affleck and Damon but they are both still married and neither would have recent “exes”

  • Helen

    Many pictures from this movie nothing left for the cinema

  • Weirdo

    @ggjhjghj: Blah blah blah. And what’s so great about you?

  • Weirdo

    @cdan: Please. First it’s mobs of models. Now it’s scores of strippers. The man is gay. Feeding blinds to make us think otherwise isn’t going to work. I vote, NOT Leo.

  • …….
  • James

    So excited for this film. Leo is a BOSS!

    Everything about Django looks epic. Cant wait to see it this Christmas. Respect this guy for being such a boss actor.

  • Hannah

    Leo is such an incredible actor!

  • Hannah

    I hope Leo is amazing in Django and I hope he finally gets that oscar in February. That trailer is Wow, amazing!

  • Luke

    oh i forgot you are “rehabbing” him now so bar can get work….heh heh heh

  • Fan

    One thing is sure I will be much more eager to watch this movie than the Django one.

  • Weirdo

    Oh dear, the fake fans are here.
    You know, if that blind is about Leo…..that sounds a lot like sex addiction. Kinda like Tiger Woods.
    That’s some serious sh*t and also usually means someone has serious issues/baggage.
    It’s one thing to be a modelizer, a playboy, confused or whatever but a sex addict needs serious help.
    I hope it’s not him. Just saying sounds like an addiction to me, whoever it is.

  • LIKE

    the blinde is from CDAN, and it says on the bottom of his site that many of these blindes are fictional. the only blinde ever reliable is lainey gossip.
    This scene looks like its going to be fun to watch!

  • Weirdo

    Some of the earlier CDAN blinds seem believable. Maybe he ran out of material and now has to make stuff up.

  • LIKE

    it even says on his site that his blindes are fictional. Seriously. its so easy to believe a leo blinde item that makes him sound like a douche isn’t it?

  • Saddy

    Please stop posting filming/set photos. Some people are wary of SPOILER ALERTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go Leo!

    Everybody please click on the Dislike bottom on everything this Weirdo comments…

  • Imperfect Milk Container

    @Saddy: Wolf does have a lot of set photos, I bet it is excellent marketing for the movie considering millions of people live locally and will see go see it when it comes out.

  • smh,smh

    @Weirdo: I agree with you there, Leo does have the hallmarks of a sex addict…he’s emotionally unavailable and can’t be faithful/monogamous for very long. Sex addicts fear committment and being known intimately but enjoy the blast of attention and physical fun of flirting and being sexually successful….I want to be proved wrong.

    Yeah I’ll have to check entys site to see what it says…I would believe some are made up there are just too many of them although it isinteresting to see who people guess it is… setting out bait.

  • smh,smh

    @Go Leo!: no he/she is speaking what seems like could be an inconvenient truth….if you cant deal with it go elsewhere.

    I think its been evident that leo has problems with women for a while, it could just be the overwhelming opportunity but really…you have to wonder about the way he treats them and if he is the one at fault…

    I would love it not to be true, but even if you are an addict you are still a person and have your strengths and qualities.

    Bad news is to go through rehab or a 12 step generally you stop having any sex at all for a year and then you try no sex except for in a committed relationship, or at least not acting out on bottom line behavior, like “no picking up prostitutes or risky behavior” or “dont spend $4,000 a month on porn and chat lines” or no random pick-ups etc. you have to really want to change.

  • Weirdo

    @smh – I did read the blind and while I wasn’t entirely convinced it was Leo, the words A-list all movie actor kinda stood out. I mean when people say A-list, that is a pretty small subset of people, and a lot of the other ones are either married or seriously involved and didn’t break up recently….unless it is a blind from a long time ago.
    Leo did meet strippers during filming and who knows, they could have slipped him a card or invited him to their club to see them.
    There was a report that he and his party spent 3 million dollars on champagne at his birthday party so inviting over a group of ladies for the night (every night) sounds well within his budget.
    Anyway, if it is him, I agree….sounds like sex addiction and if that is the case I feel bad for him.
    Everyone seems to agree that he lost interest (whatever he had) in Erin once WOWS started filming. We attributed that to his work ethic or maybe liking his new co-star but if this is the case, then all I can say is WOW.

  • smh,smh

    well, as it turned out I googled dicaprio+strippers—and got reminded of that scene he did with Matthew McConaughey with supposedly actress/models playing the strippers. But the casting agent for the film put an ad on Craigslist for real exotic dancers (grant wilfley) to audition….what do you want to bet that some of the ones who got sent over to the shoot were real strippers—the high end ones are attractive enough….and Leo would have met them, and he could hire them without being seen going to Scores or some other embarrassing place…BINGO. Of course he would do this. And this sounds like something Erin would break up with him for but since she signed a non disclosure can’t talk about.

    I would lovvvvvvvvve this to come out though I feel bad about it..he cant go to real strip shows because it will get tweeted….so he called the casting agent and got numbers and pictures…this is ringing true. I want it to not be, but it is starting to sound right….more research must be done….

    enty doesnt have that non disclosure on hhis site anymore…I found it quoted somewhere else and it says that some, not all of it is conjecture and rumor and fantasy and so forth, but some of it may be true too…stay tuned y’all

  • Weirdo

    Yeah the girls used in the movie were real strippers. Some were models like the girls on the yacht.
    One of the strippers tweeted a photo of herself after she did the shoot.
    I thought everyone knew they were strippers?
    I think he got some ideas after filming those scenes and took the fantasy home with him LOL.

  • Weirdo

    Sorry it wasn’t a tweet, it was a facebook post but I saw in on Bellazon.
    From a September 1, 2012 post there: “Christie Kane it went awesome! how many girls can say “I gave a lap dance to L. DiCaprio” lol?”
    You can take a look at her photo there too.
    I don’t think that girl is a model LOL.
    She’s the real deal.

  • the fame monster

    Yes, it is easy to believe it because when it comes to women, he does seem like a douche from what we’ve seen.
    that said
    @weirdo and smh,smh
    you’re imaginations are running a bit wild. No one knows this guy for sure. Leo is not a stranger to the stripper scene and I’m sure there are clubs that can keep their mouths shut. Matt Damon had said that during the flming of “The Departed” Leo would go to strip clubs and all the strippers loved him. BUT that doesn’t mean he’s a sex addict, or gay. I know guys that go sometimes and they are not gay or sex addicts.
    Also, johnny Depp recently broke up with his ex and he is A-list. Just food for thought.
    btw- lots of excited comments about DJANGO trailer on youtube.

  • Weirdo

    @fame: I did think of Johnny Depp too. However, would he have brought strippers to his home while he was in a relationship? He was with his ex for a long time and living in France and they had kids……sorry, I don’t think it’s him. Because the blind says the ‘ex could not deal with it’ this means the behavior was going on while they were in the relationship and was cause for the break-up.
    Also, going to a strip club once in a while and hiring strippers/prostitutes to come to your house quite frequently in a group for freaky sex are two totally different things. Especially when you are supposedly in a serious relationship with another woman.
    I think we are just trying to put together the pieces of what went down.
    He got bored of Erin and it wasn’t busy schedules.
    It was something.

  • Weirdo

    OK the Christie Kane girl has profiles on the net that say she’s a freelance model/actress in NYC. I saw the ad preview on google smh, smh was talking about for October 23 casting for exotic dancers for the film but it has already expired so I couldn’t read the whole thing.
    Not sure if those scenes have already been filmed or if they are for future set dates.
    I don’t know, I’m not totally convinced it is a true blind, or that its 100 percent Leo…..something about it just seems off.
    I still think he’s gay.

  • A

    Hi everybody, am doing a Celebrity report on Leonardo DiCaprio for university would be helpful if you could fill out this quick survey :-)

  • Weirdo

    This is from flix66…’s not just me that thinks this won’t appeal to major audiences.


    “DJANGO UNCHAINED doesn’t seem so far away now that Thanksgiving is out of the way and Christmas is just around the corner. The Weinsteins must believe this is going to be a box office smash since they’ve put so much time and money into the marketing campaign. I’m not sure it matters how much they do with the marketing campaign because I’m not sure a Quentin Tarantino directed revenge film, set around slavery, is going to appeal to general audiences, even if it does star Leonardo DiCaprio. A last count, this is the third domestic trailer and when you add that to the numerous TV spots, stills, international trailers and posters, I almost feel like I’ve seen all of the PG-rated scenes from the film.”

  • tinkerbell

    It is certainly not a Christmas time movie,wrong time to release, but it is a big movie so I guess yeah….they released Jackie Brown at Christman time…slow ass movie…I dont remember when Kill Bill came out, thought it was Fall maybe, or Deathproof (my favorite, one of my favorites of all time, I’m with the second car the first set of bit*hes were borrrrrrring the kind of women I dont like)

    I went to IMDB looking to see if the “strippers” were real..dont know if they are listed or not, but the only likely suspects turned out to be real actresses with other credits that could do the role. One was 36,b but very cute, in a VERY Leo way. All he needed to do was call the casting agent to get the numbers and photos..he has a “producer” credit on this one…but you are right, if they were “real” strippers OF COURSE they’d hand him their cards, they make more money off of “private”parties and then there could be lucrative high end referrals…they are business women.

    It would be funny if that were true..sad for Erin but she fell for it in the first place…he loves me, I’m beautiful, I’m special, he’ll change for me….then she finds out about the freaky with the freaks….sorry Charlie. The necklace was damn ugly anyway. It may come out eventually….this is why has them sign nondisclosures. Signing a non disclosure is like getting his fraternity pin…you’re going steady…but its not a good sign when the guy has you sign one.

    It rings true for me….but maybe we’ll never know. It cracks me up anyway. I think this enty guy makes some stuff up, some is conjecture, some are rumors that are reported to him via email…and there is a grain of truth in them….the ones aboutJLo not singing her own records (she is MV-for mili vanili) is pretty precious if it is true…

    I hope someone comes out of the woodwork and confirms it credibly.
    erin does deserve better…but she fell for it in the first place….

  • tinkerbell

    someone posted on one of these threads named “ari”–think it is Ari Barkman, bit player in the movie as he had read the script…and DANNY AVIKANZER is listed nowhere, as in HE DOESNT HAVE A ROLE IN THE FILM PLEASE STOP LYING.

  • the fame monster

    re: I just through Johnny Depp out there to show that there are other A-listers than just Leo. It might be him. It might be made up. But just because we can’t think of another celebrity doesn’t automatically make it him.
    The ‘busy schedules’ excuse does seem like bs. But I don’t care what the real reason is, since he seemed so uninterested in her. It was obvious they weren’t gonna last. I don’t really need to know what was the straw that broke the camel’s back (and I am not really owed one!).

    On celeb!itchy, commenters hate on him all the time and someone said that they used to love and like him until he dated Blak Lively, after that it’s been all hate. I think it’s because after bar, everyone thought he had grown up and was ready for something more mature. His choices seem bizarre and I agree that it doesn’t add up to his image.People are all wtf is going on with him, you are not alone with that. But if he wants to date 20 year olds and look miserable his whole life, that’s his choice! Doesn’t make him a sex addict or gay. We all have issues. That’s all I’m saying.
    re: flix66
    That’s only speculation and assumption. Just like you’re doing. (and what I’m about to do); Look at what the actual fans are saying. They can’t wait (and yeah, they can’t wait for the blood and violence). It’s gonna be counter to all the touchy feely movies that will be released. BUT I think the subject matter will be tough, Americans are touchy about this subject and hate having it brought up.

  • @49

    Well people are fickle.
    And the types of audience on both here and other websites tend to leave or change. I think most now just frown on what is to be perceived as voracious modelising/womanising. Leo gets the same grief as Adam Levine, John Mayer e.t.c. Hell many of these gossip blogs have even turned against Johnny Depp post his Vanessa-Amber Heard thingy.
    I personally don’t see anything wrong with it. All are adults. Their choices