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Gerard Butler: 'Playing for Keeps' Charity Screening!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing for Keeps' Charity Screening!

Gerard Butler poses with an adorable little girl while attending a special Children’s Hospital Los Angeles benefit screening of his film Playing for Keeps at the ArcLight on Wednesday (November 28) in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Dennis Quaid and James Tupper.

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The day before, Gerard made an appearance on the Univision talk show Despierta America before taking a flight from Miami to LAX.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at the Playing for Keeps screening…

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gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 01
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 02
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 03
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 04
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 05
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 06
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 07
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 08
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 09
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 10
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 11
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 12
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 13
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 14
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 15
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 16
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 17
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 18
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 19
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 20
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 21
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 22
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 23
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 24

Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Lexy

    That is one very sexy man.

  • Clamsie

    Ok, finally, nice pics of him doing something worthy.

  • Alina

    Beautiful girl on the hands of Gerry!!!!

  • oy

    Did anyone else get a little nervous when they first saw this photograph? I’m relieved there wasn’t a “Vegas Wedding for Gerard Butler” tag.

  • Gogol’

    Gerik Chlestakov v reality show ‘K vam edet Manly Man’.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    November 1
    Abella’s surgery was a success! She endured the 7 1/2 hour procedure without any major complications. Her surgeon was able to remove the two lung tumors very carefully since one was stuck to her pulmonary artery and the other was on her trachea (windpipe). As expected, the left lower lobe was removed so she will lose 20% of her oxygen capacity. It shouldn’t hold her back from playing any sports once she’s fully recovered. It hasn’t been easy for Abella but she has tolerated everything much better than we ever expected. The surgery team really pushed her to get out of bed, walk down the hall, eat and do her breathing exercises daily. This helped the upper left lobe expand and excrete the extra fluid in her lung. They would rather give Abella more pain meds and have her active than to lay still in bed and risk getting pneumonia. We were in such good hands at MSKCC and are so thankful for their knowledge and expertise. The pathology showed that there was a very significant response to treatment and all lymphnodes were negative. Abella will have a few more cycles of the same chemotherapy since some rare viable cells were seen in the very center of the mass. In essence, they were walled off by the fibrosis and scarring tumor cells. Abella is still very fragile but that’s expected after such an invasive surgery. She still needs her narcotic pain meds, physical therapy and assistance with getting around but with time she’ll get back in shape. She was cleared to fly home after the hurricane of the century that hit NYC so we are happy to now be back home in familiar surroundings. When it rains…it pours.
    It will certainly take on a new meaning to see her in PFK. She calls Gerry, Uncle Gerry. In Oct. she went through 4 intensive rounds of chemo to shrink the tumors so she could have the surgery. Her younger brother, Hudson died from the same disease. It must have been quite and evening and so glad that GB was there to share it.

  • so………….

    thoughts and prayers Abella for a speedy recovery

    so happy to see you doing well

    nice to see Gerry with a truly beautiful little girl, doing a beautiful thing

  • Lord Love a Duck
    See Abella at .28 on the trailer

  • twitter

    Gerard Butler is the man! Always a class act! So great 2 see someone like him so successful! #playingforkeeps

  • NaNa

    he will be a great father

  • CeliaD

    Love does him well, he is looking like his past beauty.

  • angelsrock

    Very nice event and Gerry looks so good. I hope little Abella has a full recovery. she is quite the trooper!

    Hey, where are Jessica, Uma, and Catherine? I hope we’ll see them at the NY premiere on Tuesday.

  • Nanana

    @NaNa: He is fruitless !!!!!!!!

  • DocP

    Doesn’t mean he can’t be a Dad, though I seriously doubt Gerry is fruitless. For some reason I don’t think Gerry is ready to be a dad. He needs to conquer his demons first before he can be responsible for another’s life on this earth.

  • *Oh*

    @Nanana:You are right. I know it too. It’s true!

  • FrancoBerry

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Nanana…lyalyalya

    @*Oh*:   -3
    It’s true!… nanana…

  • Kali Orexi
  • ageinappropriate

    With his spot(herpes?)ridden mouth last month, and allegedly fungus ridden feet this week, anyone else slightly uneasy he’s hugging an immunologically challenged child do tightly?

  • Terrible Twos

    What is he running for office? Kissing babies?
    He has my vote.
    Yummy man!!

  • Seriously

    @NaNa: Just because he’s able to pick up a child and hug her, and they look cute, doesn’t mean he’s had a change in personality. In no way would he make a good father the way he currently lives his life. Get a grip, people.

  • cupcake

    Hi ladies he looks good here. I love thid pic of him snd that precious girl.

  • Helen

    He might become a father but not by his choice

  • Ziggy

    Poor kid having to deal with him…

  • cupcake

    Well ladies I didn’t want to mentio this but maddie is in L.A.. just go on you tube Pop Candie tv they were seen leaving the charity event in separate cars. Sorry. Looks like the paps caught him here.did not look happy.

  • cupcake

    Btw obviously she did not walk the red carpet with him. I would like to think she didn’t walk it because the event has nothing to do with her.

  • #3

    Yes, sweet little Abella is a beautiful girl! Adorable pic!

  • food 4 thought

    @cupcake: All the subterfuge is so so stupid. He’s admitted dating her, he’s mentioned her name (once). Now they are careening away from an event in separate cars? Who is so self-important that they have to do this? Who really cares who the guy is shacked up with, at this point? And wouldn’t it do some good for both their sketchy reputations to be seen doing some good, and just acting like a normal couple? It all seems so weird to me.
    Also, those are such beautiful kids.

  • Sad State of Things

    Can you send a link to the Pop Candies video?

    I thought MG was going back to work on her movie this week???

  • cupcake

    @food4thought it doesn’t really matter who he dates he is doing a great thing. This relationship was weird from the very beginning.

  • food 4 thought
  • Silly twits

    So they’re still behaving like royalty, huh? Separate cars? Really? These two are ridiculous. And I’m not real jazzed about the fact that she shows up at an event with sick kids when she’s been bedridden with an illness for the last week. She should have just stayed home, since they didn’t want to be seen together anyway. Selfish btch.

  • Hah

    I knew she would show up around the time of the PFK premiere. Knew it. There’s no way she would miss an opportunity to throw herself in the middle of it and do a zoolander. Just wait ’til next week. Get the popcorn, cuz she’s probably here for a long stretch now.

  • food 4 thought

    @Silly twits: Yeah, him with his nasty foot thing goin on, and her with whatever her ailment was. Yeah let’s give big hugs to the kids with no immune system. My inner germaphobe is freaking out.

  • Sad State of Things

    So her “going back to work” comment…and she’s there with Gerry. Is he her “work”. After all his flirting and comments in Miami is she here to rein him back in? And why the separate cars? Were those women her entourage?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @food 4 thought: Had a feeling she was on her way to him when she posted the pic from the plane. She has a habit of doing that….and they left separately? So strange!

  • ongoing weirdness

    Interesting vid. He spends the whole time staring at his phone, or glaring at the paps. There is no interaction between him and MG at all. I get no chemistry from these two. They are simply orbiting each other.

  • cleverbridge

    @cupcake: Who do you think called the paps, the supermodel because who else would refer to her as a supermodel except Romanian tabloids and her, once again she looks like the cat who swallowed the canary when she sees the paps she does not look surprised at all,he looks annoyed…..well he sure can pick em

  • ongoing weirdness

    @Sad State of Things: Yes, he is her work. Perhaps she’s under contract till after the premiere. But he may have gone off script with his comments about Priyanka, and wanting to marry a “spicy” latina.

  • cleverbridge

    @Sad State of Things: Ha you caught her Sad it is a classic freudian slip Gerry is her work or using him to get ahead is her work this week………. -

  • Silly twits

    @food 4 thought: She had absolutely no business being around those kids. If she was bedridden, she probably had the flu. It takes a nasty virus to put an adult to bed for several days. And he’s probably got it now, too. Swell. Anything for a photo op, even endangering the health of those poor kids.

  • angelsrock

    I’m not crucifying these two for going in separate cars. There are quite a few reasons for this. Why are we always looking for the negative?
    I’m sure Gerry invited her; she didn’t just show up like a psycho stalker or something. Leave it be. It is what is is…..and only Gerry and Maddie know for sure what it really “is”. He doesn’t seem angry at all in the video. It looks like everyone is making plans and saying their hello’s and goodbye’s. He may have another appearance to make before he meets up with her.

  • cleverbridge

    The one woman was Amy Gerry’s assistant, I didn’t see Esme MG’s shadow/agent/assistant but I have to watch the video again

  • Lyla J.

    @ongoing weirdness: He clearly looked fine in the beginning of the video as he walked around to her side of the car until he looked up and saw the pap filming. His happy face changed instantly and he started texting right away. All of a sudden she had cooties. They were going to be riding together, imo. It is very silly. But hey to each his own weirdness. They sorely underestimate the intelligence of the fandom, that’s for sure. The ongoing dramedy of Gerard Butler!

  • bonnie

    Jessica was on Conan last night promoting Hitchcock and PFK.

  • Sad State of Things


    Perhaps Amy was charged with shepherding MG around. She got stuck with LC before…and no press photos of her at the event. do you think she arrived afterwards, said “hi” then Amy took her to his place and Gerry went on to another event or out with friends? What time did the event end? It’s usually just as he would begin his prowling time. And, if she’s still sick maybe she wanted to sleep? Or is this prolonged illness morning sickness and cha-ching she has her sugar daddy/baby daddy all rolled up in one?

    Sorry…I just didn’t feel the vibe from them. And, he was flirty to the max in Florida…he sure didn’t look like a man on a leash.

  • bex

    Back when this film (PFK) was announced, a friend of mine said that GB and especially his fans, would rue the day GB signed up with Avi Lerner. This friend’s been proven right with every move GB’s made over the past 18 months, including that a “girlfriend” would be making an appearance sooner or later.
    As it’s quite clear that GB has no intention of cleaning his act up, or getting shot of the weird enablers he’s surrounded by, I have no choice but to quit supporting his career (or what’s left of it). The choice of “girlfriend” whether by his own decision or somebody else’s, is the final straw. She is everything my own parents raised me NOT to be. And, as evidenced two weeks ago in Scotland, he’s buying her clothes and economy airline tickets with money that the likes of you and I have put in his pocket.
    Have fun Gerry. I hope she bleeds you dry.

  • Hey Bex?

    @bex: Why did your friend say a girlfriend would appear? What’s the purpose of this?

  • Manny

    Thanks for the laugh… my sides hurt!
    I can’t say anything negative because this is such a worthy cause. Crusty pants and feet and all don’t matter when you see joy on the face of a sick child. Finally Butler got it right. This is what he should do more often IMO…

  • bonnie

    @bex: What’s it to you who his girlfriend is or how they conduct their affair? You seem a very mean=spirited person. And do you spend even your hours off JJ discussing Butler with friends and acquaintances? Obsessed much?