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Gerard Butler: 'Playing for Keeps' Charity Screening!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing for Keeps' Charity Screening!

Gerard Butler poses with an adorable little girl while attending a special Children’s Hospital Los Angeles benefit screening of his film Playing for Keeps at the ArcLight on Wednesday (November 28) in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Dennis Quaid and James Tupper.

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The day before, Gerard made an appearance on the Univision talk show Despierta America before taking a flight from Miami to LAX.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at the Playing for Keeps screening…

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gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 01
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 02
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 03
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 04
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 05
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 06
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 07
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 08
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 09
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 10
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 11
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 12
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 13
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 14
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 15
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 16
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 17
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 18
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 19
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 20
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 21
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 22
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 23
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 24

Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Xan

    Okay now I will say this: The cloak & dagger s”h/it is a bit much. WTF is his problem? She has been identified as his woman(by himself), why all the “we need to hide and be secretive and lie” crap as though the world will collapse if the two of them act as a NORMAL BF/GF? He acts on that video like some kind of VIP surrounded by secret service & handlers along with a piss a/s’s attitude…mind you all this now just 2 or 3 days after acting and talking like a “single/available” man with interviewers in Miami?!. This really is the behavior of an immature, spoiled, reckless brat of a man/child. How sad :(

  • Untamable Shrew

    Just plainly say she’s your girlfriend and act like it.I don’t know what’s the secrecy.Maybe he wants attention from it.The more he hides and plays games the more people will be trying to photograph video.People will get over the shock of her age.Vey strange indeed.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Maybe she was attempting to reconcile with him? Whatever the reason, I don’t blame him for wanting to keep his love life out of the public eye. Relationships are hard enough without people weighing in so critically on every thing, especially in LA – the land of plastic romances and doomed marriages. She seems a little indiscreet for a man who is good at keeping relationships hidden, like him, to date – but I suppose when you go after women so much younger you come to expect a maturity gap …

    I don’t know if she set up the paparazzi sighting herself as suggested here, but I suppose the argument that she would really benefit by that because the exposure would help her US career prospects is a compelling one. If that’s true, it’s a little sad for him to be exploited — but he’s a big boy and knows a thing about exploiting too. I guess all’s fair in love and business in Hollywood.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    PS it is very admirable that he’s using his time for a worthy cause. I’m glad people are noting that here and I think it is really great of him. I hope he does more charitable works, especially for children’s causes, and puts his celebrity status to some really good use.

  • Untamable Shrew

    Hmmm.She had to see his reaction.And from how it looks,she didn’t say a word to him. He went straight to his phone like a baby.It’s not like he being video at his house or somewhere personnel.

  • Over n Out

    C’mon guys he’s a compulsive bullsh!ter, he such as smooth operator i genuinely cant tell whats real with him and whats not, dont get me wrong i dont care who he boinks or hooks up with but atleast have the balls to admit it respectfully & dont mean google it lol…And if he was my BF and was saying on shows what his type was or flattering other women when he shouldnt be really he could have mentioned yes my current GF is like this or couldve said im not single anymore he just wants best of both worlds attention from ladies and GF on the side.

    lation women- i love latina’s theyre my type
    Indian-love indian women and culture my type
    Australian- I always thought id marry an Australian
    Black women-theyre so strong im slave

    Hes like a scripted sales man

    He’s not a proper man just a very weak one who cant get his priorities right he plays mind games never a straight answer and she leaves mysteries like anyone gives a damn they are both full of themselves maybe thats why they vibe!

    In the video she clearly walked in different direction so the car could pick her up from the exit or something what is their to hide be a true gent and get in together they were ok to stage pap pics before and off the track if your tall like a giaraffe why would you were super heels dont get the logic and also when does a lingerie model become a supermodel im totally lost. And for those of you who think he’s not capable of a realtionship think again his type say that to use all the women they cant be ar$ed with and use it as an excuse when they heart breaking truth is they can they just pretend so they can bail out,

    She’s been away long distance yet hes shown not go prowling like he usually does he spends on her and has come out in the open with her so there you go guys he can do it but its such a shame he chose tha type of woman to come out with it

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Good on you Mr. Butler. This is the kind of purpose you should always invest your time in. It makes you look hotter than you already are when you are doing honorable things, especially for kids.

  • Clamsie

    Good catch to whomever found the vid.

    ITA that they were leaving together until he saw the paps. Then the game plan changed. Maddie is being chauffered by Amy. I bet Maddie’s illness was nothing more than a bad cold. Maybe she zoolanders her illnesses, too? Goes all drama queen when she only has the sniffles? She looks all smiley too.

    I have to remind everyone that she may be in LA not only for show or whatever’s going on, but that she’s maybe looking for work and parts too. Was going to ask if Gerry’s ever had any of his dates visit his homes or if they’re only seen by his male “friends”.

    Everyone has to admit that things are a lot more fun lately as the intrigue abounds! LOL

  • Press and Paps

    At a charity film screening; my, how shocking.

  • cupcake

    I am also in agreement that he should use his celebrity for good causes and raise awareness.

  • DocP

    That video was awkward, he didn’t say hardly anything to her. It was almost like he didn’t want her there?? Then leaving in separate cars?? I wonder if Maddie didn’t show up at his doorstep uninvited and now Gerry is in the position that he has to come clean with her. Like manny said his typical MO is just to stop calling and to disappear. Maddie doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl who will go quietly in the night. What could be so important that he couldn’t check his phone in the car?? And once again, why separate cars??

  • Manny

    @food 4 thought:
    Okay I have to take some of what I just posted back…
    Macaroni has been sick and posting about it YET she comes to this event after probably canoodling with Gerry the night before thus spreading germs. Then Gerry for a photo op picks up a child who is immundepressed – I’m wondering WTF were they thinking? I’m not sure I can fault Gerry since he may not understand her condition, BUT Macaroni probably shouldn’t have been there knowing there might be sick children at the event.

  • Circus back in town

    I would love to know why LD and AB ditched her so fast. It makes me wonder if this isn’t just a matter of ego for GB, since he’s so much older and thinks it makes him look good to date a young woman. The other two aren’t at that age yet where they would need to put up with her antics. This whole thing makes him look like a desperate old man. Not attractive at all.

  • Untamable Shrew

    He did want her there until he saw he was being video.She looked like she enjoyed it too.

  • Another Opinion

    I don’t know why they are perpetuating this circus. He stares at the camera and starts texting; she goes away; then he looks directly at the camera and gets in the car. If he didn’t want to be seen he could have gotten in the car right away since the door was open. Weird. MG’s mom told the Romanian press in the summer that her MG told her that she was working in the US over the summer. Now again she pretends to have to go to work this week. I guess that playing these games of “Look at me I am leaving Europe” and “I am going to a charitable event with my supposed boyfriend” is what she considers working.

  • Untamable Shrew

    Seems like Mr.Butler likes things confusing.Probably easier to dump someone.

  • Manny

    @Another Opinion:
    He was probably texting his bedmate for the night saying he wouldn’t be there since his “niece” flew into town…
    Butler will never come clean because he has side pieces everywhere IMO. If you watch him for a while you will see this happens and it is hard to take any of this Macaroni crap seriously. Like I have said “same sh!t different day.”

  • Notsomuch

    I noticed in this vid, and in most candid shots when she’s not being photoshopped, that she’s very Slavik looking. Not so hot and doesn’t age well, even with all the surgery. He’s dated much prettier girls.

  • Blech

    This stankasaurus grates on me, and I’d feel that way no matter who she was “dating.” She’s such a blatant fameho, her eyes are constantly seeking the camera no matter where she is. Gross.

  • Another Opinion

    Romanians are not Slavs and Romanian is not a Slavic language.
    @Manny: I agree. This has crossed mind many times when I’ve seen photos/videos of him texting. If he is using the event and the kids for PR, and the appearance of MG has been carefully choreographed, then shame on him. The focus of the charity screening should be the kids who are suffering not on two people who are whoring themselves.

  • Nha

    Not true. She looks great, and without so much makeup she looks young too, around 24 or 25. In her modeling pics she looks older because she is all made up. But last night she looked very natural and young.
    She has very light skin too, comparatively speaking. I thought she was darker.
    They looked very comfortable in each other’s company and she seems very friendly with Amy. MG is definitely part of the Butler family.
    so they don’t want to be seen together in LA, so what? He has his calculations, don’t second Guss him. He knows what he is doing and she is happy following his lead.

  • Masha

    They don’t look good together, he looks older standing next to her…

  • Nha

    Actually they do look good together visually, and they seem very comfortable around each other too. I’m getting good vibes from this video. .

  • @Masha

    That could be because he is older, but I think he’s looking great.

  • Maybe

    @Untamable Shrew:
    How can you tell that. They are simply walking when they come around the corner. The only vibe I pick up is an awkward one. If a guy acted that way towards me after I flew half way around the world to see him? Well I’d be running as far away from him as my legs would carry me. There are so many other senerios that could have played out. They could have both got in the car to escape prying eyes, he could have acted more warmly towards her, she could have at least ridden in the same car with him. What is he, a drug lord who keeps his woman in other cars while he conducts”business” then meets up only for sex?? This is so wierd combined with his interview in Miami where he says he’s single. She must have awfully thick skin to take this much disrespect.

  • obscure

    Sad that this little video takes away the attention of the charity screening. No big thing just to walk to your car and leave, instead of staying there long enough to make sure everyone gets the chance to tape. Both are obviously full of themselves. Many others said here before he´s his own worst enemy. He already mentioned her, no need to be so hush hush when leaving this screening. By the way, just 221 hits on this little video, let´s see how much more press will come out of this.

  • obscure

    @Maybe— totally agree with you. Maybe he is trying to impress her. LOL

  • Clamsie

    I don’t think they left in separate vehicles. I didn’t see her leave at all. Most likely Gerry’s SUV drove away and returned after the paps left. They probably have some sort of system worked out but it’s definitely weirdsville.

    He acts like he’s some rock star or something what with the intrigues and faux disdain for the paps he or Alan probably phoned ahead of time. Seriously, what are the odds the paps would be hanging out near a parking garage stalking a faded B-lister?

    He’s the biggest mystery d/ck of all time, in many ways. I still feel sorry for her unless she’s a willing accomplice in the pap games. Not sure who’s using who.

  • Shorttermmemloss

    1st it is nice he is screening the movie with a charity event.
    2nd he looked happy about it.

    Yes he has moments.

    It does not take away his pandering, lying and deceiving nature, again MG is doing all the legwork to accommodate him. She was fully aware of the paps and seemed content. He does not look thrilled.

    “Why” is the question?
    Why would a man who acknowledges his “last” relationship go in separate cars and not enjoy being filmed together?
    Remember, she deletes all posts on FB referencing him. She has a teddy bear on her lap in the plane. Everything about this girl is calculated.

    Either he want to show he is available again. Or he has some agreement he has to follow through on.

    With Butler, it is out of sight, out of mind. Maybe she is working to stay in his view.

  • Shorttermmemloss

    @Clamsie: Why do you feel sorry for her?
    She got a commercial, a movie and a cover on Italian Vogue.

    Her relationship with him suits her just fine. He is not getting props from being with her. Everyone knows a relationship and carrying sick children for Butler is his only way to turn his image around. Is it his true nature? For money, yes. Many people bank on his payroll.

  • cleverbridge

    @Nha: Thanks Esme but your opinion is not objective.

  • Masha

    I agree with Maybe… It’s an awkward one..Both looking at there phones , he didn’t look at her once… I would feel weird about my boyfriend acting like that… Going around me, not looking at me… Just …I think he’s a bad, bad boyfriend..a very narcissistic one…

  • historian

    I think he is so used to playing these silly game with all his women he doesn’t know how to do it normally. Or he’s been training all his life to play a Secret Service or CIA agent.

    Not going to help his overall future prospects if he actually ever wants to settle down and as discussed ad nauseum, the consensus no matter what he says his actions all say he does not want to settle down even his perfect woman isn’t enough. They never are.

    Even though Nicholson did marry, Gerry will join the playboy pantheon of Hollywood, Beatty pre Annette, Nicholson, Valderama, Rourke, Polanski post Charlie Manson….

  • http://JJ Wheels

    If he hadn’t done the charity event it would have looked bad for him,remember he is trying to promote his film.
    What woman (vile as she maybe) would put up with this cra/p.
    If he were thrilled and happy with his girlfriend then he should be saying ,I don’t care what anyone thinks,this is my girlfriend.
    Instead of all this cloak and dagger stuff.
    He should stop talking shit because it’s what he thinks he fans want to here.
    I wouldn’t care if he was going out with escort/girl,farm/girl,model,or even a man as long as he was honest to the people who pay for his lifestyle.

  • @Masha

    You may want to watch the clip again. They walked out perfectly happy and were going to the car. He was right next to her smiling and was about to say something to her when he looked up and saw the cameras. Later in the clip he was looking for her. It is not unusual for celebrity SO’s to leave in separate vehicles.

  • Strings of Lights

    They way he acted in the vid was total bull. When he saw the paps he said omg and then started texting. She saw the paps 1st. The security guards were totally confused by his reaction. He has been seen getting in cars with woman b4. He is such a drama king. Either he doesn’t know how to have a relationship or he is a total fake. Instead of standing around letting the paps take a lot of video, they could have just gotten in the car quickly and left. Even one of the sercurity guards could have hopped in the car also. But nooo he had to linger and make sure there was enough video taken and he acted like he was upset——-OH PLEASE They are both fake.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Is it possible that we are making to much out of one video. Obviously he didn’t know they were being taped til his bodyguard spotted the paps. There was an after party. Did she go or go home/hotel or whatever. How is he disrespecting her? Would it have been better to show public display of affection walking to a car. Come on. That would have been more fodder to talk about and seems that isn’t what he wanted. So, I guess the question is, did he go to after party alone or meet up with her there.
    I thought it was appropriate that no photos have shown up of her at the charity function. Good choice as it wasn’t about “them” but the hospital and cause.
    Loved the picture of Abella’s mother in the background and with father, Oliver, who coached Gerry in the film as well.
    Not sure how I feel about the “single” comments he made. Is there a commitment? A ring? Words spoken between them to remain with each other? I feel that as long as there isn’t, he is single…not married, not engaged. Speculation is that the relationship is a slippery slope. More wait and see.

  • 200

    @obscure: That’s about the size of his remaining fanbase, and is probably the total of the posters here, combined with the ladies at the mothership fan sites and the Russians. Not even JJ gave it a new thread, and yet they’ve been giving GB a new thread every time he walks outside.

  • Strings of Lights

    @Lord Love a Duck:

    Most of the time I respect your comments here but, this time I have to disagree—–they should have just got in the car and left. This isn’t the 1st time they have been papped together. Also he has already gone public about their relationship. I think he was acting self important and stupid.

  • Doing the Honors

    I just discovered another new thread! I was talking to myself on the last one before I noticed! Did she jump on a plane and rush over when he kept flirting and talking about other women and said he was single?? I think so. She’s marking her territory and I don’t think she’s going to go away easily.
    And to be sick and expose anyone with a compromised immune system due to chemo is thoughtless and stupid! God, I hope they kept her in the green room or something! But if it’s viral, it’s too late because Gerry has been exposed already!
    That video was strange in that she looks directly at the photog first thing when she comes in to the garage and “gestures” in that direction as if to signal she’s sees him. Then Gerry seems to be waiting for her to get in to the car so he keeps standing around texting but he doesn’t seem too thrilled about her being there really. She averts her gaze in the direction of the photog again but seems to catch herself. Then the driver spots the photog. No one should be able to see a photog with a telephoto lens that easily UNLESS it’s in plain site. Then she goes off a different direction and Gerry looks annoyed and he goes off in the car, then the photog pans back and you see A SECURITY GUARD WITH A WALKIE TALKIE who had to be standing right there next to the photog the whole time! People, this was a set up again and by you know who! Is Gerry this oblivious??

  • Vida

    My suggestion is that these two foreigners take their crappy movies and go back to their own countries. What’s wrong with supporting American actors.

  • @Doing the Honors

    Brava on the fiction attempt; watch it again.

  • Doing the Honors

    @Strings of Lights: No, I don’t think he was acting anything. He had his head buried in his cell when she decided to go another way. I think she’s putting on an act. I think she is the one who called the paps because she obviously sees the photog when she comes out and gestures to him. Then when the bodyguard spotted him, she had to act all secretive or else she would look like she didn’t care which might make it look suspicious. She’s quite the smooth operator! Gerry just looks confused and annoyed by it all. I don’t think she was supposed to be there in the first place. And it worries me that he was wearing that godawful sweater that he’s not sick now and exposing that poor little girl. A cold could kill someone who’s immune system is compromised.

  • Doing the Honors

    @@Doing the Honors: Up yours, LOL. YOU watch it again. There’s a security guard with a walkie talkie standing on the ramp up to where the photog was. Get a clue.

  • Doing the Honors

    @Vida: You have a point. If this guy continues to “date” this sleezy ho, I’m done with him.

  • Sad

    She was fully aware of the pap. When she saw paps she waved.

  • Clamsie

    @Doing the Honors: Why blame Maddie if she has a cold? Who’s parenting the sick little girl? Don’t they know her immune system is compromised by taking her out in public where (GASP!) people have germs?

    I fail to see where Maddie was coughing and breathing all over the child. She was likely sitting with Gerry during the screening.

    If the kid was that sick, her parents would have kept her home or in the hospital. Maddie isn’t responsible for all the wrongs of the world.

  • Doing the Honors

    @Sad: Yes she did! You saw it too with the bag of balls. This girl is a trip! Gerry can’t be this blind. He’s very busy right now and I would doubt he would expect her, especially with her filming a movie, to follow him around carrying his “balls” for him, no pun intended. However, she’s going to HAVE his balls soon in a sling for everyone to see! The only thing I can think of is the film’s producers are setting this up for his image for the film. Wrong choice IMO, if so.

  • Doing the Honors

    @Clamsie: Why do you defend her? She knew about the child being there didn’t she? You’re an idiot. Stop taking up bytes on the site. Your comments aren’t worth it.

  • Clamsie

    I forgot to add that morning sickness isn’t contagious. LOL