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Gerard Butler: 'Playing for Keeps' Charity Screening!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing for Keeps' Charity Screening!

Gerard Butler poses with an adorable little girl while attending a special Children’s Hospital Los Angeles benefit screening of his film Playing for Keeps at the ArcLight on Wednesday (November 28) in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Dennis Quaid and James Tupper.

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The day before, Gerard made an appearance on the Univision talk show Despierta America before taking a flight from Miami to LAX.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at the Playing for Keeps screening…

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gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 01
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 02
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 03
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 04
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 05
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 06
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 07
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 08
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 09
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 10
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 11
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 12
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 13
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 14
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 15
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 16
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 17
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 18
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 19
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 20
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 21
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 22
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 23
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 24

Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Doing the Honors

    @DocP: He’s a bad breaker upper!

  • Doing the Honors

    @Er…: My mind is about as open as anyone’s and I know all about the John T. stories and Hugh J. It’s still all speculation but I do agree it’s not far fetched. It’s their livelyhood at stake but in this instance, the best I can say is that he’s BI maybe. He did say he had one gay testicle. Maybe that was a clue!

  • Strings of Lights

    He could have just said let’s go and both of them get in the car and drive away. Nooooo he couldn’t do that——he had to act like a drama king about it.

  • Doing the Honors

    Parting words here…..sadly many in HW these days are there because they have nothing better to do. There was a day when actors studied, scraped and sacrificed for their crafts. It was important to them about their image, the roles they played and their public persona. Seems these days a lot of people are in it for the fame and fortune and nothing much else. They lack any decent talent, especially in view of the fact that it can now be digitally enhance and generated! So we live in the land of the Lindsay Lohans, Megan Foxes, Dakota Fannings, and Justin Timberlakes that couldn’t act their way out of a brown paper bag but hey, they’ve got something the rest of us don’t have….publicity, looks, clout, and popularity in the industry. That’s all it takes these days. It’s not what you know or how much you know but WHO you know in HW. I think Gerry had a chance for greatness, still do, but it seems he’s getting sloppy or lazy or both and he doesn’t wear it well. He takes one step forward and two steps back. I had high hopes for him but sometimes you just gotta say, what the eff.

  • Realist

    Watching friends and Monica says “oh the move you guys make where you act cold and distant so that we’ll break up with you. Voila, GB’s MO.
    He ignores her when he sees the paps, she in return ignores him, then he looks confused about what is going on. He is waiting to see what is going on. If this is the childish stuff going on after 7 months this relationship it is sad. He always looks like someone’s confused wandering dad when he is with her. As far as paps go, She was in on it. She is always in on it. He isn’t in charge of this trainwreck. He thinks he is but she is a playa too, she keeps him on his toes (when she is near him), when she is across the pond it’s another story.

  • Clamsie

    @Come on now: I’m only saying it to gloat that he’s finally found someone and hey…anything is possible with the two of them now.

    JMO but I think she “may be” the one. The only reason could be that he’s realized how lonely and f’ed up his life is always being alone plus the gay rumors abound. I’m not the only one who thinks he “could be” gay. I never said he WAS only that I think HE COULD BE gay.

    I just don’t understand why so many here hate Maddie’s guts when she’s done nothing to any of you. She’s just living her life as he is. Why not sit back, enjoy the ride and know that it will probably not last? Why let it irk you so much that he’s with someone?

    From the vid I saw Maddie looks healthy and not sick at all.

    Find your own love and purpose in life and you’ll forget MacClowny MacPantsoff ever existed.

  • The Special One

    He is fat again. Who is going to be “shocked” about the age different? face it, she looks 40, and she is a whore, I bet she was a very stinky and loose vg.

  • That’s Crap!

    It’s gutless of a man to break up with a woman by not being up front with her. I think men do that sometimes to keep her “on the line” so to speak. He doesn’t want to commit to a monogamous relationship yet he still wants a shag on demand if she thinks they’re still a couple. Men can be rats, fleas on rats.

  • GampyButler

    @Realist: Couldn’t agree more. It’s usually around the six-month mark that this game comes into play. I’ve had it done to me more than once. It’s popular with the guys. They will sabotage the relationship to get out of it, all the while making it appear that it is YOU that’s doing it, playing innocent all the while. I know it well. And let’s face it. We already know that he’s pulled some horrible stunts to get out in the past, such as simply walking away, changing his phone number and disappearing, etc. He’s probably never told anyone in his life that he just doesn’t want it. He’s a disappear-er or a saboteur.

  • Shorttermmemloss

    @justsayin’too: Who would fly their serious girlfriend economy if they were rich? Or maybe he is very miserly. If the company did not flip the bill, he doesn’t pay.

  • Doing the Honors

    @Clamsie: You contradict yourself too much! In the same paragraph you say she may be “the one” then you say you believe he’s gay! Make up your freaking mind! How can she be the one if he’s gay? This shows you don’t give a hoot in hell other then to troll here and rile up people. You’ll say anything you can think of to get a rise out of people and just be all around a pest. You don’t even like the dude so what’s YOUR excuse for being here? As for getting a life? Seems you’re more pathetic then any of us are in that you have to spend yours getting off on agitating people on gossip boards.

  • Strings of Lights

    OK ladies—let’s face it—-no man is worth arguing over!!!! :)

  • Doing the Honors

    @GampyButler: You know why guys do this? It’s because they insist on picking women who are needy. And they pick women who are needy because they can have the upper hand. Then when they’re done with them, they can’t just face them and break it off because they fear the outcome and the confrontation. If they chose women of character or value, breaking up would be civil and more a meeting of the minds. Breaking up with a woman who is stable is easier then breaking up with one who isn’t. Gerry picks women who are like this because he generally has no intention of it going very far. He doesn’t think that far ahead and then when it’s over, he tries to just slip out the back door. This one is going to waiting in the back yard with a shot gun! LMFAO!

  • Strings of Lights

    Either we will have tweets about him being out this weekend alone or with her. HW is good at annoucing mystery brunette. So we will know soon enough.

  • Shelly

    Because she’s a tranny. They can look that good and sometimes no one suspects. All of her photoes are fixed. She’s pulled a fast one. These people are freaky weird.

  • Doing the Honors

    @The Special One: Please, no need to get crass. Don’t resort to childish highschool insults. Even I wouldn’t stoop to that level. No need for that.
    @Shorttermmemloss: I don’t think he would fly her anything but first class. I think she flew herself over and if this was a planned visit, she wouldn’t have had to take economy class. This whole thing wreaks of desperation. And she’s revealing too much on her fb. If I were her, I’d set it to private so that only certain people could see things but it’s obvious she wants everyone who googles her to see. Remember Gerry’s advice, “just google” it.

  • Doing the Honors

    @Shelly: Is that why she’s called “John” in some of the Romanian presses? j/k

  • Clamsie

    @Er…: Exactly right. Especially when you add in the fact Gerry hangs out with mostly gay buddies like Freddy and possibly Fry Guy. And Ronnie.

    He’s got what’s left of his career as an “action star” to protect. Even if his movies end up in Walmart’s discount bin, he still makes millions off of each one just by showing up and barking out the lines.

  • Strings of Lights

    I believe she will show up in the back ground in some pics. She is very good at being visible somehow. The ru girls are very good at finding those kinds of pics.

  • trannysylvania

    @Shelly: I believe this is a distinct possibility. Perfect scenario for someone who wants to appear straight but isn’t. Stranger things have happened.

  • Clamsie

    @Doing the Honors: I do enjoy upsetting the likes of you because you’re so panicked at the thought of Gerry being with someone, anyone. You’d hate her if she were “one of you” (an older desperate fan).

    I don’t care for his acting but I’d be happy for him if he found the love of his life, whether it’s with Freddy or Maddie. I’m not invested in his life the way YOU are and not a hater of his friends and associates. I wish him well, always, in spite of the fact that he’s silly and tends to be all about himself and nothing more.

  • Strings of Lights

    Well let’s face it—when he sees a camera he starts acting—-when she sees one she starts posing—and these 2 are not birds of a feather???

  • Kali Orexi

    @Doing the Honors: @ clamsie if GB were gay, peeps would’ve come forward. It is the 21st century FFS! if you’d read any of the British tabs, you should know that there are people who are WILLING to sell any story about their private life just to stay In the news!

  • Untamable Shrew

    @Strings of Lights: Your comment about flirting with the fans sounds about right.He looks like a prick taking 2 cars.His fans will get over him being in a relationship.Being a cad is getting old though.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Er…: I so agree. The few men who’ve come out as being openly gay e.g. Rupert Everett have had trouble as being casted as a heterosexual man. On he other hand, Matt Bohmer, who is openly gay, has been casted as a straight guy. For me, I don’t care if one is gay or straight, but I wish their PR machine would stop pretending and just be honest. I wouldn’t think less of a woman or a man if they were outed but that’s my opinion….

  • Strings of Lights

    @Untamable Shrew:

    Thank you. Very well put.

  • Hooklineand

    MGs body language shows she enjoyed the paps attention in the video. He looked like he was surprised but he was focused on her when he was at the door of the car. I think he was acting surprise. Cursed twice. Setup to me. Amy looked genuine with her actions. When she realized the camara, she looked concerned and nervous. Overall, very kind. I wish Gerry was interested in someone with her personality. I know she is getting paid to work for him but honestly she is the only lovely and real female he lets around him.

  • Juicy Lucy

    Well, if she “really” is his GF, he will show her off on the red carpet of PFK premiere. If not, we can safely assume that this relationship is a big PR stunt.

  • Untamable Shrew

    I for one don’t care who is gay or not.But with Gerry it’s a different story.He is oozing with sex appeal and then some.I believe if he was gay and he came out,it would be career suicide.He would be unbelievable with everything.I hope he’s not.Not to be a jerk but that’s how I feel.

  • Hooklineand

    @Strings of Lights: “Well let’s face it—when he sees a camera he starts acting—-when she sees one she starts posing—and these 2 are not birds of a feather???”

    Yes! Exactly. They must practice in the bathroom mirror before they walked out. :)

  • dargabriel

    Hello everyone, how beautiful to see gerard embracing a very special little girl, made me cry. Oh my gosh I love children, it breaks my heart to see sick babies, it looks as if gerry did his share of crying too. I hope his healing powers worked wonders on these beautiful children. Light and love to all. Love,dargabriel

  • Juicy Lucy

    I loved the photo of Abella and Gerry. His faults aside, I do believe that he has a big heart and relates well with children.

  • Untamable Shrew

    Maybe he hangs out with his gay friends to limit the competition with women.What started all these gay rumors anyways.Did he ever hinted or did anyone see him with men?

  • Mmmmmmm

    Check her declaration (in english) in minute 1:12. It’s so funny how she said “It’s obvious!”

    Then we have GB saying “google it” when asked for his gf name, or the following article where they make emphasis that he doesn’t wan’t to discuss his relationship with her …

    If you are in a relationship both have to agree on how to handle the situation. If they decided to go public then why is he avoiding to answer questions about her? On the other hand, if they decided to keep it silent, why is she being disrespectful and doing completely the opposite? I think that the third alternative is that they didn’t decided anything together … which doesn’t say anything good about their relationship.

  • Clamsie

    @Untamable Shrew: The rumors of him being gay have been around for years because of his continuing mysteries and never being seen with anyone. It’s always that “he was with so and so” but there were never any pics or anything to back it up. If he was dating Maniston, why no pics of the two together?

    I’ve never understood his need for so much privacy concerning who he’s dating. Why can’t he just take her out in public and enjoy himself like every other star does? What’s his problem? It makes no sense. It’s not like he’s some married guy keeping secrets. He’s single and he shouldn’t have to hide his gf. Of course he doesn’t have to spill his guts about his relationship but why so much concern over a few pics?

  • bye

    I’m sorry ladies, but gb is not an Arab sheik who needs so many gadgets to hide a mistress. Couples made ​​walking in the same car. In my opinion the male it is another. Perhaps some of those men who were at the event. Some really rich man willing things like that.

  • Hooklineand

    @Mmmmmmm: She is never silent on her FB photos. No they did agree and this is how they play. Anything to keep themselves in rumorville.

    “Hey did you hear Gerry has a gf? Oh, Madalina is dating the 300 actor and your not!”

  • Hooklineand

    @Clamsie: He dates a couple of people at the same time. So he likes to keep things mixed up. This one will be trouble to get rid of. Some of his side dishes do not care if he is free. Some do. He wants options.

    Lucky for him, she is working more in Europe. Maybe she is fine with a open relationship as long as he is mostly with her. Who knows?!

  • Body Lang

    @Hooklineand: Mads kept touch her hair as sign that she wants to be noticed and she touch her chin/lips as a sign she playfully had something to hide. And she was the only one smiling as if happy the paps were filming.

  • bye

    @ clamise

    The male of the b * tch is a very rich old that pays the bills. Dont be fooled

  • In yer face

    It’s like she’s saying “hey phannies, yes I am still with him…hahaha” She arranged this and she basked in it. GB is such a pawn in her game. And he once said he doesn’t suffer fools. Who’s the fool now, Gerard?

  • Strings of Lights

    MG saw how upset he “acted” with the paps filming them, so she bailed him out. He “acted” very phoney about the whole thing. IMO He knows how to act in front of the paps. Why would this time he pretend he was upset?

  • Jax

    I honestly don’t know what to make of all of this but ….
    Maybe MG really is in LA for work. She did say she has three new projects coming up. She flew economy. I would think if this trip was a booty-call for Gerry he would fly her first class. If she’s in LA for work (a new film or modeling project) then the new work project likely paid for her ticket, hence economy class.
    Also, am I the only one whose stomach turned when she posted the photo of economy class with her teddy bear? She’s 25 years-old and needs her teddy bear when she’s sick? Her immaturity is incredible and makes Gerry look even worse.

  • Strings of Lights


    -Maybe Gerry got her the Teddy Bear? I have had men by me teddy bears. It seems to be a symbol for their softer side. IMO

  • Toti

    Ive really lost the whole appeal on GB this is beyond pathetic, this is just plain weird SO WHAT if paps were there if she is his gf then u just get on with the relationship his whole mood changed when he discovered them whats all that about anyone???

    In future if he has kids can imagine him throwing them on someone else! He needs a reality check bigtime!!!! The cats out of the bag and its not a secret he’s involved with her so why play cat & mouse & hide, he likes playing mind games and is total manipulator.

    And she looks really average without much make-up shows that if your tall and lanky and maxed with make-up anyone can be a model. If she was so HOT like ppl claim i really wonder why LD & AB dropped her faster than you could blink

  • 80sGeorgeMichael

    @Jax: I wish you hadn’t told us that. Geebers. This sitch is wrong on so many levels.

  • Mmmmmmm

    @Strings of Lights:
    Do you think the teddy bear was a compensation for the flight in economy class? That definitely saved him some money! LOL.

  • Strings of Lights

    I know what everyone thinks of MG—-but come on——does Gerry act more mature? I almost suspect that when he saw the paps that he was texting Alan to ask what he should do?

  • http://JJ Ggfblx

    She definitely knew the paps were going to be there.He didn’t.But why should it matter if you are in a relationship.
    I also think she has come over of her own back with all media attention he has been getting and not mentioning her,doesn’t look good .
    She has come to claim what she thinks is hers,forever how long.
    I would rather someone gave me a good bt wine than a teddy and if I ever did have a teddy(which I don’t) I certainly wouldn’t take it on a plane.
    They both want to grow up,stop piss/ing around

  • Untamable Shrew

    @Clamsie: Thanks for responding.It is his own business.Your right he makes no sense.