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Gerard Butler: 'Playing for Keeps' Charity Screening!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing for Keeps' Charity Screening!

Gerard Butler poses with an adorable little girl while attending a special Children’s Hospital Los Angeles benefit screening of his film Playing for Keeps at the ArcLight on Wednesday (November 28) in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Dennis Quaid and James Tupper.

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The day before, Gerard made an appearance on the Univision talk show Despierta America before taking a flight from Miami to LAX.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at the Playing for Keeps screening…

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gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 01
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 02
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 03
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 04
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 05
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 06
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 07
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 08
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 09
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 10
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 11
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 12
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 13
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 14
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 15
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 16
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 17
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 18
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 19
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 20
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 21
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 22
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 23
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 24

Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • TeaCakes

    @blue: I’m express-mailing you a backhoe so you can continue to dig the hole you’re standing in…deeper.

    You’re still stereotyping. I guess you’ve never been anywhere. There are hookers in every country. They’re all over LA, San Francisco, even Hawaii. Saw them in Phoenix. They have them in Dublin and in Paris. Oh, and even in Sydney and Melbourne.

    There’s absolutely no proof whatsoever that the love of Gerry’s life is like the women you claim to know so well. Maybe you have personal experience in selling yourself or something.

  • Not a fan


    Poor Blue. What a beatch you are.

  • Seriously

    Gerry may not want to have to delve into his personal life with the press, which is his business, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were at a high-exposure public event together with a group of his peers and the public. He is obviously not “hiding” her.

  • missjude

    US press couldn’t be bothered to Google Madalina and stated that she was Russian in an article. lol

  • missjude

    imo opinion on the video, it is very strange to watch. it seemed as if mg and gb weren’t on speaking terms and there was tension and awkwardness between them. but very different to the staged pics in South of France. She seemed rude at the end and just walked off when gb looked in her direction as he was saying, “what the f*ck are you doing?!”. she should realise she is replaceable and really has zero power in this relationship. Gb may be smitten but he could change in an instant and shake her off. she should get over herself if she wants to keep him because if there is this continued tension any other half decent women will seem like a refreshing option to gb and there are thousands of women that look just as good and even better than mg that will play along nicely in her place.

  • looking for gerry

    @missjude: it happens when the person is more famous about the beds she lay than her work, lol

  • missjude

    @looking for gerry: exactly and she will learn. he must be fed up by now. i don’t know why but she comes across as the clingy, smothering type.

  • blueandgreen

    I think there is no blood pressure between them because she is enjoying on her fb.

  • Alina

    @missjude: She’s just disgusting!

  • Kali Orexi

    @staged: I’ve just rewatched the clip and Gerry seems to say “f*ck* when he sees the camera (around 34-35 secs in). He’s not pleased at all and all Macaroni does is smile for the camera. Definite set up by her and I doubt that Gerry knew she did this…

  • craparama Film District has decided not to screen #PlayingforKeeps for online critics. Great way to Make Friends and Influence People.

    @davidlfear At the busiest time of year too. They may not care about THIS movie. But what if they have something they really want us to see?

  • craparama Poor Gerard Butler. His “Playing for Keeps” may only open with $5m next weekend — about as much as “Chasing Mavericks” has grossed in 1 mo!

  • craparama

    Daybreak interview. Butler was on around 9:15am.

  • Suzanne Cummings

    @Alina: Do you know her personaly? The level of hatred for a stranger here is shocking.

  • Alina

    @Suzanne Cummings: Any person characterizes his actions! In her actions and how she moves in her life, it is not difficult to imagine what she is! She is rubbish!

  • Puh Leeze

    @Suzanne Cummings: Do you? The level of sycophancy for a stranger here is shocking.

  • Eggy

    Let’s do a C.S.I breakdown of the PoopCandies Pap video cause I’m bored.

    1. MG exists 1st, somehow notices Pap who is standing way out of range at an entry/exit gararge door, which has a pedestrian doorway open and a security guard standing near to the car drive way door. Hm…ok. She motions with the soccer balls she’s carrying and GB looks up and sees Pap.

    2. GB is chatting with that blonde woman which is his P.A? Manager? Anyhow, his attention isn’t focused on MG which is REALLY obvious. MG sees that he’s not paying attention to her, and she acts all akward, hands the driver the soccer balls, he takes them from her. MG just “lingers” around waiting. She’s bored so she starts texting? on her mobile.

    3. GB then starts texting….now perhaps, MG texted GB to say…dude, what’s up? Do we get in the car together? To me, it seemed as though she was going to get in the car with him to begin with but now the plan has changed suddenly. What I think has happened is this…they didn’t want a flurry of paps trying to get pictures of them leaving in the same car together for some reason….that one I find weird, seeing how they have publicly came out that they are an item.

    All the while MG is kinda like some akward dork teenager not knowing where to go, what car to get in, what to do. GB’s handlers then “handle” the situation and are pointing away from GB car…as if to say, you’re riding over there! GB is waiting to see what’s going on…then just get’s in the car and it leaves.

    *SHRUGS* What I don’t understand is this…why does MG post a pic and mention she’s on “economy” flight, she’s been super ill for how many days…but has her “teddy bear” *rolls eyes* very immature. Anyhow, she probably was either convinced by GB to go over at the last minute and the only seat on the plane she could get was in economy *poor thing* rolls eyes…or…she did a “surprise” visit, and again, the only seat she could nab at last minute was in economy. who cares.

    How ever this looks, it’s was all last minute details, thrown together like a cheap suit and it’s all P.R crap. Yay for them. So phoney.

  • justme

    Ok people been lurking for a while and lets just get this straight. I doubt this man is going to let this girl get him to any alter, he’s a man and having fun he just thinks he’s found some cute steady booty. Lets not bash this girl she could be very nice and probably is, hell sh’es a kid and from other interviews she ws flying back and forth to see Leo and AB also (hre words). She’s exvited u know hos girls gt caught up in the idea of romance. No need to speak ill of her. Lets discuss what we do know.

    1.. He is wearing Mr. Rogers sweater in the photos above.
    2. His teeth are the sma ecolor as his face ( the hot shit look is gone becuase he’s wrinkling bad- 3 more years and we’ll be like WTF)
    3. He’s older and thinking about his future kids, etc. Good for him but this girl has her life in front of her.
    4. The girl that us to go with LDC(Can’t remember which model) use to meet him inside all the time so he could have taken others with him. Remember the lady holding his hand outside the even’t last year?
    5. None of us know or will ever know these people so I don’t care who he screws but as many people wives as he’s screwed ( even the curly haird lady from Ischa) vows really don’t mean a lot to him. He’s probably slept his way to the top a lot also.
    6. He seems like a big kid himself and he probablhy does have a good heart , he just thinks with his dick.
    7. Lets not post unless he does something with his career (ok lol here) he’s just playing Clooney right now

  • LOL

    @Shelly: So MG is a ‘tranny’ and’ ugly’ ? Wow
    I also belive that this is a PR gig to get some attention. That slumdog loser actress freida whatver did the same exact thing with poor african kids. Only few celebs are intrested and dedicated to chairty. All the other celebs like freida pinto and kim Kardashian do it for PR. Losers all of them.

  • gmad


    …. In my opinion the male it is another. Perhaps some of those men who were at the event. Some really rich man willing things like that.
    The male of the b * tch is a very rich old that pays the bills. Dont be fooled
    totally agree …

    is what I’m thinking for some time …and it is for this I find all this very hilarious, with the figure of poor jerk!
    My Personal Opinion

  • Question

    @gmad: If that’s true, then what’s she doing with GB? Using him to boost her career?

  • CirqueduFreak

    Most people have a type when it comes to being attracted to someone. I find it odd, indeed, that she went from LDC to AB to GB, and they couldn’t be more different from one another, not just in the looks department, but in personality type as well. Speaks volumes, imo.

  • Arthur Love

    Awwww These are some sweet pics!

  • cleverbridge

    @Amateur Hour: After all many men do cheat on their wives and girlfriends who do indeed live with them 24-7. Ask Jennie Garth. Facinelli admits to cheating on her from their first date – he had two dates that night and got lucky twice he said.Why he married her I would like to know – image?

  • Rosa

    @Leigh: Actually the story was they got into an argument over pen/is size. It’s all a riot with these self-absorbed empty shells except for Gabriel Aubry’s face. That was not funny. That was a crime.


  • gmad

    is not as easy as it appears, is a game of the parties,as a theater piece, BUT… to use and consumption all in favor the romanian girl
    she knows,(an art that has learned well) as be chosen from a important man of turn.
    Gerard, (and certainly he is not that important for which it is worth sell itself to climb for a personal success… the girl is not stupid or naive, so it’s far ahead of Gerard) …GB just is doing something that seems more forced to play, for the interests that revolve under and for whom he is involved, but to its detriment, in short, Gerard…playing to subject.
    IMO again.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @Come on: Post 270 for them to get over themselves is right on the mark.And not to beat a dead horse but google her name?That is so weird and disrespectful in itself.Maybe he only wants attention on himself.Mr.Butler needs to get over himself.It’s pretty clear now.

  • missjude

    i think he wanted him and mg to be the talk of the town and unfortunately for him, they’re not.

    him acting awkward in the video is weird because they’re hardly brad and angie are they? noone knows who she is.

  • whatshedonenow

    Oh dear I thought he had a knock on the head and gained a bit of common sense. After seeing that video apparently not

    If she has to fly coach to see him. If he looks embarrassed  to be seen with her if the paps are around. If she constantly looks at the paps when they are around. If he says “google her” when she’s mentioned in interviews. If he says ” my last relationship” and ” I am single” in interviews. What does that say about him,  her, and their “relationship”? 

    If he wants his career to turn around. If he wants  the big money  to really start rolling in.  The first thing he has to do is dump the Romanian. If he’s too stupid and arrogant to do that simple thing – because she has now become a symbol of the general state of his career – he might as well  kiss the high profile actor lifestyle goodbye.

    Can he not just hire a more discret skank? it can’t be that hard. He’s HW afterall.

  • whatshedonenow

    Maybe he should start dating  Lindsay Lohan. She’s pure class compared to this Romanian.

  • Nobodies

    @missjude: There’s nothing like watching these HW types prance and preen as if anyone gave a It’s revolting when you consider what’s going on the world. What these two need is a big slap upside the head, imo. They’re legends in their own minds.

  • DocP

    @Untamable Shrew:
    Why doesn’t he simply reply that he prefers not to talk about his ersonal life, it would be a lot easier and he wouldn’t be faced with these awkward responses.

  • Totally Useless Information

    After reading the article about Oliver and GB talking about their packages, I suggest the real story is Oliver was angry that GB was talking so dirty and disrespectful in front of Halle. Comparing size had nothing to do with it. GB has always been crude, nothing new there.

  • Gerry? I doubt it ………


    Most likely. He problably wouldnt have gotten a foot into HW as fast without her. Just like you-know-who is attempting to do.

  • Gerry? I doubt it ………

    And notice their breakup came along as soon as he became famous and had his own following. As will with you-know-who.

  • gypsygoss

    @CirqueduFreak: You forgot Haggis in that list. 3 actors, 2 of whom also have production companies and one director.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @DocP: True,it would be easier but on the other hand whats the big deal?He can’t have his cake and his pie to you know.

  • Eggy

    The ONLY thing Gerard Butler has left to market is his “Sex Appeal” which has proven to be VERY marketable. Look at all the comments here on this JJ site. His comment coverage has the most comments out of all the stories, so obviously, he and his “people” are doing pretty good with regards to maintaining his allure, which brings in BIG bucks. He’s an meh actor, who takes “safe” roles, and still banks on his role in 300. As far as his personal life is concerned, this whole model stint is exactly that…a stint. I think he’s fooling himself into thinking that this woman is “the one” and that he’s all gaga for her, and he’s hypocritical at best. I understand why he’d want to protect his privacy, but the fact that he’s already announced that he now has a girlfriend, that in it’s self is a major draw, so GB and his P.R peeps will keep it mysterious for how ever long they have to because again, it draws attention to him, creates a stir and voila…they are the ones who get a pay out due to it. It stinks to high heaven as a business arrangement for If this truely was a REAL relationship, then he wouldn’t be so aloof about it.So again, to wrap up, what he is really protecting is what is left of his HW marketable “sex appeal”.

  • Gerry? I doubt it ………

    The ONE common thing all 3 have …….HW FAME and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • TGIF

    GB is going to turn out to not get her as far as she hoped, but then Brody did not advance her career much either unless she got the gig on Jude Law film because Brody worked with the same director. Almost all articles on her still refer to Leo first and foremost . Only recently is GB mentioned and only her fans and his fans know or care.

    Law would have been a far superior catch if she was really smart but seems his attention is elsewhere, Law does not hide his women and he is a better bet to be on the award circuit next year as a nominee not a floater like GB. But she may not have been his type, he is trying to clean up his image and he is smart enough to know that direction would have been stupid unlike someone else trying to do the same thing and failing quite miserably.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    I think you are right in some of the things you have written but “sex appeal” goes only too far…with “youth”…and there is a limit..Once you get fades…not always but to a certain degree…Maybe Gerry is cashing in what’s left of that….it’s sad though, I’ve watched his earlier films like “The Jury” …he had that “hungar” then…a rough diamond in the works…He could of chosen more meatier roles…character roles in bigger productions…maybe even studied his craft better….I think he could of accomplished much more…but he took the “celebrity” road of his career…dating models etc…Not sure about this MG…I don’t know her or for that matter..I don’t know Gerry but I’ve followed his career for a long, long time…he lives in a bubble now..followed by his “yes people” dating women who aren’t really mature …who are trying to make it in the world of “entertainment”..Hard to see if they are really interested in the “person” or are more interested in themselves…but Hollywood is filled with people like this..A facade of plastic ambition…

  • Gerry? I doubt it ………


    Funny cause the public knows about every one of George Clooney’s girlfriends. He always takes them on red carpets and they are openly seen on vacations. And his sex appeal is still extremely high! But then again he’s taken roles that show his acting range and we know his talent as a director and a producer more fully. Most people can see his talent goes beyond just being sexy.Also he’s one of the few handsome leading men who has made it clear that HE DOESNT WANT TO GET MARRIED AGAIN. No games no pretending. The women he gets involved with know what the deal is even though they may imagine in back of their minds he might change. I think theres less mystery BUT more respect for a man who lays it out on the table about what he wants out of a relationship.

  • TGIF

    @Eggy: It doesn’t put people in the movie theaters however. None of these silly PR games have since Aniston. Even if PFK does well it will be word of mouth about the film because critical reviews are going to be mixed at best. The vast majority of moviegoers are not paying attention to ANY of this. Might be different if she were a real celebrity and better yet someone the public loves oh like say Jessica Chastain, the only woman we’ve seen Gerry display genuine unstaged affection for in the last year. Oh wait Abigail Spencer is another one. At least his female co-stars seem to still like him after working with him.

  • No Allure Here

    @Eggy: I agree with you to a point, but I don’t know why people continue posting “he’s still popular, look at all the comments on JJ. More comments than anyone else” blah blah. It’s NOT hundreds of people posting. It’s a group of about 20 who converse with each other daily and move from thread to thread. If anything these GB threads are an indication of how UNPOPULAR he’s becoming. A group of regulars are just using his threads as a chat board, and that’s the only reason it appears to have so many hits.

  • Eggy

    Gerard Butler is a poster boy for Harliquin romance book covers. LOL! Perhaps they’ll try to get him to be in the 50 shades of butt f’k movie as the lead character, probably not because he’s too old. He and his P.R folks know EXACTLY what they are doing. His middle aged female suburban housewives fan base are the ones getting dupped due to them having boring lives.

  • DocP

    @Gerry? I doubt it ………:
    I thought they were ” soul mates” isn’t that what she said in an article? I’m not buying the sex appeal argument. Matthew McGonaughey has always been open about his gf and now his wife and he hasn’t lost any of his sex appeal, just watch Magic Mike. In reeks of sex appeal:)))))

  • Eggy

    Perhaps it’s a few commenters, myself included, that are keeping the comments numbers up. Celebs such as Matthew McGonaughey are in the same “B” roles that GB is in, sure he has sex appeal, but you don’t see some conventions for Matthew in Las Vegas like you do for GB. Frig, there are women who dedicate their lives to organizing and attending a GB fan convention! I have never heard of a George Clooney or Matthew McGonaughey fan convention! LOL! wow.

  • Err…

    @Eggy: How many people attend this convention? More than fifty?

  • Gerry? I doubt it ………


    I agree!

  • DocP

    Matthew M. And George Clooney may not have conventions but I bet they have a larger fan base world wide. The Convention in LV was started wayyyy back when Gerry was much younger, it prospers because many of the attendees have developed a close friendship with each other. Many actors married or single have online fan sites, however now they go through Facebook and twitter. Ray lotta has a woman in the UK that developed a fan site for him and he isn’t that much in the public eye anymore. I went a number years back to the Gals convention in Vegas, they’re we’re probably 60 to 75 attendees there and that was back in 2008. Because of the economy and the cost of flying I’m sure it’s gone down. Personally I went because it was in Vegas which makes for a nice vacation.