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Gerard Butler: 'Playing for Keeps' Charity Screening!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing for Keeps' Charity Screening!

Gerard Butler poses with an adorable little girl while attending a special Children’s Hospital Los Angeles benefit screening of his film Playing for Keeps at the ArcLight on Wednesday (November 28) in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Dennis Quaid and James Tupper.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The day before, Gerard made an appearance on the Univision talk show Despierta America before taking a flight from Miami to LAX.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at the Playing for Keeps screening…

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gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 01
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 02
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 03
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 04
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 05
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 06
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 07
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 08
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 09
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 10
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 11
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 12
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 13
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 14
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 15
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 16
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 17
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 18
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 19
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 20
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 21
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 22
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 23
gerard butler playing for keeps childrens hospital screening 24

Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Wild guess

    @Eggy: I’m going out on a limb here, lol, but I’m guessing you’re one of the people from a mothership site, and either attend or plan these conventions? If so, that’s cool, but I think you’ll have a hard sell here. Most here feel he’s on his way out, and that his recent hookup with Macaroni is only hastening his exit. I would also add that the only reason there are still GB conventions is that the same group of women that started it back in his heyday have remained friends, and use it as an excuse to get together. He really isn’t Elvis, I promise.

  • KC Bomber

    @hoho: I agree with you. I never have liked her. She thinks she is way above anybody else. The first time I saw her interviewed I couldn’t stand her. She deserves that volatile creep she’s with now. And isn’t he the one who almost went to fist acuffs with Gerry one time because Gerry was joking around with Halle? You can keep them both!

    Yes, that’s the story and even though the guy is a boxer, Gerry would have put one Scottish “kiss” on him and taken him down! I have no doubt of it!

  • DocP

    @Wild guess:
    Eggy doesn’t seem to be much of a GB fan based on there posts. I’m a fan but I follow other actors as well. I wouldn’t say Gerry is on his way out but if he expects to stay in the game he better revamp his image and start picking more serious dramatic roles that will stretch his acting abilities. I remember when people said Sean Penn’s career was over and then Hamm, he finally picks the right role and wi s an Oscar for Mystic River. Unless you have a crystal ball you never really know anyone’s future. He needs to focus less on superficial appearance and more on his acting abities which he does have acting skills.

  • KC Bomber

    @Kali Orexi: He’s bound to catch on to it eventually. “Hey, isn’t it funny that the paps keep showing up when you’re around, luv?”

    @CirqueduFreak: “Most people have a type when it comes to being attracted to someone. I find it odd, indeed, that she went from LDC to AB to GB, and they couldn’t be more different from one another, not just in the looks department, but in personality type as well. Speaks volumes, imo.”
    They are not that different in that they are all high profile actors in HW. Get the picture?

  • TGIF

    @DocP: Channing Tatum is also married and he seems to be filling those movie seats just fine.

  • Wild guess

    @DocP: Maybe not. It seemed she was trying too hard to sell him by talking about the conventions and how many post on his threads, both of which are not accurate reflections of his popularity or lack thereof. I respect your support and hope for GB’s future. I don’t share it. I’m not feelin’ it. I think he has talent in there somewhere, but I think he lost his focus and became too enamored of the lifestyle and it’s bennies and freebies, and now he’s just coasting. I don’t know why, I just don’t feel a comeback with this one. I think his ego won this battle.

  • TGIF

    @KC Bomber: She is such a bad actress I would have to think by the look on her face and tee heeing he should know right away and doesn’t care or he’s really lost the plot or he was never as clever as many though he was.

  • TGIF

    @Wild guess: There are a few actors and actresses who have been able to make comebacks after bad runs. Mickey Rourke is an example though I hear after his recent successes his ego may get in the way yet again. Anthony Hopkins was not young at all, he may have already been 50 when he got his second shot at the can after getting sober. McConaughey never went away but he is slowly but surely trying to reverse his image as the romcom king. Even Jude Law had a bad patch of movies and seems to have turned it around. Let’s hope casting you know who doesn’t drag his current movie down though the rest of the cast is quite solid.

  • DocP

    I totally agree, true fans only care that the actor is in a happy healthy relationship. They don’t stop watching just because the actors married or dating some one.

  • CirqueduFreak

    @KC Bomber: Yes, I do, actually. I forget sometimes that it’s hard to convey sarcasm in a post. Perhaps an emoticon was in order.

  • DocP

    @Wild guess:
    I also think he’s resting on his laurels. I think mat of us do this at times, he’s just taking longer than the majority. I do hope his future goes well and he wishes up for his own good.

  • craparama
  • craparama
  • Lots of Shiney Ornaments
  • Lots of Shiney Ornaments
  • KC Bomber

    @CirqueduFreak: Sorry about that. We get so many here that seem serious when they make statements like that you never know.

  • twitter

    and we saw Gerard Butler at the promenade. Dudes skinny af in real life

  • DocP

    Shes adorable, this looks like a current pic , the 2nd pic looks older. he hasn’t had his hair that short for awhile.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

  • wiphoenix


    I agree. I think his behavior is stupid and WEAK. Real love would scoff at the notion of playing these games. If had any balls at all, he’d have kissed her and wrapped his arm around her. I understand he wants privacy but that is called support, or solidarity.

    He’s charming but ridiculously immature and really somewhat pathetic. He acts like he’s Justin Bieber. No wrong even Justin. Real boy still, has more maturity, love, and confidence. He doesn’t have any problem with expressing love and togetherness with his girl.

  • Lots of Shiney Ornaments
  • Hello
    especially this one.
    Did you all catch the stills in “lots of shiney ornaments” post? He does look surprised and confused, so does Amy. Would love to have been a fly on the wall to know what was said.

  • Lots of Shiney Ornaments


    That pic just melts my heart.

  • craparama

    Seems to be an awful lot of *free tickets” for PFK being offered by various sites online. That’s got to eat into the box office takings ? Like it did with Chasing Mavericks (way too many freebie tickets were being given out for that film).

  • craparama

    We talk to #GerardButler & look at this week’s Movie of the Week #PlayingForKeeps tomorrow on @MTV3 #Top20 12-2 p.m.

  • craparama

    We’re playing “Do, Dump or Marry” with #GerardButler on NBC this afternoon. #PlayingForKeeps

  • Mmmmmmm

    I don’t know if somebody already posted it …

  • craparama
  • craparama
  • Lyla J.

    @Mmmmmmm: Going right to the heart of what I just heard. He has no idea what parenthood in real life is all about, imo. Indicating he would continue in his lifestyle of relentless travel by saying he could up and leave his kid’s soccer team, which by extension would probably include his own kid, for a month at a time shows he has not figured out how big a sacrifice you must make in your own life to bring a child into the world and do the right thing by that child. Having a father who is famous and wealthy but never around would be so sad for a kid. Like a tease. To know him by skype. Like the kid is a trophy not a living, breathing, thinking, feeling person.

  • The Special One

    So. I found this online about the Butler, talks about how he is on relationships hahahaha. Apparently some psychic writes this, but we know this and we are not psychics. “He likes foreigners”. Ok, if that’s a psychic…

  • Competition

    I didn’t realize today was the release date for Killing Them Softly. It’s getting good reviews. With Hyde Park on Hudson and Deadfall coming as well, it should be interesting to see if PFK gets buried, much like CM. It’ll most likely do better than CM on opening weekend, but I bet it’s still under $10 mil.

  • DocP

    @The Special One:
    Is that why he never dares Scottish or English women? After all he’s not American, he just loves living here.

  • DocP

    I typed dates but stupid IPad changed it! Urg!!!

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @Lyla J.: No one on this earth realizes what parenthood is all about until you have children. I have some of those and never thought of the word “sacrifice” when it came to raising them.
    Gerry was asked if he would coach with his own children if he had them and he was expressing how difficult it would be with the business he is in. There is no doubt in my mind that he would adjust his life if he had children of his own. He is older and sees more than is expressed in a pr interview. His interaction with all the kids he has done movies with shows so much…thinking of Dear Frankie. I don’t think he would EVER allow himself to be an absent father as was done to him.

  • notsogood

    @Competition: A guy who went to an advance screening posted his review on RT and said basically it was “average” and to wait until it comes out on DVD or is on TV. I think many will do just that. There’s nothing there worth paying to watch on the big screen, really. The only way I’d pay for a movie ticket now is something like Skyfall where the special effects or action shots are better in the theater.

  • Robbie

    People are calling Madelina ugly but think this girl is pretty? Okay.

  • Dicey

    @.RU: She was there. My cousin worked that night and said his gf was there.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @Lord Love a Duck: Yet he saw how his mother was treated by his father and look how he treats women.Combs right through them.Sometimes people repeat what was done to them and have no insight or desire to change.

  • emily

    I just saw a photo of Oksana Grigorieva and for a second I actually thought it was MG. It gave me shivers when I realized my mistake. I hope Gerry knows what he’s doing …..

  • DocP

    I don’t think she’s ugly, I think many on here have issues with altering your body ( myself included) . It’s fake, which she has done several alterations to her natural good looks. Sadly she has ruined her natural beauty and now she will age faster. She’s also verrrrryyyyy high maintenance. Can you just imagine the cost of all that work?? If she expects to maintain all that work its only going to cost more and let’s face it, no amount of work can make you young again. I say be happy with who you are and people will see the inner beauty.

  • SouthernBelle


    She looks like the porta potty chica from Cochella.

  • SouthernBelle


    Sorry the link for #363 didn’t post in #392.

  • DocP

    This cant be a recent pic of Gerry, his hair is to short. His current haircut is more full in the front.

  • famehoRus

    @KC Bomber: Paula
    Yates used to do that to Michael Hutchence all the time including giving rumors to her media friends about a pending engagement that was never going to happen according to his friends and family – his family suspected she was doing this but it was never confirmed until one of her editor friends spilled the beans in his own biography. They blame her in part for his death. That is probably going too far but who knows.

  • huh?

    Q:As one of the Sexiest Man Alive (2004) any words for Channing Tatum?

    GB:That was a long time ago! Just be yourself and you’re judged on that. If you have to try, it’s pretty sad. I’m sure Tatum didn’t have to try.

    So I see the Toronto press were told not to ask about MG. Man she is going to be pissed off about that. I wonder how she punishes him, withhold sex or talk nonstep in that monotone voice about quantum physics.


    Mr. Butler!
    What do you think about this photo? You seem fam.iliar? This is so abs.urd and imm.oral! The ending of this love story is known to all. You finally realize how stupid it all look like! This is a catastrophe! I want you to see this pic and think about it again! You can not trust her. She has the in secret from you! It is a horri.ble woman!

  • wiphoenix


    She could use a stylist with her badly dyed hair. Her hair is pitch black she’s got one patch of grown sorta blondish clump in the back, it looks very coarse and wiry, too.

  • ;-)

    @huh?:Both scenarios sound like extreme torture. Maybe she forces him to watch her zoolander for several hours.

  • Not for everyone

    @Robbie: She’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t find her attractive in the least. She’s very masculine and artificial looking to me. If I was a guy, she wouldn’t be my type. To each his own.