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Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Fighting

Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Fighting

Lindsay Lohan was arrested around 4 a.m. Thursday (November 29) at New York City hotspot Avenue.

The 26-year-old actress allegedly got into a fight and punched a female at the club, reports TMZ.

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Lindsay is already in legal trouble – she lied to cops saying that she was a passenger in the Porsche when actually she was driving during a car accident on Pacific Coast Highway in June.

At the time of this post Lindsay is still at the police station.

Over the weekend, Lindsay‘s TV movie Liz & Dick scored Lifetime a total of 3.5 million viewers.

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58 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Fighting”

  1. 1
    Ina Says:

    What do you expect from Lindsay Lohan?

  2. 2
    sarafina Says:

    What a Waste of Space….

  3. 3
    janekay Says:

    people are always ragging on celebs for one silly reason or the next; but this girl i believe is really as big a loser as everyone say she is!

  4. 4
    Lindsay Says:

    Ahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahhaha

  5. 5
    Jamie Says:


  6. 6
    Tiff Says:

    October 29 th?

  7. 7
    becca Says:

    I honestly think we’re all just waiting for the day when we come on here and it says “Lindsay Lohan Found Dead”. Harsh but true.

  8. 8
    Dad Of The Day Says:

    I pray for this young lady. I know she must bring lots of stress to the life of her parents. It’s very depressing to hear so many negative of her in the spotlight. She needs an intervention.

    Hope and trust she turns her life around before it’s too late. Very unusual to see so much negative occurring in the life of a young woman.

  9. 9
    Paul Says:

    so true

  10. 10
    DeeQ Says:


  11. 11
    sheigh Says:

    Why is she not locked up in psychiatric hospital ?

  12. 12
    Laughable Says:

    ha ha ha ha
    Lohan in trouble? What’s new?
    Lindsay will keep up her antics for another ten years and then she will be too tired and stay home and drink her life away.
    She is too stupid for her own good.
    To ”party” is an occasional thing in peoples lives. Typically on holidays some weekends, not all weekends though.
    The rest of the time people go to work, accomplish something, spend time with family and friends, parttake in hobbies, paragliding, chess, diving, theater, reading etc.
    She needs to learn life. Her parents never taught her nothing but around the clock partying and drug taking.

  13. 13
    laura Says:

    Nothing new. Why is it even news relevant?
    Maybe she’s just trying hard to join the famous 27 club. Hope not! She wouldn’t deserve it.

  14. 14
    dfgasd Says:

    She needs help, really …

  15. 15
    Shay Says:

    Just another Thursday for her.

  16. 16
    lanas-world Says:

    I am so tired of her. I dont pity or feel sorry for her at all. She should GTFO from everywhere. She is a ****** actress (its sad it took me years to realize that after watching ”Liz and ****”) and she will never have a comeback .

  17. 17
    Sun Says:

    I don’t understand why people are so harsh to judge her so quickly based on an arrest.

  18. 18
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    punched female probably told her Liz & D1ck was crap

  19. 19
    joneblaze Says:

    Why go to the club unless they are paying for her to be there where she will be roped off unless people are given permission to meet her.Stay home and out of trouble

  20. 20
    emma Says:

    She’s a talented girl, I just hope she gets the SERIOUS help she needs and turns her life around. She’s still young.

  21. 21
    Mari Says:


    I wouldn’t really say “waiting” for the news, since this really sounds harsh. I’d say it is more expecting it to happen and not being surprised when it happens.

  22. 22
    Dave Franco Says:

    She never shows signs of recovering. Get out of L.A you moron. It’s a toxic place for people like you.

  23. 23
    FrancoBerry Says:

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  24. 24
    Evie Says:

    and she’s surprised that people doubt her…

  25. 25
    uh Says:

    @Dad Of The Day: stress to her parents? more like they bring it to her..

  26. 26
    B Says:

    When is she going to learn? Where are her friends to give her an intervention, so she doesn’t end up dead at a really young age? She obviously needs help.

  27. 27
    Olivia Says:

    here we go again! I guess she also threw her glass on someone’s face, that’s her thing. she should take her money, leave hollywood for good and start a new life, but she’s addicted to the fame

  28. 28
    Wow Says:

    It seriously frustrates me how stupid she is. Its like she has some sort of short term memory lost, forgetting all the stupid things she did. Someone should make her sit so she can watch herself maybe then she’ll learn. Probably not.

  29. 29
    yesgirl Says:

    This story is false. Fact lindsay does not go to clubs. Obviously a lowlife looking for a payday

  30. 30
    elle Says:

    why is she arrested when evil Olivier can beat up Gabriel like that and get off scott free?

  31. 31
    Heather Says:

    This week have not be good for Lindsay

  32. 32
    Terrible Twos Says:

    This is Britney Spears meltdown all over again. She needs help or her life will end tragically. I hope she gets out of this mess.

  33. 33
    WTMF Says:

    @Sun: Maybe because she’s been arrested repeatedly & hasn’t learned or changed? Maybe because if she wasn’t a ‘celeb’, she’d be in jail? This girl has been given so many chances to get her life together & hasn’t. I really hope it doesn’t take a tragedy for her to get the help she desperately needs.

  34. 34
    Toni Says:

    Well TMZ must be wrong too since the reported it and have a picture of Lindsay being arrested.
    Lindsay is just a sad case and I see a movie about her messed up life happening. Sad as it and this is because she just can’t seem to stay in the straight and narrow and do right (after all of this I’m a changed person talk), I would not be surprised if that day comes early for her.

    Also no one should ever say she gets treated unfairly. I don’t know many people regardless of race who can do as much mess as she’s done not only get off free, but also get some form of gig. Heck at least Charlie Sheen calmed himself down (for the moment) and RDJ got himself together after his comeback.

  35. 35
    Frenchy Says:


  36. 36
    Annie Says:

    What a Klassy f*cking lady.

  37. 37
    Mick Says:

    You, if she would quit getting media coverage, she might just “go away”. Seriously why are you wasting your space on her? Yes she has issues, her parents have issues, but no one is doing anything to change it. Just file her in the circular file and make her go away.

  38. 38
    Sheila Says:

    For everybody who says “she needs help”, it’s more like she needs she needs to help herself!!! She doesn’t even try to do/be/act better.

    She’s been to jail (several times!!) and rehab (several times!!), did community service, had a chain around her ankle to stay home (she partied instead), getting in trouble in clubs (several times, but still goes to them), erratic and accident prone driving (several times but still drives), she. LL has learned NOTHING!! She does not HELP herself, despite being offered chances and counselling (she even had a lenient judge who believed in her!!) this is “help” people keep saying she needs!!!!! Both jail and rehab and court cases are life-changing experiences for many, it’s hitting rock bottom, yet she still doesn’t take the “help”, offered, she could TRY to change, she has been offered help!! I don’t feel sorry for her. She doesn’t want to HELP herself or be helped!! She thinks she is above everyone and she is SO DELUSIONAL and full of self-entitlement and thinks she is above repercussions. People she still is talking Oscar, yet she can barely get any jobs, she doesn’t get any of it!!

  39. 39
    Kim Says:

    She has been given so many chances…its a shame!

  40. 40
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

    26 looking 46.
    I don’t think anyone will be surprised if they wake up one morning soon and read on this site that Lindsay Lohan has passed away. I know I wont, I’m actually expecting it.

  41. 41
    Terrible Twos Says:

    @Sheila – Yes what you say is right but it is also sad to see that someone who has tried, keeps failing. Have some compassion. She’s on a serious downward spiral. I don’t care who it is, celebrity or not. People with addictions/major issues have a huge mountain to climb to recovery.
    It’s very sad to see people here saying what else is knew or calling her a train wreck. If this was someone you knew personally like a friend or a sister you would VERY CONCERNED.

  42. 42
    2nt2nt Says:

    #28 is right – Lindsay does seem to have some sort of short-term memory loss, forgetting how lucky she was to get away with all the stuff she got away with. Maybe now it’s all catching up to her.

  43. 43
    akea Says:

    I wonder what her excuse is this time. “The girl attacked me first I was only defending myself! I am a victim!” LOL!

  44. 44
    Xo Says:

    Must be a day that ends in Y.

  45. 45
    biker mike Says:

    if they would of locked her up a few years to begin with, this would be over, but all the special treatment , like hour jail time,, did nothing but make her worse,, lock her up already,, if it was me doing same, I would be doing time

  46. 46
    Susie#1 Says:

    Lindsay is functioning on some level unknown to the rest of us. She’s a pathological liar, doesn’t accept responsibility for any of her destructive actions and has the ability to find scapegoats for those actions. She finds ways to get out of financial obligations or get money from others to pay for those obligations. I don’t think she’d know the truth if it bit her in the behind or have the backbone to be accountable for her actions. Basically, she’s a con artist. Any chance of a professional comeback have gone down the drain; smart people stay away from her.

  47. 47
    RupertSanders Says:

    i don’t believe it…typical lies by famevvhores

  48. 48
    Sally Says:

    Lindsay’s fight pic has made it’s way online! got it before TMZ!

  49. 49
    Tiff Says:

    Typical socipath behavior. She’s a lost cause. Prove us wrong! To all that still feel sorry for her, that could of been you being punched last night all for asking for an autograph, plus she was drinking and using cocaine!

  50. 50
    GEEZ! Says:

    I wish she would just disappear from the public eye.

  51. 51
    LooseLipz Says:

    Drunk and punching people in the face…to me just another sign she needs to be behind locked doors in a treatment center…but it won’t do much good..she’ll just get out and go back to the clubs. Sad that most of the addicts we know who really want help could never afford a treatment center, but this chick gets things for free but never gets better..what a complete loser.

  52. 52
    Warren Says:

    Lindsay looks pretty good here. Hot and Slu##y!

  53. 53
    Legendtina Says:

    In other news: President Obama won a second term, the sky is blue, and water is still wet!

  54. 54
    AZA Says:

    Glad someone talking positive for her, thank you dad of the day….i hope she will make it to good very soon,. i think people forgot what performances she has given in her films and i really say that she is EXCELLENT and TAlented actress, sad that she was spoilt by influence of other people………Will always remember her for her best movies which were our teen age life part…….and i’m sure she will give us much more movie performances after this line is end.

  55. 55
    AZA Says:

    lindsay lohan will once again prove that she is talented acress after her this line of life is over and another bright one comes…… left little to wait……..

  56. 56
    Jean Says:

    @Dave Franco: #22
    she got arrested in NY twice lately. LA is not her problem.

  57. 57
    rtyrt Says:

    Enjoy the wind in your hair. Welcome to === mōtōdɑting === U will find friendship,riding partner, love even marriage.

  58. 58
    Twinkle Says:

    Can we please stop giving this girl attention and even entitlements (fancy cars to drive, free clothes to wear and paying her taxes) so she can just go away? Her career is running on fumes if there is any exhaust left in the tank. She’s descended to the ranks of Honey Boo Boo white trashiness.

    By us giving her attention and press for everything she does we are feeding into her need for drama and attention. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. She’s always claiming victim, but she is NOT a victim. She’s just incredibly stupid that she hasn’t learned anything from her mistakes and keeps repeating the same actions. She’s 26 and it’s time to take responsibility for her actions.

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