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Rihanna Hugs Chris Brown in New Instagram Pic

Rihanna Hugs Chris Brown in New Instagram Pic

Rihanna hugs her rumored on-again boyfriend Chris Brown in this new picture posted to her Instagram account.

“[Chris] i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!” the 24-year-old “Diamonds” singer captioned the pic.

Rihanna also posted a photo with the phrase, “Home is where the c*ck is,” right before publishing the hugging picture.

Earlier this week, Chris deleted his Twitter account, but he is still actively using his Instagram and even posted pictures of his and Rihanna‘s matching Rolex watches!

10+ pictures inside from Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s Instagram accounts…

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rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 01
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 02
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 03
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 04
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 05
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 06
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 07
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 08
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 09
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 10

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  • vesna

    somebody deserves beating…

  • Ceara

    A woman beater and a woman that likes to get beat up, deserve each other. Losers

  • Mik

    Sweet baby Jesus.. why did I even open this page?

  • Mari


    It is still not only a mistake. By hitting a person weaker then you and not only in self defense you cross a moral barrier, which means your morals and character have to actually be pretty low to begin with. He can claim this was a mistake until he is blue in the face, it is not and it will most likely happen again. When he is no longer successful or frustrated or whatever excuse he will find…it will happen again.

    If it had “only” been a slap in the face, but sorry, have you seen her face, that was a beating. He hit her again and again and again to have her face look like that.

  • R

    This is so sad….and kind of disgusting.

  • uhm

    @Mik: no one is actually saying anything wrong? (except for a small few) …and YOU did click on it so… o_O

  • Sassita

    She’s gonna end up on a slab at the LA County coroner’s office some day soon. He’ll beat her to death and she’ll have been too Whitneyhoustoned out to prevent it.

  • thema

    both are so cheap the way they re class at all

  • P

    her face looks like a man and her mouth like a trucker which is not even close to charming…… she was not talking like this before she became well known did she ? a modicum of celebrity and they turn fast into their true colors !

  • Olivia

    I don’t care if they’re back together we knew it would happen. It’s quite pathetic that 4 years later she’s still clinging to a guy who beat her, she should have done a therapy.

    Anyway, what I don’t like is celebrities complaining about their lack of private life but exposing it for the whole world to see. If he beats her again, the backlash will be huge.

  • “home is where the c&ock is??” – classy

  • zija

    HATERS ARE LIARS!!!!!!!!!!

  • well

    @zija: except when your abuser ki*lls you???

  • laura

    Disgusting. I wish Rihanna had more respect for herself.

  • JIM


  • Lil’

    Excuse me Leah but the way this two advertise their relationship they might as well be screaming : CARE PLEASE CARE. LOOK AT US
    So, as far as I’m concern we have every right to judge as much as we wanrt.
    Especially when one is dumb and a very bad role model and the other is just a little piece of sh.. and an *ssh*le who has no talent or whatsoever

  • well

    so this thread just hit the angelina jolie level of crazy =/

  • susan

    I really think you people need a life. They been putting out signs all year, He was in a two year relationship, and still nothing happen. Don’t it get exhausted talking about the same thing, about CB and Rih, I think you people are crazy to put so much energy and hate in someone else personal life. Do you have a life. OMG, the people on these blogs are the ones with the issue not CB. Like Rihanna decision affects your life, you know nothing about the measures they took to repair their relationship. I am sure that Jayz, her parents, and most of the industry who did songs with CB including JUSTIN BIEBER, see something in CB that the outsiders looking in don’t see. GET A LIFE AND MOVE ON.

  • Athena

    Self destruction embraces doom. Lovely.

  • Swing

    They’re so trashy. She has the talent but she has absolutely no class or interest in being dignified. EW.

  • Terrible Twos

    Seeing this photo made me go – ugh. Literally. Clingy and co-dependent.
    Why is this reminding me of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston?

  • susan

    I am an adult, you act like Rihanna is the only celebrity that was involved with a DV. I guess you are not going to see Gangster with SEAn Penn next year. I think you people just hates CB, because lets look at all the celebrities that was involved with DV and still has huge careers, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen, The Winans Brother, etc. Those men has repeated DV actions against them. CB was in one incident at 19 and has had several relationship and one long term relationship and nothing happen. I wish people would admit it that they hate CB because it has nothing to do with DV, if it did we would be protesting 1/4 of the industry. One other questions what did Madonna who stayed with Sean Penn for years show little girls. Isn’t she one of the biggest star in history. This has nothing to do with DV, its all about CB and he is black.

  • uh

    @susan: With your amount of ignorance and disregard for violence against women i hope you never have a daughter
    ..and jay z hasn’t forgiven chris brown, he actually said that himself.
    PS- who gives a sh*t about justin bieber? that kid hasn’t even hit puberty yet.

  • Mickey Mouse

    And they said “Nobody’s business”, right?


    Jay z hasn’t forgiven, Cb but yet he let Rihanna bring him to his concert in NY in October. Jay z hasn’t publicly forgivin him, but trust me he has moved on because he is Rihanna manager and consigning on all the meetings she is having with CB. How about the song they did together, Her record label and Jayz consigned on the song. Its the media and some of the mainstream people who hasn’t moved on.

  • nade

    reverse psychology mickey mouse.

  • nade

    @SUSAN: money on them minds. she sings it. ;)

  • x

    ya know the lady who sent chris brown those tweets is now get thousands of de*ath threats from “team breezy”… the fu(k is wrong with u ppl?

  • Huda

    Both illuminati puppets

  • nade

    @x: bullsh*t. where you see that? i don’t. twitter isn’t that hard to monitor. lol

  • x

    @nade: then go monitor it.. (or you could get a hobby)
    when he deleted his account she was getting dea*th threats

  • nade

    @x: i just checked. i have hobbies. :P

    i still don’t get it. teambreezy really that stupid? he’s only marketing on it anyway. *yawn*

  • R

    @zija: real love don’t send you to the hospital and don’t humiliate you, moron!

  • Adelaine

    So silly they recorded a song named “Nobody’s business” when it’s so obvious that they need and want everyone to talk and read about them.

  • notafan

    Ain’t nobody’s business. Yeah Right, Rihanna

  • bebe

    I personally have no problem with them being together, they should be able to do whatever they want in their life without having to explain to the world.

    However I can’t stand the approach she’s taking at making their “relationship” public…”lets tease the world through these wanna be artsy-fartsy instagram pics”, as if we are all dying to see what happens next!!!

    Cant stand celebs these days, they come across incredibly LAME!!

  • R

    @notafan: my business is: any man who beats a woman is a sub-shit and a man who beats a woman and comes out and continues his life as if nothing had happened is a sub-shit who should be in prison, capice?

  • Summer

    I’m not gonna coment on the whole thing because it’s obvious what any sane person would think of it so I’m just gonna say one thing

    To any little or teenager girl or an adult woman:
    Be stronger than that don’t get affected by weakness you are strong females and you deserve the BEST never NEVER settle for less love and respect your selves.

  • Dave Franco

    Their relationship can be summed up by one song title: ” I LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE!”

    If they’re happy, so be it. But I find Brown disgusting.

  • Cammie

    She is such a poser, attention Ho, posting these type of pics to get on blogs…Ewww…

  • toria

    There’s no fool like an old fool and Rihanna you are it! If CB had shown one iota of genuine remorse for beating her, if he hadn’t shown his true colors several times over the past few years by going off on angry rants and tantrums–then I’d say give him a second chance. But he has. He is just as immature as he was when he beat her and she seems desperately craving any type of fame, notoriety and attention. She once relied on talent and now she relies on shock to stay relevant. Well, CB and Rihanna–you have dropped totally off my radar. I don’t support either of you financially nor do I listen to your music when it comes on the radio/internet etc. anymore. There are far more talented lesser known singers that are far more worthy of my dollars and my respect. Good luck with each other. Two attention ho’s in a toxic relationship…wow, what a recipe for disaster.

  • Melons

    If it’s nobody’s business, quit posting public pictures. Ugh.

  • SunnyAutumn

    yet…..she wants to keep their supposed relationship private. I guess its everybody’s bidness now.

  • SunnyAutumn

    ROFLMAO. Chris looks really strained lately. He seemed way more relaxed with Karrueche…..

  • Sora

    I mean…I really don’t care who she effs – it’s her life and her choice after all. And I don’t know them. Although I really don’t get a good vibe from Chris, I don’t understand why she trusts him. But anyway….why, oh why, does she feel the need to post her private life all over the internet??? There’s no reason to be this private in public.

  • lover pie

    look- if they want eachother that is their right. plenty of women stay with men who abuse them- perhaps she was abused as a child so it is normal to her. I think it is courageous of her to not lie about it. I still think he is VILE but I also think he will be forever hated by many so at least he is getting his due Karma

  • d

    I thought she was said it was nobody’s business, well it’s nobody’s business except for the whole world’s, because she’s making it available to the whole world. She’s a sociopath, and so is he. That’s why they like each other, and “understand” each other. It’s because they’re both messed up.

  • d

    Her last album is really bad. Her career is going down the toilet before our very own eyes. You can only fool the public so long into thinking you have talent.

  • janekay

    @d…you wish!!! Her career is just fine, her star isn’t fading anytime soon, its getting bigger and better everyday…She knows exactly what she is doing..and she is wining, she is owning the ”fame game”…

  • rtyrt

    Enjoy the wind in your hair. Welcome to === mōtōdɑting === U will find friendship,riding partner, love even marriage.