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Rihanna Hugs Chris Brown in New Instagram Pic

Rihanna Hugs Chris Brown in New Instagram Pic

Rihanna hugs her rumored on-again boyfriend Chris Brown in this new picture posted to her Instagram account.

“[Chris] i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!” the 24-year-old “Diamonds” singer captioned the pic.

Rihanna also posted a photo with the phrase, “Home is where the c*ck is,” right before publishing the hugging picture.

Earlier this week, Chris deleted his Twitter account, but he is still actively using his Instagram and even posted pictures of his and Rihanna‘s matching Rolex watches!

10+ pictures inside from Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s Instagram accounts…

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rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 02
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 03
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 04
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 05
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 06
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132 Responses to “Rihanna Hugs Chris Brown in New Instagram Pic”

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  1. 26
    GEM Says:

    I hope he beats the **** out of her again

  2. 27
    Leah Says:

    @Anne: it is a mistake when the person is regretful and wants forgiveness. my opinion dont like it suck a fat ****

  3. 28
    franny Says:

    Of course people want to judge, who doesn’t? If you are showing a good example you will be judged favorably, if you are being a terrible example, you will be judged unfavorably. What I do not get is how anybody could still judge her in any favorable light after posting photos like that and words like, “Home is where the **** is.”

    Seriously! Neither class nor taste here.

  4. 29
    ugh Says:

    they deserve each other.

  5. 30
    well well Says:

    celebrities these days. *shrugs*

  6. 31
    Kharma Says:

    Ugh. Money can’t buy you class.

  7. 32
    leelee Says:

    Attention whores

  8. 33
    ShayyBabby Says:

    I think they are cute. Yeah mistakes we’re made in their previous relationship….but perhaps she decided to be with him for ALL the things he done right … and not base their future together off of the one thing he done wrong. Best of luck to them…

  9. 34
    ummmm Says:

    Rihanna we get, you don’t give a $h!t what people think……and i know this girl thinks she’s being all “Fu*k u” to her haters by posting these pics constantly, but she looks like a desperate @$$hole seeking attention from everyone. She doesn’t care if it’s good or bad attention. Wish she would realize that people are actually laughing and shaking their heads at her. JOKES on you RiRi.

  10. 35
    dylan Says:

    What a dumb broad. She probably likes it when that thug wannabe smacks her around. 2 losers.

  11. 36
    susana Says:

    Let me guess, you’re a teenager…do you not realize that while people shouldn’t look up to celebrities, they inevitably do? If someone is going through an abusive relationship and see a seemingly confident and successful woman putting up with it, it makes them feel like maybe it’s ok to. and it is not! yes it is their relationship, her relationship, but she chose to be in the limelight so with that she gets scrutiny, especially if she makes stupid decisions. so no, I don’t think people have issues for thinking she’s being a bad role model. I think you do for not realizing how bad it actually is.

  12. 37

    obviously she got brain damage when Chris busted her face up

  13. 38
    Liz Says:

    I could understand if they were friends again but being a couple again i don’t agree with that! Just my opinion!

  14. 39
    two idiots Says:

    these set a horrible stereotypical image for black youth. they are examples of ignorant uneducated crass fools consumed with sex, partying and violence.

  15. 40
    toni Says:

    How about they stop putting their business in the public.
    If they didn’t want attention and the negative feedback from others then stop putting your mess out there. She was complaining about people being in her business yet she posts pictures and feeds the public with her personal life. You can’t have it both ways in that industry.

    I could care less if she went back to him because truthfully and putting success aside, they’re damn near made for each other. Both are tacky, immature and ratchet tendencies.
    I’m not one to hope he beats her again because that’s just plain wrong and truthfully if it’s meant to be then it it.

  16. 41
    Lola Says:

    She likes to get beat & she will get a pounding again..

  17. 42
    toni Says:

    @well well:
    This and as much as I like social media, it has been one of the worst things to happen for celebrities.

  18. 43
    reb Says:

    @ 33 – the one thing he did wrong was try to MURDER her!!

  19. 44
    Whitney Says:

    Girl is Klassy with a capital K.

  20. 45
    a couple of fuuckwads Says:

    that deserve each other, like the timberfakes and every karda.ssian

    wish these dopes would just disappear forever.

  21. 46
    LooseLipz Says:

    Money dies not buy class.
    This chick is a stupid ****.

  22. 47
    John Mayer Says:

    Chris Brown is so fugly.

  23. 48
    btw Says:

    who shot the photo? you know this is a arranged shot right? nobody’s making more of a big deal out of their relationships then those two media monkeys. come on rihanna you won’t change the opinion people have of him. you make yourself a fool.

  24. 49
    t Says:

    she knows exactly what she’s doing.. it’s pretty much a big f7ck you to everyone.. but for someone who ‘loves’ her fans she’s pretty much the last role model these girls need — lindsey lohan has better morals

  25. 50
    t Says:

    …but to be honest the comments (on instagram) are more disturbing than these pictures will ever be & i regret reading them

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