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Rihanna Hugs Chris Brown in New Instagram Pic

Rihanna Hugs Chris Brown in New Instagram Pic

Rihanna hugs her rumored on-again boyfriend Chris Brown in this new picture posted to her Instagram account.

“[Chris] i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!” the 24-year-old “Diamonds” singer captioned the pic.

Rihanna also posted a photo with the phrase, “Home is where the c*ck is,” right before publishing the hugging picture.

Earlier this week, Chris deleted his Twitter account, but he is still actively using his Instagram and even posted pictures of his and Rihanna‘s matching Rolex watches!

10+ pictures inside from Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s Instagram accounts…

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rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 01
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 02
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 03
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 04
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 05
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 06
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 07
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 08
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 09
rihanna hugs chris brown in new instagram pic 10

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  • luisa

    Stupid girl.

  • Uffie

    Yes, it just doesn’t get much classier than Rhianna. Girl is going to be tweeting pics of her sex toy collection soon.

  • Cece

    Rhianna is clearly a very flawed individual. She has no self awareness…lacks self discipline is clearly a horrible role model for young women. This girl is on a sure path of self destruction.

  • Steph

    Sad he never showed his face in any of the pics she posted, he must be ashamed, when will she learnnnn

  • Lynn

    The fact that she says that she wants a private life and stated that it’s nobody’s business is laughable now. Instagramming pictures of them both is NOT keeping it private. She is being a hypocrite. Ugh whatever the case may be, I hope things don’t go take a bad turn this time around as well.

  • Robinnicole

    Awwwwww,..ya’ll don’t want her to get hurt again,..that is so sweet,..smh!! She beat him too, but they never showed his photos to the public, only hers. No one knows exactly what went down that night,..but because “a man should not hit a woman”,…obviously Chris would be the abuser and Rihanna the victim. I know woman that would beat the hell out of a man if he let her, so I have never bought that “sweet Rihanna victim” mess. That woman knows something that we don’t know, she tried talking to Chris not long after the incident happened,..that didn’t make sense back then, if she was such a victim.

    I was a victim of abuse, I know a victim when I see and hear one,….Rihanna is no damn victim of abuse, she’s a victim that lost a fight. But by all means,..carry on feeling sorry for poor Rihanna.

  • Robinnicole

    Of course he’s ashamed,…he’s been branded as a monster, naturally he wouldn’t want to show his face with her.

  • Mimi

    I can’t wait til he beats her stupid ass again

  • Robinnicole


    I saw genuine remorse from Chris after the incident happened, I believed he was truly sorry. I don’t understand why people are acting like he was some old ass man that needed to grow up, Chris was very young and still had some growing to do,..not to mention that he was raised in an abusive home himself. I don’t get the abuser vibe from him, why could he not have just been angry and frustrated because of the way he was being treated, by the media and the public. No,…a man should not hit a woman, but a woman should not hit a man either, and there were whispers that she started the fight, but no one cared to know that. I’ve never been a big fan of his, but I do know bullshit that the media tries to hype up.

  • Robinnicole


    I can’t wait until she hits him again,….you never know, he might need to stay the hell away from her.

  • Robinnicole


    She probably told Jay Z what really happened that night, the way Jay reacted after the incident, I can’t see him moving on just like that. The media is full of BS, always has been always will be, it will never move on, unless the abuser is white. Charlie Sheen has been absusive to women in the pass, it seems the media has forgotten about that.

  • Robinnicole


    You are exactly right,..Sean Penn use to beat the hell out of Madonna,..Steven Segal use to beat the hell out of Kelly Le Brock as well,…no media attention on any of that. They would rather pick on a black kid that was on the rise to major success, eventhough there never has been any full blown proof of him being a true abuser, unlike the other celebrity men mentioned. Interesting,…I must say.

  • Zuma

    home is where the c*** is that is freaking nasty disgusting slutty and pathetic when a woman says something so classless!

  • Nyc, fashionista

    So I really didn’t want to waste any time on these two but can I just say – I like HER music but she’s such a trashy, attention rat who can’t keep her clothes on! Can we just boycott her Twitter and Instagram – can we ALL just give HER a break?! Please! So tired of her over-sharing……

  • http://@laurielovesadam Solo

    Some people need to get a life! Other people’s relationships are non of your business. Look at your own relationships, none of you are perfect. Why spend so much of your precious time being negative and spreading hatred? Your lives must suck! They are adults, they know what they are doing, they don’t even care about your comments, let alone your existance. Let them be. Find something positive that make you happy and focus on it.

    Cyber bullying is ALSO not acceptable

  • http://@laurielovesadam Solo

    @Mimi: So… you are obviously for violence then.

  • Vrai

    These two are the most notorious vampires. Do not let them suck all of your energy. They are both not worth it. There are so many other entertainers who are much more talented, classy and beautiful all around. It is like we have a relationship going on with these two and a bad one. If Rihanna needs to let go of Chris, we need to let go of them both. I do not buy any of their shit, because it is filth. Remember, it takes three hits to make a die hard fan. After three hits, everything is a hit even garbage.

  • Katey

    Maybe They love each other. Maybe This is a huge love. Who knows? It’s their business, He made a huge mistake, and the fact that she forgave him and wants to be with him means it’s a huge blind love, But It can happen He learnt the lesson and won’t beat her again. I hope they’ll be very happy.

  • Greg

    Slutty and trashy. She will regret this one day.

  • Rigor_Mortis

    They’re both classless, untalented and profoundly stupid. Even more unnerving is her constant statement that this relationship is “NOBODYS BIDNESS”, or whatever idiotic spelling this asinine woman uses, and yet is constantly shoving stupid images like the above down everyone’s throats to boost her crappy album’s sales. They’re setting an AWFUL example to young kids, and unfortunately the only way people can learn something useful from them – instead of what a great idea it is to date an abuser – is if he kills her and goes straight to jail. I hope it doesn’t happen, but this woman sure is testing her luck.

  • Lana

    I feel like when she got beat up by Chris she would play the victim as much as she could and now that he’s comeback and have success (autotune shit) she want him back. I kinda think that if he become no one, his career was over ect ect she will trash him and didn’t want to hear about him.

  • Babbom

    The talentless Whitney and Bobby of the new generation.

  • Ginger

    Can we get over these two and let them live their lives the way they want to? Second chances even if she may get hurt again. but then again, she may not. It’s up to them. I think I feel more sorry for the girl he dated.

  • Sean

    What a great message to send to the thousands of women who are victims of domestic violence guys! True role models! What a joke…

  • Rebecca

    She is just doing this for attention. She is working real hard to get all this contraversy stirred up thinking it publicity. I just feel sorry for her.

  • SophiaB

    This bitch is so DUMB.

  • SophiaB


    Yeah its true love, for SURE. He beated the shit out of her and she still came back to him. Its medical condition, not love. Make your facts streight. She is stupid attention w*ore.

  • l

    just heard the song: nobody’s business….well – when they need help it become everyones business —-all those doctors, nurses, counselors, police, lawyers!!!!!

  • Bryna

    Its up to her what she wants to do. Obviously they want to beat the tabloids and put out the pictures themselves. She even said “f**kyopictures: as a comment on the photo

  • Neysie

    I cant stand seeing comments like “I hope she gets beat again&learns her lesson. She’s just a Hoe, blah blah blah.” Really ? How could you be so petty and heartless?? Is her getting hurt again ACTUALLY going to enhance YOUR life in someway or another? Will that please you just so that you can have your little “I told you so rihanna moment”? I mean,c’mon it has been 3Years and some of you act as if you were the one that got assaulted or even in the damn car when it happened. And please stop w/ the bad role model issue because If you are a person who expects ANY celebrity to raise your child or someone else’s child in a perfect way- then I feel sorry for you. 2 People should’nt be afraid to love , no matter what the circumstances or b/c of the public.

  • Jokergurl

    I think they both had personal problems before they even got famous and fame just lit the fuse. She should have just stayed away from him. I don’t see this going anywhere good.

  • DrorofabBop