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Halle Berry: Amicable Agreement with Gabriel Aubry!

Halle Berry: Amicable Agreement with Gabriel Aubry!

Halle Berry dons a newsboy cap while dropping her daughter Nahla at school on a rainy day on Friday (November 30) in Los Angeles.

Later in the day, the 46-year-old actress’ fiance Olivier Martinez was spotted walking back to his car after dropping by Gil Turner’s Liquor store.

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Earlier in the week, Halle and Olivier were spotted heading to their lawyer’s office.

It was recently reported that Halle and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry have reached an amicable agreement a week after the Thanksgiving brawl with Olivier, according to the L.A. Times.

“From all counsel, the parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter,” Halle‘s attorney Blair Berk shared.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez on separate outings…

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  • DB

    Guess whatever plan she was hatching, if she was, didn’t work out the way she had planned, so she had to stand down.

    Not sure, but that would seem to be a logical impression of what is going on.

    Team Gabe

  • solecito

    Halle, Oliver, and Gabe are self-centered crazies and someone should just take Nahla away from them! Give her to a nice educated couple living in the Swiss Alps to raise her up – that way the kid could have chance in life.

  • Emily

    Sure, the nanny was absent when the child was brought delivered and none of the five security cameras caught the action. Tell me Gabriel wasn’t set-up for a beating. It was actually Gabriel’s custody day but he was being a nice guy so Luni-berry could share Thanksgiving with her child and for all his good intentions, he got beat up. Oliver better watch his back because eventually, Crazy-berry is going to stick a knife in it but I won’t feel too bad about that.

  • Susie#1

    It seems like Martinez has been visiting the liquor store pretty regularly; 7:30 a.m. visits, etc. He has a temper and he drinks and shouldn’t be allowed near children.

  • Pao

    Team Aubry!!

  • DB

    @solecito: I guess I haven’t really seen that Gabe is anything more than a father trying to be close to his child.

    That doesn’t seem selfish or self-centered to me.

  • commonsense

    Please, Halle’s a$$ was over a barrel and she knew it. If she had a strong position, if she had a fighting chance of coming out on top of this situation she would’ve taken it. Let’s also not forget this isn’t the first time they’ve come to an “amicable” agreement.

  • Jess

    B!TCH is just trying to save face now that everything she planned backfired and blew up in her face. It’s not genuine. I don’t believe that she simply changed her stance in a mere day or two. She’s the same racist, vindictive pig that she always was. She’s just trying to win people over, to put on a “Mom of the Year” show (a la Reese Witherspoon). It’s not working, Honey. You’re not fooling, anyone! I hope Gabriel gets FULL-CUSTODY of their baby. She deserves to be in a loving environment, and it’s clearly way too toxic in the Berry/Martinez household.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Oliver stays at the liquor store. Guess more so now that he has shelled out a butt load of money. That 3 million “they” originally lost probably just tripled. I wish Gabriel had ruined their reputation even more by proceeding on to civil court and getting sole custody. It goes to show he has his daughter’s interest at heart. Halle wouldn’t give a rat’s -ss if she was winning.

  • Claire

    When a woman has slept with many men that makes me think…

  • yeaa

    Yeah. Her plan backfired on her a**. Olivier is a violent drunk thug who should have NO contact with Nahla.

  • Jean

    @Jess: #8

    You moron. Halle is not a racist.


    Oliver is always at the liquor store! He’ll be at the liquor store at 7 am. Nice pick Halle for a step daddy. You don’t think there will be problems here? Probably not cause Oliver is a drunk and your are just plain crazy.

    PS Love those pics of all your Ex’s that People Magazine showed and how you claimed “abuse” in every damm one of those relationships. ….the little girl wo cried wolf. You make it damm hard for those women who actually do have abuse claims.

  • Plunn

    Olivier Martinez must be an alcoholic.

  • JAY

    He sure likes liquor stores

  • Frosty

    Yes, he gets very crazy or agressive when he’s drunk but he’s really sad when he’s sober. Somebody needs rehab.

  • jen

    Gabe…go after your daughter before it is too late. Get her away from all that crap.

  • Ego

    Some comments are so funny

  • Olivia

    liquor store again?

  • justsaying

    halle and olivier is having problems, the man is drinking a lot he will be kick out soon

  • Roxy

    Team Gabriel.

  • AngryBirds

    Whenever I see someone with both shoes untide and walking fairly fast, I get a little worried and suspicious.

  • LooseLipz

    I’m on the Gabe train…I think Halle is a devil beneath a smile. And that frenchie dude…total lush.

  • WTMF

    I just hope there is finally peace between them. Their child deserves that. Probably only a matter of time before she tries something else, but I hope that’s not the case.

  • msirene

    Excessive drinking only adds to a problem. I am really disappointed that Halle would choose someone like this to be around her child. I sometimes wonder if her relationship with Olivier is fake, and just a put on, to help her ruin the child’s father. Perhaps she is paying him to cause harm to Gabriel. If this man is drinking like that and staying at the liquor store, Gabriel better continue to watch his back. Gabriel seems to be too nice sometimes. I would have continued with this until the boyfriend was sent to prison.

    Gabriel and Nahla, I am praying hard for you, that God’s saving grace will protect you and your daughter…. something just still doesn’t smell righ about this situation.

  • Bohiko

    Seems like Berry didn’t have a case. otherwise she sure would take an opportunity, to take a daughter from her father!

  • Cat

    I wonder how drunk Oliver was the day he started the fight!

  • Jenna

    Okay is it just me or is Olivier always dropping by the liquor store? Looks like Halle Berry downgraded for a low-class man & low-class standards

  • Wanda

    Halle is a psycho and brings sick & abusive drama into her. I think she causes them and love living in that type of environment. I remember watching her interview yrs ago about how she was beaten up by her lover. Later, time and time again she gets another man in her life and later she claims he too beat her. Once she tried to take a child (not hers) away from her boyfriend (or husband) at the time. She is so unfit to have any child. She is introducing her daughter to an abusive life style. I hope justice is served and stiff charges/hefty fines/restraining orders are charged against Halle and her boxing boyfriend.

  •!/bionicglamour Twinkle

    I have a theory. It’s just a theory. But, everyone know’s Shakespeare famous line about hell having no greater fury than a woman scorned. What if, Gabriel realized what a certifiable loon this woman is and dumped her ass. Hence, the extremes she will go to to make this custody situation as nasty and hard for the father. Halle has gone on record many times stating that she has issues with men starting with her father. She has said that she cannot maintain a successful relationship with a man. She’s still angry that he dumped her crazy ass. It makes sense.

  • Peapo

    Olivier, nice FAKE hand splint. I find it funny that they claim Gabriel started the fight but the pics of his hands show absolutely no marks. Even if he had (as they claim) only punched Olivier in the shoulder his hand would have been bruised. Shoulders are all bones and if he had started it (bull#%&!) he would have hit HARD. Not a mark on his hands? I doubt he got one lick in. Olivier probably cold cocked him. Gabriel obviously had no idea what was going to happen. TEAM GABE!

  • Australia

    Gabriel was about to open a can of worms in regards to Their HALLE AND GABRIEL GOT MARRIED WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT AND TOLD NO ONE TO ENSURE NAHLA WAS NOT A BASTARD CHILD.Gabriel was about to blow the lid of her LIES that she will “never marry” again.Plus it’s all over for Olivier as Halle would have been scared with what Olivier had done to his face. Murder could have occurred .Olivier needs to go back to France and back to his territory . Gabriel has done Halle a favour.

  • LOL

    @Australia: no story here–both Gabe and his lawyer said they were NEVER and it was typical clerical error. Halle and her frog Prince aren’t getting married. Olivier will soon be out of the picture

  • Frog Prince already drunk?

    The Frog Prince for his early morning booze run—drunk and disheveled. He’s a mess . He can’t even tie his shoes. Don’t think he’ will be around Nahla much.

  • DUI/PI?

    @Frog Prince already drunk?: Maybe he’s looking for getting a DUI or PI.

  • terms settlement

    Funny Jared hasn’t shown Gabe with Nahla like some other sites have. We may never know all the terms of the case since they involve Nahla –but safe to say that Ollie will not be present at ANY of the hand-offs and pick ups \with the nanny being the go-between. Halle and Ollie (or Halle) will be paying all of Gabe’s legal fees (Halle) and Ollie (or Halle ) pays all of his medical bills. I ‘m sure there are more stipulations about Ollie being around Nahla or if they just as much blink, Gabe will bring charges on both etc. Halle probably will never be able to live this one down. She almost had her ex killed besides further alienating herself with the the public and what remaining fans she has left. She could have lost custody of Nahla. Who knows how this will effect what’s left of her film career, her existing / future work projects & her existing /future endorsement–the fact folks were writing Revlon, Coty, her shoe line company in Germany etc says a lot. Ollie-deportation, will probably effect his wanting a film career in the US etc and Gabe for now drops the TRO against Martinez.

  • LFR

    This thug has a drinking problem, it appears, since he’s always buying booze, and shouldn’t be anywhere near Nahla. Gabriel should have full custody. Halle and Oliver are a bad influence on this child. Oliver should be in jail for beating Gabriel and then hauled back to France. Halle needs her head examined.

  • Hmmm

    if he’s walking back to his car and doesn’t have any booze in his hands…. then where is it? I’m just going to go ahead and guess he stops by the liquor store to buy cigarettes, not booze. You can’t really stuff a bottle of jack in your jeans pocket. What’s he doing, buying nipper bottles and stuffing them in his coat? Also, his shoes are never tied, his pants just usually cover it. Y’all are reaching now, lol.

  • Annie

    Unfortunately for little Nahla, I doubt this is over yet. I think in a few months time those two will have hatched some insane new plan to defame Gabriel and take her away to France.

  • Annie

    @Peapo: Good point – if Aubrey really had punched him in the shoulder surely he would have been showing off a pic of the bruise? And it never looked as if he had broken fingers to me just a big ol’ swollen knuckle. Not sure why he suddenly needed a splint like 3 days after the fight. Martinez also claims Aubrey got that massive swelling on his right temple because he tripped and bumped his head after he punched him in the eye…I call total BS on that too, that injury is MUCH more consistant with Olivier slamming his head into the concrete ground, just like Gabriel said in his statement.

  • JustK

    I guess recent events caused Olivier to go off the wagon. Just a matter of time before they break-up and Halle is on Oprah complaining about living with a violent, fame-seeking, abusive drunk.

  • Ruth


    Absolutely agree with you. Presumably the tape showed that her boyfriend attacked Gabriel but I’m glad that she has had the sense to end this episode of the soap opera.

    Btw, Olivier has been photographed at least three times in a liquor store over the past week. I wonder why he doesn’t buy in bulk and avoid the papz and I also wonder why Halle allows such a man to be near her child.

  • le sigh


    1950′s sexist nonsense. makes you think what? that she should be baking pies from scratch and darning her husbands socks? lord y’all weird

  • Sarena


  • Yawn

    @Sarena: You are full of it. There is no way that O got hit. no marks on his face nad his hands were really bruised. A boxers hands are considered a weopen in the U.S. O should have been thrown in jail insted of A .

  • titiparisien

    ahahah Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez will pay all ALL of Gabriel Aubry’s legal and medical bills
    in exchange , aubry drops restraining order against Martinez

    nothing changes

    Money money money

    Gabriel seems to LOVE money ……….. and paps
    Unlike Halle :)

    ps Olivier is absolutely not alcoholic
    and he has no bottle on him :)

  • titiparisien


    absolutely gold digger is the most appropriate word

    evidence = he exacted money from halle berry …. again

    the guy loves light and paps it reminds me when he dated Kim kardashian

    he was so happy to have paps and people press magazines ‘ s attention

  • titiparisien

    Yes it was a trap

    a trap of Gabriel aubry

    he provoked intentionally Olivier to extract more money from Halle and have more compassion

    that s why pics of his injuries have been given to the medias

    because he was still under a restraining order

  • msirene


    Your statement is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of!!! How the hell can a man work peacefully, when everytime you turn around your babymamma is hauling you into court over some bull crap! Now that they have messed up his face, he still will not be able to work for awhile.

    By the way Halle, you need to see a psychiatrist, like yesterday!

  • RachelSam

    When they first split Halle was ready to pay him for full legal and physical custody of Nahla. Gabriel refused. He could have saved himself a lot of stress and defamation from Halle (calling him a racist because he wanted his daughter to acknowleged ALL of her heritage and not just African-American) and her paid minions. Instead for the love for his daughter he has stood up to her. He still works. Halle makes more money so she pays child support. If this was a man that made more money ya’ll would have nothing to say. The man was set up because he won’t go away like she wants.