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Robert Pattinson: 'Arbitrage' Luncheon with Richard Gere!

Robert Pattinson: 'Arbitrage' Luncheon with Richard Gere!

Robert Pattinson poses with Richard Gere while attending the Arbitrage Luncheon held at Osteria Mozza on Friday (November 30) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old Twilight star was also seen taking pictures with Arbitrage director Nicholas Jarecki and writer Kirsten Smith.

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Arbitrage centers on “Robert Miller who is a successful financial businessman with a loving wife and a smart daughter ready to take over the family business. Professional secrets involving illegal fraudulent activities start coming out at the same time that Robert’s personal secrets take a turn for the worse and threaten to derail everything he has achieved.”

A few months ago, Zac Efron was spotted attending the premiere for the film in New York.

Earlier in the week, Robert was seen flying out of JFK Airport with his girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

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Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: Wireimage
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  • rachel

    richard gere is still handsome

  • Sarah

    Rob is such a nice guy. i see an amazing future for him. He deserves the best. :)

  • tU

    Robert pattinson is a terrible actor, i don´t see any future in his career at all!

  • Kylie

    Rob doesn’t seem to smile much these days. He looks a little sad here.

  • hana

    pathetic loser

  • loop

    everything about this guy is gonna be eclipsed by his cheater gb and the fact that he’s a doormat lbr

  • Xo

    I can’t wait for him to start filming and get away from Hollywood for a bit. The daily updates of him and the cheater are becoming a little much.

  • Cate

    The only hearthrob in this picture is Richard Gere. He’s still such a goodlooking man. Like the definition of a Silver Fox!

  • menopause

    Oh, my dear, hundreds and millions of menopausal women use his face as a hormonal replacement therapy. It is cheaper and all natural. They collect pieces of his nude scenes and re watch it at the holidays. This guy will have job for years unless he will resemble his father looks.
    By the way he is connected with the prducer of the film,went to his weeding I think in the summer.

  • hide and seek

    he hasn’t been working for over a year! And he loves his fame. “The cheater” didn’t promise fidelity to anybody. Ask Patti son- according to him he is single .Did you hear him talk about having a gf? Link me!! His denying any connection with Kristen is famous. I would not only cheat but kick his butt if he were my boyfriend. He is lucky he is not Italian- there is no bedding a young girls without make it an official bf/gf couple. He was savings himself for somebody better and got cough. He needs to change big time OR his next girlfriend will cheat on him too- with

  • Missy

    Richard Gere is still fine. Rob could take some lessons from Richard. He has to dump the cheater girlfriend or he will continue to be a joke.

  • learn

    Look girls and learn. The old v/s new! Richard was married to a model Cindy C. for 5 minutes. Like all models she was an air head. He married his fellow Hindu fan , a cool and unique woman and is happy. Pattison dated a mystery woman for 3 years.New breed of men- they like to keep thier girls secret. I the broom closet.Picking dogs poop.

  • CaityNicki

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Lauren

    Rob’s so cute. Like seeing him with Richard. Can’t wait until he gets away to Australia. He needs to be away from Stewart.

  • stop talking to yourself

    STOP REPEATING YOURSELF”lAUREN”. Pattison will not save you , Edward will not watch you sleep. Pattiosn knows what and who tickles him the way he likes it. He doens’t need a little girl to guide you. Get a piece of your own.

  • http://yahoo wow!

    good see my favourite heart throbs together !

  • http://yahoo Rita

    Rob is a nice guy , he just needs to get rid of his cheating GF

  • Linx

    @Lauren: unfortunately she is a stage 5 clinger who will probably follow him there and eclipse any good spirits that he would have showed…I hope Rob wakes up..he deserves better she is gross in every way.

  • know

    I love both of them

  • KissThis

    Wow, this is awesome for Rob! And he’s looking a lot better now days, too. Good for him, he deserves the best.

  • http://yahoo Amber

    both of them look great …My favourite Edwards !

  • http://yahoo erin

    Good to see Rob hob nobbing with some good people . hope he gets rid of his cheating GF !

  • tan

    pattinson was there for the money from the arabic productor

  • tan

    robert pattinson fans are loonies without respect for their idol. idiots.kristen and robert are a couple, respect his decision and get a life. bitches

  • kylie

    @hide and seek:

    You are an idiot. a huge idiot. but of course didn’t expect less from a Kstew fan.
    Rob never denied their relationship it was your idol. Always act like they’re friends. Whenever someone ask about Rob. She was giving them bitchface, rolling her eyes etc.
    If you look at the comments outside of the fandom, the general public exactly feel that way. They’re always saying Rob way more into Kristen and they’re see him as doormat now.
    Rob’s getting tons of backlash because he’s back with his cheating girlfriend. His life would be so much easier if he dumped . So your comment makes zero sense.

  • tulsa

    why are people so desperate for rob to dump kristen? dating her ain’t going to affect his career. he has some amazing projects that he starts filming next year and i look forward to watching him progress as an actor in those films and any other projects he does after that

  • Sarah.

    How good does Richard look!

  • http://yahoo happy

    so happy to see Rob with Richard Gere ….! looks like they shared some warm vibes going by the huge smiles . Rob is a very warm person .

  • http://yahoo happy

    hope they both get to work together ….like them both !

  • http://yahoo avk

    Rob and Richard …two handsome men !!!!

  • http://yahoo avk

    Rob please get rid of your GF she really really stinks !

  • http://yahoo Trash

    Robert is such a classy guy , it is really bizzare he wants to stay with the trash . pleeze dump her Rob , she is trash .

  • NY

    I love Rob’s shirt.It’s Stray Rat.

  • http://yahoo apsara

    Rob is an amazing person …great to see him with Richard Gere ! they both look great !

  • http://yahoo betty

    Robert is great ……it is sad to see him still clinging to that S*** ! she will definitely bring him down !

  • http://yahoo Anne

    Robert and Richard !! hope they make a movie together …may be a romantic comedy as father and son …that should be great .

  • http://yahoo team Rob

    So good to see Rob without the cheater ! It is so hard to watch Rob with her !

  • http://yahoo ashley

    Wow Rob and Richard together …nice to see the two heart throbs in the same frame . love them both.

  • here
  • http://yahoo ashley

    Both of them should definitely do a movie together . It will be great !

  • http://yahoo Amber

    very happy to see Rob and Richard bonding and even happier to see Rob solo without his S****y GF

  • cold abuser

    You again! It will not change anthing, Stop your rants, save your soul. kristen will stay with him untill she ‘ll get totaly bored with him. Yes, he deserve better- you!! No girl in HW will put up with shits he has to offer. Can you believe Lively blake or Emma Watson walking begid him and going to watering holes and NOT BEING ALBLE TO CALL HIM HER BOYFRIEND FOR 3 YEARS? He betetr look for a an early education teacher, an old maid from UK to date him. No American lady will put up with his crap!

  • Don’t call me yours

    @erin: @kylie:
    You are not only AN IDIOT BUT A LIER!!Look at his answers when ask about Kristen. Did you hear the famous”when the Sun turns black” comment? A week bofore the”sacndal” he chose to kill the rumours about thier marriage. Kristen hinted many times about her boyfirend being”English” and got a big backlash for it. She had no permission to talk about him. I am not the only one who thinks he never allow her to truly belive that he was “hers” to talk about it. That is pathology. Look at face book pages of your young adult and tenn girls. The girls put thier boyfriends picturs instead or with them as their main picture. It is all about the joy and bragging right for a girl. Pattison, even if he was honest in his emotions for her, killed her buzz, her happiness of being in love and knowing it. He is a man, it was his role to hold her hand, to kiss her to say in a joking manner that she was hid girl. HE NEVER DID IT. It is too late. He has nothing to offer her. She has her own place and will never agree to his treatment. Pattsion will never be happy in his private life. Never. He is an emotional block.

  • Mona

    He is friends with SarahRomer or whatever her name is. While is hidden girfriend(Kristen) was filming in England he stayedallgedly with the Sarah all summer. There were reports he was visiting her every nigh. A women wo lived next door wrote on Peopel’s blog, lol. No wonder the director of Snow White though she was single. He is not an idiot, he would never risk going after Kristen if he believed she had a caring boyfriend.

  • notafan

    @Don’t call me yours:
    This may be true. But she always refused any of his advances in public. She won’t let him hold her hand. I have noticed that once too many times. I have even felt sorry for him. She was the one that never let him go public with her. She calls him her boyfriend but doesn’t acknowledge him in public.

  • http://yahoo Amber

    @Don’t call me yours:
    when she said her boyfriend is English she meant Rupert not Rob ..she is the one who wanted to keep their relationship a secret not Rob so that she could keep having flings with directors etc . and last but not the least she was papped making out with a director in broad daylight not Rob . She is actually not fit to lick his boots . Rob should definitely dump her .

  • Beta

    @kylie:first of all your first statement is invalid as he never confirmed his relationship with kristen,he has always refused to answer questions about his private life. whereas kristen mentioned either a year or two ago that her boyfriend was english (Robert Pattinson) .the only backlash he is getting is from people who care way too much about his personal life ie teenage girls and people who never really liked kristen in the first place and maybe a small number of people who used to like her but do not like her anymore which all in all is a very small percentage of the population in the world

  • Lick his boots
  • asexual

    Robert Pattison didn’t not have a girlfriend. Rumoured gf doesn’t count. She ows pattison NOTHING!

  • bb

    Beauty and the Beast. Beauty on the right side.