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Miranda Kerr: Talk Show Appearances Next Week!

Miranda Kerr: Talk Show Appearances Next Week!

Miranda Kerr pushes her adorable son Flynn in a stroller while taking a walk on Saturday (December 1) in New York City.

The day before, the 29-year-old model was spotted looking fashionably chic while hailing a cab in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda is scheduled to make an appearance on The Talk and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Monday (December 3). We’re so excited!

FYI: Miranda is using her Nuna PEPP stroller!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Flynn taking a stroll in New York…

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    You think that it is funny that one, particular fan isn’t the one who called you on your BS, and that others were willing to step up and do it?
    Funny that one, particular fan is not here at the moment?
    That says it all, right there. You admit to being a sock, and while you are at it, admit that we aren’t.
    PR I C E L E S S ! ! ! !

  • Logic for dummies

    I didn’t say such thing

  • Andie

    @LOL!: dude YOU are that one particular and effing crazy fan

  • LOL!

    You do know that this isn’t the only place that posts pap shots, right?
    And you do know that if Leo was papped with ANY WOMAN, those pics would end up on EVERY gossip site, right?
    And since THERE HAVE BEEN NO PHOTOS LIKE THAT, that menas that NON EXIST, right?
    Oh, never mind. That question begs for logic, and I know that is beyond you. P A T H E T I C ! !
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  • @Andie

    Again, aren’t you a little bit, just a little bit embarrassed about running to comment on Miranda’s posts even before fans have time to blink? It speaks volumes and not in a positive light

  • you

    I dn’t envy her because I would hate to take my kid out for a walk and evry single time be hounded by photographers. must be scary for the kid

  • janie

    I Like how no one here seems to care for her but she’s getting the most attention from these justjared postings

  • laura

    @Lena: She doesn’t HAVE TO be on this site, she just is one of the most followed around because she lives in NYC, she’s gorgeous, she has a gorgeous baby and a gorgeous husband.
    It’s not like she’s calling the paps, everybody knows that what sells best are the most good looking celebrities and babies..

  • @Miranda and Leo

    So that’s the reason why she’s lingering in NY…. instead of being next to her “official” man in Africa.
    Leo and Miranda seem to attend all the same NY parties. Coincidence? No.

  • @62

    There is a huge title saying “Miranda Kerr: talk show appearances next week”. Could that enormous, impossible-not-to-see title suggest anything as to why she isn’t in Africa?
    Not even the typical tabloids that make up stuff try to spread your ridicuous rumour.

  • HA!

    LOL! Wow. Sorry that I missed the hater sock being SCHOOLED!
    Too funny!
    And you can tell how pathetic they are (she is), because they are resorting to talking to themselves about subjects already disproved by facts. So ridiculous!
    But since I’m here…..
    @ Sock #62
    No sweetums, she is in NY because she is WORKING. VS is using Miranda, one of their most popular models, for promotion. Not to mention the multiple photo shoots she has been on. While her HUSBAND is working in South Africa for another week, or so.
    But since you brought it up, AGAIN! Let’s see some photos of Leo and Miranda together. Surely there must be some for you to keep bringing it up. You aren’t desperate enough to pull cr*p out of thin air, are you? Oh, never mind. I forgot who I was talking to for a sec.

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    BTW, more than 60 posts in less than two hours.
    And you idiots STILL wonder why she gets so many threads?
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  • Lara

    she looks nice with her hair down :)

  • Lara

    @Jump rope: I don’t think her life has always been easy though..I read that she had depression as a teen.

  • Sam

    Miranda and Flynn are both beautiful. I’m guessing the females hating on Miranda are the same ones hating on Eva Mendez cause she’s with Ryan Gosling. I don’t understand that hatred or the delusional people it’s coming from. Really a strange world we live in when people hate on people they don’t even know and will never know.

  • Preppy

    Where is Orlando?

  • :(

    sockpuppets 60 X 6 shipperpuppets

  • laura

    Yeah, and her high school love died in a car accident. They gave his name to Flynn, as his middle name (Christopher).
    She’s a sensible person and she’s been through tough stuff in her life.

  • martha

    SIGH. Inexcusable rudeness post 1-25. Facts: she is 6 sexiest working model. Top loved VS model. She is married to a hot man. She has a super adorable son. She is currently working in the States and cant just up and leave. There is no evidence of child neglect..affairs..or calling the paps ..oh wait that was the last time. Your posts are illogical and irrational and pathetic. But by all means continue your enfantile ranting. More posts = the perception of how much people want to see her. And the JJ paid to post her is hahaha. Miranda is on all celebrity blogs.

  • martha

    Of course immediate thumbs down. Nothing better to do?

  • JJ likes Hos

    Just Jared has a love affair with skanky hos like Leann Rimes and Miranda Kerr. Jared cannot wait to talk about their every lame ass move.

  • y.

    every other kid i’ve seen in NYC this past week has been covered in at least 3 coats and she just has her kid out in a sweater?

  • @75

    Then you’ve seen some horribly uncomfortable kids. These last few afternoons have been pretty mild. Heavy sweater or light coat would be plenty, so stop exaggerating.
    As you can see in the pics above, no one is wearing heavy coats. And Miranda’s jacket is open, and she isn’t even wearing gloves. If it was that cold when they were out, Flynn’s cheeks would be bright red. They aren’t. He’s just fine.

  • y.

    @@75:, they weren’t ‘horribly uncomfortable’. It has been freezing.. so unless you live here (which i doubt) then you can’t judge the weather at all.. And he’s just fine??? how would you know that? this thread has just hit the crazy factor

  • @77

    I do live here. Which is why I know that it wasn’t “freezing”.
    As I said, stop exaggerating.
    Flynn is smiling and happy. That means that he is just fine. To any rational person, that is. The only crazy person here is the one who thinks that that anything below 50 is “freezing”.

  • y.

    @@77: ..of course you do =/
    (aren’t you just suppose to agree with crazy so they stop????)

  • @77

    It’s easy to know. Do you really believe that children smile like that when they’re freezing??

  • steph

    Well, I don’t live there, but all I had to do was pull up a weather page and see that #78 is correct. So either you are exaggerating, being overly dramatic, or flat out lying.
    So which is it? hmmmm?
    Oh, and since you claim to live in NY, are you the hater who staked out her place and reported that the paps had pulled out office chairs while they camped out at Miranda’s apartment? Bet that you are sorry that little gem came out, aren’t you. =)

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  • steph

    Oh, never mind. Way too easy.
    I don;t like to kick people when they are down.

  • y.

    @steph: ..ok, i’m officially scared of you people. I have no idea where she lives.. i was talking about the weather & it’s freezing.. and as you said you don’t live here so mind your own business.. Every person on the street is covered up in giant coats/gloves etc..
    SJP is out on the same day DRESSED appropriately:

  • @y

    If you really did live in NY, you would know that it was in the mid-fifties this afternoon.
    Hardy “freezing” wouldn’t you say?
    Now come on, admit that you are just another bitter liar, making up things with which you try to condemn Miranda. Come on. We’ll be waiting.

  • @y

    SJP took her son to school THURSDAY MORNING. These pictures of Miranda and Flynn were taken TODAY.
    My goodness you are desperate!

  • HA!

    Awwww, poor little hater is scared of us because we can see through her LIES!!!
    Here ya go sweetie. Maybe seeing it in ‘black and white’ will let EVERYONE know who is the liar here.

  • HA!

    Now do you really believe that 56 degrees is “freezing”?

  • y.

    @@y: Miranda kerr has been out this whole week, dressed in the same sh*t .

    Anyway, i’m done with this thread. I’d be surprised if you people had friends IRL. (and of course you’ll take this as an opportunity to say ‘see, she was lying’. jesus take the wheel)

    please do us all a favor and grow up!

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    Growing up means taking responsibility for your actions. I guess that you have proven which of us is the more mature, eh?

  • Kelli

    Call me dumb but, what has she got to “talk” about?

  • @91

    I guess that since you can’t understand that she is there to ‘talk’ about, and promote the VS show, then I guess that you really are dumb. Or just playing dumb to insult her. Either way, yep, you are a moron.

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    But let’s consider the comparisons, shall we?
    YOU: Lie, spread false rumors, twist the truth, insult babies, stalk someone who has never harmed you across the internet, and live a life filled with hate.
    I: spread the truth, untwist your lies, spend most of my time with family and friends, and basically live an exytremely happy life.
    I come here, because I follow several models, including Miranda, and see enough from you idiots to know that you are the pathetic dregs of the internet.
    Have a nice day!

  • Emma


  • Angelina Jolie fans everywhere

    Miranda is so beautiful!
    Definitely more beautiful and wonderful than Angelina Jolie.
    Too bad.
    Hahahaha Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnn.
    Jealous much? Its just too clear to see.

  • Laure

    Flynn is adorable and she’s smart and gorgeous. Good for her.

  • K.W

    Yummy Mummy! :) ♥

  • Afifans

    She is a famous model. Why so much hate for her? She is pretty and workds for her money unlike that fugly slumdog actress and Kim kardashian. They are losers with no talent.