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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Christmas is Coming!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Christmas is Coming!

Vanessa Hudgens dons a chic dress while watching a Knicks basketball game with her boyfriend Austin Butler at Madison Square Garden on Friday (November 30) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress watched the New York Knicks beat the Washington Wizards with a final score of 108-87.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa recently wrote on her blog, “It’s happening!!! Christmas is coming!!! I love the holidays. Now that Thanksgiving is over it is time to start thinking about gifts… I might do a lil gift guide for the holidays. What do you guys think?.”

In case you missed it, have a look at Vanessa on the cover of Glow magazine’s Winter issue.

FYI: Austin is wearing AllSaints.

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  • Jenni

    @BOJI thank you very much.

    i was just wandering do you guys read that tropez thred? There is two lunatics there who are saying that zac and vanessa is meeting eachother and etc. I don’t think you guys even like going to that post but its funny there. conspiracy theories everywhere.

  • yets

    as long as shes happy then im ok w/ that.

  • Nightwish


  • Nightwish

    Ha! I have to get very creative again to get comments through. A, i changed to yahoo email. I think Kylie is right – Vanessa has to hang around new york because she’s worried AnnaSophia Robb will steal Austin from right under her. AnnaSophia is class A gorgeous and young, in the bloom of youth. I think Austin would dump Pudgie for her any day.

  • Nightwish

    So, Pudgie now has to waste her time in NY following Austin around like a puppy dog. It’s quite sad, but anything for her man i suppose. That AnnaSophia though, she is so darn smokin hot so i don’t blame Vanessa for wanting to be photographed publicly with Austin as much as she can. Thankfully, AnnaSophia has fantastic character and wouldn’t do something as underhanded as steal someones boyfriend, even though she could seduce Austin easily if she wanted to.

  • Nightwish

    Do i see big arms on Vanessa?

  • Wow

    @MIKE: I heard she will be in a new movie called the great migration, which is an animated movie but it’s still in development, that as far as I know .

  • Haters Suck!

    How long does it take you to come up with your conspiracy theories or do you just latch yourself on to the first comment you see?

  • cool_breeze

    They love spending time

  • Xo

    @Jenni: I’ve seen comments here a few times referring to a tropez thread and I have no idea what that means. Is it on JJ?

  • Lu yi
  • kate

    @Jenni what thread? can u send me a link??… I’ve heard about it many times and i wonder what it is….

  • Jenni

    I am trying To make the link but my comment goes to moderation. its on the jr site. just google “st tropez zac jjjr” and the link will come.

  • BO

    bu tt i sent u a mail.

  • http://deleted BO

    oh! zac’s in ny too aparently for AWOD must be meeting secretly

  • Xo

    @Jenni: holy crap I just found what you were talking about. Those pics are from back in July and people are still going in that post and arguing? It’s got over 6,000 comments……. I can’t lol

  • Crakhedlozer

    @Nightwish: #105-106 you are such a troglodyte

  • tina

    She spends time with her sister: they must have broken up. She spends time with her bf: she has to be afraid of losing him. Lol, she couldn’t possibly be spending time with her bf because they are together and in love. She got to have a some secret motive for every thing she does. Smh.

  • Xo

    @tina: ‘She got to have a some secret motive for every thing she does’

    It does when she doesnt live her life the way people want her to. But if she were to be fake and be with the person they want her to be with despite the fact that she doesnt feel the same, that’s ok.

  • http://@psychotuitero MIKE

    thankyou guys for your attention, keep me posted please.

  • maria

    @Xo: It is really bizarre, actually. Someone who professes to “work in the business” and claims to have met Zac once, is going on and on and gossiping beyond belief. They gossip about everything, from who he is friends with, what his relationship status is, what parties and restaurants he goes to, basically what he is doing every minute of every day. I doubt Efron would want ANYONE talking about his private life to that extent, especially by someone who professes to be his biggest fan. I am so happy none of us need to gossip like that. We just like the pics and love seeing her happy.

    I think Vanessa is looking especially beautiful, with toned arms, gorgeous hair, and a fabulous glow! She has no reason to worry about Robb either. A guy who thinks every guy will wander off with every woman he sees, doesn’t realize there are great guys out there who love a woman for more than her looks. Vanessa has so much more than her looks and I truly believe Austin loves her for the whole package. A relationship would never last a year if it was only about looks.

  • emma

    Exactly @maria. It was all about zac before and now we have two people who are claiming to have seen zac and vanessa together. and ofcouse calling austin fake and isn’t even giving any explaination to why they would do so. i really want to go and slap them in the face. when will these people stop with all this.

  • Xo

    @maria: Oh, I know. I’ve considered myself a pretty big V fan for several years now but I dont get the constant need to know everything about her. There are some fans that will tell you what she orders at Starbucks. Honestly, who cares?
    As for Zac, he keeps his personal stuff on the DL so I bet he would be pretty creeped out if he knew how many of his fans go out of their way to know so much about him. I read a few pages of the St. Tropez post and I’m like jfc

  • Mollie

    or maybe she is in New York too, because she is taking all her dance classes again, according to some people (at the Broadway academy) she is back on the pointe shoes.

  • Wera

    @bo ape post ekata endo

  • italian mom

    I find them a very interesting couple, like there is a lot coming next or to be discovered about them. The theory about woman younger than her man maybe should be put on a long rest.
    OFF TOPIC for Boji.
    This week let’s start studying Cimabue, Giotto and Masaccio. 40 weeks to get properly prepared to fully enjoy it is what it takes. Let’s do it togetherrrr!!!

  • Tara

    she is one ugly looking chick and her sister ain’t any better.

  • Emma

    @Tara: Shut up!!! She is beautiful

  • Nightwish

    Omg. Ashley has to have the nicest backsides i have ever seen in my life. Couldnt help but notice, wow

  • BO

    dat’s not ashley its kim.anyway did u get my mail?

  • BO

    y the hell cant i post long comments

  • kate

    Holy sh!t!!! I’ve read that st tropez thread..all I have to say is LOL!

  • Nightwish

    @BO: yep i replied back

  • Nightwish

    Crakhedlozer: “@Nightwish: #105-106 you are such a troglodyte”
    Yes you might think that because trolling is an infrequent but enjoyable past time of mine. If you met me in real life you would trip out. “OMG, is that really him? He’s so hot!”, falling in love hard and fast, and all the other stuff i deal with but i’m not complaining

  • BOJI

    Narcissistic much!?Why does Nerd come to mind? Or better yet another misfit.

  • BO

    so did i.

  • the TRUTH

    The truth speaking……She’s ugly as usual and a guy is gay .

  • BOJI

    Define Ugly? If that is the case, 90 percent of celebrities are ugly. In my day, the dictionary termed Gay as happy, fun loving. I think that is an apt description of Austin, a happy fun loving guy.

  • MK

    I like her

  • Nightwish

    @BOJI: Is it my imagination or are vans arms and neck getting bigger? Hmmn. I love her expression in the upper right picture. She is looking disapprovingly upon something but you can tell that her nature is sweet and understanding. That’s probably the exact expression she would make while reading one of my typical comments on this website. Oh dear.

  • Crakhedlozer

    @Nightwish: pin meet balloon sized head.

  • maria

    Vanessa’s arms look just fine. I guess if people can’t find anything bad to say, they’ll still find something to nit-pick about. Give me a freakin’ break. Let’s have a camera zoom on YOU and let’s see what we can blast you for. Oh, and at least she doesn’t post pics of her own butt on instagram. It’s quite lovely and she should, but self-aggrandizing is not her style.

  • BOJI

    @ MK, I like her too.
    New York is doing her good, away from prying eyes and in good and loving company. She looks great, gorgeous actually. Austin’s looking good too.

  • BOJI

    @maria, I totally agree.

  • Lina

    @Tara@the TRUTH: same person!!

    She is pretty and very beutiful.

  • NW

    @maria: Hey, i did give Hudgie a compliment here. She looks really pretty and her expression is thought provoking . Yeah the arm stuff i know, some days females arms seem bigger than normal and other days they are not. By the way Miss Budapest, if i were a woman and had a b utt like Ash i would be very tempted to flaunt it on instagram too. She finally gave in and threw us a bone and us males who are in the vast minority here at JJ thank her. She is 27 you know, give her some rope, sheesh.

  • tulisafan

    She is gorgeous

  • tina

    Don’t waste time talking to them. They go around hitting out anyway they can so they can get someone, anyone into a debate. Bring up whats her face, talking about her arms anything to start an argument. Calling her ugly reminds me of when my son was about three or four and I said to him ‘Bring your ugly self on’ He looked at me and said ‘Mama, you know I’m not ugly’ We KNOW she not ugly why waste breath debating it? Let them talk amongst themselves. Do we really want a repeat of the last post.

  • kate

    @tina You are so right. If fans stop answering them they might eventually stop all this hating thing..

  • iellidy

    @R U sure: aonde esta o casal bonjito?