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Freida Pinto & Dev Patel: Red O Dinner with Pals!

Freida Pinto & Dev Patel: Red O Dinner with Pals!

Freida Pinto and her boyfriend Dev Patel make a quick exit out of Red O after eating dinner with some pals on Saturday (December 1) in Los Angeles.

After dinner, the 28-year-old actress and 22-year-old actor headed to their car, where he took the driver’s seat and she hopped in the back.

It was recently announced that Freida will be a part of the jury at the 2012 Dubai International Film Festival, which kicks off on December 9 and ends on December 16, according to an Indian news source.

10+ pictures inside of Freida Pinto and Dev Patel leaving Red O after dinner…

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freida pinto dev patel red o dinner with pals 01
freida pinto dev patel red o dinner with pals 02
freida pinto dev patel red o dinner with pals 03
freida pinto dev patel red o dinner with pals 04
freida pinto dev patel red o dinner with pals 05
freida pinto dev patel red o dinner with pals 06
freida pinto dev patel red o dinner with pals 07
freida pinto dev patel red o dinner with pals 08
freida pinto dev patel red o dinner with pals 09
freida pinto dev patel red o dinner with pals 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • mama

    Slumdog millionaire has to be one of the best films I’ve ever seen! I would like to see these two in more films though…

  • Ogli

    who are they?

  • pi

    Suraj Sharma is a better actor then these two. He is the one from Life of Pi. Very hot and talented young.

  • delicategurl

    They are good together

  • Gheana

    Nice to know that they called the paps! JJ is a PR website for nobodies.

  • Devine

    I like Dev Patel on the Newsroom.

  • Studyingharder

    Umm who are these two

  • Teri

    I hope she gets rid of those bangs, she has a very idk petite face shape
    maybe if its a sideswept bangs it would look great
    although I can’t really judge you can barely see her face that well lol

  • rikki

    they are both very cute looks-wise. i thought freida was younger though… like 25 or so??

  • KK

    waiting for the racist bitch troll by the Name of IVY. Pice of shit troll is a relative of Pinto pretending to be ‘westerener’ and puts down beautiful indian and hollywood actresses in order to sniff up freida pintso untalented ass. freida can’t act or has any talent. girl is flat as cardboard too and can’t speak in her fake brit accent lol.
    IVy will go on the high cheekbone,jawline lecture and say indians actresses are ugly hook nose. Dumb bitch doesn’t know how many beautiufl Hollywood actresses don’t have high cheekbones,jawline and are considred more beautiful then freida.
    Guys if you are new to JJ, IVY an indian dysfucntional troll who goes on any freida blog and picks fights with unknonw strangers and call them racist names. This IVy is the real racist and bigot. Ugly bitch can’t even come in her real Id to attack people lol.
    They lie about being non-indian and calim to live in NY,LA,London but uses indian terminlogy and knows all about Bollywood and their stars. JJ has exposed the troll.

  • KK

    IVy also attacks anyonw who doesn’t find freida pinto beautiful. I think freida is cute but not beautiful or stunning. She is no angelina jolie,aishwarya rai or catherine zeta-jones or charlize theron.
    her acting is atrcious and so is her fake brit accent. no wonder she is fading away.

  • wabafet

    It sucks that Deev Patel is the talented one and only has a shitty Tv show. The little kids don’t hve anyhthing either. Were they exploited or what? We don’t hear about them anymore.

  • Nick

    Freida is hot!! they look pretty good together to me!

  • Cate

    Nice that they are still together! Frieda looks much more beutiful without the fringe.

  • KKisanidiot

    I don’t like the bangs too. Must be for the film she’s working on currently.
    Dev is all grown up. No more the gangly boy from SD. It’s good to see them still together. I am glad Freida is sticking to him. He seems really nice.

  • KK

    ahhh nice to see you making fake Id again. Nice to see you are thumbing down anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Keep sucking her ass in every possible way.
    See people this is what I meant by IVy and her fake Ids.
    Dumbass if you have the guts come in your real ID. Not a fake one. I still know its you.

  • Album?

    Is she the one who released an album? Never heard of this woman or this guy before.

  • mahamoud

    @KK: remember these two posts?



    HAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great times by yours truly Ivy/fake ids.
    freida is avg looking and not talented. period. yes indian are jealous of her, when there are perfectly great and beautiful actresses in Hollywood are doing much better then her
    natlie portman,scarjo,mila kunis,zoe saldana,olvia wilde,emma stone,jenifer lawrence,emma watson,etc.They are all beautiful and talented. she can’t never comepte with them
    bollywood also has great and beautiful actress but they are ugly for Ivy. Too bad for Ivy that they have lots of fans unlike freida.
    she is a semi-celeb, and not even a household name. famous for the sake of being famous. kim kardashain 2.0.

    kal penn,kunal nayyar,mindy kaling,padma laski, archie panjabi are indians who are more famous then her and have talent. Keep your fake,talentless, white wananbe Ivy/Whatver. Your smelly ass gives your scent way.

  • mahamoud

    Ivy will come out saying ‘Freida Hater, Freida detrator” I bet u. lets not give her the attention she is seeking. I bet she has no guy wanting to fuk her wonder why must be her oblong face and dark skin. Loser. still a virgin?

  • Anwar

    Dev is a great actor. I wish he had a bigger career. I miss him and Nicholas Hoult on Skins

  • KissThis

    So are they dating or just friends? They’re cute together

  • AngelinaGia

    These two are C list at best. Slumdog Millionar was 4 years ago, let it go.

  • potel

    Kaam wali is back

  • Mezha

    She will never have a career like Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone.
    Its not happening.

  • Liz

    Why is this nobody constantly featured on Just Jared? She hasn’t done anything great or worth mentioning. She and Ashley Greene are PR made ‘celebrities’ .

  • Fibbi

    @mahamoud: I am not indian and I don’t really like Freida Pinto or Dev Patel that much. It has nothing to do with thier race. I really feel like that they only reason they are still around is because of this so called realtionship. I mean maybe its for real but I found it funny how they ended up togather right after their movie gots oscars.
    I also don’t find Freida pretty. Sorry but she is not much of a beauty. Nor is even a decent actress. I haven’t seen her or Dev Patel in anything lately so I wouldn’t know. Are they getting work?

  • TheVoiceOfReason


    Dear Idiot,

    Get over yourself.

    Love, Westerner.

  • KK

    @TheVoiceOfReason: Get well IVY
    Get well
    Nice to see you making mulitple Fake ID again.
    You are not a ‘westerner’ .
    Stupid little bitch

  • KK

    @Fibbi: Whatver miss freida has achieved is right place at thr right time.I did give her a chance and guess what? She hasn’t really proved ot be a talented actress.No more big acting roles if you check out her 2013-2015 years
    But her one one band fan will aka IVY anything to porve that freida is the most beautiful/talented actress of all time.
    See that this person uses very indian termonlogy? Please tell me which american uses the term westerner?Just don’t respiond to this troll. They are dysfucntional and must be some relative of hers.
    I wish that site slike JJ,Pinkvika,youtube will bring this person and expose them, IVY thinks hiding behind a computer protects her but it doesn’t . I am sure that its very easy to track her comments. They are saved on sites like JJ,pinkvill,etc.
    She doesn’t know that in mos tplaces around the wolrd you can go to court for wrtiing racist,bigoted comment.Many have identifed this troll.
    Please check out any freida relted post. You will find this loser cunt writiing.Since 2009 she has been trolling, an no one convinced. HAHAH!

  • KK

    @Fibbi: She has desert dancer coming up but its a small role for her and will only get limited relase,KNights of Cups is a multi-starrer. Leads are critsian bale,natylia portman,cate blanchett,wes bently.Freida is only playing a 5 min roles in that movie, and I doubt she will get the attention.Mind you that this director is famous for shooting and cutting out actors parts.Freida pinot’s same exact part has been shot with two other actresses, So I hope that terrance malick keeps her.Freida is a colored woman in hollywood with no talent, so its a huge struggle for her. She badmouths indian and Bollywood and they still don’t want her. Way to egostical she is for someone with her capabilties. You know beggars can’t be chooseers.

  • Nadini

    @Ivy/Her Fake IDs/Troll
    I have seen you comments on PV recently attacking people for no viable reason based on the opinion of a celeb. You continuely respond in a very vicious manner and cannot deal with certain facts. You can’t accept that Freida pinto is just an ordinary looking girl with little to no talent. That she has based her career on luck and not talent or beauty.That even the so called ‘western’ people have not really given her eqaul chances with other colored actresses such as sofia vergara,penelope cruze,salma hayke,etc.
    That actresses around freida age group like Natlie portman,scarlett johansson,mila kunis,emma stone,Jenifer Lorence is who hollywood is giving roles to and no so much for Freida. If they-the western people- like you say,really accepted her, then please tell me why is she still doing cameo role after 4 years?Why did Freida do so poorly in the limited time space in movies too?Why isn’t big name fashion bradns like Dior,chanel,guccie,Prada giving her endorsements?
    I am sorry to see that you are still missing a brain. In case you did not know but freida pinto is a celebrity. All celebs get called names on a daily basis, have their fans and haters, why does it shock you so much? Compared to beauties like angelina jolie,aiishwarya rai,megan fox,catherine zeta jones .freida gets nothing compared to them.
    You can throw around the tag westenerer all you like, it clearly shows you have never even stepped foot in another country.Your comments about indians adn bollywood actresses shows you are an indian.Real american/brit/canadian don’t go around calling themselves westerner.
    You are either obessed or a relative of freida pinto, either way go visit a doctor for your problems.I am sorry to see that you still haven’t gone.This is unhealthy for you.
    I wish wish well for freida but don’t deny that she is fading and is already earned the rep of an untalented actress. She has no reputation for her looks or acting. These are true facts.Either accept it or leanr to live with it.

  • Nadini

    Justjared please do check for this person. Why haven’t you? I want this charade to end. I am not gonna fight with this special needs troll. Not good to fight with a speical needs person.

  • mahamoud
  • mahamoud

    @Nadini: Please check out this post. I can for sure tell you that this is IVY
    What the hell is she doing?Is this where her racisim comes from? You stupid bitch. Her rants on fair skin/dark skin???
    You have been exposed IVY
    You need to go visit a professional doctor.. You really do.My god maybe I should report you to th authorities and have your Ip tracked. Yeah why don’t I do that? Little bitch you can’t hide. You have been put to shame.

  • mahamoud

    HAHAH! Racist IVy is running a fair and lovely thing on facebook. My god. Now we all know who she is. Exposed big time. Ugly indian girl, and guess what its not your skin tone thats ugly,its you.Ugly is as ugly does.
    My question is is that where you recjected by many men?Because you are ‘dark’? Well then good they rejected you. Ugly piece of shit. Nobody wants to go out with a preachy,lying racist loser like you.
    HAHAHA don’t ever stop I am having such a great time exposing you!

  • Ayan

    @Album?: No, that’s Priyanka Chopra and she didn’t release an album yet.

  • aerie pearie

    @KK: hey, KK, you are perfectly entitled to your opinion and I agree with it 100%. Ignore idiots like Troll, she is a pathetic loser who is so obsessed with frieda, she cannot bare to take ANY criticism whatsoever (despite the fact you BARELY criticised her at all). She has decided to become trollspotter for this board lmao! You even say frieda is cute and she STILL fumes at pathetic…

  • aerie pearie

    And I am half-indian. Why should I like someone just because they are indian? If Freida Pinto is a poor actress then it has something to do with her lack of acting talent, not being a indian woman with brown skin. Its a shame that her one obessive fan can’t handle any sort of criticism. I mean I have light skin for an indian but I don’t hate anyone who has darker skin or treat them in a bad way. Its utterly a lie about when this one stupid idiot brings up skin issues. Nor do I dislike Freida for her brown skin. I think she is untalented and a bit of a phoney.
    I find people like Mila Kunis and Eva Green so beautiful. They atleast have acting talent. I base someone on the skills and talent they have,not on looks. Talent over looks any day in Hollywood.

  • Fibbi

    Mmm, I just had a look at that facebook page and I gotta say yep . Its the same writing. How many fans do Freida or Dev have in reality? I am really curious.I don’t beleive that either of them have a big fanbase. Freida is certainly not a popular actress in Hollywood and niether is Dev for his age group.
    Its got to be one deluded fan it all I can say.
    Not a fan of either of these two but wow. Saying racist things just because they are not getting what they want? Immature.

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    @KK: Everyone is Ivy to you! Lol! You become what you hate. I have no idea what is going on here, but this hateration is off the chain. She has done nothing wrong leave her be. Good LORD! Bitchassness is not cute.

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    @mahamoud: Wait a minute. I know for a fact that Facebook group has nothing to do with the trolling. Now this is just ridiculous and immature. At first I stumbled upon these posts while browsing, and found this amusing. Now you are dragging innocent people into this becuase you have no idea who you enemies are.

    Are you serious right now? Where they do that at? Check yourself before you find yourselves being banned from all your favorite stomping grounds. Be careful on the internet becuase I myself have misreported others as trolls it’s not fun when you are wrong, AND you lose your credibility. IP addresses can be tracked. You’d be surprised how many different people can say the same things. Chill out.

    BTW. No one here in the west calls themselves westerners unless it’s for reference. I was making a joke, and a point.

  • KK

    You come here to say racist things about an entire group of people, that a hell of alot worse. All over any Freida blog its the same thing.Freida pinto is a celebriy in case your low IQ didn’t know. People come on a celbrity blog to judge a celebirty. Not be be called racist names from some lunatic like you.
    I gave her proper criticim like with any other celebrity, what worng with that?So have other people.Don’t lie now.
    Who started this stupid fight? You did. Many have identifeied you and you are upset about it.Sweetheart don’t threaten me.
    What fans does she have or haters where she needs proction from a psyhco like you? Please tell me how many fans she has in reality?
    From what i saw on Pinkvilla just now, you are spewing hatred of indians for no reason. This is all over just because people are giving criticims of you fav celeb. Pathetic. She is a c list actress for heavens sake why are you getting so worked up over her??
    What about when you call indian ugly,hook nose? Beaky nose,buggy eyes? What wrong with those features? Tell me. You have deceny calling someone like Aishwarya Rai who is knwon as most beautiful ugly hook nose? She is alot more prettier then you are. You get so worked up when others like her and not Freida.
    And why are you worried now? because you have been caught? LOL good you have been exposed. You deserve it. Now we all know who you are and what you do.People are allowed to post and repost things.Facebook is not really personal. So think twice before posting things on it.
    If anybody is gonna be banned its you.No more Pinkvilla or JJ for you anytime soon. No more IVy or Rasuinda.
    Goodbye troll.

  • mahamoud

    @TheVoiceOfReasonOhhhhh reallly? You are giving the lecture on hatred now?
    I seriously believe that Freida Pinto has no fans whatsoever and that this one idiotic person is either a close relative or someone who has benifieted from her personally. Don’t turn the tables nows. You are the one continuely being racist. If anybodys Ip will be tracked its your. So many times we have asked JJ,PV,youtube to track your racist comments and they have not done anything.Racisim/writing/sending it is crime in many countires in case you didn’t know.
    If we say she is not pretty,we don’t like her acting its not hating you dumbass. Its criticism. Which you don’t understand in that pea brain of yours. Or do you have a brain?
    You are nothing but a lowley pathetic indivdual I gotta say.If you talk like this then freida Pinto herself must have an attitude like this. Utterly shameful and sad.You are dealing with this frustration of her not being accpeted/popular over the internet which is wrong.

  • mahamoud

    @Fibbi: The fact that this one loser write so many comments on so many blogs shows how little fans she has.Pinto has no fanbase like aishwarya,Angelina,Megan. Nor does she have any hater.If you go on an Angelina or megan blog then you would know what a ‘hater’ really is and how many there actaully are.
    She hardly got fans due to bad acting and limited roles.
    Do you see my point how how low this person goes?Did you see the facebook page and how the writing on that page seems very similiar to the trolls writing?She can deny it however she likes, facts it she has beeen caught.
    I know you are not indian but please check out Pinivilla, you will find this faggot writing back to themselves too.So funny and sad at the same time.
    This person one time even pretended to be a gay man and claim they they would turn straight for Freida lol! See the stupidity of this person?

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    I’m not who you think I am. TRACK MY IP! DO IT!!! PLEASE DO IT! You will be will be so wrong, and sooo embarrassed! I DARE YOU! You are an idiot, and so are the rest of your friends! You just sat here and listed all the sites you were trolling on! You and your little vagabonds attack this woman for no good reason. I never see anyone treating Dev Patel this way! GET A LIFE! Now run and tell that fool!

  • mahamoud

    @TheVoiceOfReason: Honey go visit a pyschologist. I reall fear for you.
    Dev Patel is also gets attacked to just like any other celeb, your point? We are not attacking freida, just giving our opinion of her. Why are you so defensive of such a celebrity? I am not gonna argue with you anymore and you have been exposed.
    You take every comment on miss Pinto very personally. Its looks very odd. You alwasy respond in the same manner too. Who are you fooling?
    Yeah, sure I am an idiot when you have been trolling non-stop since 2009 giving the same crap .Noone belives you. Goodbye and maybe do something better then troll,sniff and protect some semi -celeb.Also learn to accpet others opinions and don’t think yours is the only correct one. Grow up dear.

  • KO Tatasugi

    If you have any decency as a human being then please stop with the racist comments. I have not been on Justjared awhile but I am disgusted that Freida pinto boards are still filled with many racial fights for not viable reason.Why is it such a problem to not apperciate her? I appereiacte other indian-based actors in Hollywood like kal penn,Kunal nayyar.Why? because they have acting talent and have achieved something in Hollywood. Freida has not. Even compared to many hollywood women she doesn’t stand out and is not that pretty/talented.
    I am very sorry to see that you continuely make a fool of yourself by making many fake Ids and even going as far as writing back to yourself.
    You are very protective of her and when people critcize her you get extreamly upset. Nobody would go as far as you unless they are a relative or family member of hers. If you still cannot write a comment without badmouthing indians and their stars then don’t comment here.
    Shame on you. Very dissapointed with JJ too.
    As far as the facebook page you have ever right to express whatever you are feeling but don’t get upset when others use it.If thats the case then make it into a private page. Otherwise keep your hateful comments to yourself. Don’t come back here unless you learn to deal with other opinions.

  • KO Tatasugi

    To all else please don’t respond to this dysfunctional troll.Remember the fight few months ago? This person is in denial and cannot fathom over the fact that Freida is not really popular or considered beautiful like with stars such as Cate Blanchett,Angelina Jolie,Aishwarya,megan Fox,etc. Something is wrong with them mentally .I even had to send JJ another email about why they have don’t a single things about this person.

  • Thyres

    Okay no more racist fights please.
    I mean I am perisian but I love indian women. They are really pretty and I don’t really find Freida Pinto that stunning compared to them, You should check out the other JJ page. OMG same racist comments! its from the same person right here. I am a regular on JJ and I can’t tell you how many comments/racist things this person writes. I thought I was the only person aware of this.Glad to know someone else has caught on.

  • Thyres

    @KO Tatasugi: I just had a look at the fb page and It was really weird. I mean in a way they are saying that having light skin is bad? That being a darker shade is better? Its still racisim either way expect these people seem to be hating on lighter skin. Same form of racisim.