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Gabriel Aubry Drops Restraining Order Against Olivier Martinez

Gabriel Aubry Drops Restraining Order Against Olivier Martinez

Olivier Martinez grabs a bag of groceries from Bristol Farms on Sunday (December 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier in the week, Gabriel Aubry, the ex of Olivier‘s fiance Halle Berry, dropped his restraining order against him after the infamous Thanksgiving brawl that occurred.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

Gabriel‘s lawyer reportedly told news sources that he did not need the restraining order anymore, according to TMZ.

This past week, Halle, Olivier, and Gabriel settled their feud amicably via their lawyers.

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  • Krissy

    Bad ass

  • SunnyAutumn

    That bread is to throw people off. That bag is full of wine. Nice try jig head.

  • Dieter


  • Team Aubry!

    Of course poor Gabriel had to drop the restraining order. Halle Berry is so predictable. In order for Gabriel to see his daughter, he had to keep Halle happy by backing away from her psycho fiance AND allowing him to stay in the country. Oliver could have been deported thanks to his brutal assault.

  • alex

    there are enough fatherless children throughout this world
    and the fact that gabriel wanted to be in his daughter’s life and halle tried to prevent that sickens me

  • Frozoid

    He has a very bad dye job.

  • DB

    Team Gabe

    I think they should remove the child from Berry and Martinez and give Gabe full custody.

    She has caused that poor child no end of stress and agony.

  • Chups

    Ugh every time I see this man I get upset cause I have flash back of the pictures online of Gabriel and it sickens me. I wish my dad was in my life like how Gabe wants to be in his little girls. These people are poor excuses and Halle remember what ever you do to some one it will come back on you ten times worst. The big man up stairs is not sleeping and he doesn’t like ugly…your day will come. He who laughs last laughs the hardest.

  • Lou

    I hope this mess finally means some peace for Nahla and Gabriel.

  • Flo

    I wonder I Nahla picked the color and died his hair.

  • justsaying

    Olivier is just a matther of time halle is going to kick you ass out.

  • SimplementMoi

    Is it me or does he ALWAYS have the same pair of pants on?

  • JustK

    I wonder if Olivier dumped Halle already. Don’t they normally go to restaurants or wherever together on the weekends? Maybe Dummy finally came to his senses.

  • Just a Thought

    I know they showed the filing of the restraint order from Gabriel on tv and it showed Gabriel called Halle his ex-wife. I wonder if they were secretly married and Gabriel threatened to go public with the truth about their relationship which in turn would really turn this case in his favor as far as custody goes. I mean he is her natural father but he could have a little more leverage against her because they were married. Plus with Halle’s reputation taking a big hit, she just decided to wave the white flag because it was beginning to affect her name and possibly her career. I never have paid to see her in anything anyway but apparently she has a following.

    It may be far fetched, I just found it interesting that he filed that way. Unless, CA saw them as common law like they do here in TX.

  • justme

    what and ass, nahla is with her father go make your own child. what happen shoting zeros can’t make any baby OLIVIER, BIG NOTTING

  • Just a Thought

    One more thing, he may have threatened to sue them both for damages to his career due to bruises on his face and to avoid this she stood down.

    Also, go to Google or Yahoo images and look up Hugo Boss Fall 2012 and check out the HOTNESS of Gabriel! That man is mmmmmm!!

  • martha

    You tube: MAKING OF TRUE RELIGION JEANS photoshoot. Yumm

  • LFR

    This punk should be in jail and then deported back to France. Halle is mentally unsound. Gabriel should have full custody of his daughter.

  • never married

    @Just a Thought: wishful thinking….never married….typical clerical error w/LA Co. Clerk’s Office.

  • huggybear

    Olivier why can’t you make your own child just like justme said, than you don’t have to fight for another man child,

  • trina

    Next we will see Halle’s bruised face, if she stays with this crazy man. If she chooses to endanger herself by dating him, that’s one thing, but doesn’t she worry about her daughter being beaten by him one day? Clearly she doesn’t dove a sh*t.

  • Mona

    Halle’s geriatric boy toy used to be really hot when he was young. I remember him in Unfaithful. Now he’s just her sad puppet. I hope he opens his eyes and leaves that woman before she destroys what’s left of him.

  • Mona

    @huggybear: I don’t think he can make any children. He’s been with tons of women and never produced a child.

  • ciruni

    Why is everyone hating on olivier as is Gabriel is a saint? ????? All of you sit here and judge as is you know them – the trio! Bottom line is they are all richer than me and I could care less about their private life! I’m busy trying to make ends meet!

  • Gigi

    I could be way off here, but I think the fact that they settled so quickly, paid his medical & legal bills and dropped any further action shows that Aubrey and his legal team had something on Hallie & Olivier. It could also be that Hallie was losing in the court of public opinion as well. I just hope that it can all be smoothed over so that the child can have as normal a life as possible.

  • huggybear

    ciruni @ it was not his business. it between gabriel and halle he should be paying thought his ass

  • bigteddybear

    who know maybe he is hitting nahla already she looks just like her father the judge should take that child out of that house, just look at gabriel face it till a story

  • KissThis

    This piece of sh!t needs to have his face bashed in just like he did to Gabriel’s.

  • Oliver’s not a daddy

    Next stop for Oliver. His daily liquor store run. Halle sure knows how to pick them.

  • Bla

    What an assh ole is Martinez. And a creep too.

  • emma

    I hope they make it work.
    (and I saw on the cover of a french magazine yesterday the french version of the story : “Halle’s ex assaulted her and Olivier venged her”… haha, loas of c*** !)

  • sdf

    lol, everyone is sticking up for Gabe because he is a hot model…my friend who is a stylist from Cali use to date Gabe, and said he has a temper. You all should really hear both sides of the story before judging.

  • bigteddybear

    @sdf your stylist, did she said gabriel hit her or take a car and hit her leave on the street with out help. it was not OLIVIER BUINESS OK. OLIVIER STOP SHOTING BLANKS AND HAVE OWN KID

  • lynne

    how he shares the top spot with jesse james as most hatred.

  • lynne

    he now share the top spot with jesse james as most hatred man. what a a.hole.

  • Grandma of Four

    I have one word for Martinez….CREEP! He should have been hauled in and charged with excessive force or whatever charge would stick. CPS needs to take a good, hard look at this man living under the same roof as little Nahla. And, Halle Barry needs her head examined. PERIOD!

  • Eli-7

    @Gigi: Gigi ugh that’s a very safe assumption. Jail/deportation, losing custody etc.

  • Frog Prince drop charges
  • truthserum

    when gabriel has baby nahla gabriel talks to nahla so lovely, gabriel acts like the papparazzi are no where in sight and nahla does not even notice the pappazzi when she is with her daddy, but when halle is with nahla, halle tells nahla to shut her eyes and nahla gets frustrated and annoyed because halle is the one who makes a big parade out of it, oh my what a nutcase halle is after Olivier almost beats Gabriel to death halle goes and gets a protective order against gabriel, halle is crazy, halle should have got a restraining order against Olivier the crazy with the lethal weapon; halle is 46 old enough to be nahlas grandmother halle should know better, Halle Halle orchestrated and instigated this whole world war 111 against Gabriel, I say charge halle with intent and conspiracy to kill using the deadly weapons of her creepy french boyfriend who must be crazy to think he could raise another mans child and halle must be nuts to think she could take nahla father away because she wants to live in another country with another piece of male gender who may not necessarily care about nahla, lesson up people a garcon who almost kills nahlas father is a criminal in my eyes and the worlds, then halle is still threatening gabriel by doing her damage contol for her so called career in order for gabriel to see his own daughter, does the rule of law in the prosecuters office get this, i am sure they do, well too late halle you are too late the damage has already been done and signed in cement with gabriels blood screaming get the security camera tapes before Ms: Berry and Olivier Martinez destroy the evidence, and for the poeple who are reading this olivier threatened to kill Gabriel at nahlas school the day before and this criminal fool olivier had the nerve to stick his nose into a custody matter that was absolutely none of oliviers business, NO attorney IN THIS WORLD for criminal defense could ever convence a 12 jury trail that oliver martinez was acting in the best interest of baby Nahla Aubry, yes we know that olivier was angry because the judge ruled in Gabriel favor, but now Olivier is an attempted murderer, There is more evidence Olivier agreed to pay Gabriels doctors and attorney fees but without admitting any wrong doing, oh come on prosecutors, district attorneys, this evidence is called prima face on its face, this olivier is guilty, I myself am feed up with seeing criminals not prosecuted because they hold the word actor in front of there name, do something to let this garcon know that you know what he did and that this olivier cannot keep getting away with abusing others like ok prosecuters if you have any daughters, well this is your time to protect them, let the men know that in america we still believe in having respect for humanity and the law; Gabriel had critcal condition written all over his face, and as far as damage control ms, Berry its over through and fini as the french say with your so called career, be careful with your net worth, we have all decided never going to a movie that your in even if tom hanks is in it or julia roberts, oe denzel washington is in it and i love those three actors, im sure they will not want to be attached to any movie even if the director just as much as bounces your name off the wall, oh and you day is coming, you are guilty guilty guilty, on all counts, conspiracy with intent to do bodily hard then run, just like your hit and runs, why in the hell do you think you can get away with it, What prnciples and values can you teach baby nahla, Gabriel should get full physical and legal custody and you should not even get to do drop offs in the street;

  • tyblue

    @truthserum: This entirely situation would be laughable if Nahla was not involved.

    I have not heard of any evidence indicating the Gabriel’s medical bills have been paid but I know that the Police department did state that the officer on the scene had evidence that Gabriel was the agressor. From the video I saw of Halle stating to the papz that “we have a child here who is not aware of the incident so please stop asking” sugggest to me a mother who will settle to protect her child.

    True Gabriel sperm may have created Nahla but I am sure Nahla had to change nanny’s because of the verbal abuse from Gabriel. So yeah he has a temper and I think it snap when Oliver approach him, instead of walking away. He took a punch and got exactly what he deserves make-up and all.

    As to Halle wanted to take Gabriel away, from all accounts, it appears Halle is fed-up with the unprecedential access the papz has to her daughter. Even to go on school property and harass parents or schoolmates, who have complained on this. Overseas there is a bit more control, thats why Brad & Angie, George Clooney, Jonny depp to name a few like being overseas.

    We heard celebrities complain about this over and over, because Halle wants what best for Nahla, does not indicate that she is a bad mother.
    I know neither but I can now see why she dump Gabriel Aubry because slowly he coming across has a manipulating, vedictive, spineless wuzz who wants to be paid for being Nahla daddy. I wonder if this is the real reason he does not want them to move… maybe losing the $20,000 a monthly is the real motivation.

  • Maria

    @Just a Thought: Yes I have seen some pictures of him on the Hugo Boss collection and he is clearly a very handsome good looking man. I wonder how his face will look like after he recovers completely. I hope his face does not scar a lot

  • Maria

    As for the things I read on the internet it seems that Oliver and Gabriel have both stop pursuing criminal action to one another. I guess that either one want to put a stop to the issue and each one to move one that way there wotn become part of the media circus if the issue continues to be front page and also to avoid future problems if each one continue to press charges against each other. So they both settle and period and move on.

  • bigteddybear

    @tyblue you needed to shut to hell up someone should beat you in the face and see how you like it. you are the only fool defending Olivier. What part don’t you understand Olivier have no right to speak to gabriel about NAHLA he not her father, It is between halle and gabriel.

  • lynne

    this man doesn’t know how to stop….he is wearing a shirt with a “triumph” on it. is he bragging that he got away with assault. so arrogant. d*ckhead.

  • justme

    @tyblue what do you know about gabriel do you live with him ,did you see him hit the nanny, halle pick him to have this child with. halle and gabriel was get on well until she finded this low life. what you are tell us is right to hit someone to get to live in france.

  • tyblue

    @bigteddybear: Neither did Gabriel have right to throw the first punch.. why dont you come let’s see how your face look after

  • tyblue

    @justme: Please they were fighting long before Oliver. The incident in which I refer to occured shortly after they split, the nanny quit and Halle intial got a restriaining order on Gabriel. However if you are stating they “got along” before Oliver, you’ve just supported what someone “in the industry” on TV I might add, suggested that gabriel is controlling and possesive… if he can only “get along” with Halle when is single.

  • bigteddybear

    @tyblue you needed to stop, did you see gabriel hands and did you see his face and if Olivier did that to me, by the way am a women I will sue ass to hell and back. and by the way did you see gabriel hit Olivier first? listen loud and clear it not OLIVIER BUINESS WHO EVERY YOU ARE. PAY BACK TIME IS A BOSS. tell me why is halle paying all his bill if he was wrong?

  • bigteddybear

    @tyblue it look as if you wanted Olivier to kill GABRIEL. just asking?

  • tyblue

    @bigteddybear: The better question is why Gabriel havenot continue to press charge if he is sooo right?

    I am a woman also, and sweetie I never throw the first punch but you could bet arse I end ever fight. As far I know there is something call freedom of speech not punch. So Oliver could talk is head off, Gabriel was wrong to hit, and then complain pretty face or not.

    Yeah I saw his face, the only person who didnot see that pix was probably Nahla. By the way, prop should be given to the makeup artist.