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Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: Rainy Day Errands!

Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: Rainy Day Errands!

Joshua Jackson and his longtime love Diane Kruger run some errands together on a rainy Saturday afternoon (December 1) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor and the 36-year-old actress went their separate ways after doing some shopping. Josh met up with a friend at a coffee shop while Diane went to a salon to get her nails done and did some grocery shopping at Gelson’s.

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Earlier in the week, Josh was spotted filming scenes for the final episode of Fringe with his co-star Anna Torv.

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# 1

No wonder he looked awful and not in a suit like the rest of the cast at the Fringe 100th party in Vancouver tonight. I don’t get his lifestyle. Work on Friday then fly to LA that night only to return return to Van the next day less than 24 hours later? Hilarious considering princess doesn’t do the same for him…

# 2

Now here comes the Diane Kruger troll posting 100 comments under different names…

# 3

OK. Jarred, you gotta tell us! How much money are their people paying you to post her here at least twice a day? It’s beyond annoying now. Aren’t there better looking and more interesting C Listers out there?

# 4

@clean up:

God i hope not. :(

# 5

They are gorgeous and perfect and blah blah blah, but I don’t understand her footwear. What the hell, Diane?

OMG people are already complaining about how JJ’s posts about them? Stop being annoying and get a life. You don’t want to see them, don’t click on the post. Geez!

# 6

reality show couple

# 7

How do you know he worked on Friday? He could of had the day off and flown to LA on Thursday night , or early Friday morning. He could of had business to attend to in LA, for all you know.

Huh? to the suit thing. He was wearing a tie and jacket at the fringe party. Diane flew back to Vancouver with him to attend the party with him.

# 8


Exactly. Why are you even bothering to look at people you don’t like and continuing to post? You are contributing to their massive hit count and hence contributing to them being put continually on here.

Just don’t get it.

# 9

He looks cute


Sorry, I didn’t mean you. I was referring to the troll people like Mike.

Joshua Jackson grew up to be really f*cking hot.


You are right. Them and the ONE troll who posts 100 comments every single time. :(

I wish I was Diane Kruger, Joshua is too AMAAAAZING!! LIFE IS SO UNFAIR

I’ll never understand how anyone can not like to have privacy.
being chased by paparazzi all the time, makes they them feel like big Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Joshua looked SUPERHOT yesteday at the Fringe party. He didnt dress in a boring suit, but went with a cool jacket and tie. So fashionable.

MarioGomez @ 12/02/2012 at 2:48 am

Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

Diane and Joshua are absolutely incredible, I think, they make a ridiculously cute couple!

@clean up:

Already here i’m afraid.

Joshua and Diane are definitely one of my all time favorite celebrity couples. I am so happy to see that things are working out for them and that they have such a lovely relationship.

They are so talented and sexy …. great couple!

love this couple. Diane is so beautiful :)

@Jo: Maybe they enjoy being pissy in general and this is as a good excuse as any? The part I love the most is that this couple is perfectly fine in every sense, but some trolls here (and only here), look for every excuse to hate on them. The only one thing they’ve found: Just Jared keeps posting about them. And they whine pathetically about it every time.

castillian @ 12/02/2012 at 3:01 am

They seem like a lovely couple. I enjoy their acting as well.

They’re a great couple! Joshua is beautiful and she’s a beauty! I think they’re great actors!

A dream couple!

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are really cute !!!

One of the few actors out there that is able to keep their private life private. I have nothing but respect for both of them!
Even after all this paparazzi pictures, we still do nothing about their relationship.

This couple is so hot and adorable at the same time, not to mention they’re both talented

They are such a great couple! Love them both.

Simply the most lovely couple. Dignified, private, fun, gorgeous to look at, talented, humble. I hope they have a very long and happy life together.

LOVE THAT BAG! It is a shame my bag spending limit is around 30 dollars…

She’s a beauty, no doubt about it.

Mmm, the ALWAYS SO ELEGANT Diane Kruger..

looking great, love ther clothes :) They look great in anything.

Joshua you’re the best, i love you!!

ugh, marry already and have kids. I love to see some cute germain/canadian babies.

Absolutely adore his quirky personality; As a couple they look really good together.

Soo gorgeous and hot! The cutest couple in Hollywood.

I like them as a couple. I really liked him in Fringe and her in Farewell my queen.

true love @ 12/02/2012 at 6:17 am

a couple who seem genuinely happy together in celeb land

Josh is going to be out of a job soon, I’m willing t bet he has nothing lined up as far as a job. Without a job, I’m sure we’ll see him being lead around by his leash again. The man will lose his backbone again.

What heck is she wearing? I love how she dresses up for him.

She most definitely isn’t as gorgeous or talented as MARION COTILLARD. Diane isn’t worthy of walking in Marion’s shadow.

Diane, classy, talented and smart. Total girl crush on her!
And i love her relationship with Joshua Jackson.

more pictures @ 12/02/2012 at 8:31 am

Joshua AND Diane at the Fringe party last night:

They’re awesome together and they’re meant to be with each other. They’d make a cute couple. :D

more pictures @ 12/02/2012 at 8:37 am

@more pictures:

oops, i meant 1/12/2012

There isn’t a more likable couple in Hollywood. Both are very talented and humble

They are a talented pair and in tune.

This is a great couple. So glad that they’re together

Incredibly talented couple, love them, very low key too when it comes to their private life.

Nice couple! I’ve seen pictures of Diane Kruger without make-up and she looks amazing!! A true beauty.

They’ll have beautiful children one day…..

A pretty woman and a guy who always seems to be in a good mood. Perfect mix!

Joshua is funny, talented, nice and good looking. Most people are lucky to have one of those qualities.

Josh is a good man and a good actor.

I LOVE these two together!!!! I hope they make a zillion babies!

I can’t wait for Joshua to show us more of his awesome talent in the upcoming last episodes of Fringe.

yes, this one too. They need to get married and get it over with. Getting tired looking at them too. I am glad katie is staying away. She is just being used.

They sure make effort to see each other as much as possible. Great couple.

i find it weird that JJ focuses on couple of people that no other media cares about.. have nothing against them but i dont find it interesting reading article about any people doing their shopping.


Diane and Joshua appear on a lot of other media sites : dailymail, popsugar, celebitchy, notheydidnt, perezhilton, people, usmagazine,………

@shield: i dont feel it is as much , JJ often copies DM so they are more frequent there.

Yeah, they’re on here a lot, but I think it’s because articles about them get a lot of traffic here for some reason so JJ keeps posting about them. They’re on DM a lot too, but must not bring as many hits to that site as they do here.

Just simply natural…..


I don’t think they’ll ever get married I mean in their business why bother its best to leave things as they are. Marriages don’t last in their industry.

I love how Diane is so comfortable in her own skin, she can look amazing when needed, but also feels relaxed enough to wear joggers when not working. Adorable!

MassEffect @ 12/03/2012 at 6:43 am

Where is Anna Torv?

They look good.

Pathetic trolls trying to make c listers look popular.

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