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Kristen Stewart - Governors Awards 2012

Kristen Stewart - Governors Awards 2012

Kristen Stewart stuns on the red carpet at the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences’ 4th Annual Governors Awards held at Hollywood and Highland on Saturday evening (December 1) in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actress wore a Talbot Runhoff dress with Christian Louboutin heels and an Iwona Ludyga Design bracelet.

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The event pays tribute to filmmakers Hal Needham, D.A. Pennebaker, George Stevens Jr., and studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg will be honored with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for his philanthropic work.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the 2012 Governors Awards

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • Laura

    I thought she wasn’t into all that Hollywood BS though, she was too “real” for that.

  • t

    @Laura: She isn’t into the “fame” business. This is an industry event aka her job. Just an fyi.

  • halo

    Looks like she’s campaigning for her OTR nomination hard. It isn’t going to happen when Anne Hathaway, Sally Feild, Helen Hunt, Amy Adams, and Maggie Smith are already top supporting actress contenders this year

  • What is she doing there?

    Ummm… ok?

  • lol

    How come we don’t see actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, or Anne Hathaway famewh0ring themselve out there like this? And yet they get nominated…

  • Kelly

    What is she doing there?

  • Teej

    @t: She did sell herself out for fame when she publicly apologized for cheating through a TABLOID. And she did 37 magazine covers in one year alone wanting more fame, I’m sure.

  • cyn

    love love love her dress. she looks beautiful

  • Dandy

    Don’t want to sound like a jerk but I’m just wondering what she’s doing there.

  • @ lol

    Why is that Kristen Stewart is whor**** in this ACADEMY event and everyone else is not? Jesus, shes an actress how is going to a event like that wrong? It got to the stage where people just need to find ways to bash her every time around, even when shes doing something absolutely normal. This is getting so old.

  • clue

    She went to an event that was honoring old MARRIED DIRECTORS. You know, this is her thing. And to *beg* for jobs there by making an impression. By impression, I mean proposing an affair.

  • creed

    She looks lovely

  • kiwi

    Uh what is she doing there?

  • Bee

    I’m sick of seeing her face. Overpromotion of the most untalented actress of her generation.

  • ewww..she’s back!

    she is worse than Kim Kardashian…she’s 100% complete famewh_re…
    and that side do with the oily hair sweep is overplayed. Retire it already.

  • woot woot

    No amount of campaigning is going to help her. She’s either going to get nominated or not. According to word of mouth and mixed reviews, it tells me she is not going to get nominated no matter how much she tries to sell herself. I barely see Jennifer Lawrence campaigning yet she’s the frontrunner to win for 2013. Same for Anne Hathaway for best supporting actress.

  • Wimpy Kid

    Really WTF is she doing there? It’s not like she’s part of an Oscar contender movie this year or something? Well I didn’t see any major Oscar contenders at this event so she probably was a prop or something.

  • L

    It’s quite embarrassing she’s campaigning so hard for a movie that doesn’t have no award buzz at all, it was a flop at most festival it showed, and her performance was bland and only was talked about because she shows her bits most of the time.

  • Kardashian clan

    People say there are 3 Kardashian sisters. I say there are 4 Kardashian sisters. Kristen is the lost Kardashian sister.

  • rikki

    ugh go away awkward hobo. there must be an underpass around somewhere for you to be awkward under.

  • RK.Cbox

    I love KRISTEN

  • y.

    she could of at least had an outfit that fit right (and would it hurt to take off the stupid ‘jewelry’ she has on?)

  • well

    she’s campaigning hard for that Oscar nod…and she’ll do it on her back..
    all the way through HW…she knows that’s one way to get recognized. because the only talent she has is below the waist.

  • lold

    Stuns? :D

  • KissThis

    What a fame w h o r e she has to into. She’s disgusting.

  • Loop

    @lol: Exactly, you dont see the award buzzed actresss of the year at every event, at least not just yet or unrelated to their movies. On the road has had 4 premieres and 2-3 screening in NYC and still nobody is talking about it like Ami adams’ the master, jennifer Lawrence’s Silver linings, Marion Cotillard’s rust and bone or Quvenzhane walli’s Beast of the southern wild; the desperation she’s showing is embarrassing and comical.

  • Anon

    She was paired with Sen. Al Franken at the dinner. No director wanted to be seated near her. lol

  • notafan

    I like her dress, she looks very good here, but I don’t know, I don’t really think she deserves an Oscar nom. No way. One known fact is that Kristen cannot act

  • Lou

    Could you all, young ladies with extreme issues of low self-esteem, leave this girl alone, forget the stupid cheating scandal and stop being ridiculous on gossip sites by continuously bashing her and her boyfriend?

  • Dirtyfameho

    @Loop Everybody is laughing at her tryhardness. She is not getting nominated for playing herself for 15 minutes in a pos movie that bombed with critics. A boring dress same cruddy hair and a forced smile. KStew has outdone herself. Go away already.

  • enough already !

    OK !! enough already the majority of you people are a bunch of morons , you idiots can’t even bother to f@cking read the post …. it says in big ass letters GOVERNOR”S AWARDS LUNCHEON 2012, they are honoring these people in the business for their philanthropic work etc.. and she was invited … you weren’t ! Unlike you all …bunch of asses the people in that business know her , they lived through the same sh!t she going through right now and they don’t give a damn about public opinions specially comments from a gossip blogs … please give me a break ! also being the imbeciles that you are she doesn’t need to beg for jobs they are being offered to her , she will make up her mind when ever she is ready ,,,,this woman is getting all this hate just because she chose to do Twilight and date Robert Pattinson …. seriously !!! WTF is wrong with people in society today suddenly every one is turning into complete a$$holes !!!!!

  • ButthurtKrisbians

    You sound pressed because we’re telling the truth. If she was so loved then why is she still unemployed?

  • what an idiot !!

    @Dirtyfameho: Actually .. NO .. only your tired ass !!! Decent human being… people with some decorum that are in the same business actually admire and respect her and most of the young talent of today !

  • HappySue

    Jealous Much? I am an old lady but you guys freak me out with all the hate and jealousy you show in your comments. I think she is a beautiful young lady with lots of acting talent. What is your excuse for all the hate? Love them…

  • enough already !

    @ButthurtKrisbians: Not at all i’m just sick and tired of the same bullshit being spewed over the internet by a bunch of idiots … it was funny the first time around now it’s just plain stupid and redundant … How many times can stupid people repeat the same crap ? It has become offensive , insensitive and just plain hateful … so please tell me again how much it is ? because i fail to see the humor here !!!!

  • wtf

    Is she so delusional that she actually thinks she’s going to get an Oscar nomination? She’s one of the worst actresses in Hollywood.

  • enough already !

    @wtf: again i guess i will repeat myself ,,, this luncheon has nothing to do with Oscars , if you don’t know what it is please google it , so you you won’t sound like a moron !

  • ButthurtKrisbians

    @enough already Stick in a fork in her, she’s done. It’s time for KStew to step aside and let people who don’t have to sleep with their bosses to get work be in the spotlight.

  • enough already !

    @ButthurtKrisbians: LOL!!! so says the idiot here who doesn’t know the purpose of this awards luncheon >>> this is after a gossip blog right …. i am actually enjoying this whole experience ,, LOL .. very enlightening .. I personally don’t care if she wins a Oscar or not or anything else for that matter i just can’t stand ignorance and these days this whole social media internet gossip crap is just too much fun tom pass up !!By the way directors don’t give jobs to actors !!

  • ButthurtKrisbians

    @enough already What are you even talking about? I know this dinner was for people TRYING to get an Oscar and to hand out philanthropic honors. Directors do hire actors all the time. Take a chill pill butthurt Krisbian

  • wtf

    @ enough already – you really need to stop posting because you’re just making a fool of yourself. This has everything to do with the Oscars. You see that big gold statue KW is posing next to? That’s called an OSCAR. This is the evening where they hand out the honorary Oscars that used to be handed out at the main ceremony but now they have a separate night for it. And actors who want to be nominated turn up and schmooze with voters. KW is delusional enough to think she deserves an Oscar nomination so she’s turned up to schmooze.

    Got it?

  • enough already !

    @wtf: look i know exactly what it means but what you seem to overlook here is the fact that people can’t just show up to these event , you actually have to get an invitation so obviously she got one ! And by the way what’s it to you ? you don’t even know the woman … why does it bother you so much ? a lot of you are a little too invested in these people lives !

  • guest who

    What is wrong with schmoozing? Everyone does it. Oh I get it. If Kristen Stewart does it, it’s wrong. Right? Oh Senator Al Franken showed up. He must want to be nominated for Oscars right? With your stupid logic, everyone who showed up here must want Oscars. Will Smith showed up. He must want Oscars? What about John Kransinski? Or good old George Lucas? Julie Bowen? Emily VanCamp? Ginnifer Goodwin? What the heck these TV star ladies doing there? OH it’s only when Kristen Stewart shows up, there is problem for you dumb people. You people are pathetic. If you don’t like her, stop reading her articles, stop watching her movies, and stop commenting anything she does. But no. You have to read everything about her to criticize her. How stupid is that? Bunch of idiots spewing hate on 22 years old woman. Really pathetic.

  • Lara

    She looks great :)

  • Coco

    I hope they are not going to nominate her for Oscar. No! No! It will be the end of film industry.

  • R

    i thought she was tooo honest , real, rebel for all this…..she has zero chances to be nominated for anything but as a any real hypocrite famewhore she does exactly the opposite of what shepreaches. She’s there just to feed tablo├»ds and make people talk about her.

  • guest who

    @guest who: Correction on my post. The TV ladies were not there. I mistakenly looked at pictures for Emmy Governor Ball. Rest I mentioned were there. Still I don’t get why mentioning Kristen Stewart name brings out such intense hostility and antipathy from people. People act like she cheated on them. Stupid hateful people.

  • Hmm…

    @Bee: Then why are you looking at it? Jealous much? Just sick of all the hate.

  • re

    What is with these Twilight actors thinking they’re good enough to win oscars? First Kellan Lulz then Ashley Greene now Kristen Stewart. Who next?

  • http://yahoo men gullible

    The moment i see her i get reminded of the scandal , she slept with the married guy and proclaimed to the world Rob will take her back he will forgive her anything . and he did take her back . She must have told him a truck load of BS and sometimes men can be so gullible and they take what women tell them at face value . she has just twisted his brain . Hope Rob will see sense and just drop her .