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Kristen Stewart - Governors Awards 2012

Kristen Stewart - Governors Awards 2012

Kristen Stewart stuns on the red carpet at the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences’ 4th Annual Governors Awards held at Hollywood and Highland on Saturday evening (December 1) in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actress wore a Talbot Runhoff dress with Christian Louboutin heels and an Iwona Ludyga Design bracelet.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

The event pays tribute to filmmakers Hal Needham, D.A. Pennebaker, George Stevens Jr., and studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg will be honored with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for his philanthropic work.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the 2012 Governors Awards

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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# 1

I thought she wasn’t into all that Hollywood BS though, she was too “real” for that.

# 2

@Laura: She isn’t into the “fame” business. This is an industry event aka her job. Just an fyi.

# 3

Looks like she’s campaigning for her OTR nomination hard. It isn’t going to happen when Anne Hathaway, Sally Feild, Helen Hunt, Amy Adams, and Maggie Smith are already top supporting actress contenders this year

# 4
What is she doing there? @ 12/02/2012 at 12:35 am

Ummm… ok?

# 5

How come we don’t see actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, or Anne Hathaway famewh0ring themselve out there like this? And yet they get nominated…

# 6

What is she doing there?

# 7

@t: She did sell herself out for fame when she publicly apologized for cheating through a TABLOID. And she did 37 magazine covers in one year alone wanting more fame, I’m sure.

# 8

love love love her dress. she looks beautiful

# 9

Don’t want to sound like a jerk but I’m just wondering what she’s doing there.

Why is that Kristen Stewart is whor**** in this ACADEMY event and everyone else is not? Jesus, shes an actress how is going to a event like that wrong? It got to the stage where people just need to find ways to bash her every time around, even when shes doing something absolutely normal. This is getting so old.

She went to an event that was honoring old MARRIED DIRECTORS. You know, this is her thing. And to *beg* for jobs there by making an impression. By impression, I mean proposing an affair.

She looks lovely

Uh what is she doing there?

I’m sick of seeing her face. Overpromotion of the most untalented actress of her generation.

ewww..she's back! @ 12/02/2012 at 12:44 am

she is worse than Kim Kardashian…she’s 100% complete famewh_re…
and that side do with the oily hair sweep is overplayed. Retire it already.

No amount of campaigning is going to help her. She’s either going to get nominated or not. According to word of mouth and mixed reviews, it tells me she is not going to get nominated no matter how much she tries to sell herself. I barely see Jennifer Lawrence campaigning yet she’s the frontrunner to win for 2013. Same for Anne Hathaway for best supporting actress.

Really WTF is she doing there? It’s not like she’s part of an Oscar contender movie this year or something? Well I didn’t see any major Oscar contenders at this event so she probably was a prop or something.

It’s quite embarrassing she’s campaigning so hard for a movie that doesn’t have no award buzz at all, it was a flop at most festival it showed, and her performance was bland and only was talked about because she shows her bits most of the time.

Kardashian clan @ 12/02/2012 at 12:50 am

People say there are 3 Kardashian sisters. I say there are 4 Kardashian sisters. Kristen is the lost Kardashian sister.

ugh go away awkward hobo. there must be an underpass around somewhere for you to be awkward under.


she could of at least had an outfit that fit right (and would it hurt to take off the stupid ‘jewelry’ she has on?)

she’s campaigning hard for that Oscar nod…and she’ll do it on her back..
all the way through HW…she knows that’s one way to get recognized. because the only talent she has is below the waist.

What a fame ********* she has to into. She’s disgusting.

@lol: Exactly, you dont see the award buzzed actresss of the year at every event, at least not just yet or unrelated to their movies. On the road has had 4 premieres and 2-3 screening in NYC and still nobody is talking about it like Ami adams’ the master, jennifer Lawrence’s Silver linings, Marion Cotillard’s rust and bone or Quvenzhane walli’s Beast of the southern wild; the desperation she’s showing is embarrassing and comical.

She was paired with Sen. Al Franken at the dinner. No director wanted to be seated near her. lol

I like her dress, she looks very good here, but I don’t know, I don’t really think she deserves an Oscar nom. No way. One known fact is that Kristen cannot act

Could you all, young ladies with extreme issues of low self-esteem, leave this girl alone, forget the stupid cheating scandal and stop being ridiculous on gossip sites by continuously bashing her and her boyfriend?

Dirtyfameho @ 12/02/2012 at 1:35 am

@Loop Everybody is laughing at her tryhardness. She is not getting nominated for playing herself for 15 minutes in a pos movie that bombed with critics. A boring dress same cruddy hair and a forced smile. KStew has outdone herself. Go away already.

enough already ! @ 12/02/2012 at 1:36 am

OK !! enough already the majority of you people are a bunch of morons , you idiots can’t even bother to f@cking read the post …. it says in big ass letters GOVERNOR”S AWARDS LUNCHEON 2012, they are honoring these people in the business for their philanthropic work etc.. and she was invited … you weren’t ! Unlike you all …bunch of asses the people in that business know her , they lived through the same sh!t she going through right now and they don’t give a damn about public opinions specially comments from a gossip blogs … please give me a break ! also being the imbeciles that you are she doesn’t need to beg for jobs they are being offered to her , she will make up her mind when ever she is ready ,,,,this woman is getting all this hate just because she chose to do Twilight and date Robert Pattinson …. seriously !!! WTF is wrong with people in society today suddenly every one is turning into complete a$$holes !!!!!

ButthurtKrisbians @ 12/02/2012 at 1:41 am

You sound pressed because we’re telling the truth. If she was so loved then why is she still unemployed?

what an idiot !! @ 12/02/2012 at 1:44 am

@Dirtyfameho: Actually .. NO .. only your tired ass !!! Decent human being… people with some decorum that are in the same business actually admire and respect her and most of the young talent of today !

Jealous Much? I am an old lady but you guys freak me out with all the hate and jealousy you show in your comments. I think she is a beautiful young lady with lots of acting talent. What is your excuse for all the hate? Love them…

enough already ! @ 12/02/2012 at 1:48 am

@ButthurtKrisbians: Not at all i’m just sick and tired of the same bullshit being spewed over the internet by a bunch of idiots … it was funny the first time around now it’s just plain stupid and redundant … How many times can stupid people repeat the same crap ? It has become offensive , insensitive and just plain hateful … so please tell me again how much it is ? because i fail to see the humor here !!!!

Is she so delusional that she actually thinks she’s going to get an Oscar nomination? She’s one of the worst actresses in Hollywood.

enough already ! @ 12/02/2012 at 2:07 am

@wtf: again i guess i will repeat myself ,,, this luncheon has nothing to do with Oscars , if you don’t know what it is please google it , so you you won’t sound like a moron !

ButthurtKrisbians @ 12/02/2012 at 2:09 am

@enough already Stick in a fork in her, she’s done. It’s time for KStew to step aside and let people who don’t have to sleep with their bosses to get work be in the spotlight.

enough already ! @ 12/02/2012 at 2:19 am

@ButthurtKrisbians: LOL!!! so says the idiot here who doesn’t know the purpose of this awards luncheon >>> this is after a gossip blog right …. i am actually enjoying this whole experience ,, LOL .. very enlightening .. I personally don’t care if she wins a Oscar or not or anything else for that matter i just can’t stand ignorance and these days this whole social media internet gossip crap is just too much fun tom pass up !!By the way directors don’t give jobs to actors !!

ButthurtKrisbians @ 12/02/2012 at 2:29 am

@enough already What are you even talking about? I know this dinner was for people TRYING to get an Oscar and to hand out philanthropic honors. Directors do hire actors all the time. Take a chill pill butthurt Krisbian

@ enough already – you really need to stop posting because you’re just making a fool of yourself. This has everything to do with the Oscars. You see that big gold statue KW is posing next to? That’s called an OSCAR. This is the evening where they hand out the honorary Oscars that used to be handed out at the main ceremony but now they have a separate night for it. And actors who want to be nominated turn up and schmooze with voters. KW is delusional enough to think she deserves an Oscar nomination so she’s turned up to schmooze.

Got it?

enough already ! @ 12/02/2012 at 2:58 am

@wtf: look i know exactly what it means but what you seem to overlook here is the fact that people can’t just show up to these event , you actually have to get an invitation so obviously she got one ! And by the way what’s it to you ? you don’t even know the woman … why does it bother you so much ? a lot of you are a little too invested in these people lives !

guest who @ 12/02/2012 at 3:15 am

What is wrong with schmoozing? Everyone does it. Oh I get it. If Kristen Stewart does it, it’s wrong. Right? Oh Senator Al Franken showed up. He must want to be nominated for Oscars right? With your stupid logic, everyone who showed up here must want Oscars. Will Smith showed up. He must want Oscars? What about John Kransinski? Or good old George Lucas? Julie Bowen? Emily VanCamp? Ginnifer Goodwin? What the heck these TV star ladies doing there? OH it’s only when Kristen Stewart shows up, there is problem for you dumb people. You people are pathetic. If you don’t like her, stop reading her articles, stop watching her movies, and stop commenting anything she does. But no. You have to read everything about her to criticize her. How stupid is that? Bunch of idiots spewing hate on 22 years old woman. Really pathetic.

She looks great :)

I hope they are not going to nominate her for Oscar. No! No! It will be the end of film industry.

i thought she was tooo honest , real, rebel for all this…..she has zero chances to be nominated for anything but as a any real hypocrite famewhore she does exactly the opposite of what shepreaches. She’s there just to feed tabloïds and make people talk about her.

guest who @ 12/02/2012 at 3:44 am

@guest who: Correction on my post. The TV ladies were not there. I mistakenly looked at pictures for Emmy Governor Ball. Rest I mentioned were there. Still I don’t get why mentioning Kristen Stewart name brings out such intense hostility and antipathy from people. People act like she cheated on them. Stupid hateful people.

@Bee: Then why are you looking at it? Jealous much? Just sick of all the hate.

What is with these Twilight actors thinking they’re good enough to win oscars? First Kellan Lulz then Ashley Greene now Kristen Stewart. Who next?

The moment i see her i get reminded of the scandal , she slept with the married guy and proclaimed to the world Rob will take her back he will forgive her anything . and he did take her back . She must have told him a truck load of BS and sometimes men can be so gullible and they take what women tell them at face value . she has just twisted his brain . Hope Rob will see sense and just drop her .

One thing I personaly don’t understand… first the style… okay it’s fine everybody to have a different style than others, but is the thing with the DIRTY HAIR ALL THE TIME… **** man you have millions and you don’t even bath?! WHAT THE HELL, get a bath and a room, please… :X

Whoa! Some scary psycho beyotches in these comments! Who did this girl murder? o.0

You don’t just show up to this event. You get invited. She is #1 among her peers. Suck it up haters.

You are all a bunch of sick haters. I hope karma gets you.

aquarius64 @ 12/02/2012 at 6:51 am

@Kelly: It’s Operation Damage Control – phase 2. After that incident with the paps at LAX, she and her team realized her image is still damaged. So she appears at events like this to show the world she’s a credible actress, and not tabloid fodder. (The latter part is of her own making.)

This girl doesn’t have an ounce of poise in her body. Look at the way she stands! Ugh! I know she think she’s above all the red carpet crap and she thinks she’s cool but it just reads as sloppy to me.

You don’t just “appear” at this event you doofus. SHE WAS INVITED.

Ask Alice @ 12/02/2012 at 7:43 am

Kristen looks sad and uncomfortable. She’s lacking in femininity and self confidence…maybe that’s why she cheated with a married man old enough to be her father?

Get counseling and get your issues worked out, Kristen. You’re not moving forward until you do.

@ HELLO? She was INVITED with the help of her PR team trying hard to clean her ass. What do you think – Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence are not invited, because they are inferior to KStew or have less chances to get a nom? They just don’t need to kiss everyone’s ass to stay relevant and acclaimed.

Her hair looks awful.

@Kara: Yes you can get an invitation to such events if you have the right connections in the industry.Kristen’s family is in movie making business so I’m sure she has good connections.

Who in their right mind thinks that Kristen deserves Oscar or Golden Globe for her performance in OTR?

OTR is incredible moviel! watching.

After reading the comments I can conclude there’s a lot of you who are just plain morons, dumb, clueless etc. Actors, actresses, directors… who attend this industry event get the Invitation to be guests of this awards night. Kristen is not campaigning or what some of you call f—-horing to get a nomination. She, just like the other guests, was invited. Get your facts straight and stop the bullying.

On the road has had 4 premieres and 2-3 screening in NYC and still nobody is talking about it like cosmopolis, the master, Silver linings, De rouille et d’os

It’s funny how krisbians think the only good thing about kristen is that she’s dating rob, whenever someone comes up with true facts about her, krisbians are all like, “you’re jealous because she’s dating rob” oh please, time for new excuses.

Rob Spotted Having Lunch with Warner Bros Executive

E! Online are reporting that following his Arbitrage Luncheon where he posed for pictures with Richard Gere, Rob “headed to Soho House, where he was seen having a business lunch with a Warner Bros. exec. to discuss a movie.”

Another project Rob ??

People, do not forget kris entered Hollywood by her parents not her talent ;-)
She has no chance between Anne Hathaway, Helen Hunt, Sally Field, Amy Adams, Maggie Smith, Samantha Barks, etc. for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.
But… well… KEEP DREAMING Kristen Stewart’s fans !!! x) *NO CHANCE*

Rob pattinson Oscar and Golden Globes for the film cosmopolis

The dress would be cuter if it actually fit her.

And no matter how nice the dress, her dour expression, poor posture, and innate insecurity ruin the look every single time. Mentally, she has never left those teen years. Too many years in the industry has stunted her growth as a person. She seems terribly immature and one-dimensional.

The supporting actress category is very packed this year, so I’m sure Kristen is aware her chances are very slim at getting nominated. But this is not about a getting a nom. This is about going through the experience of an Oscar campaign and getting the word out there about OTR.
The movie may have had mixed reviews up to now but it’s yet to be seen by the majority of critics. And when it doesn’t go well with critics then you go directly to the voters. Now is the time for Kirsten and Garrett to reach out to Academy members and talk about their movie and get them to move that OTR screener to the top of the pile. That’s how ELIC did it last year and they went on to nab two Oscar noms, including Best Picture.

Most all of you trolls on this board are so jealous of Kristen that it’s blatant. She looks stunning and can outshine Jennifer Lawrence on any red carpet even if she wore a burlap. This girl has a very unique look to her that is innocent, yet glamorous at the same time, while Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and the rest of them are ordinary faces at best, totally forgetable at worst. Leave Kristen alone. She is 22, gorgeous without rtying and on top of the world. OH, and I forgot; RICH and sleeping with Robert Pattinson. Eat your hearts out you miserable people

aquarius64 @ 12/02/2012 at 9:49 am

@HELLO?: Calling me and other names is not going to change the fact Kristen’s reputation is in the gutter and she’s going to have to work hard to climb out of it.

Love you K @ 12/02/2012 at 9:54 am

Sh indeed look stunning. Haters, go soak your beans for your dinner.Your opinion doesn’t matter. Secretly she has many fans is HW. SHE WAS INVITED BY NAME TO THE EVENT!! Love the girl!

stupid you @ 12/02/2012 at 9:55 am

@ewww..she’s back!:

Stp your jelousey, Kristen is getting bigger and better! Get used to it!

kristen profession ended

good for you gurl @ 12/02/2012 at 9:57 am

SHE WAS INVITED TO THE EVENT, THAT IS A VERY important industry affair.For few chosen only!! Good for you gurl!

Ha, ha you are beyond stupid! Kristen owns you sorry a ss, you can not help yourslef but read postes about her and comment! You lost your life!

the fact Kristen’s reputation is in the gutter and she’s going to have to work hard to climb out of it.

She is like air. So invisible yet necessary to live. She brings so my joy to my eyes. I wish to wake up to her picture every moring.

aquarius64 @ 12/02/2012 at 10:08 am

@Lillian: Yeah we’re so jealous of her…we want to cheat on our boyfriends/husbands in broad daylight so we can get death threats and re-named “trampire”. We want articles coming out implying we’re a serial cheater, we’re targeting our next victim (Ben Affleck) and the paternity of any child we would haveis automatically suspect. As for that “innocent” look, that went out the window when her married sidepiece slurped all over her in the Mini-Cooper and grinded his crotch into her butt by the fence – actions that SHE ALLOWED. You know during awards season some host is going to use the cheating scandal as material for the monologue.

That’s Kristen’s life now. Brag about her money and Rob taking her back all you want, she’s living a hell of her own making. (see paps & LAX). She has no one but herself to blame for being thought of as trash by a considerable amount of people and being treated as such.

Yeah I can see why a lot of people would want a life like this.

aquarius64 @ 12/02/2012 at 10:14 am

@Love you K: Wrong. Our opinion does matter….in terms of the box office. Let’s see if she pull in the big dollars once Twilight is out the theaters for a year or more. That will be the true test if she’s a moneymaker.


I love her look here. Like an old Dutch painting. There is some aura about her.


That is not an even to campain for anything! It is VIP event, you have to be invited to attend .Invited by the Academy members. You are too nive to post here. Go and post on Nick JR site.

stupid you @ 12/02/2012 at 10:20 am


You acquarius are one big fat hater going from one blog to another and posting you *****! What a character and a hater you are, Guess what, you will never find peace yourself- you are boiling , LOL! (Don’t worry abiut Kristen, worry about yourslef)

Why would anyone be jealous of her, seriously? She’s good looking, yes, but not stunning or whatever over-the-top adjectives that her fans use to describe her. The thing which you guys think makes anyone jealous is that she has Rob. Please, thats not a jealousy factor anymore. He’s hot yeah I know, but no sane, self-respecting girl will want to date a weakling like him. He can be considered good looking at best, or maybe if he proves his mettle, a good actor. I think he’s no longer a girl’s dream man. As for the bucks, I know she’s got a lot, but she must have spent a fortune on her PR team who have been working overtime. And no one is jealous of her acting abilities, obviously. No one is jealous of her fanbase, because all the stupid people are her fans. No one is jealous of her success because she was in twilight, which means nothing. So no, no one’s jealous

Bwhaaaaaaaaaa J Law is a few months younger than Kristen Stewart heading towards her 2nd Oscar nomination, has contract with dior, and stars in 2 big franchises. . I don’t think she’s jealous of a trollap whose biggest accomplishment was cheating on her boyfriend with a married man. Emma Stone wipes the floor with her too. The simple truth is Kristen Stewart can’t compete. Robert Pattinson is the only thing that makes her semi relevant.

Dog barking @ 12/02/2012 at 10:30 am

“semi relevant”? She is more than relavant to you!! You have chosen to comment on he , not Emma not Jennifer! Go there, why waste you ink here!LOL Another slave!!! Guess what? twilight is not real, did you know it? Kristen is aprivate pereson and you have no right to comment on her bedroom choices. Ma sturbate,to Rob’s poster, it shpould ease your tension!

She is very pretty in that dress.

There’s no evidence whatever that she slept with Rupert. She let the guy kiss her and hug her. That’s all you know and that’s all you have a right to accuse her of. Did you sleep with every guy you ever kissed?

RUPSTEN IS UNBROKEN! @ 12/02/2012 at 10:38 am


@Dog barking: *pats you on the head* Its okay you can go and fap to your ****** queen’s picture now.

Rob pattinson Oscar and Golden Globes for the film cosmopolis….

@Dog barking @ 12/02/2012 at 10:53 am

Sorry to burst your bubble I don’t want Robert Pattinson. His prospects would be just as bad as hers except he’s likable. As soon as just jared has new J Law and Emma Stone I’ll leave feedback.

@Meni: you do not even know kristen, the so called “true facts” you seem to think people are talking about,aren’t actually true aside from the only true fact which is that she cheated on rob.

the same can be said for the people who comment on kristen posts saying the exact same thing e.g she is a trampire, once a cheater always a cheater etc .if they can’t think of anything new to say they just should not bother commenting.

Rob’s future will be great

rop pattinson next movies

1_Mission: Blacklist
2_Maps to the Stars
3_Queen of the Desert
4_The Rover
5_Hold on to Me
6_the band
7_Hate Mail
8_Unbound Captives


@Julie: the same thing can be said about a few actors/actresses. kristen didn’t even want to be an actress but once she started acting she found that she loved it. she got roles because of her talent so if she could not act she would never have been cast in any films. when it comes to her parents they play no part in kristen getting offered film roles

Stunning. All the haters are terrified she will get a nom, hilarious to see! lol!


Love@KissThis: I love KRISTEN., and for you GOD bless you. Oh KISS THIS .. I fell bad for you.

Acho que Kristen estava realmente linda, e o fato de ela estar presente, significa que ela tem algum prestígio. Enquanto os invejosos falam mal, ela desfila linda e exuberante como a atriz mas bem paga atualmente!

@Helen: Do you know that ONLY Kristen fans think that she can win some serious awards? lmao

@Lillian: lol… Jennifer and Emma have one thing that Kristen doesn’t have and not it not about an Oscar…it about been able to and what makes up think she is going to get an Oscar..even Michael Fassbender didn’t get any nom for having sex it a lot of women, even he can act….and you think someone is jealous about her Jay Leno chin, then think again…… don’t defend her by putting others down..and as for critics commenting on the acting in OTR . read the review..all the are commenting is that she can dance…and for then record…nobody is jealous of the cheater

for one she was invited to this event and second her co-star amy adams was their too so shut up already ps. she was at a q&a for nominated actors a few days ago varity studios so suck it up haters that’s called life.


Actually no one is terrified of her getting a nom. WE ACCEPT AND ACKNOWLEDGE that her getting a nom will be a result of her having sex with powers to be in HW. She’s doing and done anyone man, i.e. producers directors to get that nod. That’s the job of a famewh_øre.

@kiana: Amy Adams was invited for « The Master », not for « On the Road ». WAKE UP! Kristen Stewart has NO chance. Did you know Anne Hathaway, Maggie Smith, Jackie Weaver, Sally Field, Helen Hunt? THESE ladies have Oscar buzz! No Razzie Award nominee Kristen Stewart. 13 december (Golden Globes: Nominations Announced) you will see !
For God sake, Kristen Stewart is not even nominated for a spirit independent awards. Stewart’s fans desperate me…

Best Supporting Actress is a crowded field this year and the GGs don’t separate Supporting into Drama and Comedy/Musical. So you’ll have Sally Field, Amy Adams, and all the girls from Les Miz taking up all the slots.
So, no.

there you go again stupid haters. the more you hate her the more she become famous and beautiful. get a life loserrrr!!

why do people even care if she get nominated or not, the general public has no say in who wins. it was a private event which she was invited to, does not mean she is getting nominated.

it is hilarious that people are worrying about kristen getting a nomination just cos she turned up to an event she was invited to.

@aquarius64: lol seriously you must really obsessed with Kristen Stewart.

Where's your humanity? @ 12/02/2012 at 12:58 pm

I’m baffled of the amount of vitriol directed towards her. I’ll accept everyone’s diatribe of not wanting to be her or not being jealous of her. What I don’t understand is — what compels you to make such vitriolic comments in the first place. Is it this medium that makes you have the freedom to spew hate? If your anonymity is taken away would you say the same things? As human beings we are born with free will. We can choose to be positive and reflect light OR choose the opposite: negativity (the black hole that sucks up what is good and beautiful within us). I hope there are more people in this world that would resist to choose the latter. Without the capacity for kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance this world would be an inhospitable place for humankind. Our society is a reflection of every single act each one of us makes. That includes YOU. Your single act of leaving hateful comments on this forum is a reflection of who you are as a human being.

aquarius64 @ 12/02/2012 at 1:05 pm

@stupid you: Like your comments are going to shame me into not raising a criticism. Go fight another windmill Don (or Donna) Quixote, Kristen’s self-inflicted mess is not going away.

aquarius64 @ 12/02/2012 at 1:08 pm

@Dog barking: Your last sentence was a beaut, and certainly not helping. It’s fans like you that make Kristen Stewart look like a joke to everyone else.

@enough already !:

Your tantrum is really funny!!

aquarius64 @ 12/02/2012 at 1:21 pm

@dyya: no I’m fascinated by Kristen fans like you who validate the stereotype they’re unstable. Some of you Krisbians and Twi-bots will send dreath threats to any, especially critics, who write something negative about her. I fear for the voting boards for the Oscars and the Golden Globes; because if she’s not nominated the panel members and their families would have to go into Witness Protection (or beef up their security) because the deluge of the threatening emails they will get.


She murdered decency,decorum,morality,respect and character.

Kristen Stewart thinking she’s going to get an oscar nom…. hahahahaha….. Maybe the Razzie Award for Worst Actress (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 + Snow White and the Huntsman)


Perfect!!!You are 100% right!!

2 questions:

1.- what is she doing there? and
2.- does she not owns a comb?

@stupid you:

Aquarius bothers you and the twitards because he is telling the truth!And the truth hurts.

You know, the only reason I believed that the relationship between KStew and her doormat wasn’t just a PR stunt was her absolute inability to act. You just have to see her movies, she plays either herself (Twilight, OTR) or she fails horribly (SWATHM). No way she could act all lovey-dovey just for PR. And tbh I guess Robert Pattinson – though better than her – couldn’t either.

the only person i feel bad for in this situation is garrett. OTR has been panned by critics and people that have already seen it in movies outside of the U.S. (i saw it and it honestly wasnt good), but garrett deserves some recognition since he was the only reason that the movie held itself together and this girl is completely overshadowing his performance by her coming to these events.

to everyone saying that she gets roles because of her “talent” are we talking about the same girl?, she first got in the this industry bc of her parents, her dad was the who told her about Twilight, he works in a lot of her movies so I don’t really think is bc of her “talent” even her first interview was because her dad was working in that show with Ryan Seacrest

@aquarius64: nobody is sending death threats to anyone,think you are delusional. krisbians and twibots, exactly how old are you?????

Fruedianknoel @ 12/02/2012 at 3:09 pm

Kim kardshainn and freida Pinto are examples of famewh*res, not kristen. Kristen acting needs work yes but why is evryone so against her? Atleast she is seen wroking her ass off unlike the two two ugly loser I mentioned.
Jennifer Larence,Emma Stone,Emma Waston,Kristen are light years ahead of that slum girl, who can’t even say her lines properly.Anybody here see Trishna? Terrible movie and poorly acted out. Can’t belive that it was a Michael Winterbottem movie.

And this is coming from someone who isn’t a fan of Kristens. Give her the credit its due. I am sure that Kristen knows she isn’t getting an oscar nom. She was just invited to this function. I bet she knows that there are great women who are getting the attention for their acting.

The only good thing that critics said about OTD was Garett Hellends acting. Kristen and the other guy got mixed reviews for their acting.

@Fruedianknoel: LOL true! How is K-Stew a famew00re for going to an event for which she was invited to?
Its okay for people to call kristen this but when that brown beggar and the lame porn star goes on numerous magzine covers for which she has no movies its okay?

she’s an actress with plenty of $$… you guys is nowhere near her so I’m not surprise why you are jealous of her. sour words back-lashing her and you got plenty of thumbs up… wow! the world is getting weirder everyday. Kristen and Rob both have moved on with their lives, i hope you haters move on too.

2faced ***** continues to say one thing and do another. Thinks ******** her directors and producers for roles makes her real instead of working with a coach. Needs to stop taking adderall so she can do interview. She is a laughing stock. Veronica Lake is not someone to copy. She messed up her career by being a witch to everyone. Kscrew has such a bad rep in Hollywood she can ‘t get work now.

Jack Kerouac must be rolling in his grave knowing that she is the actress out of all the actresses in hollywood that was chosen to be the present day representative of his timeless literature. shame.

t @ 12/02/2012 at 12:33 am
She’s not required to go to these events as part of any contract or part of her job. These types of events give her more exposure and more attention to the event.
She has become the typical Hollywood because it’s necessary to an extent, especially when you’re just starting out. Her reps are trying to make her more consumer friendly now that the Twilight series is done and she has managed to wreck a marriage. Although, whoever dressed her for the Twilight campaign didn’t do anything to quiet the claims of her being the one to seduce the director.
I think the lesson Stewart has learned is that she can’t go back to the idealistic naive person she was before Twilight. All the things she said in the past only makes her look like a hypocrite now. If she wants to stay relevant, she has to play with the big boys. Apparently they want her to be some femme fatale, but she doesn’t have the personality or assets for that. She’s a pretty girl when she makes the effort, but even showing her she’s not sexy.

What some of the fans don’t get is that she’s not sincere and all that bs she’s been feeding the public but that she just simply can’t act,not act fake, just rather has no acting skills whatsoever.not a crime,but since she chose acting as a career path…

Oh come on girls play nice! You know K-Stew will get nominated for an award this year…..THE RAZZIES LOL

@sam: I agree with you. Ruth begged Garrett to go greet the fans with Kristen during TIFF even though he was there with his real life girlfriend, because Kristen was so nervous. Now that her team is done with him, as her confidence has returned, she is going it alone. It reminds of the WTTR promotion where it was all about Kristen to the detriment of other cast members. They ignored Melissa Leo and she won the best supporting actress that year for The Fighter.

SHE WAS INVITED TO THE EVENT, THAT IS A VERY important industry affair.For few chosen only!! Good for you gurl!

FALSE STATEMENTS @ 12/02/2012 at 6:47 pm

You are crazy hater. I know JK 93 year old frind , fellow Lady beatnik poet Bridgit in NY- they adore Kristen, more than love- ADORE!!!

hags posting, why? @ 12/02/2012 at 6:50 pm


sH WAS INVITED TO THIS EVENT. iT IS A GREAT HONOR. She was placed next to Cali governor- how nice! Why is the world she should pass this? Because twilight crazy middle America women stopped cooking beans and hate her for cheating on Edward? Get help! Kristen is getting bigger and better!


How corny of you to ht on a person you have never met, because? You don’t like her dress or her ears or tha fcking FACT THAT SHE CAN MAKE OUT WITH YOUR SPARKY IDOL, AL SHE WANTS A, WHEN SHEWANTS AND CAN EVEN TAKE A BREAK AND COME BACK TO HIM!! Oh, inrony!!The moreyou eat erthe ore famous she gets. She eve go a spacial entry here. It s Kristen at the awaRDS and the rest of actors in a communal thread!!

@andi: @Hayley:
Don’t you worry about her gettying jobs in HW. Worry about your own entry level position where you only benefit is free blogging on company time, lol!! Your idol Robert Pattsion didn’t work for the past 1.5! Heard that – a year and a half- no a single movie. How do you explain that? Don’t ansewr, wash your sweat pants instead!!

Get help now! @ 12/02/2012 at 7:03 pm

Seriuolsy, try to get mental help. Yiu are a raging hater. Who is your mother? What was your teacher? Those are gossip boards for fun for fans – not an outlet for sick individuals, you are not getitng any help here.
That is not a pilitical blog- enterteintment- stop killing fun for visitors.

The truth will come and show itslef- as in this ball where Kristen was invited and placed next to a govenor on Ca. She didn’t buy or steal a seat, lol
Aquarius is crazy and drinking her own medacine. She drinks poison thinking she can kill Kristen.!!

hags speaking, why? @ 12/02/2012 at 7:08 pm

Why those peirmenopausal hags do not go after Elmo actor who is acused of statruatory rapes of young boys?

pretty, pretty @ 12/02/2012 at 7:10 pm

I love Kristen’s dress and her look. So delicate , airy. Pretty, pretty.

It amazes me how all you people who claim to be sick of seeing Kristen Stewarts face, or reading about her continue to comment on her in article after article, after article. If she disturbes you all so much why do you continuing to keep reading about her time, and time, and time again. It totally makes no sense. If you dislike her so much forget about her and move on and get a life.

@john 2u:
I agee with you! If you don ‘t like sombody why even open a comment about the person yet alone post! Are these Twilight obssesed moms?


Apparently you’re not familiar with the term “promoting” most of the time it’s part of their contract. As far as the tabloids, she has no control over the BS they write. You need to get a clue and move on. They have.


Really you just make yourself look pathetic, stupid, and jealous with those kind of comments. You don’t change anyone’s mind about anything.


hmmm…….kills you to see Rob’s ring on her finger huh?

HippostouchthemselvestoK-Stew @ 12/02/2012 at 8:09 pm

Wow I never knew Kirsten Stewart had a small fanbase of crazy hippos they problably weight a ton and spend the majority of their time here looking at who insults thier idol so they can attack. You heffas need a life, you sad pathetic obese woman, just because people here are saying the truth that Kirsten Stewart is a bad actress, doens’t give you right to attack them or insult them. If you hippos love her so much then go build a fansite and post as many creepy coments and pictures as you want about your $lutty idol and her loser boyfriend.

You , dear, belong to a pig barn wit your comments.Thank you

lady in lace @ 12/02/2012 at 8:20 pm

So some of the idiots here think that Kristen should skip an industry ball with very important movers and shakers, why? You don’t approve her dress? Too fancy? Last week you were beating her up too, her outfit was too casual! make up your mind.

learn something @ 12/02/2012 at 8:25 pm

Good one! How about the picture of Rob bringing her a cup of tea and a towel? Even betetr. there is a book out there called”the Curse Of a good Girl” What is say is that girls like Kristen have it all, bacause they don’t waste thier time to compete with other girls for being cute and are high achivers at the end. Tomboys rule. Read it. It is those glossy girly , girls models that end up depressed and tossed abound. It is a mandatory reading for on eon NJ preppy school. Educate yourself.

Lovely girl at a lovely even. Wish her boyfriend was with her, lol

@HippostouchthemselvestoK-Stew: Lmfao :D i know a bunch of Kristen fans & they look nothing like hippos.

aquarius64 @ 12/02/2012 at 8:45 pm

@Get help now!: First Amendment allows me to express my opinion on a blog. You don’t like it, tough.

aquarius64 @ 12/02/2012 at 8:49 pm

@Get help now!: So if you critize Stewart you must be crazy….right. Stupid statements like you just made inspire people to push back on this “woman” more.

hags posting, why? @ 12/02/2012 at 6:50 pm
I didn’t say that she shouldn’t attend, that’s up to her. What I said, in response to another poster, was that she was not REQUIRED to attend. Do learn to read. An invitation doesn’t obligate anyone to attend these events. Celebrities get many invitations, they pick and choose which ones they want to attend. Except those with lagging careers, they go to everything
You do realize the last part of your post doesn’t make sense. You write like you’re a blithering idiot.

Honestly, it’s only a matter of time before she’s gone for good. Her image is tainted and irreparable. Her movies are not blockbusters nor Oscar worthy. She can’t act! Why are people in such denial over this. There are far more young talented actresses who deserve much more attention and recognition than her. Do everyone a favour and go away! And take the door mat BF with you!

Maybe those talented actress you have in mind do indeed deserve attention and recognition but they are somehow not getting it. It is what you like. Life is not fair this way. A picture of K in a hoodie at the airport is worth more then 2 next actresses naked.It was public wants.

After reading these post I must say that I am truly embarrassed for some of the posts.
First I am a fan of Ms Stewart.
I live in a very nice affluent neighborhood.
I have my own business. And I am not fat because I work my ass off.
I demise that a few of the posts are made by people who really need to be focusing on their English and Writing skills, and not on websites.

Best Actress ever, give her an Oscar

HippostouchthemselvestoK-Stew @ 12/02/2012 at 10:53 pm

@WOW: You should know you problably live on one porky!

Well… we live in a fu**ed up society where many people praise cheater and homewrecker as if she’s a goddess and vilify the victim. Hopefully our young generation will not see those immoral acts (cheating and wrecking other people’s marriage) as normal and easily condoned things.

Kristen doesn’t deserve Oscar or GG award. She can’t act as someone other than herself. She’s one of the worst actresses in HW.

@aquarius64: sorry i am not krisbians or twibots i just think you really need mental help and why you get so mad about her and keep posting the same dumb comment here. don’t worried about her she will be just fine.

Krisbians & Twibots?? how old are you ppl? lmao

I have no clue why I am subjecting myself to writing a comment amongst immature babble but I stumbled upon this webpage and seriously why hide behind a computer and comment on a woman you do not know. You do NOT know her story and seriously you think she is pathetic well fine, at least she is fulfilling her dreams not gossiping about people in the ‘entertainment business’ by reading tabloids and the absolutely ridiculous articles they run. Anyway what do people think these comments are doing? Hurting her is definitely not possible because trust me she has very supportive family, friends and a partner that know her and she simply does not give in to the rumours as it’s funnier that way.

Mary Mary @ 12/03/2012 at 3:39 am


It is called a career move. That is what you do when you WORK. You go to work functions. This industry is vast and they get together to acknowledge work someone deems superior. Was it by invitation only? Who knows. The deal with your fame ***** comment is foolish. That is when they get their picture taken strolling into a store to buy groceries.

filthy diseased hobag

And yeat again, Robert Pattsion is not going to f ck you, save your insults!

her vajay is all played out

It is sad people give this trash so many hits which she then shows the world as her power ..guys dont comment and give her the numbers just rate the comments .
some people think getting hits is sign of popularity but it is not . people dont like this girl who is an empty shell with no morals .90 % of the comments are negative …. people just do not want to see her in magazines and in movies . THIS IS A FACT .
the more her handful of fans defend her and her cheating , more people dislike her . it is strange how these people defend the behaviour of a cheater and a girl who has no morals and cheated with a married man in broad daylight inspite of being friends with his wife .
she is capable of such deceit and yet people defend her .it is unbelievable .

love you girl @ 12/03/2012 at 8:48 am

She is a lovely girl, leave her alone. Love ya!

…i think steaming runny dogpoo is lovely

@sienna:who says liberty and kristen were friends????? and no the one picture of them posing in the same pic does not prove that they were

@sienna: who says she has no morals,yes she did something wrong and is not trying to make excuses for what she did cos she knows its was a terrible thing. she just has to learn from it and move on with her life.

the fact that people who do not like her take the time to comment on her post shows that they care what she is doing even if they say they do not otherwise why bother reading the post as nobody is forcing them to pay attention to her

No Kristen, you’re not getting a nomination! She was nominated for the razzies twice or thrice. This OTR movie, is it any good guys? I haven’t seen it and won’t because I heard there’s nudity and threesomes etc. I would definitely give that a miss. Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence etc are good actresses, she doesn’t deserve a nom.

Before you haters ..hate on someone… you should first look at yourself . Kristen is a beautiful and talented young actress…what happens in her personal life is her business…not yours!!!
Kristen will stay one of HollyWood’s greatest…her future is bright
and full of promise. If you don’t care for her..then what the hell are you doing here? Just saying…. Best of luck to Kristen.
Counting on a ” OSCAR ” nomination for sure…”ON THE ROAD ”
Trailers look awesome!!

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