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Kristen Stewart - Governors Awards 2012

Kristen Stewart - Governors Awards 2012

Kristen Stewart stuns on the red carpet at the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences’ 4th Annual Governors Awards held at Hollywood and Highland on Saturday evening (December 1) in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actress wore a Talbot Runhoff dress with Christian Louboutin heels and an Iwona Ludyga Design bracelet.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

The event pays tribute to filmmakers Hal Needham, D.A. Pennebaker, George Stevens Jr., and studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg will be honored with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for his philanthropic work.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the 2012 Governors Awards

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180 Responses to “Kristen Stewart - Governors Awards 2012”

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  1. 76
    fdx Says:

    kristen profession ended

  2. 77
    good for you gurl Says:

    SHE WAS INVITED TO THE EVENT, THAT IS A VERY important industry affair.For few chosen only!! Good for you gurl!

  3. 78
    cutie Says:

    Ha, ha you are beyond stupid! Kristen owns you sorry a ss, you can not help yourslef but read postes about her and comment! You lost your life!

  4. 79
    jiujui Says:

    the fact Kristen’s reputation is in the gutter and she’s going to have to work hard to climb out of it.

  5. 80
    Robin Says:

    She is like air. So invisible yet necessary to live. She brings so my joy to my eyes. I wish to wake up to her picture every moring.

  6. 81
    aquarius64 Says:

    @Lillian: Yeah we’re so jealous of her…we want to cheat on our boyfriends/husbands in broad daylight so we can get death threats and re-named “trampire”. We want articles coming out implying we’re a serial cheater, we’re targeting our next victim (Ben Affleck) and the paternity of any child we would haveis automatically suspect. As for that “innocent” look, that went out the window when her married sidepiece slurped all over her in the Mini-Cooper and grinded his crotch into her butt by the fence – actions that SHE ALLOWED. You know during awards season some host is going to use the cheating scandal as material for the monologue.

    That’s Kristen’s life now. Brag about her money and Rob taking her back all you want, she’s living a hell of her own making. (see paps & LAX). She has no one but herself to blame for being thought of as trash by a considerable amount of people and being treated as such.

    Yeah I can see why a lot of people would want a life like this.

  7. 82
    aquarius64 Says:

    @Love you K: Wrong. Our opinion does matter….in terms of the box office. Let’s see if she pull in the big dollars once Twilight is out the theaters for a year or more. That will be the true test if she’s a moneymaker.

  8. 83
    me Says:


    I love her look here. Like an old Dutch painting. There is some aura about her.

  9. 84
    Eve Says:


    That is not an even to campain for anything! It is VIP event, you have to be invited to attend .Invited by the Academy members. You are too nive to post here. Go and post on Nick JR site.

  10. 85
    stupid you Says:


    You acquarius are one big fat hater going from one blog to another and posting you *****! What a character and a hater you are, Guess what, you will never find peace yourself- you are boiling , LOL! (Don’t worry abiut Kristen, worry about yourslef)

  11. 86
    notafan Says:

    Why would anyone be jealous of her, seriously? She’s good looking, yes, but not stunning or whatever over-the-top adjectives that her fans use to describe her. The thing which you guys think makes anyone jealous is that she has Rob. Please, thats not a jealousy factor anymore. He’s hot yeah I know, but no sane, self-respecting girl will want to date a weakling like him. He can be considered good looking at best, or maybe if he proves his mettle, a good actor. I think he’s no longer a girl’s dream man. As for the bucks, I know she’s got a lot, but she must have spent a fortune on her PR team who have been working overtime. And no one is jealous of her acting abilities, obviously. No one is jealous of her fanbase, because all the stupid people are her fans. No one is jealous of her success because she was in twilight, which means nothing. So no, no one’s jealous

  12. 87
    @Lillian Says:

    Bwhaaaaaaaaaa J Law is a few months younger than Kristen Stewart heading towards her 2nd Oscar nomination, has contract with dior, and stars in 2 big franchises. . I don’t think she’s jealous of a trollap whose biggest accomplishment was cheating on her boyfriend with a married man. Emma Stone wipes the floor with her too. The simple truth is Kristen Stewart can’t compete. Robert Pattinson is the only thing that makes her semi relevant.

  13. 88
    Dog barking Says:

    “semi relevant”? She is more than relavant to you!! You have chosen to comment on he , not Emma not Jennifer! Go there, why waste you ink here!LOL Another slave!!! Guess what? twilight is not real, did you know it? Kristen is aprivate pereson and you have no right to comment on her bedroom choices. Ma sturbate,to Rob’s poster, it shpould ease your tension!

  14. 89
    Go Says:

    She is very pretty in that dress.

  15. 90
    LP Says:

    There’s no evidence whatever that she slept with Rupert. She let the guy kiss her and hug her. That’s all you know and that’s all you have a right to accuse her of. Did you sleep with every guy you ever kissed?

  16. 91


  17. 92
    X Says:

    @Dog barking: *pats you on the head* Its okay you can go and fap to your ****** queen’s picture now.

  18. 93
    l.plp Says:

    Rob pattinson Oscar and Golden Globes for the film cosmopolis….

  19. 94
    @Dog barking Says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble I don’t want Robert Pattinson. His prospects would be just as bad as hers except he’s likable. As soon as just jared has new J Law and Emma Stone I’ll leave feedback.

  20. 95
    Dallas Says:

    @Meni: you do not even know kristen, the so called “true facts” you seem to think people are talking about,aren’t actually true aside from the only true fact which is that she cheated on rob.

    the same can be said for the people who comment on kristen posts saying the exact same thing e.g she is a trampire, once a cheater always a cheater etc .if they can’t think of anything new to say they just should not bother commenting.

  21. 96
    oikiokio Says:

    Rob’s future will be great

    rop pattinson next movies

    1_Mission: Blacklist
    2_Maps to the Stars
    3_Queen of the Desert
    4_The Rover
    5_Hold on to Me
    6_the band
    7_Hate Mail
    8_Unbound Captives


  22. 97
    Dallas Says:

    @Julie: the same thing can be said about a few actors/actresses. kristen didn’t even want to be an actress but once she started acting she found that she loved it. she got roles because of her talent so if she could not act she would never have been cast in any films. when it comes to her parents they play no part in kristen getting offered film roles

  23. 98
    Helen Says:

    Stunning. All the haters are terrified she will get a nom, hilarious to see! lol!

  24. 99
    kylie Says:


  25. 100
    monica Says:

    Love@KissThis: I love KRISTEN., and for you GOD bless you. Oh KISS THIS .. I fell bad for you.

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