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Miranda Kerr: One Day Work in L.A for Victoria's Secret!

Miranda Kerr: One Day Work in L.A for Victoria's Secret!

Miranda Kerr carries her adorable son Flynn while they have some fun at the park on Sunday (December 2) in New York City.

Later in the day, the 29-year-old supermodel tweeted, “Taking off for one day work in LA. #victoriasecret.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda was seen pushing Flynn in a stroller while out and about in the Big Apple.

In case you missed it, make sure to watch Miranda strut her stuff on the catwalk during the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing on Tuesday (December 4) at 10/9c!

FYI: Miranda is using her Nuna PEPP stroller!

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miranda kerr one day work in la for victorias secret 04
miranda kerr one day work in la for victorias secret 05
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  • t

    Miranda hasn’t been see with Orlando in a while. I bet she’s happy i doubt she ever liked or was into Orlando that much she just stayed with him because she said she always wanted to be a mother.

  • Love The Shoes
  • ha!

    what? she actually dressed her kid in weather appropriate clothes?? – I guess she’s been reading J.J

  • alex

    such a cute little devil

  • NYC

    Cutest kid on the planet. I hope they have another baby.
    One is not enough.

  • KissThis

    I bet she’s a great mom, and Flynn is such a cutie!

  • Char

    Yes please leave nyc

  • asdf

    That is the cutest kid ever!!! But no shock considering who his parents are

  • tam

    Gorgeous mom and beautiful boy!

  • sal

    LOVE HER! My favorite angel!

  • Jessie

    Such a beautiful family!

  • Shelly

    Cutie oh my

  • @1

    Uhmmm, you keep asking the same idiotic question, when you are very well aware of the answer.
    But one more time, just for old time’s sake.
    Orlando is filming in South Africa. The movie is scheduled to complete filming by the end of the week.
    Now, let’s see if your brain is able to retain that information for more than an hour.

  • @ha!

    Hmmm, looks like they are dressed the same way that they have been all week. Miranda even took off her coat for a while. It was in the fifties again, today.
    But if it adds to your self esteem to believe that a celeb actually cares what random strangers have to say, then go right ahead. Keep on believing.

  • ha!

    @@ha!: does this site help your self-esteem? is that why you feel the need to reply to everyone?

  • @ha!

    Oh, I’m just responding to your BS.
    You see, I’m not the one living in a fantasy world where Miranda Kerr values my opinion. That’s you, dear. Poor thing.

  • sara

    Flynn is just such a happy little man! Beautiful!

  • ha!

    @@ha!: seems that you get off on thinking you have the upper hand when it comes to this thread. I’d say that’s a self esteem issues in itself. :)

  • @ha

    I guess knowing that you are right does make one feel a tiny sense of pride. And doesn’t anyone on the side of truth have the ‘upper hand’, anyway? In every aspect of life?
    But my self esteem is just fine and dandy. Which is why I’m not the one living in that fantasy world that we talked about earlier.

  • @18

    If the haters would stop posting lies and idiotic theories, her fans would have no need to respond. kind of like the logic of more posts = more threads. Haters still complain about the number of threads that she gets, while they continue to keep posting over and over.
    If you feel that someone is feeling superior because they contradict you, then maybe you should examine your own motives for posting garbage in the first place.

  • tiffany

    Orlando, Miranda and Flynn. What an amazingly beautiful family.
    I adore them!

  • A question

    I wonder if Jared hired a pap attached to Miranda. How many times did she appear on this very board in the last past days.

  • t

    Even when she’s with Orlando she doesn’t look too much in love with him. I bet she was only with him to be a mother! I’m sure we’ll hear of a divorce from them soon. Even the tabloids say that they’re heading for a split because of their hectic schedules and being away from each other for so long.

  • ha!

    @@18: and your motives are that of a sane person?

  • @23

    Wow, that’s amazing!
    The ability to read minds must be such a special gift.
    Let’s see if you can read what I am thinking about you right now….

  • @24

    Sooo, in your world telling the truth means that you are insane?
    Well that explains a lot, now doesn’t it.

  • Jesse

    I’m 100% sure that the obsessed stalker fan of Miranda Kerr that always posts on Just Jared defending Miranda Kerr is Miranda Kerrs mother! There is no way someone can be that obsessed spending all their time defending someone they’ve never met and wasting their time responding to every single post about Miranda!

    Even Miranda Kerr said on an interview that her mother googles her and tells Miranda what others are saying about her and Miranda says she just doesn’t want to hear it! Lol! Is that you Mirandas mom? Tell Miranda i don’t say hi!

  • Jesse

    Wow! The obsessed stalker fan hasn’t/can’t respond back! Looks like she really is Mirandas mom! LOL!

  • XXX

    My favorite model! She’s so beautiful.

  • @27

    So once again, the idiots are claiming that fans who won’t let them spread their lies are “obsessed stalkers”. But haters who scour the internet 24/7 looking for news, only to post hate filled diatribes (see above) are rational human beings.
    And you are “100% sure”??
    Gosh it must suck to be so wrong, so stupid, and so pathetic all at one time.

  • @Jesse

    Oh, is someone mad because they missed out on flooding page 1 with socks?
    Poor thing. Was the idiot hater on duty alseep on the job?

  • sara

    I know that Miranda is doing The Talk, and Craig Ferguson. But will we be able to see any of the other girls, too?
    I would think that Ale is going to be on TV for promotion, since she is wearing the fantasy bra this year, but I haven’t heard anything yet.
    And what about Adriana or Candice? Did I miss any news about them?

  • Tk

    That kid has a receding hairline already!

  • ha!

    @Jesse: “tell miranda i don’t say hi” LOL!
    And I think the same thing.. or it’s one of her friends? — as funny as they are, their blind devotion also scares me.

  • ha!

    @@Jesse: night duty? you do understand how the world works, right? that’s it’s NOT “night time” for everyone?

    I of course was on the day-shift… please gather the correct terminology before posting :)

  • WOW!

    So one idiot thinks that Miranda bothers to read here. Another believes that Miranda’s mom does.
    Ego and stupidity are a dangerous combination. Sociopaths share that trait. Maybe you guys reall ARE insane. Makes me wonder.
    Oh, and to the idiot at 34/35. They never said “night duty”, they just said “on duty”. Illiterate AND insane. Not to mention sad, lonely and PATHETIC!
    Too funny!

  • sam

    @WOW!: are you really calling people idiots? how old are you?
    That has to be the most disgusting thing I’ve read on here

  • ha!

    @WOW!: sigh….. if you can’t understand what i was saying then you should direct yourself toJ.J JNR :)

  • @37

    Really? That’s all you have left?
    Of all horrible things that haters have called Miranda on this site, you are calling out someone for using the word “idiot”? And what about the people stooping so low as to insult an innocent child? What about that? Is that OK, as long as they don’t use the word “idiot”?
    “Pathetic” is OK by you, then?
    ‘WOW!’ is right. You are an IDIOT.
    No. I’m sorry. That crossed over the line.
    How ’bout:
    ‘WOW!’ is right. You are PATHETIC.
    There. That’s better. I feel so wholesome now.

  • @38

    No, they are correct. You used the term “night duty”, not WOW!.
    Maybe you just have trouble putting those scrambled thought of yours into words?

  • ha!

    @@38: maybe you should go outside and see what the world looks like.. OR not.. to be honest, someone like you shouldn’t be around people.

  • Bou

    Funny her mom googles her. One would think she bings her lmao

    Oh and Alessandra Ambrosio has been all over the media, she’s been doing interviews on talk shows left right and center.
    She’s notorious for being a fameho, but even she doesn’t do it as hard as Miranda

  • ta

    But someone who hates for no reason, and commits so much time to darkness is normal in your eyes.

  • ta

    What talk shows has Alessandra been on? I can pull them up on On Demand if she was on a talk show. Which ones?

  • Bou

    @ta: Umm Chelsea lately, Access Hollywood, ABC News etc etc. All in the time span of less than 2 months.
    U can continue ‘defending’ fameho kerr it just makes your stupidity shine through when you deny how much of a pathetic attention seeker she is. I’m not one to stick around while exchanging insults because of this fameho, who’d even strip down for attention.
    You can continue having your chat with the stupid Miranda haters. You’re all in the same category

  • jkszdzb

    she lost too much weight… get pregnant again miranda! xoxo

  • Rebecca

    I think she’s a terrible mother, she uses flynn for PR always carrying her cute baby while grinning at the paps. She’s only been photographed taking him to the playground twice in his whole life despite being papped everyday, gisele is rarely papped despite being much more famous & successful than miranda but when she is she’s always doing something fun with ben. Miranda was never famous until she gave birth to Bloom’s baby and started using him as a prop, clearly the attention has gone to her head. She looks ridiculous at a playground dressed like that, also I’ve never seen an adult climbing all over the apparatus like that in a children’s playground and I take my three to the playground 2-3 times a week. She once said that she didn’t want to continue modeling after she had her baby as she wanted to focus on being a good mother and spending time with her baby, well miranda you are a s**t mother. If she really cares about Flynn she’d stop dragging him around the globe on planes, she’d let him spend time with orlando’s family who he’s never been seen with, she’d spend more time with her husband as they’re now living separate lives. She’s working more than ever now when her son & husband should be her priority. Her marriage is in the toilet and she’s more worried about her fame. Orlando & Miranda are rich enough to give up their careers if their family is what they truly value, clearly they don’t seem able to juggle both.

  • From Paris with Love

    Could this boy be more joyful and smile more :D happiest kid ever

  • @47

    You know that the haters have gone over the edge when their rants all boil down to ‘a woman’s place is in the home’, and ‘a good mother would give up her career to stay home with her child’.
    Come on Miranda! You should be barefoot and pregnent, and waiting at home so that you can have dinner on the table when the king of the castle comes home.
    And some of you wonder why we call them idiots?

  • @Rebecca

    We’ve seen her out with him on the beach while they were in South Africa with Orlando. Playing in the snow in NY, coming out of playdates, and painting (looks like Flynn is a lefty, right now), and on their way to museums.
    She does a lot of fun things with her son. I don’t know why you are so upset.