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Rachel Bilson: Lunch Date with Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson: Lunch Date with Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson uses her hood to cover her face while leaving a lunch date with Hayden Christensen on Saturday (December 1) in Studio City, Calif.

The 31-year-old Hart of Dixie star and her longtime love ate at Manhattan Bagel before heading out for the day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

The pair kept their distance while heading back to their car, and Rachel only peeked out from under her hood once to make sure she was headed in the right direction.

10+ pictures of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen out to lunch…

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  • Anne

    What about his beard? He’s beautiful but he’s not handsome with that…

  • Ceara

    Can these two just get married and start having babies already?

  • Eugenie

    Love this couple! I think they’re one of The most beautiful couples in Hollywood. Glad to see them together.

  • Chiara

    Whoa, he looks hot with that beard.

  • OO.

    She was once ALL OVER JJ ALL.THE.TIME, loving the paps and now we hardly see her and now she’s covering here face. That’s odd.

  • So much love…..

    We can see so much love between these two that it could break your computer’s screen.

    He is hot as always, looking more masculine and she is the perfect Jane with little talent,plenty of the”right” friends/connections. She is camera shy now?? funny !

    What a ill matched couple….they might even end up married by December 2012 .

  • clarinell

    what jordans are those?

  • jamie

    Hayden is growing the beard and longer hair for his new movie Outcast filming in China in April.

  • you know it

    yes here we go again how many photo ops has there been?

    and only on the 4th time she remembers the press the button to act like she does not enjoy it, the only real acting she can do

    what a joke

  • Jenny

    I like Rachel, but I just don’t understand why they always keep their distance when they are photographed?!? Everyone knows they are dating so its not like they have to hide it, just weird imo.

  • MarioGomez

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Starlight

    Yes, why don’t just get married and get it over with? I am getting tired looking at them.

  • May the Force be with you…

    So what’s her problem? She’s been photographed with her boyfriend for years….now she gets all coy about it! She used the press enough times in the past when she wasn’t working! Geez, what a little hypocrite!

  • Jen

    Ew, that beard is atrocious. If you can’t grow a proper beard, don’t grow one at all. I’ve never seen a beard that looked that weird.

  • KissThis

    urgh he looks like a bum and I’m starting to think he’s scared to take the walk.

  • lida

    they are adorably sweet together love them so much but i can’t understand why they don’t talk and smile to eachother

  • lida

    love the show of hart of dixie

  • maya

    hayden is soooooooooooooo hot

  • anita

    I Love Hayden!! I prefer him without beard…but the beard is due to his new film Outcast!!

  • KC

    Hayden is growing a beard and letting his hair grow for his new movie Outcast with Nicolas Cage to be filmed in China in April. He plays a 12th century knight, and has to have the beard for the character he plays. I think he looks good with the beard. These photos are not the best to judge what it looks like in person. I wonder why Jared doesn’t mention Hayden’s new movie? He has in the past when Hayden had a new movie in the works. Hayden is supposed to “bulk up” for the movie, too. Maybe he will get his muscles back like he had when he made ROTS.

    Hayden & Rachel are such a cute couple!

  • waiting for rachel

    @ Kiss This

    according to past magazine articles Hayden said when in brazil in may 2010 that he was deeply in love and could not wait to marry Rachel. magazine articles from Rachel interviews say that Rachel was the one that called off their engagement about 3 weeks after Hayden said he couldn’t wait to marry her. Rachel has stated she was not ready to get married in interviews 2 years ago. so Rachel is the one not ready to get married, Hayden was ready to get married over 2 years ago. they are probably smart enough not to get engaged again officially until both are ready to get married. selling both of their houses and house hunting together for a new home says they are probably engaged quietly.

  • Just me

    @May the Force be with you…: rachel called the paps for these pics.yes she does love her pics taken when she wants to she wants to use somebody like she does. She hayden to make her look good. There was no mention are him promoting his film here. Jared left that out when he posted these pics still trying to promote them as a couple and left his work out to promote her. Rachel play games with people. Cause hsyden don”t live in la anymore. No one mention that hayden sold his house and rachel have not find another one for both are them to live in. she lies about everything she does. They are not a real couple at all. Just somebody she want to hang out with. As long as hayden come and visited there. She didn”t have to go to lunch with him if she didn”t have to. @So much love….. they are not getting married are she would have done it longtime ago. Jared you should have said longtime clinging ex girlfriend who won”t let go are her ex. Trying seer what little publicity she can get from him cause he”s got him a movie deal and she don”t have anything going for her.. Cause he went to china to promote it. She always want want steal what he have. She won”t be in the movie so why she make herself be with him by goimg where he live or following around him like that? She dumped adam so why not dump him to? Later on she went to lunch with a friend of hers jared did not show it. Not dating him for years using him for years. That is not love at all. No one will date her at all. Cause tney know she will use them for her carreer. She is a trouble young lady just like chris brown ex. She still a controlling person running hayden. Hayden don”t need her anymore for publicity she needs him for that herself. When is she going to make people stop believing that she hate tne paps when she is with him ? That has gotten old now. She knows she love them. She should be wirh someone that love paps like she does. And stop making people she think otherwise. Jared you should mention his work instead are mzking her be the topic. That what kind of thing rachel live for anyway. Don”t know why
    you posted them anyway. It make rachel look like fool hanging around him like that. He sold his house there so why she keep hanging aound him like that. Both nevet discuss what relationship they have. If she didn”t have her show you hear what is going on with them. I guess she think that since she got something going on with her she don” t neeed to talk about her and hayden anymore. Even if he move away from la or get movie. She,stilll don”t say nothing about them. Stll keeeping people guessing. Need to following behind like that and calling the paps if she wants to hide her face like that. Are stop al together. They are not a real couple anymore. Find someone else to go to lunch instead. She is hard for someone to date. Hayden has date other people and left them alone. Why can”t rachel do the same? She is not tne best thing that ever happen to him. She want fame and still think hanging hayden going to do it for het and it don”t. Need to let him go and date other people. Its not too late for her to date other people. She is bad luck to him everytime he try and get his career back on the ground. Need let hayde alone so he can get his career on track. Its not her movie that she going to be in. find another guy akready!

  • Zephon


    He can’t even grow facial hair I’ve seen more hair on a girls crotch.

    If he stars in a movie as a cross dresser I’ll bet you he’d pull that off better than his Darth Vader impression – he’s got the voice of a smokers girl to boot.

  • deal breaker

    @ just me Wow, how long have you known Hayden and Rachel to know all this about them LOL!! Rachel is the one that sold her house, Hayden’s house is still for sale, he and Rachel live together in LA now whenever he is there. There are at least 3 or 4 other sets of photos on that you can see of Rachel and Hayden together over the last 2 weeks in LA. Have fun! Don’t you ever get tired of saying the same thing about them for almost 6 years now lol?

  • blairite

    @ 21
    Just how long RASHchel cant wait top get married w/ outmost press releases…
    Actually she had been hinting a lot (of hype) about their relationship since time immemorial & whenever needed as possible.
    back then,,,

  • blairite

    And as of the latest…
    Yet the farthest thing that she can get is to get engaged or get married in the press. So yeah they would eventually get hitch… “””when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east in the Northern Hemisphere”””

  • laure

    @just me actually Adam Brody Dumped Rachel. get your facts straight. hayden was a rebound

    Can you relate to your character’s experience of running from a breakup?

    Adam Brody: Yeah, yeah, although I fortunately have never been dropped. He gets dropped. But I’ve definitely been through some breakups.

    On the actual split: It was the most dignified breakup you could imagine. Neither of us left the other for anyone else, and we’re still friends.

  • juniper

    Awww….Look at the bff’s sour-faced again! Did the tiny gff forget to pack some alcohol or even more cigarettes for him again?!

    Gosh they could only get attention and/or more hits from their patronized gossip blogs when they walk a ‘galaxy’ apart and looking stupid – like as always.

  • whizbang

    Actually Ms. BilPooo is still (forever-in) waiting for her career stardom to peek so a showbiz wedding (if its from BilPooo, its must have been all anything about showbiz) would have to wait… yet starDOOM rules in by default.

    Plus… a paparazzi-shy photo-ops of BilPooo is like seeing Kim Kardashian entering a become a nun – major dud!.

  • mary

    I want that they will married and have kids…their kids will be precious!!

  • @laure

    That was what Adam thought…..LOL!!!

  • laure

    what do you mean Adam’s thought?? he even said it in a lot of interview.
    That’s why Rachel seems so bitter nowadays and even in her interviews. Hayden was a total rebound. She’s going around saying, Oh my bf now is so much better. She keeps on comparing Hayden to Adam. trying to convince herself that he’s better than Adam. obviously Adam is much better in every way. but in reality she’s still totally heart broken. lol! By the way no one gives a shit about hayden. The paparazzi wouldn’t even follow hayden if it wasn’t for Rachel! (all the attention he has gotten is because he’s dating Rachel) you should thank rachel bilson for making hayden still relevant despite his 40 minutes of fame.

  • sloane

    Bilson desperately wants to be a movie star. She obviously dump her long-time TV boyfriend when she easily got a movie role from Doug Liman (an OC producer) to co-star w/ that Star Wars dude. But due to her SW boyfriend’s lacking influence /connections/star power in the moviedom, he could only give her an smorgasboard movie w/ 3 mins screentime. So in the end and w/ Bilson’s lacking talent /looks or none really at all but just small-time connections, she just go crawling back to her so-called TV-mentor Schwarts begging for work… and the flop rated on the lowest network Twat Of Twixie is born.

  • mary

    Laure are yu kidding? That Adam is better? hahahaha I prefer Hayden, is more handsome and beautiful…Adam no is ugly, he is a normal guay, with a normal face…nothing more… Hayden is atractive (blond hair, blue ayes, nice voice…)It´s ok if you prefer Adam…but the truth is that Hayden is better..

  • anita

    @mary: Totally agree. Love hayden

  • tweet

    I remember in an interview, Rachel said she dumps her boyfriend when they are boring. Maybe she got bored with Adam? Hayden is a rebound which now lasts six years? I don’t think so. I rather think she made Adam dumped her if that is the case to be with Hayden.

  • laure

    lol heydan stans hahaha. keep dreamin

    obviously you don’t know anything about rachel

  • tweet

    laure, obviously you are the bitter one…

  • amy

    @ laure

    Rachel broke up with Hayden and then went back to him a couple of months later, and that was 2 years ago (August 2010 to mid October 2010). She attracts alot of attention from men, just read some blogs on the internet by guys and you will see that. She would have no trouble finding another guy. Hayden would have no trouble finding another girl either, just look at the comments on twitter about him. They are all about how fantastic women think he looks, or from Star wars fanboys complaining about his acting in Star Wars. Rachel gets comments on twitter about how great she looks from guys on twitter, too. No one spends nearly 6 years of their life with a “rebound”, especially after a break up and getting back together again, unless they are in a very serious relationship. Rachel sells her house, then right away Hayden puts his house on the market after they are seen house hunting together. You don’t buy a house with just a “rebound”, either.

  • wow

    Alot of comments on here for a change. Laure I like Adam but Hayden has international fame because of star wars. Hayden has a new movie Outcast to be filmed with Nic Cage in April in China. Rachel has a tv show Hart of Dixie not movies made in China. Hayden has not made a movie in a long time, it will be nice to see him in one again.

  • May the Force be with you…

    Comments here are nail on the head about the beard. He’s what? in his thirties now? and still looks like he’s having a bad case of bum fluff!! As a guy myself who can grow a full face for movember I can’t help wondering if, maybe, he just isn’t producing enough testosterone for a proper beard. That beard is a disgrace to the male populace. Movie or not, I’d be embarrassed to be seen with that around my chops…and so would my girlfriend. Hey, maybe that explains her attitude! No girl wants her boyfriend to be low on testosterone.

  • Kitty Kat

    LOL He looks like a sexy lumberjack!

  • chadwick

    @ their kids will be precious!!
    Well if they could even produce one… kidS huh really?! LOL
    If ever & bet sure that one of them would be a “vertically &/or visually (extremely) challenge”. Facts says that who had this disproportionate/unfortunate physical traits have much stronger genes.

  • blue

    @May the Force be with you…:

    Not everyone’s the same. Some cultures just can’t grow hair. Like native Americans, NO facial hair whatsoever. It’s not an indication of anything. He’s a good looking man. I like men with a bit of stubble but don’t like beards.

    Most men don’t really grow it in think until they are in their 30′s anyway, from daily shaving.

  • rocio

    I prefer Hayden without beard too, but he is beautiful whatever he wear

  • whizbang

    You’ve forgot to add BilPooo’s serious case of being ‘mentally challenge’ as well…

  • monic78

    Haydennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…wiht beard?? He looks older…but who is beautiful, is beautiful wthaever he wear

  • wouldnt be suprising

    @May the Force be with you…:

    Hayden is blond so maybe he is not really hairy, who knows! This could be the explanation.

    So producing little testo can affect pilosity ….what about his libido? He doesn’t seem to have some (not with her). If feels like an asexual couple, angry looking or bitter ….Hope he, she, both of them find peace by staying apart from each other. They are toxic.

    Bilson looked so happy when she was dating her oc costar.
    She looks unhappy, as such as hayden does look unhappy.


  • wouldnt be suprising

    His chain smoking habit is maybe the reason of his hormonal issues

  • @ wouldn’t be surprising

    you have no idea what their private life is like, nobody spends almost 6 years with someone if they wake up unhappy every day lol. they don’t like the paps here so they don’t smile. a photo here and there does not tell all about their relationship. they both have enough money to get somebody to make them happy if they aren’t happy with each other.