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Reese Witherspoon: Producer for 'Wild'!

Reese Witherspoon: Producer for 'Wild'!

Reese Witherspoon walks hand in hand with her cute son Deacon after grabbing a bite to eat at Axe Restaurant on Sunday (December 2) in Venice, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress was joined by her husband Jim Toth and daughter Ava.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Reese Witherspoon

The day before, Reese was spotted grabbing some lunch with gal pal Mindy Kaling.

It was recently announced that Reese will be working as a producer with writer Nick Hornby to adapt “Wild,” a bestselling memoir by Cheryl Strayed.

Nick‘s innate blend of humanity and humor are a perfect match for Cheryl‘s raw emotional memoir,” Reese shared. “I look forward to collaborating with both of these talented writers to create a film full of honesty, adventure and self discovery.”

FYI: Reese is wearing an Autumn Cashmere Hi-Lo Cashmere Sweater.

25+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon grabbing some breakfast with her kids…

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reese witherspoon producer for wild 01
reese witherspoon producer for wild 02
reese witherspoon producer for wild 03
reese witherspoon producer for wild 04
reese witherspoon producer for wild 05
reese witherspoon producer for wild 06
reese witherspoon producer for wild 07
reese witherspoon producer for wild 08
reese witherspoon producer for wild 09
reese witherspoon producer for wild 10
reese witherspoon producer for wild 11
reese witherspoon producer for wild 12
reese witherspoon producer for wild 13
reese witherspoon producer for wild 14
reese witherspoon producer for wild 15
reese witherspoon producer for wild 16
reese witherspoon producer for wild 17
reese witherspoon producer for wild 18
reese witherspoon producer for wild 19
reese witherspoon producer for wild 20
reese witherspoon producer for wild 21

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  • KissThis

    Cue the miserable haters in 5…4…3….2…

  • Kate

    What an adorable family. Good for Reese finding some challenging and new projects!

  • Bonnie

    Cheryl as in Sugar from The Rumpus? Yay for her!

  • chasse

    Why not be a producer since her acting career is in the toilet
    It’s not the dumbest thing I’ve heard today.
    Some idiots think that women are “built to attract men”
    This girl has a CHIN so I don’t think that applies to her.

  • (^^)

    FO @KissThis

    So since when does Tothie Boy hold Deacon’s hand? Yeah, Toth, play up the stepfather bullsh!t. We know where you where Friday night!! Ah, huh!

  • Pattycake

    Cue the members of Reese’s apologetic PR team. Gorgeous children. Look just like their father. No baby?

  • Rose Colored Glasses

    HAHAHA So why doesn’t this broad and dudette “parade around” that kid they apparently had together instead of Ryan’s two? Pathetic a$$holes!

  • The Music Man

    Pssssst…Hey Jim,
    Ditch the sweater bro! A little to “rah rah” and you know what I mean!

  • HA! Yeah Okay….

    Like the photogs hang out at Axe! ROTFLMAO She really is a papwh@re!

  • JC Just Jard

    Get your damn sh!t together! Witherspoon is 36 not 33 and why so many god damn posts with her? Lets get some fresh, talented, exciting folks on this site! Your site is getting old like me!

  • *-*

    So this kid she had. Is it rented like that $250,000 engagement ring she wears inconsistently?

  • Scratching My Head

    but what is the reason why she and this first time father can’t bring their kid with them? Is is nothing more than bullsh!t and lies?

  • Sisboomba

    @Scratching My Head
    All fake, All bullcrap, All lies! But that’s how these HoWood folks roll, don’t you know?

  • y.

    Whats with all the innuendos about this guy? i don’t follow reese withaforks career but i have heard a lot about jim toth

  • y.

    @KissThis: cue reese witherspoon disguising herself as psychotic fan

  • KissThis

    @y.: Hey, I am a Reese fan and not afraid to admit it. I think she’s adorable and very down to earth. I don’t understand why people on this site are so down on her. Frankly, I think people who bash her need to get a life or some self-esteem.

  • y.

    @KissThis: you obviously have no clue how manipulative people work

  • (^^)

    You bash Taylor Swift but yet Witherspoon and Swifty are the same. Fake, Phony and Sh!t on people to climb. How is Witherspoon down to earth and how can you say get a life and self esteem when you are talking sh!t about another?

  • MnL

    Another photo op in the life of Reese Witherspoon!

    Jim, what are you wearing?

  • Listen up Reese—

    Your are a shi**y actress, a shi**y producer, a shi**y mother and a shi**y person who ~cough~ married another shi**y person!
    That’s all. Good Night and have a wonderful week!

  • (^^)

    @Listen up Reese
    AAAAHAHAHAHAHA Good Night and you have a wonderful week also! AAAHAHAHAHA

  • Jesse

    Why are all of you hating on Reese Witherspoon? She’s the ONLY female in Hollywood that is not a whore and doesn’t strip for mens magazines etc! She should be rewarded and praised for her rebellion and the fact that she finally is one woman that doesn’t allow men to use her as a sex object and see her as such!

  • no

    @Jesse: so women who take their clothes off aren’t as ‘respectable’ as reese witherspoon? pi*ss of!! And you might not be old enough to know this but men see women as se*x objects no matter what they have on. You have a 1950′s state of mind.
    ..She has a reputation for being a b&tch to people she works with and insulting other female actors — wearing jeans/no make up does not mean you’re a better person, it means you know how to play the ‘im a humble normal girl’ game.

  • Kharma

    Damn, am I the only one who thought this photo was adorable? Their holding hands to cross the street. Even Ava is clinging onto Reese as they are doing it. Haah.

  • Elliemae

    What does the “T” stand for? Tennessee?

  • Jesse

    @no Women who take their clothes of for men or money aren’t respectable and they’re sell outs. They have no values or self worth and they’re a dime a dozen especially in Hollywood. And no not all men view women as sex objects. If you treat yourself as a sex object they will view you as one however if you don’t then it’s highly unlikely unless the man is a complete pervert to view you as such and use you as such!! Oh and btw i’m 19 years old i’m old enough to know! Not being a sellout is a lot more respectable then doing anything just to get some more cash. Go Reese! Finally! No matter how hard others pressure Reese to be a whore and to strip for men and money she still says no! She’s an extremely respectable person and role model! She’s the ONLY female in Hollywood that actually is a role model and that isn’t a sell out!

  • no

    @Jesse: please climb back into the tree house you were raised in. Women can take their clothes off if they want to, no one has the right to judge them.. that does not make them bad people. A woman could be dressed in the boring cra*p reese witherspoon wears but underneath that could be an abusive pig but closed minded people, like yourself, only see the outer-image so you’ll never know what they’re like underneath.

  • Kristin

    I also think that the kids look a lot more like Ryan than Reese. Especially Ava, has many of Ryans features.
    However, I love Reese and think she is one of the most beautiful girls in the world!

  • Frozoid

    I think he looks good, now that he’s stopped shaving his head. I also like the sweater with the letter on it.

  • Pepper

    You all know each other over there in the US?


    Jim better watch it or Ryan will go all Brandi Glanville on him. Those aren’t your kids dude. Pay attention to Tennessee Tuxedo.

  • kiss this


    HAHAHAHA Good one but Ryan is way too classy to stoop down to that level. He a great father and know where he stands in their life. But gay dude should hang with his so called kid!

  • see

    parading around with your big kids does not make you look like a good mom
    you newborn needs you
    child abandonment
    do you hate your new baby???
    been looking like so since the birth of the boy and you never do nothing but run out of the house away from the baby all the time seriously all the time

  • Dirkstar

    I´m happy to see them all together this time!
    Seems that Reese has the best control of the whole situation. Except on picture No. 16. There she looks a bit surprised in a negative way and she could have thought :”Ooops, what was that?!” Was it because “the older man” (No. 15) was “too close to her” and/or “the younger man” misbehaved somehow (No. 15)?
    So, guys, whoever you could have been, please, treat Reese like a lady – with respect!!!
    It´s fine, that both, Jim & Reese hold Deacon´s hand. So, Jim´s a good step-father!
    On Picture No. 5 Jim looks more hectic and Reese looks rather friendly.
    Is Jim´s “Scull & Bones-Icon” on his great “T” a symbol for aggressivity against paps, that could try to come too near? Or simply a fashion-gag?
    Rather a “fashion-gag”, I hope.
    Ava seems to be a little bit unhappy (because of the way she holds her head). If – I pronounce if – she walked always that way, she would get a problem with her neck- and her shoulders-muscles one day. Of course, I´m not a physio-therapist. Betty knows it better!
    And on these pictures, Deacon has no fear of paps. Not even for a micro-second! An excellent idea, to hold his hands on every side!
    (Of course, this is NO irony!!!)
    Why not producing a film about honesty, adventure and self-discovery?
    That´s a GREAT IDEA!

  • British Latin American

    I like seeing pics of Reese and Jim with the kids. Reese looks very contented, and Jim looks fashionable and appealing. The kids look very happy with both their mother and stepfather. I do not get the animousity toward Reese and especially not toward Jim. Reese and Ryan have both moved on He loves Reese and loves his stepkids, isn’t that a good thing giiven all the indifferent or hostile stepparents there are? Jim and Reese provide a good environment for Ava and Deacon, and hopefully for the new baby.
    @kiss this: you are right to point out that Ryan would never stoop to the level of Brandi Glanville partly because he is too dignified to do something like that, and partly becaus he is a good and loving father who knows where he stands in his kids lives. But Deacon and Ava live in Jim’s house and they have every right to bond with him and love him, even if they do not see him as their father.

  • The Truth

    Excuse me British Latin American
    Ava and Deacon live in Reese’s house not Jim’s and are with Ryan more than everyone sees or knows!