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Ryan Gosling Upgrades His Sound System!

Ryan Gosling Upgrades His Sound System!

Ryan Gosling has a laugh while pushing large boxes up his driveway on Friday (November 30) in Studio City, Calif.

The 32-year-old actor and a friend were kind enough to assist a UPS delivery man get the packages inside his house.

Inside the boxes were Cornwall floor standing speakers equipped to add a movie theater-like sound system to his entertainment center.

Also pictured: Ryan‘s girlfriend Eva Mendes taking her dog for a check-up and a haircut at the vet on Saturday (December 1) in Westwood, Calif.

FYI: Ryan is wearing Levi’s Made & Crafted jeans.

20+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes

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  • Laurel

    @Young: At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what poster x, y, or z says on Eva’s IMDb page. The fact remains that Ryan obviously likes the way she looks and that really bothers a lot of people. Even you (though you claim not not care).

  • Sai

    Ryan has such a skinny,flat butt. That UPS guy has a nicer butt.

  • Young


    Yeah, I care that a dopey looking tool likes an aging. manly looking chick. Go figure. I’m commenting here because I see pictures of Eva once again looking like a dude and am laughing that this drag queen is considered attractive, not for youre precious little Ryan Gosling.

  • Solo65


    Well, of course he likes the way she looks. The guy liked and dated Blake Lively. Let’s not act like he has ever had good taste in women. He seems like the type who finds any chick attractive, which means he doesn’t have high standards. He’d bang (probably already has most of them) any (famous) chick who will look at him. Him dating Eva doesn’t make her any less mannish looking.

    BTW, she has the hands of the cryptkeeper. My grandmother’s hands don’t have as amny wrinkles as Eva’s.

  • Lou

    @WWW: I don’t know which reviews who are reading, but the ones I read all praised The Place beyond… and said Gosling’s performance is one of his greatest.
    Gosling is one of the best actors of his generation (together with Fassbender)… period!!! And the ones who didn’t like Drive simply didn’t get it.
    And I’m not a fan of Eva at all, but let’s admit it… the woman is very attractive. I would love to see the faces and bodies of the women who call her manface behind a computer screen. That would be laughable.

  • Farrah


    Haha, I love Ryan but I do think he might be trying to be the next Warren Beatty and is on a mission to bang as many actresses in Hollywood as he can. I 100% believe he and Michelle hooked up/ slept together and I’ve heard apparently he and Emma HAVE hooked up (but idk if thats true). Between Sandra and Rachel, there was Famke Janssen (and even a rumor about Paris Hilton yuck). He tried Natalie Portman after he broke up with Rachel but I don’t think she fell for it. But then he hooked up with Blake ,Kat Dennings, and Olivia Wilde. I wonder who’s next on his list after Eva…maybe Christina Hendricks? Still find it odd he wants her of all actresses for his movie. I know she’s married, but I don’t see that from stopping Ryan from trying to nail her lol.

  • Anne

    @Mark: “you go up to a bunch of people and ask them who Ryan Gosling is, they’ll identify him only has “the guy from the Notebook”… that just shows that most of the people who know are ignorant people who just enjoy dumb blockbusters. Since when the quality of a movie is measured by the money it makes in the US? It is well-known that the most praised, high quality movies are never blockbusters in the US.

  • Mark


    There’s nothing to get about Drive. It was a lame weak attempt at a retro-80s Michael Mann thriller and it sucked. I think he’s overrated and repeats the same character over and again. He picks weak movies IMO. I don’t care what critics think and clearly neither does the majority or else his movies wouldn’t always flop, now would they?. And Fassbender is a gross woman beater who always plays creeps because he IS a creep. This generation lacks any talent tbh. The supposed “good” ones aren’t really that good and pale to the previous generations.

  • Mark


    I don’t think his movies are paticularly good though. He hasn’t become a star because he doesn’t have “IT”. No charisma, no star power, overrated mediocre” talent”.

  • Young


    Um,no. More like let’s get higher standards:

    That’s a manface and that’s not attractive. Period. And the “let’s see what you look like” argument doesn’t apply to Eva because her “looks” are the only reason why she’s in this business. And her manly looks don’t cut it.

  • XOXO


    SO right. I don’t get why people go on about his body. No ass at ALL and chickenlegs is a big turnoff. And the face is nothing special.

  • ela



  • Carrie

    His acting in the Gangster Squad commercials is so bad. I don’t get his appeal.

  • Lou

    @Young: Oh come on! Everybody has bad hairdresser days and bad expressions. All these female stars wear a lot of makeup to look better. She has strong features but she is attractive… at least that’s what a lot of men say.

  • Young

    Many female stars still look pretty without makeup because they’re REAL beauties. The ones who need pounds of makeup to look good like Eva aren’t truly beautiful to begin with. Imagine her with a pixie cut. She’d look awful because her face is mannish.

  • T

    @Tiff: that was partially my point. Although I don’t think it’s that layered in terms of the movie. I think he’s banging/dating her and hes at a point where that’s all he wants. Hence him looking the way he does 99% of the time, semi bored and detached. Eva wears her insecurity like a coat and desperately wants to be perceived as A. Relevant and B. a good actress. This is an avenue in which to hopefully achieve those things. The way to get around RG not wanting press on the relationship (he looks pissed every time he’s AWARE there’s cameras) is to use George because she has access to him. Do I think he’s some innocent angel being taken for a ride? No. does he seem douchier this past year? Yes. Would Eva ever have any power in this relationship? No. In the end, the fact that she’s using a dog for press is…kinda sad.

  • Linds

    OMG. The trolling of this couple will never end.

  • Vanessa

    Expressing an opinion isn’t trolling. Look it up. It’s deliberately trying to piss people off, going off topic, to provoke a response.

  • Linds

    @Vanessa: That’s exactly what people are doing here: posting deliberately racist and sexist comments in order to rile people up.

  • Stay


    Which comments are racist/sexist?

  • uh

    There is a special place in hell for women who bash other women!!
    I don’t care who the woman is… isn’t it bad enough men call us sl*ts? now we’re calling each other that? =/

  • Terrible Twos

    @Fake: Ryan Gosling is not a star? Since when?
    You’re crazy.
    I don’t even follow him that much as far as celeb gossip goes but I saw all three films the other poster mentioned, Drive, Ides of March and Crazy Stupid Love and they were decent films. He was awesome on Blue Valentine.
    You are smokin’ crack if you think Ryan is not a huge star. He is.
    Look at all the women that want him to play Christian Grey…..think about it.

  • reggie

    If he were a star he wouldn’t have to showmance for publicity. They are both desperate to get hype for their movie and for themself and Gosling is stupid if he thinks these PR tactics get him anywhere. These stunts give you short term attention, not a long career as a respected actor.

  • Anne

    @reggie: These opinions are so ridiculous! Gosling is not seeing Mendes for PR and because of their movie. He doesn’t need it. He just needs recognition from respected people. Could you people try to live at least a little bit outside this celebrity gossip world? Go and read some real news.

  • Anne

    @uh: Word!!! Women nourish the unfairness towards themselves.

  • Fake

    @Terrible Twos:

    OMG he’s suggested for Christian Grey. That mean he’s a star! LOL. His movies always flop. And Ides Of March and Crazy Stupid Love are terrible movies. And he was annoying and over the top in Blue Valentine Ianother overrated movie). Nobody gives a crap about him outside the blogosphere. He has a PR team now, which is why he’s promoted so hard even though nobody goes to see his crappy movies. Let’s wait and see how Gangster Squad does. That movie sure looks like gem haha.

    And he’s played the PR game to promote films before. Of course he needs it. Why has he done so many photo-ops with her? Why did he do that Funny or Die video with her? He doesn’t want publicity my butt.

  • Dave Franco

    Shipped from Cornwall, Ontario. Me thinks his buddy gave a new pair of speakers or be purchased it from there. I know his sister lives in New York.

  • Huh

    Why do people care about either of these people? They’re boring as hell.

  • april

    I think these two might be more alike than you think.

  • ela


    you do not like his actor career but looks like you’ve seen all his movies!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

    If you dont like his movies .. good, but Blue Valentine, Crazy stupid love or Ides of march are amazing movies with great reviews.

    Brad Pitt’s ‘Killing Them Softly’ flops at the box office, is he a star?

    If you dont like him, it is very easy… move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave Franco

    He’s boring? Sorry if Gosling isn’t the attention seeker the gossip sites seek… he has more class. It’s eva who I think is using him. She is known to be a paps friend… and thats why people are upset about this relationship. Gosling, you can do better.

  • christina

    it seems like people who say his butt is not gorgeous NEVER had the chance to meet him…obviously! you so would NOT say that…can’t spill, just trust me-cannes film festival 2011…….I’m still recovering LOL

  • hanja

    dont get the Eva hate.. she has not a history of using actors as a PR move or sleeping with her co stars. It’s Ryan that has history of sleeping with his co star.
    Let’s chill with the manface comments:)

  • Tessa

    @christina: He looked so hot at Cannes 2011! I like the interview he gave there too.
    Funny! Gosling is so boring, untalented and unattractive, but the posts about him keep attracting people, who seem to have watched all his “boring” movies. Ummm… there might be something special about him…

  • Ren

    I don’t know why this person comes across as so…contrived. Like she’s trying so hard to project a certain image. Like hey guys, I’m really not the sex bomb I’ve been projecting for years, please reconsider and think of me as a serious actress. She recently said in an interview “I am not a show pony on the red carpet. I turn, I smile and I walk on..” what? Since when? Does she realize how many photos and videos are out there of her twirling, blowing kisses, flashing some actual breast here and there, hanging all over co stars, eating up the attention? Since when is she a shrinking violet? In the same interview or maybe another (huffpo or indiewire) she talks about how she and Ryan have been friends for a very long time. The reporter cracked me up because he calls her bluff and says really? How long have you known each other? She says…”a few years.” hahaha, I have acquaintances I’ve known longer, meaning..she hasn’t known him a long time at all, and in fact there’s no proof that they were anything more than ‘hey what’s up at an industry event type acquaintances’ UNTIL they shot a movie together….a year and a half ago. But yet again, she’s trying to project something else. PHONEY.

  • Ren

    And I guess the same kind of applies to…him. He’s kinda phoney. Contrived and trying really hard for something image wise. So maybe they re well matched.

  • Lea

    Um….is Eva pregnant? The tummy area looks a little suspicious to me ;)

  • april

    She’s been “pregnant” for the last 12 months. That’s what she wants you to think.

  • omd

    her ass and legs are kinda big for how small her upper body is

  • christina

    yes tessa, THERE IS SOMETHING very special about him…he’s BEYOND, he’s TOT GORG, he’s SMART and GOOD FUN.
    Most of all, he’s a terrific ACTOR. End of.

  • brunneta

    Oh,how ugly women! Poor Ryan, lost his mind!

  • lola

    @Lia: penelope cruz is spanish not latina.

  • Deedee

    Can’t there just be average people in Hollywood? Or does everyone need to live up to the high standards. When I say average, I mean people who don’t run around, photo op ready 24/7. regardless of who he dates, they’re entitled to have a “life” or at least attempt to have one. What’s the big deal?

    He’s a good actor. Eva is so-so, they probably know that. Shesh, get over it.