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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Central Park Stroll!

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Central Park Stroll!

Taylor Swift goes on a romantic stroll with Harry Styles at Central Park on Sunday (December 2) in New York City.

The 22-year-old “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer was spotted checking out seals and was joined by Harry‘s stylist Lou Teasdale, her fiancé Tom, and their baby girl Lux.

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The night before, Taylor wowed the crowd while performing at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball in Los Angeles.

20+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles enjoying each other’s company in New York…

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taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 01
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 02
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 03
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 04
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 05
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 06
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 07
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 08
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 09
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 10
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 11
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 12
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 13
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 14
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 15
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 16
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 17
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 18
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 19
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 20

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  • Emma

    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Until You Reach the Age of Consent

  • Dave Franco

    Wait.. I thought Swiftie likes bad boys?? haha

    Go harry! He’s getting some.

  • pickles


    Duuu–uuuhhh!!! You win first prize. Of course that’s what it is.

    None of this is real.I officially lose respect for any guy including Harry, who lets himself get used like this.

  • Asdf

    @Kat: You forgot Lucus Till and Cory Monteith. Where do they fit? Keep in mind, those were the public ones. There’s probably more too.

    Don’t try to defend this girl. She’s a crazy slut.

    Ironic, because she looks like the definition of “prude.”

    Good luck to Harry getting it up. She’s pretty, but who wants to have sex with that? Taylor and her fox sweater.

  • lea

    taylor is so freaking creepy

  • Dawn


    because she’s white

  • Slammer

    Here’s a list of every celebrity male Taylor has been linked too, btw it’s a lot of guys!

    Patrick Schwarzenegger
    Justin Gaston
    Tim Tebow
    Joe Jonas
    Lucas Till
    Taylor Lautner
    John Mayer
    Cory Monteith
    Toby Hemingway
    Jake Gyllenhaal
    Chord Overstreet
    Garrett Hedlund
    Will Anderson
    Eddie Redmayne
    Conor Kennedy
    Harry Styles

    Mayer, Monteith, Hemingway, and Gyllenhaal were all in 2010. This is a girl who gets around. The next person who says she’s an innocent virginal girl is full of it.

  • Nightwish

    Behind that seemingly friendly looking smile is a very evil and calculating f kced up girl. Reddit did an ama and many who new her when she was younger didn’t exactly have the nicest things to report. Conniving little b itch.

  • Becca

    @Slammer: You forgot Martin Johnson

  • leelee

    Not staged at all. LOL!

  • Sarah

    Fake LOL, they really need to know that we’re not falling for that.

  • df

    she will stab you in your sleep creepy girl

  • Nightwish

    Never everrr everrr.. hook up with Taylor Swift

  • Linda

    Lol,is that a scrunchy in his hair?

  • sdf

    Damn, didn’t she break up with the Kennedy guy last month??

  • boohoo

    celebs only think other celebs are worth their time so basically all you pedestrians are not worthy , pretty much what it is saying …. she just goes from one celeb to the next so lame …… she should use her time to learn how to write a real song rather than all the jingles she talks thru …. i think she really has not much talent

  • zurichgirl

    @Slammer: omg look at this list , and she is still sweetheart, really??

  • Shock!

    So maybe her PR team try to bring her a young guy so she can attract the attention of young girls and then that boy becomes unjust to her breaking her heart and that generates music money, and she will always remain the victim. but who knows for sure …

  • Dave Franco

    Jealous girls on these site… Taylor Swift is a goddess!

  • nouniet

    K-Stew is better than her, at least K-Stwe confess about her cheating scandal…..but Taylor just used every single man in the world for making a song. She’s a woman version of John Mayer

  • Chloe

    The worst thing is if she ever writes a song about poor Conor. He’s going through a rough time. He is young and his parents were going through divorce until his mother died. He goes to a boarding school away from his family and so he couldn’t be with her that’s why they broke up, he didn’t hurt her.

  • trendeh

    there are now pictures yay\!

  • dada

    looks like she bought a new scarf :-)

  • winterwren

    Fake children…Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles are gay. She either beards knowingly or she likes gay men.

  • XYZ

    1. The baby girl shes holding is ugly as hell
    2. Not another fake romance, please….

  • Anna

    She manhunts for guys to date and waits for them to dump her, so she can get the public’s sympathy for being the poor innocent “victim”. But really she’s just a psycho. That’s why none of the countless guys she dated stayed in the relationship and dumped her at the end. Then she uses her image of the pitiful girl who gets ditched all the time to write songs. Basically she’s a creepy weirdo that no guy’s willing to hang on to.

  • http://@jasmindasigan jasminwilliams

    please don’t fall for her:(( we know that one day she’ll break your heart. we want you ,harry, to be happy but please find the right girl. if you will see all the comments out there it’s not good at all. this whole thing can ruin your whole life and your career. please please please not her :|
    im sad:( we are affected haz… cause we love you:(

  • Sandrine

    This girl goes through boys like she’s changing her underwear. Can’t stay single, can’t she? I’d hate to know how many men she’d have dated by the time she’s 25. Guess she needs many inspirations for her songs. Ugh!

  • trendeh

    @Slammer: wow santa is making a list

  • trendeh


  • She is so intrusive

    She only dates her boyfriends for a couple of months but always seems to push her way to their family lives, playing the perfect daughter/sister in law to be, remember her walking holding Jake’s niece (ramona) ‘s hand with his sister, now holding Baby Lux, not talking about crashing the Kennedy’s wedding (or buying a house right next to her current boyfriend(s) ) Harry should know what he is up too, I’m sure soon you gonna see tweets from taylor to Harry’s sister, playing bestfriend, until she jumped on to someone else. she always follows the same pattern, weird. doesn’t she have a family of her own? she seems so desperate to belong to one!

  • Prim

    @mama: I’m sorry. Are you Taylor’s best friend? Cousin? Former classmate?

    You don’t know her personally. None of us do. So before you make cruel, one-sided judgements about her, don’t believe everything you see or read. And if they really are dating, then who cares? So long as both Taylor and Harry are happy. True fans should delight in the fact that their idol is happy.

  • Chiara

    You guys are so dumb. He´s gay.

  • Prim

    People need to stop expressing their hatred in the hope that someone’s chances of being happy will be cut short. So what if Taylor’s happy with Harry and vice versa? Would you like it if people were giving you so much backlash because you’re with someone who makes you feel happy? People need to understand that we are all HUMAN. We make mistakes. That’s how we learn. Don’t judge Taylor or Harry unless you personally know them. Don’t send them hate or anger either. It’s not like they’re going to make decisions based on a stranger’s approval. Either way, just STOP.

  • Sniff and sample

    It is a boyfriend #10 or what? Why is Kristen Stewart stuck with a vampire “boyfriend” for past decede? taylor is smart- she samples them and sniffs and dates on public. I can not believe that any young woman would agree to dating a man who fails to name you his girl and hides you. Way to go Taylor- going out there and getting what you want.

  • steph

    She needs a break from guys for a year!

  • AK

    shes still have a teenager heart !!!!!! omg how she can do that !!! dated a ton of men !!! no way she fall in love with all these !! NEVER what a heart i mean a HOTEL !!

  • BB

    Another break up song on the list *sigh*
    We’ll wait and see

  • sandra

    She is so cute:) and looks nice

  • Lily

    I like Taylor’s song and like taylor swift. I also like one direction’s song and my fav member crush on one direction is harry. NOW I JUST HATE TAYLOR SWIFT(REALLY HATE HER) BECAUSE SHE IS DATING HARRY. HER ATTITUDE IS PRETTY BITCHY !!

  • Lily


  • Bittytitty

    So her next song is gonna be about how she dated a gay guy :D

  • Lynn

    What is WITH his hair?????

  • guest 4114

    why do i feel like we are watching the new cast member of ´cougar wifes´?

  • Sssignature

    Why can’t she be with someone her own age? Seriously. When I was 22, the thought of being with an 18-year-old would have NOT been appealing at all.

  • tweety

    She’s found herself a new victim I guess … poor guy.

  • KAY blood

    I find it hard to believe that Taylor has so many haters as demonstrated by the above comments. My only concern about this incredibly talented and beautiful young woman is that she dates boys and not young men. She is 23 years old and keeps going after 18 year old guys. She needs someone who is at least her age if not a few years older.

  • SophiaB

    Expecting new song about him in 1 month.

  • run away

    Her next album name: STALKER

  • Lilou

    Every month there’s a new guy, it’s really creepy …