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Angelina Jolie Talks Plans to Quit Acting in New Video Interview

Angelina Jolie Talks Plans to Quit Acting in New Video Interview

Angelina Jolie has opened up about her future plans to stop her career as an actress during an interview with Britain’s Channel 4 News.

“I have enjoyed being an actress. I am so grateful to the job and I have had great experiences and I have even be able to tell stories and be a part of stories that mattered and I have done things for fun, but…” the 37-year-old actress said.

“I will do some films and I am so fortunate to have the job, it’s a really lucky profession to be a part of and I enjoy it,” Angelina continued. “But if it went away tomorrow I would be very happy to be home with the children. I wake up in the morning as a mum and I turn on the news like everybody else and I see what’s happening and I want to be part of the world in a positive way.”

Check out what else Angelina had to say during the twenty minute interview, including her views on her work as a humanitarian, the Syrian conflict, and more.

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446 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Talks Plans to Quit Acting in New Video Interview”

  1. 1
    So Pretty Says:

    Angie is so poised and intelligent – this is such an important issue. And she looks so pretty!

  2. 2
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    so beautiful with a heart of gold

  3. 3
    just me Says:

    Such a mature outlook and so grounded.

  4. 4
    kira Says:

    good news! hope its soon so real actresses instead of PR ones get a chance. waiting for marion cotillard, amy adams, emma stone and other ladies to get a proper shot.

  5. 5
    HIM Says:

    Angelina Jolie is quitting acting?
    Best news I’ve heard all day.

  6. 6
    art Says:


  7. 7
    jenny Says:

    I like Diane Kruger’s face more

  8. 8
    Flip Says:

    she is radiant. simply stunning

  9. 9
    gia Says:

    her movies suck anyway.

  10. 10
    lol Says:

    if they quit together by next year that would be great. KTS bombed badly. what happended to Brad’s so called star power? this is a sign for WWZ also. so sick of her leg pose and his homeless man shower hungry look.

  11. 11
    alana Says:

    Angie has no PR (or peer) and she didn’t say she was quitting only she’d be fine if she did. she will one day,she has so many other interests. Why is it so hard for people to report what she says correctly, and why out of all she has to say is that bit emphasized? It’s really annoying.

  12. 12
    kathleen mariquit Says:

    I think that it is a shame that the title for this post is about how Angelina Jolie plans on quitting acting. The video is so much more than that. It’s about her dedication and the UN’s dedication to helping other people. I believe Angelina Jolie is a beautiful person because of this dedication.

  13. 13
    Dc Says:

    She’s a great woman! So beautiful inside and out. I would miss her so much acting but I so understand why she would leave it. She’s my favorite in everything. She is such an unselfish person. Love ya Angelina you are the best!

  14. 14
    ashby Says:

    You’re right, stupid title for this thread. Now when she doesn’t “quit” next year,people will claim she lied. Sometimes I think the world doesn’t deserve Angelina Jolie.

  15. 15
    Yawn Says:

    That is the best news yet. Now if she would only disappear from public life i would be very happy.

  16. 16
    Boring Says:

    this is the best news yet. Now if she would just disappear from public life i would be happy.

  17. 17
    washed up Says:

    may as well stay home

  18. 18
    Da Truth Says:

    Ravaged by hep C

  19. 19
    Boring Says:

    Hey thats not what I said.

  20. 20
    Verity Says:

    A class act, being happy with the work she has accomplished. Staying at home, taking care of your family is a reward onto itself. Others in the profession should take note.

  21. 21
    rachel Says:

    beautiful and extremely intelligent

  22. 22
    loons Says:


  23. 23
    briseis Says:

    @alana: ITA. Where the heck does it actually say she is quitting acting? She said if it went away tomorrow she’s fine with it and it has been fun and she’s grateful for it. The headline and focus of the article is so misleading. So pathetic of you, Jared.

  24. 24
    valis202 Says:


    If she bores you so much, why come onto a thread about her. You moron.

    The pathetic thing is that even if she did disappear from public life, idiots like you would still come onto threads about her to comment.

  25. 25
    Andamentothat Says:

    Angelina neve disappoints! A true class act :)

  26. 26
    viv and knox Says:

    Home? All the time?
    Please act mummy, Please

  27. 27
    Bec Says:

    She’s my role model. <3

  28. 28
    LooseLipz Says:

    Please, yes, may it be soon. But we all know her ego won’t allow her to quit. She needs and craves the attention and accolades.

  29. 29
    kathleen Says:

    Refreshing to see a celebrity care about helping people around the world. If only more celebrities thought like that instead of thinking about their money, careers, and image. Good luck to her in the future.

  30. 30
    rachel Says:

    hey loose lipz she does not have ego. the person who has real big ego is jennifer aniston who has not accomplish nothing with her life.

  31. 31
    ashby Says:

    She is so intelligent and caring and selfless with no huge ego. Just a kind soul who cares about others. She and Brad are great models for young celebs today and tomorrow.

  32. 32
    NWO Ang Says:

    watches corporate propaganda
    who’d a thunk

  33. 33
    Buh Bye Says:

    Most of her movies were awful really.

  34. 34
    luvangie4ever Says:

    Such a beautiful and gracious woman. Though I will miss her greatly, I understand and respect her desire to quit acting. What she does for the world and her family is undoubtedly more rewarding.
    I truly hope she doesn’t stop entirely… maybe a movie once in a while?
    *puppy dog eyes* pretty please?

  35. 35
    Bea Says:

    PR actress? Lol! A stupid hater lives in their own dream land. Angelina is a mega movie star with an Oscar. She is more than famous all over the world.People here in europe we just love and admire her. she is an amazing human being! So beautiful inside and outside( and so sexy :)
    Whatever she will decide I will support and love her always. And we know she will able to come back acting whenever she feels cos she has a talent.

  36. 36
    African Girl Says:

    Whew! I thought she was calling it quits like right now…Lol!
    Although when (if) she does quit, it would be for a very very worthy and admirable cause. . .it. is gonna be weird not to see her on big screen. They don’t make em like AJ anymore.

  37. 37
    KissThis Says:

    Who gives a crap if she quits acting. She’s been in enough films for 10 actresses. She’s pretty over-used.

  38. 38
    Cher Says:

    I love her. Keep up the good work Angie!!

  39. 39


  40. 40
    leni Says:

    If she does retire someday,it will be to spend even more time with her family and helping others; but I hope she will eventually come out of retirement to act or become a great director.

  41. 41

    Loons ange getting old around the mouth……she talk way mush…

  42. 42
    Samantha Says:

    I love her! Angelina and Brad are really one of the only few celebrities nowadays that I like. They put others first, and are not always for themselves. Angelina represents everything I stand for. She gives millions, helps people in need and adopts children. May I say she is also glowing in this interview ! She looks like a beautiful statue just sitting there. =)

  43. 43
    Nanny Layoffs? Says:

    no chance

  44. 44
    Next? Full time UN Ho Says:

    yes, she is corrupt

  45. 45
    me Says:

    Anglina Jolie knows her days as somebody important in movies is long over. She already is some sort of fringe Greta Garbo. The one that once WAS. Angelina is irrelevant. Diva. And too much of a personal myth for anyone to be able to see her as playing believable parts in big movies ever again. Yeah, she got a lot of kids, she should have stayed home taking care of them the last few years already, nobody sees her movies anymore anyway. She is just a weirdo with many kids and dangerous habits and serious pretenses of ”pain”. As if… spoiled brat thinks she is connected to real world starving people kind of pain, pfft.

  46. 46
    Madison Says:

    She never ages!

  47. 47
    groundcontrol Says:

    Naturally he media are twisting her words to create a headline. LOL!
    She doesn’t say she is quitting acting. She’s slowed down considerably since she became a mother back in 2002. It’s a natural progression. I’d like to see her direct more. She clearly has a talent for it.
    Both Angie and Brad’s lives show how well they were raised when it come down to it. To be about others. That what Angie’s UN work is all about and that’s one of the reason Brad is loyal to his friends and true to his word.
    I loved Dave Poland’s take on Killing Them Softly – which he really liked. For the most part the film sites and their posters have a lot of appreciation for the film.
    This video of Angie and Minister Hogue is enlightening and encouraging . So gratifying for the Minister to acknowledge the awareness created by Angie’s In The Land of Blood and Honey as the motivating force behind this new proactive mission to deal with the cause, prevention and aftermath of rape as a weapon of war. I know Angie has said what a great experience making the film was but to see it usher in such an important effort must be powerfuly fulfilling for her.

  48. 48
    deserve Says:

    ashby- You’re right. I, too, sometimes think that the world doesn’t deserve such kind and talented artists like Angie & Brad. One of the writers analyzing the KTS BO* said, “that’s why we can’t have nice things.”

    *BTW, try to find another movie that makes half it’s budget back in one weekend and it’s whole budget overseas and is still termed a failure- yeah, double standard for the JPs.

  49. 49
    groundcontrol Says:

    @Da Truth:
    Flagged for removal defamatory statement.

  50. 50
    nokidin Says:

    why….title….why….it’s ridiculous and malicious

  51. 51
    Peapo Says:

    She is so well spoken and has so many interests besides acting. She doesn’t need the fame which is good become so many celebrities get caught up in the fame and their looks and they become a joke. I can see Angie doing less acting and more aid work like Audrey Hepburn. What a wonderful woman. I’m glad she has a man that appreciates her and has the same life goals. And I love the importance they put in raising their children. Great woman, super mom, lovely couple.

  52. 52
    valerie Says:

    to the jentard who said angie needs to retire soon and let other actresses take the center-stage cause she’s just a pr-fabricated celeb…………….

    speaking of pr-sustained pseudo-celeb, everyone in hollywood knows its’ chinifer maniston whose so-called career is being run by her pr dogs. the ugly old hag can’t act yet her pr team and her rabid fans she’s that relevant. did i mention she’s plain boring? lol

  53. 53
    plez Says:

    William Hague ‏@WilliamJHague
    Grateful for Angelina Jolie’s support for UK team of experts being deployed to help survivors of rape in #Syrian conflict

    William Hague William Hague ‏@WilliamJHague

    She and I will campaign together next year during UK G8 Presidency, calling for new international action to stop rape in war
    Trolls can whine all the want but people of important respect Angelina’s work as Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

  54. 54
    Meri Says:

    omg! so much different from the bimbo, Katie Holmes. It would be interesting to put these two together and see what happens. LOL

    It would be like an intelligent person (Angie) talking with a toddler???

    I would listen to Angelina anytime! Listening and watching Katie Holmes is such annoying comedy I guess.

  55. 55
    plez Says:

    One more thing, Sec of State William Hague said he decided to start this campaign against rape after watching Angelina’s movie “In the Land of Blood and Honey”. If there is one less woman raped during war because of the campaign than what a truly great successful that movie would be.

  56. 56

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  57. 57
    Veinzilla Says:

    Hey, look at me!

  58. 58
    Veinzilla Says:

    Whatever Jolie is on, I love it!

  59. 59
    Frenchy Says:

    isn’t she wonderful? Proud to be a fan and suppoter.

  60. 60
    Bora Says:

    Maybe she give up winning an Oscar?

  61. 61
    I called it! Says:

    @Bora: Maybe she already have an Oscar….

  62. 62
    an oldie Says:

    Jared, why such misleading title? Sometimnes I wonder why I continue to add to Jared’s fortune by coming to his site. He is definitely anti JPs.

  63. 63
    lanas-world Says:

    @gia: How ironic with your username

  64. 64
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    I love this video! It is Awesome! Thank you Jared for posting it.

    God bless our sweet Angelina.
    Brad described his “Mama” correctly….he said “she is a Force…..” And look at all the good she is doing in this world.
    How amazing!
    She had no idea what a great influence her movie would become as she was compelled to write it and direct it and share it with the world last year. And I can never forget all the incredible support Brad gave her. They share in this together. As she has said in the past. “Brad is the name that enables me to accomplish so much.”
    And here it is, a scant year later after the debut of her incredibly moving film, and the UK Foreign Secretary is effusive in his praise of her work and singing her praises and explaining what a tremendous “force” she is in being the inspiration behind his initiative to make Rape in war a crime against humanity.
    “Her movie was so clear…….it removes all excuse for doing nothing.” He says. And how true his words are.
    To see how the Great Spirit is directing her life and Brad’s life is a wonder to behold. What incredible contacts they both are making.
    May the Great Spirit continue to bless you and move in you in such wonderful and exciting and beautiful ways, sweet Angelina. May you and Brad be abundantly blessed in many, many beautiful and unheard of and incredible ways and wisely guided by the Beautiful Spirit Who resides in both of you continuing to unite you as One as you two and your beautiful, loving family continue to reach out and help so many in all the ways that matter to make life better for everyone you touch.

  65. 65
    Goopy Says:


    Angie has said she has no further dreams regarding acting for quite a few years now.


  66. 66
    Sean Says:

    about time! Good riddance…

  67. 67
    Bora Says:

    @I called it!:
    What I meant to say was Academy Award for Best Actress……

  68. 68
    anustin Says:

    bless ur heart,and ur family,jolie.

  69. 69
    busted Says:

    Why in the world is this heading about less then 2 minutes of the interview. And she didn’t bring up anything about quitting acting. She was asked about her humanitarian work being more important then acting. And she said when the kids reached their teenage years she would probably have to give it up because things at home would be more important.

    The media twists everything around. And the trolls per usual are here spouting off crap. Angie is well spoken and well respected How refreshing to see someone that can actually articulate a thought. Not slurring her words or practically falling down. She is taken seriously. And her opinions are taken seriously.

    And on a superficial note she is very beautiful. Obviously no botox or anything Her face moves and is very expressive.

  70. 70
    theresa Says:

    i just love thumbing down all the comments from our friendly neighborhood trolls without even having to read them. not that any of them having anything to say that’s worthwhile reading.

  71. 71
    Heather Says:

    Oh please! Every year she does her whole “I’m going to retire” or “I’m going to take several years off” nonsense and then never does. Just an attention seeking famewh0re.

  72. 72
    Love Angelina Says:

    That is not true, every time she has said she would be taking a break, she has..people just don’t listen to what she says, and jump to conclusions, and she isn’t saying anything new here, she’s talked about slowing down(and has) for years now,and talked about probably stopping when the kids are older. Nothing new..Media likes to dramatize things.

  73. 73
    mrst Says:

    I love her…beautiful, inside and out!

  74. 74
    XYZ Says:


  75. 75
    XYZ Says:


  76. 76
    B&A Says:

    Maybe Angie should refuse to answer questions that she’s answered before to avoid being stupidly called fame ho by ignorent people; Brad should also pretend to not hear questions asked about his wedding, so those same people won’t claim he’s “talking about it to sell a movie”. #dumb people are dumb.

  77. 77
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Sorry Jared, HEADLINE FAIL — what she says in no way matches the title of this blurb. If she’s saying anything, “if it went away tomorrow,” she’s speaking of the uncertainty of life, and acting – and saying how she would STILL be happy, because she has a life. That is the OPPOSITE, of her announcing “plans,” — how about you stop playing to the search engine optimization, sensationalizing and lying…you’re getting worse than tabloids that say one thing on the cover, and it’s not represented in the story they run. How about you respect the fans of BOTH of these two incredible people, and stop putting words in their mouth.

  78. 78
    B&A Says:

    sorry *ignorant* I meant.

  79. 79
    CLINIQUA Says:

    By the way, I meant to mention this — this interview clip actually came on my local news, and everyone was talking in my house stopped to look at Angelina…to say she is stunning in that clip is an understatement….she has on ZIP makeup, flawless skin…just perfection, I almost didn’t hear what she said – but once again, they get it wrong. Like Rpatz recently said, it doesn’t matter what you tell them, they make up their own headlines and characterize it the way they want.

  80. 80
    B&A Says:

    @XYZ: The planet would be a worse place to be without Angelina; can’t say the same about you.

  81. 81
    CLINIQUA Says:

    @kathleen mariquit:

    I think that it is a shame that the title for this post is about how Angelina Jolie plans on quitting acting. The video is so much more than that. It’s about her dedication and the UN’s dedication to helping other people. I believe Angelina Jolie is a beautiful person because of this dedication.

    I agree Kathleen. Personally for me — it’s gotten to the point where this is just sabatoge. It’s deliberate. Look how there’s NO MENTION made about WHY Angelina is giving this interview. We all know, Angelina, unlike some no talent tv hacks, doesn’t just DO interviews for no fcking reason. I’m sure the interview has something to do with an ongoing event (humanitarian and UN related — possibly related to war and rape what she recently met with other diplomats about) — IF that’s the case, for these media outlets to run that same tired mischaracterization of her words (which sound more like an aside, a reply she gave to a question pertaining to ‘acting,’) — and they’re making that a focal point of their reporting, then this is the worst example of journalistic malfeasance yet. It’s one thing for a silly celeb site like Jareds, to sensationalize and lie to get hits, only tacking on Angelina’s philanthropy and humantarian activism as an after thought at the very end – mentioning that ‘she also talked about it.’
    They almost seem to want to falsely imply that Angelina gave the interview to discuss her ‘plans to quit acting.’ Which is absolutely ludicrous.
    I think it’s despicable.

    It’s also a socially despicable thing to do. Angelina, as well as Brad, makes her living acting, which in turn enables her to give her time, money, sweat and tears to those less fortunate and those causes she really cares about, but these silly blogs, and media outlets — are deliberately misconstruing her words to lie to the public. For what? Hits? Are they in bed with PR agencies who are mad she doesn’t have one – so this is just more retribution to show her she can’t go rogue?? Or is it certain PR hacks that now own this site that gets lamer every day.
    Whatever it is, it’s effed up. Jared should be ashamed – but I doubt he’s around any longer — whoever reps Jared Butler, and Vanessa Hudgens has bought this site, what other explanation could there be for the thrice daily updates of Bloatler’s bowel movements?? No one gives a fck.
    The media is a lying cesspool.

  82. 82
    sunny Says:

    Jared, still do these things ?
    Several years ago, I witnessed he was planting negative comment when JP thread was quiet.
    Probably it was for the sake of traffic.
    Business savvy Jared.

  83. 83
    Misleading title,JJ Says:

    That isn’t what she said, and isn’t what this interview was about.

  84. 84
    audrey f. Says:

    I adore her!!!

  85. 85
    Rose Says:

    @CLINIQUA: Good morning CLINIQUA, this twisting of the truth re Brad and Angelina is not only done by the tabloids. The regular tv is also getting viewers by just mentioning BAs name. They know whenever viewers hear the name Brad and Angelina they will stop to take a look. Do you remembered when Brad was promoting Money Ball and that Parade interview came out, M Lawer on NBC wanted to continue the bad press by repeating the negative press that was causing all the Jenhens to rear their ugly heads. Brad had to be firm with ML several times saying, please don’t read it, I don’t want to hear.

    Yesterday a fan posted that she was watching Today, and the first thing at the top of the regular news Morales brought up was Brad’s movie bummed . Now, tell me, is this regular top of the news info. No. This is just another way of NBC to give it to Brad for not promoting his movie on their network. The whole news business has become very slimy. I do
    believe several of the news people are trying to bring Brad and Angie down. But they are not succeeding because they have dirty hands.

    Look at Laura Spencer, GMA, she is definitely a Jen hen, most of The View women are Jen hens and they don’t care that they take sides in a eight year separation that was none of their business.

  86. 86
    D E E A Says:

    God bless her soul and her work! She is such an inspiration to me.

  87. 87
    lauren Says:


    honey go to hell and take the other losers with you. Before doing Maleficent Angie has not worked in over a year.. almost 2 to be exact. I get that you are a total ignorant ass*, but don’t make it so obvious.

  88. 88
    Rose Says:

    Another thing I believe Brad and Angie are living the Hollywood life. They are home taking care of their family. During Brad’s promotion for KTS last Monday one of the person interviewing Brad said Brad should ask GC about turning 50, Brad replies, what can he teach me, how to save my liver? We live different lives. Believe me, lots of people are jealous of Brad and Angie and how they live their lives, not kissing A$$ and just doing their own thing. Also, Angie has been slowing down for years, she will do a movie here and there once in a while but her family is her top priority. And as the kids become teenagers whe will do less and less Hollywood but not quitting, that’s what I get from her interview. Another thing, Angie is looking great, just beautiful and rested.

  89. 89
    Rose Says:

    @Rose:#90, Should be BA are NOT living the HW life, they are home taking care of their family….

  90. 90
    Rose Says:

    Hi fans, please forgive my not wishing all the fans a great day. Susan, Phool, CLINIQUA, woman Spanish, Tish, FYI 12, busted B&A, Lylian, Shi, Lauren and any fans lurking enjoy your day.

  91. 91
    CLINIQUA Says:

    OMG Rose, so agree — in fact, I mentioned that ish Natalie Morales yesterday, because I just happened to catch her dig at Brad – it was vindictive, no question about it. I am never watching Today AGAIN, period.

  92. 92
    woman spanish Says:

    HI Rose, I totally agree with you, so I like that Brad and Angie live your life focusing on the important things without caring what others think.
    By the way, Angelina is beautiful in this interview and your skin is wonderful

  93. 93
    audrey f. Says:

    Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will have lasting legacies both in Hollywood and beyond.

  94. 94
    Rose Says:

    @CLINIQUA: You are right CLINIQUA there is some reason for this vindictive behavior towards both BA. Did you noticed GMA did not use Lara S to interview Brad? Elizabeth Vargas did a wonderful interview and you could tell Brad liked her.

  95. 95
    Rose Says:

    @woman spanish: Good morning woman Spanish, good to see you are here today. Yes, Angie looks so beautiful in that video. I believe Brad wrapped up WWZ so they will be on the move soon. I hope we get some new pictures soon.

  96. 96
    woman spanish Says:


    Hopefully, I love children JP, especially Z, but I have really wanted to see Maddox, in these months without being photographed sure has grown a lot, it’s almost a teenager!

  97. 97
    Rose Says:

    @woman spanish: WS, you are right, we have not seen MADD for several months. I’m sure he is growing into a very handsome, and smart young man. BA will soon have a teenager on their hands :-),

  98. 98
    diference Says:

    there is a HUGE difference beteen AJ at 25 and AJ at her 37…now he is much smarter,much mature…she was a junkie and now she is a Woman and a great human being..The changes are unbelievable.she must be proud of herself

  99. 99
    Lily Says:

    I really hope she doesn’t give it up all together. Maybe she can just make movies she really cares about. Like A Mighty Heart and Changeling… those were powerful movies that showed her talent.

  100. 100
    cee Says:

    Cliniqua it is so true what you say. I am tired of how Jared covers the JP family. It seems all the tabs want is negative stories. So instead of Angie and brads good work the headline is misquoted excerpt. I am thinking about taking Nj off my list of sites.

  101. 101
    Casey Says:

    Thing is, she’s been saying this exact same thing since she adopted Maddox. I no longer even believe it because shes said it for years, yet here she is, still acting.. Don’t get m wrong, I think shes a wonderful person, and she does good work, both as a GWA and as an actor but shes said this for years, and its not come to fruition so I don’t believe it now

  102. 102
    cee Says:

    She does far fewer movies than she used to so get your facts straight. Another misinformed bated. Angie is always true to her word. It is not her fault that these sights donot print whole truth but only what they think are catchy headline gabloid stories. Angie is working less in movies but more on her humanitarian work and her family. Listen to her people not the tabloid headlines of Jared shallow headline.

  103. 103
    Susan Says:

    Good morning, 21 days before Xmas, I’m sure Santa received the J-P’s kids letters and is waiting for a destination to deliver them. LOL

  104. 104
    Shreya Says:

    This is the reason that I am Angelina’s fan. The way she never complains nor takes side but only thinks about how to help the victims. If people do a fraction of what Angelina does towards helping other than the world will be a much better place.

  105. 105
    sunny Says:

    sorry, this is OT
    UN Calls On Israel To Open Nuclear Facilities
    by The Associated Press
    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling on Israel to quickly open its nuclear program for inspection and backing a high-level conference to ban nuclear weapons from the Middle East which was just canceled.

    All the Arab nations and Iran had planned to attend the conference in mid-December in Helsinki, Finland, but the United States announced on Nov. 23 that it wouldn’t take place, citing political turmoil in the region and Iran’s defiant stance on nonproliferation. Iran and some Arab nations countered that the real reason for the cancellation was Israel’s refusal to attend.

    The resolution, approved Monday by a vote of 174-6 with 6 abstentions, calls on Israel to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty “without further delay” and open its nuclear facilities to inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Those voting “no” were Israel, the U.S., Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau.
    My country and people wish peaceful settlement between Israel and Palestina. And we have been strongly supporting Palestinian refugees.

  106. 106
    Tessa Says:

    As a Angelina fan myself, I absolutely dont like it when people go over the top with praising her. yeah,shes beautiful and a nice person and pretty smart. but shes not God. shes human. I find some comments very disturbing…borderline pathological celebrity worship syndrome…. anyway, love you,Angie:) looking well!

  107. 107
    audrey f. Says:

    Odd, Tess doesn’t seem bothered by the hate spewed by the trolls,just the praise by fans. No, of course she isn’t god,but she is pretty amazing; never hurts to acknowledge this when she is frequently trashed by haters.

  108. 108
    cookie Says:

    Did you hear that brad pitts movie BOMBED BIG TIME. GRADED F. What happened to the king of hw? Nobody wanted to see his movie. Only made 6.8 mil on opening weekend on over 2000 screens. Oh wait, I forgot, it is all Jen’s fault. Also, when jolie brought pax home she said she would be taking time off to help him get adjusted, then ran off to film Wanted. Also,, the time to be with her kids are when they are young and need her – not their teen years when they want nothing to do with their parents.

  109. 109
    himbo manho Says:

    “Tyson explained that while he and Givens were tending to divorce proceedings in 1988, they would still have sex. “I was getting a divorce. I was going to my lawyer’s office to divorce her that day but I wanted to sneak in a quickie.” Apparently, Givens was also spending time with Pitt. “This particular day, someone beat me to the punch,” Tyson told Bensinger. “I guess Brad got there earlier than I did. I was mad as hell. You should’ve saw his face when he saw me.”

  110. 110
    cee Says:

    Poor heaters do not know how to handle the jp power. Including celebitchy just Jared and the rest of them. Bless the jollies Pitts.

  111. 111
    Passing Through Says:

    # 96 Rose @ 12/04/2012 at 5:38 am
    That picture Elizabeth Vargas put of herself was hilarious. Brad kept asking about that bow around her neck, “What’s that called again?” It was fug. And then he said, “Did you notice our hair is about the same length now give or take an inch?” LOL. Brad always has a good sense of humor when people drag up pix from 20-30 years ago. He didn’t even cringe and most folks would cringe – Vargas sure did.

  112. 112
    Rose Says:

    @audrey f.: Audrey you are so right with the double standard. Fans should not praise Angie but trolls are free to put her down.we can spot the trolls from a mile away don’t care how much they pretends to be fan.

    Now Mike Tyson is trying to make money off BrAds name. Mike T as Married to Robin G about 25 years ago, it was a very short marriage, trolls can look it up. Also, Robin had said she and Brad had a very brief relationship for about 2-3 months. Also, Mike never said before the book he found them in bed, he said before he was coming to see Robin and Brad was leaving and when he saw Brad his manhood fell, lol.

    So keep on living in 25 year old gossip trolls, mike looking to make money with his book. Did you hear anything else about the book, the answer is NO. Everyone and their dog want to bring up Brad’s name and people listen. Same as EF Hutton, when he speaks everyone listen so they can make money.

  113. 113
    Passing Through Says:

    # 111 cookie @ 12/04/2012 at 9:37 am
    ROTFLMAO. It’s a sad day when trolls are stealing other trolls’ names. If you want to pass yourself off as Cookie…ya gotta remember the “hahahahahahaha”…

  114. 114
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: Vargas was really funny, begging the staff to take her unibrow photo. She said she just turned 50, she looks really good and I enjoyed her interview.

    PT, notice Mike Tyson now in need of money so he has to Bring up Brad’s name from 1988. Will this coat-tailing of Brad ever ends.

  115. 115
    zoey Says:

    Angelina is FABULOUS, it would b a pleasure to read an article and the comments sort of match the topics. The commentors probably hate there ownselves and are frightened to look in the mirror of, fearing who they are talking about is themselves. Great to just see her.

  116. 116
    Passing Through Says:

    # 117 Rose @ 12/04/2012 at 10:04 am
    I saw the Tyson quote the troll posted but that was from earlier this year when Tyson was doing an autobiographical stage show. Is he talking about it again or is the troll just now seeing that quote and trying to start some caca?

  117. 117
    anustin Says:

    very proud to be her FAN.bless her and her family.

  118. 118
    tamsinissmart Says:

    With other words..

  119. 119
    Passing Through Says:

    Just saw the Vanity Fair comedy issue(s) 3 covers. Megan Fox made the cover with the “This is 40″ cast…but oddly enough…Ticky’s not on any either of the other 2 covers with folks like Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and her new BFF Ben Stiller. Wonder why she was left off. Surely it’s not that unfunny/major suckage problem. Yet another month of Vanity Fair goes by since Ticky was last on their cover. That’s 88 straight issues. Not too surprsingly they haven’t been able to bag a cover interview with Brad since that Ticky cover was followed by the unauthorized underwear cover. Wonder if Graydon Carter still thinks that Ticky cover was worth it…

  120. 120
    huh Says:

    How many guys has Taylor Swift dated? Girl needs to slow down seriously.

  121. 121
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning / afternoon & hello to every one especially

    Rose, Passing Through, NAN, Women Spanish, Tish, Bizzy bee, groundcontrol, Premalee, fyi12, dawne, bdj, Busted, first and last post, Love The JoliePitts, Ssshhii_Baby, Media Wh@ore MANiston, Susan, Guest, Jaye… and all the JoliePitt fans around the world I hope you all are well ..

    Glad to hear you all saw the movie & got your Chanel No5’s happy days.

  122. 122
    Phool Says:

    @ Passing Through Ticky’s not talented enough for Vanity Fair damn even the out of work Megan has made it that says something lol.

  123. 123
    Phool Says:

    sorry people i’m still going through the last thread of brads so replying to fans from previous post you can ignore and move on :

    busted @ 12/03/2012 at 6:52 am from previous thread)
    Good morning Rose.
    I did see that interview and it was really great. I saw a few tweets saying Angie said she was quitting acting. SMH, it is amazing how a quote is taken out of context. She never said that. But I guess we are use to this happening. I wonder if Brad has finished shooting. Someone posted a tweet from his stunt guy saying his last day was either Friday/Saturday. So I hope he is done and the family can all get away.

    Good Morning Busted

    How are you my dear? I totally agree with you Angies Quote is yet again taken out of context regarding her acting intentions .I haven’t seen the full extent of the interview of Angie and William Hague, for me to make a full judgment on but one thing I can see is that the media as usual has taken Angies comments about reducing her Movie work, to declaration of quitting yet again uhhhh, cannot stand this, why can’t they report it the way its actually said.
    Any way she’s been saying this for many years and still despite the fact she has reduced her work load as far as her movie carer is concerned media still tends to make such a fuss. People are reading too much into “but if I went away tomorrow” sentence in my opinion.
    Angie has been saying this for quite few years and so has Brad especially in recent years regarding reducing their work load. If I recall correctly wasn’t he bombarded with the same retirement questions when he gave an interview to an Australian journalist. Which in reality he didn’t say he said in future he would be winding down some aspects of work to concentrate on perusing other avenues.
    so basically when one says I would be reducing my work dose not in any way or form say I’m quitting does it God forbid Brad & Angie have a life and want to peruse other avenues in life may it be looking after their children, may it be for humanitarian causes, may it be other personal ventures like, directing, producing architecture, housing projects, jewellery, furniture etc. so they are normal human beings who want to branch out to other endeavours in life apart form moviemaking.
    Ironic isn’t it as if no one has done it before have they in this day and age! To put there children before themselves, how very selfish of them lol. How dare they want to enjoy life together shock horror!! I guess their selflessness puts peoples backs up.

    I would speak for my self when I say I am not only a fan of Angie and Brad due to their movie work depending on their box office figures if their movies are a hit or not, I am a fan regardless, my loyalty is undisputable for me, I look at the whole package.
    Here I see a young woman who has a great film carer but also chooses not to only rely upon it alone. She hasn’t got that drive to go after every Oscar baited movies for the sake of getting awards. For she already has her Oscar, SAG, Golden Globe and other numerous awards she doesn’t need to prove to anything to any one, any more.
    She is one of those actresses that has beauty on her side could have gone after every movie role that was offered to her and never would have looked back but she chose wisely. Despite the fact she hasn’t worked year after year to get her résumé full she chose to do far a few in between. Action, drama. Comedy she’s done it all and has been awarded for them.
    She has done her UNHCR work for over 10 years and proved what a force she can be that know she is a Special Envoy of Peace, when she commits she gives a thousand % she gives more than is asked from her.I am a fan of their philanthropy how they have evolved into stronger individuals, how they both have their own sense of individuality. The inner beauty every time trumps their outer beauty for me. I am not saying I don’t love the outer beauty oh man I’m a sucker like every one of a beautiful face & body lol come on guys I am human after all.
    I am a fan of the whole package I am a fan that loves to see this young girl grow into a beautiful human being with elegance & class a women that is leading the way for the young generation in showing what can be achieved. You don’t have to trade on looks as its shelf life is very limited there are things that one can do to make you more beautiful.
    Make It Right has made Brad much more beautiful in my eyes Angelina’s UNHCR work for refugees has made her stand out for me. love the fact the both Brad & Angie are not only committed to each other but also committed to what they stand for; they are putting their family first.

    Apologies Busted for my long winded post didn’t mean to bore the socks off you lol.

  124. 124
    an opinion Says:

    @Passing Through: During his promotion of his Broadway show he said he met Brad and Givens as they were going into her house. In a new interview he is saying that he caught them in bed together.
    Don’t know if the interviewer brought it up or Tyson but there is no question that he is using Brad to promote his show and now a book. But he is also trying to call Givens a tramp and reporters are just laughing is up. Among other things I read that he says about her in his Broadway show. I expect no less from Tyson but I expect more from reporters.

  125. 125
    Phool Says:

    @Rose 12/03/12 at 05:57 am (from previous thread)

    How are you my dear? Please accept my apologies for late reply just been snowed under at work
    So didn’t get ample time to reply back Thanks for your morning shout outs my dear you are sweet. Any way where was I as for our Angie most defiantly looks so beautiful and at ease have you noticed Rose Angie is wearing same dress only different colour from when she hosted the screening of Ewan McGregor’s movie The Impossible, the other evening. It looks like the same shape and the front of it has same design except for being sleeveless.
    She is a frugal girl our Angie I think when she likes one thing she gets two or three of those items in different colours…its like if you like one why not get another lol. I haven’t read all the previous posts yet so don’t know if you have seen Angies New photos in Cambodia dated 23.11.12 depending on if any one has posted them here or not? if not they are at Brangelina forum she looks simply divine, beautiful Rose she has no make up on , no jewellery she’s wearing the same black top she’s worn a million times lol but yet looks so refreshed and relaxed. Her fans are so in awe of her and she’s so laid back with them love it. You have to see them.

  126. 126
    an opinion Says:

    @huh: OT Swift acts like she is 15 rather than 22. It’s weird.

  127. 127
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning fyi12

    How are you my dear? I was so pleasantly surprised when you posted Brads GMA pic for me “regarding Angie Watch gift for Brad “ thank you got a glimpse I appreciated it that you did that for me such a lovely gesture considering the time you took to post it for me thank you so much fyi12.
    On another note thank you for making the Bipolar troll Cray Cray Crazy the name is in the Cray you get my meaning don’t you lol…only have to swap the A before the R in Cray you get my drift lol

  128. 128
    Phool Says:

    @ an opinion Tylor is the modren day version of a stalker, shes stalked the kenedys got a house there know next thing you will see her buying a house right next to harrys then we will see which direction he runs and it wont be 1 direction either lol.

  129. 129
    Phool Says:

    Rose @ 12/03/2012 at 7:20 am (from previous thread)

    @Busted: Hi Busted wasn’t that a good interview.Why is it they,the media always twist their, B/A words. Also,she has been cutting back for the last 4 years know. I see her doing something very short onec in a while. The trolls can talk about garbage as much as they want.
    If SS can still get movie offers after she turns out one bomb after another for 6 years, why are trolls worried about Brad movie not making bank this time. Brad did not promote KTS because of time restraint, he only was out one day, and they still made millions of dollars. Not like SS was out there working her a&& off and only brought in like $200,000 on one of her movie. Can’t even remember the name. So Brad will be just fine, and his fans will be right with him always.


    my dear don’t begrudge Tickys Bombs, may they be the ones she has headlined her self like Management and Switch or the assembled cast movies Wonderbust well you see its part of her furniture so to speak lol. Failure and her go hand in hand.
    She likes to promote whatever means it takes cloths on or off but it always fails in actually putting bums on seats at the end of the day. Her own production company cant get any funding for her movies and she herself can’t manage to get any movie green lighted on her own, so Rose don’t begrudge her on her failures my dear lol be happy that’s karma.
    On the topic of Angelina’s movies considering the considerable gap from one movie to another where she is concernered, if you take into account the impact her movies
    Have are big ones that you don’t realise there ever was a gap of 2 years or so.
    When Angie does a movie it accumulates into a blockbusters like Salt &Tourist, when Angie does small independent dramatised movies like Changeling & Mighty Heart and In the Land of blood & honey they are Oscar , SAG and Golden Globe nominated all these movies may be made far and between but still are critically
    Brad came only for what 1 day did his promoting and still managed to get 8 million within a week at the box office despite the limited promotion and the movie was critically lauded by the European & domestic critics this movie will stand the testament of time.
    Domestic box office isn’t be all and end all of any movie. No one remembers a rom come even after 1 month people always remember what Brad & Angie did may it be Fight Club over 10 years ago still counted as 1 of the best movies , In the land of Blood & Honey angies very first Directorial début is the inspiration behind the British governments campaign in preventing sexual violence in conflict initiatives. That is a testament what this movie has achieved to become an inspiration of this campaign. god bless you angie.

  130. 130
    Phool Says:

    Congratulations to Prince William & Kate on the arrival of their baby, at least the baby would be beautiful there is no doubt of that.On other note with their baby news they are bound to be on front cover on all magazines so I guess Halle Berry still wouldn’t be able to get any mag cover yet again and so would not be Tickys engagement party/ tree trimming party which curiously happens before Monday’s deadline magazine wise.
    So the stalking happened on Sunday oh what a coincidence so near Brads movie opening and all her C list palls were there with her trimming her bush i mean tree .by the way where was her mouth piece her dog BFF Chelsea isnt she good enough for tucky any more ?

    So I guess if they are lucky both will make the side bars at least.

  131. 131
    Phool Says:

    In regards to Brads last thread:

    First the movie is another great movie from Brad & Andrew its way ahead of its time, what has happened is Harvey has managed to spend less on promotion and saved it for his other pet projects. Am not going to dwell on the negativity and idiocy, as I see the resident trolls have done it.
    Fans are right to query why we haven’t seen any promos for KTS before it was released. There is no doubt there would be award nominations for KTS there are several award worthy performances in this gritty movie. Any way from a $15 million budged movie which has basically recuperated more or less from foreign markets still there are major countries where its still awaiting to be released yet, domestic market isn’t the only market that should be considered. Come back to me in ten years time when any one even remembers what twilight or expendables were.
    People who gave the cinema score apparently have some IQ missing I guess the movie subject regarding politics was too much too challenging for the two brain cells. I guess the rest of the world’s critics and cinema goers understood apart from this little group of people.
    Ironic isn’t it for the past 8 years regardless where Brads movies end up in the box office listings they still manage to get Oscar nominated boys not doing badly in my opinion. Still churning out critically exclaimed movies that would be remembered in 10-20 years time.
    Thanks Brad for taking these risks and producing masterpieces like Jesse James, Fight Club and KTS god willing there will be many more to come cannot wait for your next master piece The Twelve Years of a Slave which will be another feather in your cap Brad you keep defying the norm time e& time again.
    Listen note to the name changing Bi-polar trolls no need to answer me back you have already done my head in by posting same articles time & time again talking about cinema scores & a budgets that weren’t spent in the first place, at least you gave Brads Threads on other sites more Hits for brad same like your doing here at angies as well so its nice to see that they are Killing You Trolls Softly lol.

  132. 132
    Phool Says:

    Oh Brad & Angelina as much as I love you guys and there you two are, blissfully unaware the chaos that you two cause around you , with what you say and what you don’t say lol but one thing is clear you do bring out the crazy in trolls lol. Which I know it can’t be prevented lol.

  133. 133
    Phool Says:

    Jaye @ 12/02/12 at 05:04 pm from brads previous thread)


    my dear Good morning another great post from your self I agree the greater success for brad is the quality of the movie and its endurance as far as the public consciousness and yes 10-20 years from know people would be talking about his movies, his projects. These moves are so out of the box that’s what captures the public’s imagination. Is it really that difficult to understand?
    The box office fluff as you called rightly so, no one remembers them, what after 6 months a year they are forgotten. Movies that mentally challenge you are the ones people remember, movies that touch the core with their daring subjects, that no on would have thought of putting on big screen are the ones that are the most thought provoking & remembered.
    I remember watching a documentary about Orson Wells how segregated in Hollywood he was made with every project he did, it was a personal challenge to him may it be professionally or financially
    Big fights with the studio heads audiences were fed the propagandas. Know after 20-30 years his movies have all weathered the testament of time classics one after another there is no denying of his god given talent. Sorry to go off the topic a bit but what I am trying to say is that Brad is on the right path there are challenges that he will face, there is no financial aspect that’s driving him to do produce and act in these small projects which he can afford to peruse. And his other worthy endeavours no matter what the outcome his fans will stick by him regardless as we have faith in him.
    Sorry Jaye to go on by doing your head in please forgive me l didn’t mean to, it just frustrates me when I see when a genuine talent is not appreciated.

  134. 134
    Phool Says:

    Just saw Django trailer is it me or do Jamie Fox look cross eyed in some scenes. Sorry JF fans. not a good trailer. bloated leo reminds me of keneth brangh in wild wild west movie the one with will smith..

    Also the Jack Reacher trailer some one get Tom Cruise a ladder dame never seen one man look so small no matter which angle you shoot him from which many seems to be from under ground

  135. 135
    Phool Says:

    For the love of god Tyson in your whole boxing life wasn’t there any thing else exciting happen than
    A glimpse of Brad Pitt, how much name drop can one guy do damn him

    I see Kim Kartarshin is still trying to defuse the Middle East conflict with East with one Milk Shake shop at a time funny thing is she can’t answer simple questions like what do you like about Dubai or Kuwait. She goes you have lovely hotels here its so nice then froze. I guess difficult questions are a challenge for some one so pretty and low on IQ lol.

  136. 136
    Rose Says:

    @Phool: Hi Phool, how are you lady, hope you are doing great. Good to see you today. Talking about trimming bush.. Do you remember Gerard B said he trimmed her bush when she took the group to Mexico, I believed for the Birthday party? So funny you mentioned the bush part.

    Yes, whats going on with Taylor S. Is she ok? Does seen like she is going through some kind unhealthy behavior for sch a talented young woman.

  137. 137
    Rose Says:

    @Phool:#137, You mentioned Jamie foxx, did you see that video TMZ had shown of JF about six months ago. That was one of the funniest videos I’ve seen. First, JF was obviously high as a kite at home. He was in the hallway of his home in his tighty brief bancing to imaginary music. That SH.t was so funny I watched it about a dozen times. The people at the house with him was dying with laughter, he was so out of it he didn’t even acknowledge their prescence, funny, funny stuff. Lol.

  138. 138
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through:#114, PT, re Tyson. I believes it’s a new interview, trying to sell the book. So if he changed the story around it will be more salacious. So instead of passing each other at RG home now it’s in bed. Poor Brad, everyone wants to make a buck off his name.

  139. 139
    Rose Says:

    Is that you Josephine sitting in your filthy basement thumbing down every fan comments. Too bad it’s only of you and many of us. Anyway take care, the wedding is coming soon, you’ll have plenty of work coming. you are acting as if thumbing down fans comments is your job.

  140. 140
    Passing Through Says:

    # 123 huh @ 12/04/2012 at 11:56 am
    LOL! You took the words right out of my mouth. I was just about to ask that. If she’s slept with every one of these guys – and you know she has – then the next time a troll brings up someone that Angie supposedly slept with 15 years ago I’m going to ask why they’re not over on Swifty’s threads calling HER a ho. She’s, what, 22? I don’t even keep up with the girl and off the top of my head I can recall at least 5 guy’s she’s whined about dumping her – Gaybe Lautner, The Urinator, Gaybe Jakey, one of those Jonas boys and some joker from Glee. Plus we know she just broke up with Conor Kennedy after being seen with his cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger. She better slow down or she’ll be calling Chapstick asking if they make anti-chafing products for the inner thighs…

  141. 141
    Passing Through Says:

    # 125 Phool @ 12/04/2012 at 12:23 pm
    That was kinda my point. When Megan Fox is featured on VF, even in an ensemble, before Ticky…you know her ass has pissed Graydon off. That and the trick literally has NOTHING to say that doesn’t involve her hair, her diet, her exercise routine, name-dropping Brad and whining about the ratzi following her but failing to say that most of the time she dropped a dime on herself…

  142. 142
    Passing Through Says:

    # 127 an opinion @ 12/04/2012 at 12:29 pm
    His one-man show is still going on? Whatever. The story about Tyson catching Brad in bed with RG has been going around for dog years. That’s nothing new – except that now Tyson is changing his version of how he found out RG was seeing other men at the same time he was trying to get her to come back. If anything it’s Tyson either confirming the rumor or playing it up. A few years back the Globe rag had a story on it – as told by Mr. IUC. He tried to play it up like they were in bed together and when Tyson came around Brad jumped out the bedroom window and never saw RG again. WRONG! Brad dated her for months after that so obvs he wasn’t all that scared of Tyson. As far as Tyson coattail-riding Brad…well, that’s the juciest story he’s got that he can tell publicly that won’t send him back to jail: Brad Pitt had Jungle Fever. Yawn.

  143. 143
    carry Says:

    New thread ? got a bit busy. Angie is gorgie with brains. Sexual violence is a serious matter.

  144. 144
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: Hi PT, a few months ago I saw MT telling the story and he did not mention anything about finding them in bed. He said he was going to see RG early one morning and Brad was leaving and when he saw brad his little mike was deflated. I heard him, now he’s changing the story. Anyway, he was using a lot of cocaine at that time so who knows what he remembers from day to day. Also, RG said the affair was just for a few months I’m sure less than six. If I’m not mistaken it was between 2-3 months.

  145. 145
    queen jolie Says:

    just saw angelina in antenna news. one of credible news program here.they showed this interview, and the headline is angie will quit acting when her children approach teenage years.this is world news, along with kate pregnancy .lol.they first showed kate pregnancy and then angie quitting.angie is so beautiful and so simple.anything angie said make headlines.

  146. 146
    queen jolie Says:

    for the first miranda thread. thank you very much sure all the jp fans who visit here know her now.i honestly don’t know who she is until jared post her pictures here everyday.she is just a model, not even an actress but i have to suffer seeing her everyday here.and who is rita ora?lol.jared like to put threads for many

  147. 147
    carry Says:

    true why not a story of Jared said something about what is she is doing it is important matter instead of highlighting the future could be or would be talk only

  148. 148
    carry Says:

    So do you really think Brad and Angie go or Brad go to Chanel party they say that would happen today? or it is just anotehr made up story

  149. 149
    carry Says:

    I sooooo much miss them and miss the family. I thought we even be seeing them when Brad promotion time but it was soo tiny that we didn’t able to see nothing :( I hope they are getting ready for the wedding . It is soon. I feel it.:D

  150. 150
    Jaye Says:

    Howdy Fans, I hope all is well with each of you.
    Phool @ 12/04/2012 at 12:48 pm
    Hi. How is it going? Sounds like you woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed as my grandma would say lol.
    Don’t apologize for being a good fan and speaking your mind. It’s hard to find many who are worthy of the enthusiasm the fans have for BP and AJ.
    Pitt is doing what he wants, what he loves, if there isn’t the recognition of his talent that we all think he is worthy of, he’s in good company. There are been a number of actors in the past who have not received the Oscar and these ladies and gentlemen were superb talents. The lack of recognition during award season didn’t change that. Paul Newman was in his mid fifties before he won his only acting Oscar for The Color of Money, despite that fact that he had many Oscar worthy roles before that. I don’t even think he was even there to pick up the award.
    Pitt is not a player and you have to appreciate someone who doesn’t kiss for something that won’t make much difference in the course of his life. He has other, much more important things.

  151. 151
    carry Says:

    hahahhahahahahhaha why is that the ones who say we don’t want to see the jps are the one who constantly daily everyday like they XXXX them talk and study evey JP moves….
    Unless I see her picture scrolling down I don’t go search her whatever about. How about if you don’t want something don’t follow and comment everything about them.
    They want want want … them like the air they beath , the food they eat, the drink they dirnk. it is actually scary.

  152. 152
    Tina Says:

    We all know which actress in hollywood REALLY needs to quit acting: Rom Com Aging Queen Jen Insecure Aniston!

  153. 153
    Tomas Says:

    I dunno .I don’t belive she will really leave acting. Wait and watch she will be back in a short time. She and Brad Pitt both said they would not get married until all people had a right and now they are planning a wedding soon.
    I have a feeling they are trying to upstage the news that Will and Kate have a baby. Right now Kate and Wills baby is the news and Jolie and Brad want to upstage that. Silly people.

  154. 154
    Alissa Says:

    Hey, Angie… Don’t let the door hit your flat bony ass when you leave.

    Is she fucking that dude? She sure isn’t with Brad any more.


  155. 155
    Rose Says:

    Did anyone saw The Soup today? I was listening/watching and Fran Dresser was a guest. There was a rapid fire quiz, Fran was asked if you were deserted on a desert island who would want to be with? answer, Brad Pitt, q #2 who is your secret crush? answer, Brad Pitt. One of the guys said, you would have to fight Angelina. Fran answered something about skinny, did anyone heard what FD said?

  156. 156
    carry Says:

    @Tomas: teenage means not now not next year not even 2 -3 years mad is the only who will be getting teen age year in 2-3 years pax in only nine the reast took at least 5 years and more She just saying it in figurative type.

  157. 157
    carry Says:

    @Tomas: congrats to the couple. But they are not even in movies or are they so what would BandA think of them in any way of a type? crazy people public boards are not subsititue of doctor visits.

  158. 158
    Nahi Says:

    @Bea: She is not a PR actress. She is very good and talented. She did not get famous instantly, she had to work hard for it. She has an Oscar and some of her performences are fantastic.
    You wannw know who are PR made actress?
    Ashely Greene and freida Pinto.
    They are both ugly and untalented. They will never end up having a career like Angelina. You need to get her kind of career.freida pinto especially. She disseed the most beautiful and talented actress in India, Aishwarya Rai. Sorry but slum girl is a nobody. Jolie and Rai are icons in their industry.

  159. 159
    carry Says:

    ok may be mad in 2-3 years full teenage pax will be a pre teen?

  160. 160
    Passing Through Says:

    # 147 Rose @ 12/04/2012 at 2:03 pm
    I remember what Tyson said months ago. That’s why I said he may just be playing it up because of the old rumor. Tyson was doing coke…plus RG and her mother had him convinced he was bipolar and he was on Lithium and a boat load of anti-psychotic drugs. All those blows he took to the head boxing don’t help matters much…

  161. 161
    megatit Says:

    *wades through Phool’s garbage*
    Actually, I believe she said she’ll retire when the durrlets are a little older. But this mantis gets our hopes up every year with this shitt, and yet we still see her Handsome Squidward mug. But since Leg-gate there might be some truth to it. She knows she’s a just a colossal joke now, not to mention Pitty with his embarrassing Chanel disaster and KTS bombing. She’ll continue to do the only thing that gets her some positive attention -fauxmanitarian work.

  162. 162
    Sandra Says:

    She is still my role model. So great, poised, passionate and intelligent..makes me happy (though she being so pale and skinny still worries me)

  163. 163
    carry Says:

    I dislike that bittchy woman but this is something probably someone posted so I have to copy it here because some of it I agree in most but not all consideration not bad. I am not meaning in bad way….
    1. Stop trying to chase the Oscar. The public can feel the desperation from miles away.
    2. Stick to the original idea of a book or a script, and stop with all the political analysis.
    3. Clean up. That means bathe, shave and cut the hair.
    4. When promoting a movie, PROMOTE the movie, not your personal life. If interview asks any questions, just state that you are only here to promote the movie itself.
    5. Stop traveling all over like some damn military mobile unit. Put some roots down, and stay there. Let those kids have a somewhat normal life….there is time left to turn that all around.
    4. Either Marry Jolie or Don’t. Just stop using the sacrament of Marriage as a PR tool. It’s getting ridiculous and redundant, and it also very dis-respectful to the woman that you are engaged to, when you constantly make up excuses, giving sound bites to feed the media frenzy.
    3. Stop talking about the legalization of drugs, the legalization of gay marriage and STOP with the constant BASHING of the USA.. You are only doing what you’ve done to your family, alienating a lot of people that do not have the same ideas as yours. You want to support these things than do it quietly without fanfare. You’re only losing those bible belt fans, along with fans in the USA. We get it. Shut your mouth about US.
    2. Do not do another product endorsement. EVER.
    1. Stop whining in all your interviews how you’re growing old, or that being an actor is such hard work or those big size lottery paychecks are not coming your way anymore. That is why your paid those big bucks. No one likes a whiny, sniveling, multi-millionaire…especially in times like these when people are hurting and wondering if they will have a job, a house, etc.

  164. 164
    JL Says:

    This face is not for movie.
    GOOD BYE BIITCH !!!!!!

  165. 165
    carry Says:

    Angie love you too but stop saying quit acting you said it before and don’t say it again this is some of the things they use against you because most of them want go on until they can…

  166. 166
    carry Says:

    @JL: FU. Angie could have done 2 of the movies that come out this year if she wanted. And she is a beauty.

  167. 167
    carry Says:

    @tamsin: it is hard for your brain as always the problem is but some fans just be lurking. Not sometimes I lurk I post. Why not you take IQ classes it is benificial for you .

  168. 168
    Maria Says:

    solid interviewer. she asked the tough questions.

  169. 169
    carry Says:

    @Rose: he still is crazy. I read another story about his apearnce where he said I love you Brad can I get a job? I give you my wife somethign… He change his story whenever he want…. He must think that brought him attention. Dude is defiently in something STILL.

  170. 170
    megatit Says:

    Lol, where IS the twelve year old with her calculator?
    Yeah, I think she senses their loss of cool points. Good point about playing the victim. She sure ran BBT under the bus after the divorce. She’s just trying to re-work her image, that’s all.
    Pretty quiet on the loon front, no? After the KTS bomb, I can see these creatures sitting around a fire singing hymns to the Loon gods to bring good luck to Brad for WWZ, ala Hobbit.

  171. 171
    Maniston Says:

    Gay Tamsin aka megatit is more boring than a movie of maniston

  172. 172
    Maniston Says:

    Maniston has to give work to gay

  173. 173
    Maniston Says:

    Gay has no social life, no sex, that sad

  174. 174
    Maniston Says:

    Angelina does not sleep thinking about what the gay says of her

  175. 175
    Joe Says:

    Wait! She has a career to retire from?


    That is profound….

  176. 176
    Maniston Says:

    The dwarf of Maniston is the highest paid gigolo of the world

  177. 177
    Maniston Says:

    Latest news………… Angelina
    is crying by what the gay without work says her


  178. 178
    Maniston Says:

    And now I go away, a greeting to the gay without work of Maniston and her dwarf gigolo

  179. 179
    iing Says:

    Remember pitt claimed he never committed adultery? That’s at least twice he’s been caught. with jolie and mike tyson’s wife robin givens. What a tool. i want brad and angie to marry tomorrow but i doubt is gonna happen because it obvious they are no longer living in the same house together

  180. 180
    geez Says:

    Angie has said many times that she will make less movie or quit acting when kids reach teenager year if necessary. Why is still a headline every time she says it? She is not quitting now.

  181. 181
    geez Says:

    Mike Tyson is such a loser, he keeps changing his story and milking on Brad.

  182. 182
    iing Says:

    first of all he shouldnt showercry about jen and justin and since the parade interview last year we all know he is jealous , cant let go of jen and still hasnt moved on and not happy even with all the 100 kids he had out of WEDLOCK


    1. Stop trying to chase the Oscar. The public can feel the desperation from miles away.
    2. Stick to the original idea of a book or a script, and stop with all the political analysis.
    3. Clean up. That means bathe, shave and cut the hair.
    4. When promoting a movie, PROMOTE the movie, not your personal life. If interview asks any questions, just state that you are only here to promote the movie itself.
    5. Stop traveling all over like some damn military mobile unit. Put some roots down, and stay there. Let those kids have a somewhat normal life….there is time left to turn that all around.
    4. Either Marry Jolie or Don’t. Just stop using the sacrament of Marriage as a PR tool. It’s getting ridiculous and redundant, and it also very dis-respectful to the woman that you are engaged to, when you constantly make up excuses, giving sound bites to feed the media frenzy.
    3. Stop talking about the legalization of drugs, the legalization of gay marriage and STOP with the constant BASHING of the USA.. You are only doing what you’ve done to your family, alienating a lot of people that do not have the same ideas as yours. You want to support these things than do it quietly without fanfare. You’re only losing those bible belt fans, along with fans in the USA. We get it. You hate the USA. Fine. Live in Europe, but shut your mouth about US.
    2. Do not do another product endorsement. EVER.
    1. Stop whining in all your interviews how you’re growing old, or that being an actor is such hard work or those big size lottery paychecks are not coming your way anymore. That is why your paid those big bucks. No one likes a whiny, sniveling, multi-millionaire…especially in times like these when people are hurting and wondering if they will have a job, a house, etc.

  183. 183
    carry Says:

    tThe one person who trolling the thread stop it will you

  184. 184
    carry Says:

    FU go away. We don’t want you. And shiit take maniston your maniston posts out here.

  185. 185
    carry Says:

    eh what can get rid of this things here. Jared pls remove the post of theirs,

  186. 186
    megatit Says:

    “For ooover the misty mountains cold. To dungeons deep and caverns oooold”. I bet Passing Poop has the longest beard. Lol. Gotta run. TTYL.

  187. 187
    Eva Says:

    Family is the most important thing to Brad and Angie. I hope they still continue make movies and at least one movie/per year, I will be satisfied.

  188. 188
    carry Says:

    @Eva: Same here. I want them around until they 90 Imeant it.

  189. 189
    carry Says:

    Off course I know they will not remotely want to go that far but just my wish. ok later like in 5 hrs

  190. 190
    wth? Says:


    utter rubbish, mind your own business, out of work PR agent.
    the jp’s will NEVER have one base, no big name celebs do.

  191. 191
    shi shi shi- Says:

    never thought she had a job at the first place to even retire from.

    btw she looks glassy-eyed, shiny, waxy and sweaty in that clip (i couldn’t watch the whole thing – she annoys the crap out of me). I like where she said she lives in a country where she can protect her children from whatever. What country is that? They don’t really live anyway – always flitting about in their private plane.

  192. 192
    Tina Says:

    Disappointed by your title Jared.

  193. 193
    krama after Jen 8 +++years Says:

    Wow,Dolly’s friends are still here huh ?
    Anuston just got a set up bought Mr. Gigolo to be her man,The love of her life,but her D O G S are still here and B@rking for Jen The Loser.
    Poor Anuston huh ? 8 years fighting with her D O G S for Mr.Gigolo !!!

    Krama is so sweet for Anuston (Jan 03 -Dec 12+)

    Rachel Green ended up with her bought Gigolo,hahahahahahaha

  194. 194
    Brangie Rules Says:

    What a great post and worth reposting!!!

    Love the JoliePitts @ 12/04/2012 at 1:23 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +20

    I love this video! It is Awesome! Thank you Jared for posting it.

    God bless our sweet Angelina.
    Brad described his “Mama” correctly….he said “she is a Force…..” And look at all the good she is doing in this world.
    How amazing!
    She had no idea what a great influence her movie would become as she was compelled to write it and direct it and share it with the world last year. And I can never forget all the incredible support Brad gave her. They share in this together. As she has said in the past. “Brad is the name that enables me to accomplish so much.”
    And here it is, a scant year later after the debut of her incredibly moving film, and the UK Foreign Secretary is effusive in his praise of her work and singing her praises and explaining what a tremendous “force” she is in being the inspiration behind his initiative to make Rape in war a crime against humanity.
    “Her movie was so clear…….it removes all excuse for doing nothing.” He says. And how true his words are.
    To see how the Great Spirit is directing her life and Brad’s life is a wonder to behold. What incredible contacts they both are making.
    May the Great Spirit continue to bless you and move in you in such wonderful and exciting and beautiful ways, sweet Angelina. May you and Brad be abundantly blessed in many, many beautiful and unheard of and incredible ways and wisely guided by the Beautiful Spirit Who resides in both of you continuing to unite you as One as you two and your beautiful, loving family continue to reach out and help so many in all the ways that matter to make life better for everyone you touch.

  195. 195
    krama after Jen 8 +++years Says:

    Someone is still living in H1ll on Earth,when she see her ex is very happy life with his new wife and their children.

    Money can’t buy Love,Happiness,Good – Bad Krama and Real Friends !

  196. 196
    shi shi shi- Says:

    If memory serves she made that same declaration right after the adoption of Pax and again after the birth of Knox and Viv, before immediately signing on for another NINE films. This narcisstic wench is an actress. She plays the roll that she needs to in public when circumstances demand. And please…don’t even get me started on Brad’s People Magazine interview this week. We’re supposed to believe that he calls her “Mama?” Not that I buy that for a second,but the day my husband calls me “Mama” is the day I file for divorce. I detest these two posers. And oh yeah, Brad had a movie released this week so it was predictably time to hear from them again.

  197. 197
    Joe Says:

    Hey Nan (krama after Jen 8+++ years), it is spelled KARMA! Ignorant loon….

  198. 198
    NAN Says:

    May 98 !
    ” My agent did me a big favour and set me up a blind date with an A-ist hunk, I spread my legs from day 1st to catching him with my Bong ”

    May 11 !

    ” My agent did me a small favour and set me up with a Z-list Mr.Gigolo,I bought him to be my man ”

    I DID I DO AND I WILL = No Can Do and No Baby !!!

  199. 199
    shi shi shi- Says:

    For crying out loud. Angelina, after birthing your children YEARS ago, this whole wedding is not as romantic nor meaningful as it could have been YEARS ago. And, you cannot Do A Brad, unless you first use the same script and film a Chanel No.5 commercial like he did. THAT would be doing Brad. LOL Hahahaha. You two could have a new career as comediennes. In fact, in a way, you both have become very funny and have been amusing many for a long time now. What is next on your agenda? Am sure you will think of something odd.

  200. 200
    Observer2 Says:

    Congrats to Angelina. She wanted her movie to start conversations and for it to have accomplished this initiative, is more than terrific.

    I see that Angelina doing something good has sent the LOONIFERS over the edge because they didn’t watch the entire video. They can’t. It’s too complicated for them to understand.

    It’s above a first grade level of education.

    Angelina is happy and doing for others and that drives the LOONIFERS bonkers.

    Bonk away. LOL.

  201. 201
    NAN Says:

    Hey Joe the B@rking D O G S,How is your Half Man ?
    Joedude needs money for his/her/its family,
    IT told us he B@rking got paid 3000 US$ a week,

    Joedude is a B@rking D O G and had made Anuston No man,eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh…Ouch .

  202. 202
    hlkkkkkkk Says:

    Same old, same old from AJ. Isn’t this the same refrain from 3 or 4 years ago? Can’t believe much that she says or preaches, no matter how she hard she pushes the “Saint Angelina” image. She should have thought about actually “mothering” her children years ago, but her own selfish needs always seem to come first.

  203. 203
    groundcontrol Says:

    As one who used to lobby for the rights of women in the developing world and rage against their lack of power over their own lives, I am very heartened to see the power and influence that Jolie has being used in this great humanitarian effort.
    My organization was quite innovative in using the media and the arts (film, TV) to influence a change in thinking about women’s rights where we and the internationla community thought it was most needed. We succeeded greatly in the area of our focus and to this day there is little else as powerful or effective as the popular medium of film and TV to keep pushing toward those needed societal and cultural changes.
    Jolie has done exactly what she wanted to do with In the Landof Blood and Honey – to help heal the wounds from that awful conflict which this task force will hopefully help do.
    Kudos and more power to her incredible work.

  204. 204
    LaCroix Says:

    so very proud to be an Angelina Jolie fan ..she is an inspiration & an example for all actors in privileged positions to make a difference in this world. But we all know not all care about real issues that affect millions.

  205. 205
    coward Trash Says:

    What a pair of liars. Didn’t they say they’d never get married until everyone can – just before they got engaged? And didn’t Jolie say she would never have any biological children because there were so many children in the world who needed adoption? And isn’t Brad an environmental activist who just happens to prefer driving large SUV’s and flying in private jets regardless of the effect on his carbon footprint? What a pair of frauds.

  206. 206
    NAN Says:

    Hehehe,Angelina Jolie is The Love of Brad’s life.
    Anuston and her D O G S are still got angry that Anuston’s usterous cannot PRODUCING any Baby-Babies,when The guy found out he got duped, then their married were DEADEND !!!

    Wow,maybe Mr.Pitt-Ms.Jolie will getting marry on 18 Dec12,someone mightl choking blood in her lungs.8+ years fighting for Nothing !

  207. 207
    naturegirl Says:


  208. 208
    hopeso Says:

    A great Humanitarian and a very intelligent and gorgeous lady …….

  209. 209
    2Park5 Says:


  210. 210
    BerryBerry Says:

    She is the best..
    Mama was in Cambodia

  211. 211
    jolliepitts are so 90's Says:

    Please, please do it! Both of you! And thank you in advance

    Sorry I don’t quite get it ? They both talk about giving up acting to spend more time with their kids ? Then in the next breath say they will move from acting to directing ! As an actor you don’t need to be in every scene, but surely the director has to be there ? Sounds like they will be working more not less ?

  212. 212
    OHNO Says:


  213. 213
    I think... Says:

    You can tell her focus in recent years has been on her children and humanitarian work, so I agree she should quit. I think she would lead a more fulfilling life that way. But, I think Brad Pitt’s career has skyrocketed since meeting Angelina… he has become more interesting in his choices of roles and is evolving as an actor. He, I feel, should continue acting. There is still a lot more acting in him. Together, they are a great team.

  214. 214
    anustin Says:

    lol,while anjie has the talents likes to quit movies,some 44 yr old loves to stay and act the same as always.

  215. 215
    kaiser tired of brangelina Says:

    Ugh. I’m a Brangeloonie and everything, but even I get tired of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s talking points. Like, I was fine with Brad talking about the wedding last week while he promoted Killing Them Softly, but now Angelina has given an interview… and I just find it exhausting. They were talking about this earlier in the year, when Brad was campaigning for his Oscar. They talked about it last year. They’ve started talking about it whenever they promote one of their films. The subject? How they’re going to “quit” Hollywood. I don’t get why they continue to give quotes about it. If you’re going to quit, just quit.

    So is Angelina saying she’ll quit in two years? Is she just trying to prepare us for her eventual withdrawal from Hollywood? Here’s the thing: she’s already withdrawn from Hollywood a great deal over the past few years. She hasn’t appeared in front of the camera since The Tourist, and that was 2010. And she keeps signing on for films too. So… ENOUGH. Enough with conveniently claiming that you’re so over it and so family-oriented and you’re totally going to quit.

  216. 216
    carry Says:


  217. 217
    carry Says:

    The headlines about Angie are the missliding. The topic is should be the headline…
    She said when they kids older we are fans i don’t understand their panic. Anways, Brad and Angie just don’t give them anything to they can crap about.

  218. 218
    carry Says:

    i know I am acting totaly simmy but when will we see the jps the countdown.

  219. 219
    NAN Says:

    OK,Anuston’s Ovaries are dry like Raisins !

    At 4+ 40 year old, Anuston is too OLD to be a mother for her bought Gigolo’s baby…Ouch

  220. 220
    an opinion Says:

    Such ignorant are most internet sites. They just copy what other sites write rather than doing the research themselves. Angelina and Hague did a 20 minute interview and talk maybe 1 minute about slowing down her movie career. Yet these stupid lazy website writers jump on that 1 minute and then whine that Angelina is taking about it. Just like they whine when Brad answers reporters question about getting married. So stupid it is laughable.

  221. 221
    bdj Says:

    This year the FCO is marking the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence from 25 November until 10 December.

    We’re participating in this global campaign to highlight issues around sexual violence in conflict – who it affects and where, what the issues and challenges to addressing this are and how the international community can respond.

    Earlier this year, the Foreign Secretary William Hague launched the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative.

    As part of our 16 days of activism, Foreign Secretary William Hague and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Special Envoy Angelina Jolie talked to Channel 4 News about the UK’s Preventing Sexual Violence in conflict Initiative.

    They discuss the practical measures being taken, including the first deployment of the UK’s team of experts to help Syrian refugees affected by the conflict. The team includes 70 doctors, lawyers, forensic experts, and psychologists, who will train local health professionals to gather the medical evidence and documentation that can be used in prosecutions in the future.

    Read excerpts from Foreign Secretary William Hague discussions about about the UK’s initiative .

  222. 222
    bdj Says:

    HypnoRaygun ‏@HypnoRaygun

    Officially told family in lieu of gifts 4 me this year I want them to donate to @MakeItRight_9 instead! So can you!

  223. 223
    country bitch Says:

    some of these b i tc h es are so crazy… i bet they want to skin jolie and wear her like a fur coat

  224. 224
    cee Says:

    Kaiser has never been a true Brangelina fan. She blows hot and cold. I never believed she was a true fan. Just wanted JP fans to visit Celebitchy. Another phoney fan. So funny how all these so called liberated women chose to ignore the reason for the ch4 interview. It was about fighting for women and children victims of raps. So who cares what shallow Kaiser and the rest think.

  225. 225
    bdj Says:

    Make It Right updated their cover photo.

  226. 226
    country bitch Says:


    when it comes to b i tc hes like kaiser et them is tall about hits… they will take whatever tone they think will bring them hits… these are the same bit ches that post star magazien stories, heifers please

  227. 227
    carry Says:

    @cee: thankyou for real she is fnot fan of anyone. She is a fan of everyone who is benificial to her site. She is back and forth …. She is like Laniney a lot they very very rarely say different things.

  228. 228
    carry Says:

    I still like her site better than ff garbabe site but who would like that. So better than preze hilton. That site got mellowed but the nuts are there.
    I liked Micheal K comentatry since is funny sometimes…

  229. 229
    bdj Says:

    Whether or not Killing Them Softly will gain the respect it deserves a few years from now the same way Assassination did remains to be seen. I can imagine some will, like with last year’s Drive, be disappointed with the ways in which the film diverges from the type of film it’s advertised as, but those with an open mind are in for a real gem. Join the cult early, dear reader, and go see Killing Them Softly and discover that the crime film is alive, well and full of possibilities in these, the final days of civilization.

  230. 230
    carry Says:

    @country *****. pls dude kaiser is 100 times better than your site FF you think we don’t know. You keep maniston the ugly nature and face safe while you bash jps for shiiit. At least kasier is not like you. funny he talk like he has a mouth.

  231. 231
    bdj Says:

    A couple of weeks ago I joined a conference of experts at Wilton Park – an international think tank tucked away in the English countryside – to discuss the UK initiative. It was quite a line up – from current and former UN Special Representatives on Sexual Violence in Conflict to Angelina Jolie who continues to advocate on these issues. We discussed the importance of prosecution and comprehensive justice for survivors alongside the other key approaches needed.

  232. 232
    country bitch Says:

    carry honey, i have never, ever been to female first… kaiser is just trying to get hits for her little blogsite… now to need to disrespect moi… i just can’t stand fake ass fans

  233. 233
    carry Says:

    Contry bittch dude more likely skelerout. The other evil little dude who they run jjb also…. he has a connection to jared that I can’t reply to him. if I try to it won’t work lol same thing used to be when I used to post his ugly filthy site ff. hahahahahah

  234. 234
    carry Says:

    @ you again what is your connection with jared? you never been in ff how about skelterout how about the jjb nenu far now bf or something.
    How about your freind tomas howard the little dude. He is also neither of you like manny but you keep her safe. He is a peredicateble ho of don’t need to say it. you predictable got to bash Brad. Dont’ even start.

  235. 235
    Jen In Rehab Says:

    WTH!! carrycountryb!tchSYBIL and all your other personalities TAKE A BREAK FOOL

  236. 236
    bdj Says:

    “Killing Them Softly” deserves an audience

    Brad Pitt has just went from “celebrity with talent” to an official “acting legend.” Consider yourself warned.

    Andrew Dominik’s latest film “Killing Them Softly” is going to be a highly debated film. Whether the audience member loves or hates it, one thing must be said: they just witnessed film history.

    “Killing Them Softly” is a crime epic. If there is anything we know about crime epics in film history, we know that they have produced some of the most famous quotes and monologues.

    “The Godfather,” “Goodfellas” and “Pulp Fiction” all have their significance in both pop culture and history. This film is about to join them.

    Pitt is insanely memorable in his role. Every time he comes on screen, the audience is enthralled by every word that he speaks. There is a clear intimidation that results from every movement he makes. His performance is both real and entertaining. It is an event. It is a sight to be seen.

    Pitt, however, is not the only strong performance in this film. James Gandolfini plays a legend of sorts in the crime business who Cogan wants help from in order to “solve” this entire situation.

    Gandolfini is only in two scenes, but each one is just a pleasure to watch. There are moments of awkwardness in them because his character is in a point of his life where all he has is his sexual ventures, so the dialogue can get pretty uncomfortable for some audience members.

    Despite that, both of the scenes are electrifying. They are both one-on-one meetings between Gandolfini and Pitt.

    Something that acting enthusiasts would only believe to see in their dreams.

    This is writer/director Dominik’s third film and has been five years since his Western epic “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” which also starred Pitt.

    It has been a constant in Dominik’s career where he doesn’t really have a protagonist or antagonist within the story. His films have leaned more towards character studies than stereotypical narratives, and they have all worked in that sense.

    The film definitely has it’s political undertones, but they are neither liberal nor conservative.

    Despite some pacing issues early on and a terrible opening sequence, “Killing Them Softly” succeeds in it’s efforts. It is going to be one of the most memorable films of the year and will forever be referred to, in film history, as one of greatest “acting films.”

    It will be highly-debated and won’t be for everyone, but it still deserves an opportunity. Go see this in the theater. Now.

  237. 237
    Kris Says:

    Please do not quit acting :(

  238. 238
    Erica Says:

    bdj @ 12/04/2012 at 9:37 pm
    It is so true that Brad has become an acting legend. His performance in KTS is phenomenal. It would be injustice if he doesn’t get an Oscar nod for it.

  239. 239
    bdj Says:–Celebrities-for-Charity.html

    Wall Street Journal
    Slideshow | Celebrities for Charity

    This file photo from 15 September 2012, shows Angelina Jolie visiting families previously displaced by the conflict in Iraq and now returning owing to the conflict in Syria.

    In this 23 May, 2012 file photo, Brad Pitt poses for the film “Killing Them Softly,” during the 65th Film Festival in Cannes, France. Pitt is one of the world’s leading celebrity contributor’s to charity. AP

  240. 240
    yolly Says:

    Angie is very eloquent, very smart & knows what she is talking about. Good job Angie, you & Brad made us so proud to be your loyal fans.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  241. 241
    yolly Says:

    Waving to my lovely friends & cyber niece. Hello, Neleh,Lara,Senior,Vicki,Anoble & Kimmy. Goodnight. God bless.

  242. 242
    carry Says:

    @Jen In Rehab: go take a nap with her may be you next. Stay away with you maniston is this your another name also. busted
    JPs are always rise to the top. The talk the king and the queen. No body say nothing because y ou are not interesing. You don’t worth and nobody cares. Ouch.

  243. 243
    carry Says:

    Brad is not a franchise guy may be he should be. Becasue there is no one name than him in hollywood. I said that not because I like him but it is because TRUE

  244. 244
    carry Says:

    @Erica: AMEN!.

  245. 245
    OT- cute tweet Says:

    Ann Curry sent this tweet:

    New Zealand has actually stamped my passport, “Welcome to Middle-earth.” How wild is THAT.

  246. 246
    Goopy Says:


    Who said that??? Usually haters. That makes your claim highly suspect Tessa.

  247. 247

    Have the fans goin out an supported BRAD movie…?NO….have fans bought The CHANEL #5 perfume? NO…LIARS BIG TALKER

  248. 248
    furg Says:

    @The jp fans.
    Poor poolh didn’t get a green thumb all
    Fans don’t want here she an ROSE say good
    Morning TALKING to them self. Trolls want all u
    Jp fans get on with it an talk tracky Jan u no what
    I mean right?

  249. 249
    carry Says:

    the person who go to hate site to do anything there pls stop. Pls just forget about the maniston the nothing with out Jps something attachment. Everything is calculated they thought they would go to Chanel party that is why everything was planned. Every sigtining is planned to concide to be next. Pls stop ,. You got nothing you should be stopped and have nothing got to do with it.Let the thread slow if needed it is oke forget they ever existed say something if you must here.
    . that said OK tomorrow.

  250. 250
    carry Says:

    @furg: fugmus you are boring as ever.

  251. 251
    carry Says:

    one more though why not JP fans have a board that you can post picture and photos and talk about rumores or whatever anything JP something like JJB but something run by real fans and fan someone suspecious automatically and that somewhere where open to anyone….. that is not closed

  252. 252
    Jen In Rehab Says:

    And all your comments are thumbed downed – Ouch!
    I don’t normally respond to trolls,but the way you spam this site is disgusting.
    Shame on JJ and the other entertainment outlets for the tabloid heading and twisting AJ comment.

  253. 253
    carry Says:

    automatically get banned I meant

  254. 254
    carry Says:

    @Jen In Rehab: and you are ho whose carry maniston name and you have a gut to talk. Don’t care if they thumb me down much. Do I look like? no doh

  255. 255
    rj Says:

    i like carry b/c she’s a true angie/brad fan. are you not carry?

  256. 256
    who Says:

    OMG carry don’t you have a life besides speed-commenting every two minutes on these threads all day? So annoying.

  257. 257
    who Says:

    Angelina is such a beautiful person. It starts on the inside and radiates on the outside and makes her even more beautiful than she is. She’s a force to be reckoned with in this world.

  258. 258
    hag Says:

    just watched the video. angelina is so articulate and knowledgeable. she is poised and passionate about people who are suffering in the world. she is not shallow and self-centered like most of hollywood.

  259. 259
    Cas Says:

    The title of this Video is so misleading and totally undermines the essential topic of crime against women in war and of course the phlight of refugees.

    can the media finally recognised that Angelina is far more than a Celibrity.

  260. 260
    alw Says:

    yes #269, the media and the rest of the people knows Angelina is the real deal,and that rare,so they try to make everything she and Brad do so petty.I have a lot of respect for them,because they continue to live their lives the way they planned.

  261. 261
    lylian Says:

    Proud to be an Angelina fan.

  262. 262
    tamsinissmart Says:

    She became middleage women without glow!

  263. 263
    tamsinisaHalfMan Says:

    Jhor became a Bitter B!tch Barren Cow and bought Gigolo be her mate!

  264. 264
    you know who I am jared Says:

    I repeat

    Jared does not prohibit the mental patient of Tam … because he wants money money and money
    Does he use proxys? you can erase his sick and vile tweets against a family
    but the money is the money

  265. 265
    Thanks God Says:

    She is a terrible actress!
    Thanks that she is going to stop!

  266. 266
    tamsinisaHalfMan Says:

    The world is turned up side down for Jhor,eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh

    May 98, a set up blind date with an A-list hunk !

    May 11, a set up buy date with a Z-list Gigolo !

  267. 267
    Jho is a Loser Says:

    Money Talk
    D O G S B@rk
    Jen Suck
    Gigolo Fvck

  268. 268
    Susan Says:

    Good morning, another lovely day, tonight it is back to reality.

  269. 269
    Susan Says:

    Forbes top ten list for the most overpaid actors in Hollywood.
    1. Eddie Murphy
    2. Katherine Heigl
    3. Reese Witherspoon
    4. Sandra Bullock
    5. Jack Black
    6. Nicolas Cage
    7. Adam Sandler
    8. Denzel Washington
    9. Ben Stiller
    10. Sarah Jessica Parker

  270. 270
    Rose Says:

    @Susan: Good morning Susan and all the great Jolie Pitt fans. So good to see you drop by before going off to work. Also good morning to all the early birds. Susan, something I heard yesterday from Barbara Walters featuring honey boo boo as one of this year’s most influential people. Tell me something, is honey boo boo more influentional than Brad or Angie. Take all that Angie has done, with her movie that has called for changes on how rape victims are treated in war torn regions, and all the other charities, opening schools for girls, the UN , ect. Brad building homes for New Orleans ect. Something about all those being
    recognized for doing nothing rubs me the wrong way. Are these people being recognized to cause controversy for ratings or for people doing something to leave this world a better place?

  271. 271
    anustin Says:

    lol…rose,barbra wawa is annoying as h@ll!!!

  272. 272
    Phool Says:

    A Movie Star’s Independent Mind: 10 Films From Brad Pitt, Producer, As ‘Killing Them Softly’ Opens

    Remember the creation scene in “The Tree of Life?” The one where amoebas, stars, jellyfish, volcanoes, dinosaurs and swirling lights collide for a lengthy exploration of our origins? All that and more — in IMAX proportions, no less — is expected in “Voyage of Time,” another Terrence Malick opus (this time in documentary format) being produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment.
    True, esoteric pondering about the cosmos isn’t exactly up everyone’s alley, but it has Plan B written all over it. Pitt has never been afraid to headline a big studio project as an actor (see Paramount’s “World War Z” coming in June, or several billion dollars-worth of other tentpole fare), but as a producer he has almost exclusively put his weight behind indie-minded projects such as “Voyage of Time,” “Tree of Life,” and, most recently, “Killing Them Softly,” the chatty, bloody crime drama that opened this weekend to a disappointing $7 million domestic gross.
    Despite the frequent anemic returns on his producing efforts, Plan A for Plan B remains the literary, the obscure and the challenging. As Pitt told the Associated Press, he specifically goes out on a limb with these projects because “there’s such an investment of time and thought, I wanted to find stories that were more personal to me and that I believed I could add something to that was unique.” So while we should expect to see him in more movie-star roles — the Ridley Scott-Cormac McCarthy thriller “The Counselor” is set for a November 2013 release through Fox — Pitt is equally committed to the fringier tastes of Plan B.
    Below, how 10 past and future projects stack up on the Pitt/Plan B timeline:
    “A Mighty Heart,” 2007
    Topical and tense, “A Mighty Heart” centered on the disappearance and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Pakistan. Angelina Jolie starred as Pearl’s wife Mariane, who fought to get her husband back and wrote the memoir upon which the film is based. It grossed nearly $19 million worldwide and earned the film three Independent Spirit nominations.
    “The Tree of Life,” 2011
    Pitt also starred in this Best Picture Oscar nominee, which competed against Plan B’s more commercial “Moneyball,” as well as “Midnight in Paris,” “Hugo” and eventual prize winner, “The Artist,” for the Academy honor. “Tree of Life” captured the Cannes Film Festival Palme D’Or but didn’t catch fire Stateside, making only 25% of its total grosses in North America. No matter: it’s Malick the artiste whom Pitt admires. “Someone called Terry a perfectionist, and I said no, he’s an imperfectionist; he’s trying to mess it up,” the actor-producer told Time.

    “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” 2007
    Ouch. Andrew Dominik’s period meditation on celebrity and the outlaw’s demise grossed only $3.9 million in the U.S., but it did score two Oscar nominations. More importantly, it cemented the “Killing Them Softly” writer-director’s relationship with his A-list backer. Dominik told Yahoo Movies’ Thelmas Adams, “We became very close through the whole ‘Jesse James’ situation because it was difficult. It wasn’t what the studio was expecting. We had to fight for it. We were like a couple of soldiers in a foxhole. When you find people that you trust, you want to keep going with them if you can.”
    “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee,” 2009
    Robin Wright starred in writer-director Rebecca Miller’s look at the increasingly irrational actions of a fortysomething woman married to a much older man in suburban Connecticut. Blake Lively, Keanu Reeves, Alan Arkin and Winona Ryder co-starred in the effort, which film critic Peter Rainer dismissed as “unconvincing — emotionally, dramatically, and filmically.”
    “Running With Scissors,” 2006
    Augusten Burroughs’ best-selling 2002 memoir received a big-screen treatment from writer-director Ryan Murphy in the midst of his “Nip/Tuck” heyday. Annette Bening took on the thankless role of the novelist’s unhinged mother, who ships him off to live with her psychiatrist. The film registered neither with filmgoers nor critics and lasted only five weeks in theaters for its $7 million domestic take.
    FUTURE “Voyage of Time”
    The good news about “Voyage of Time” is that you have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into. Pitt will narrate the doc, which promises to trace the “whole of time, from the birth of the universe to its final collapse,” according to the Los Angeles Times. Let’s hope the film’s running time isn’t just as long.

    “12 Years a Slave” “Shame” writer-director Steve McQueen takes the reins of the fascinating story of Solomon Northup, a free man of color who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841. British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (“Dirty Pretty Things,” “Children of Men”) stars along with Michael Fassbender, Paul Dano, Pitt and Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar from “The Wire”). The film was s

  273. 273
    Phool Says:

    2nd part of post above

    “12 Years a Slave” “Shame” writer-director Steve McQueen takes the reins of the fascinating story of Solomon Northup, a free man of color who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841. British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (“Dirty Pretty Things,” “Children of Men”) stars along with Michael Fassbender, Paul Dano, Pitt and Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar from “The Wire”). The film was shot earlier this year in and around New Orleans, and it’s expected to land in theaters in Fall 2013.
    Dominik’s third film for Plan B is based on Joyce Carol Oates’ 2000 historical novel about Marilyn Monroe. The film was in the works before “Killing Me Softly” with Naomi Watts attached to star, but now it returns to the front burner with Plan B on board. Dominik recently told IW blog The Playlist that “Blonde” is “sort of a Polanski descent-into-madness-type movie” that starts with the actress as a girl and “ends when she dies.” Aware of his unimpressive box office record even before the $15-million “Killing Me Softly” opened small, Dominik told the L.A. Times, “I’d like to keep working with Brad and I’d like us to have more expensive playdates than the last one. I would like to make someone some money.”
    “The Operators”
    Development is underway on “The Operators,” an adaptation of Michael Hastings’ book about the fallout from U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal’s boozy, uncensored European campaign to gather support for the war in Afghanistan. Too loose-lipped for the Obama Administration, McChrystal was stripped of his command in the aftermath of “Runaway General,” the Rolling Stone article upon which “Operators” was based. Actions and opinions of the major players in the war effort, from President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to Colin Powell and General David Petraeus, are also covered in “The Operators.” Our choice to play McChrystal? “Mad Men’s” Christopher Stanley, aka Betty Draper’s second husband (it’s all in the nose and the ears).
    “True Story”
    “Shattered Glass” meets bizarro reality in “True Story,” which chronicles the real-life relationship between disgraced New York Times Magazine writer Michael Finkel and Christian Longo, a man who murdered his wife and three children in 2001 and stole Finkel’s identity while on the run. James Franco and Jonah Hill are slated to star in this Plan B/New Regency co-production.

  274. 274
    Phool Says:

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Highlights of 2012

    The Best Jolie-Pitt Family Pictures of 2012

    Posted on December 3, 2012 1:12AM by Michelle Manning •

    This year brought more glamour and globe-trotting than ever for the Jolie-Pitt family. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie kicked off the year with head-turning red-carpet appearances, including her now-famous appearance at the Oscars, and capped things off with their exciting engagement.
    Brad and Angelina’s party of eight — which includes their children Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne — traveled to Sarajevo, the Galapagos Islands, Amsterdam, and more. Amid all the travel, Brad and Angelina kept up their busy film careers, working on projects like Maleficent, World War Z, and The Counselor. A busy schedule didn’t stop Angelina from tending to her humanitarian work, or Brad from hitting the Cannes Film Festival.
    Click through to see highlights from Brad and Angelina’s busy 2012. Also check out the rest of our Best of 2012 coverage across the network!

  275. 275
    Sherry (not from JPW) Says:

    Hi all JP fans, good morning Rose esp. What else is new about the entertainment media age in which we live today? Black is white and white is black to them, and the focus is on twisting everything into the “entertainment angle”, even if it means twisting someone’s words like a pretzel to get the desired result – a square peg in a round hole if you will.

    Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see the focus of the interview is a very serious and important subject, that involves eventually persecuting perpetrators of rape a war crime as the end goal, and seeking justice for the victims, with Angie leading the charge. The entertainment media little tiny brain cannot comprehend (in America particularly), that a person as stunning as this woman is capable of creating such an awareness through her work as an entertainer herself, and uses these exact tools to bring awareness to help to find solutions to this important issue. It’s the irony that’s stunning!! You will find that the international media is more aware of her work in the UN, and they focus more on her job as a special envoy, as opposed to the North American media, which is so used to dumbing down all information it’s insulting really!!

    Really proud of her and Brad, and their dedication to do what’s right, regardless, and let these idjits chase their collective tails.

  276. 276
    Phool Says:

    Academy Reveals Best Documentary Shortlist — ‘Invisible War,’ ‘House I Live In,’ ‘Sugar Man,’ ‘The Imposter’ & More

    by Anne Thompson

    The Academy has named 15 films advancing to the voting process for Best Documentary Feature. They were chosen from 126 films that qualified for the award, under new rules that required branch members to screen and vote on all the films. This method would seem to favor the most high-profile films, and most of the shortlist films are well-known at this point, but I am happy to see “The Waiting Room” among the nominees.

    The most surprising omissions include Sundance entries “Queen of Versailles,” which may have seemed too entertaining, “Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present,” Kubrick doc “Room 237,” and Amy Berg’s “West of Memphis,” which may have seemed too familiar after three respected “Paradise Lost” films, the last of which was nominated last year. The branch may also have objected to the degree to which producer PeterJackson, who invested in forensic research in order to solve the crime, inserted himself in the film.
    Surprisingly, Ken Burns’ well-reviewed New York Film Critics Circle winner “Central Park Five” did not make the cut, nor did Kevin Macdonald’s excellent music doc “Marley.” The others left out of a dramatically competitive field had won some attention from festivals and doc groups: “Broken Castle,” “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” “Kumare,” “Women with Cows,” “Love Marilyn,” “Paul Williams: Still Alive” and “The Movement.”
    Five films will be chosen by the Academy’s Documentary branch members, and the winner will be announced at the Academy Awards on February 24.
    The 15 films are:
    “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry,” Never Sorry LLC
    “Bully,” The Bully Project LLC
    “Chasing Ice,” Exposure
    “Detropia,” Loki Films

    “Ethel,” Moxie Firecracker Films

    “5 Broken Cameras,” Guy DVD Films
    “The Gatekeepers,” Les Films du Poisson, Dror Moreh Productions, Cinephi
    “The House I Live In,” Charlotte Street Films, LLC
    “How to Survive a Plague,” How to Survive a Plague LLC
    “The Imposter,” Imposter Pictures Ltd.
    “The Invisible War,” Chain Camera Pictures
    “Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God,” Jigsaw Productions in association with Wider Film Projects and Below the Radar Films

    “Searching for Sugar Man,” Red Box Films

    “This Is Not a Film,” Wide Management

    “The Waiting Room,” Open’hood, Inc.

  277. 277
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning Rose how are you my dear sorry i wasnt able to mail you back yesterday posts keep going into mod’s uhh even know some are and some are not…hope you have a nice day got to go

  278. 278
    Susan Says:

    @Rose: Don’t worry a few years ago it was Paris Hilton, they like people, that they can laugh at.

  279. 279
    Phool Says:

    shame jared you couldnt post the thread in its real headline news about women in conflict area’s i guess rape is not worth reporting is it you have gone down th tabloid route like others going on about retirement which never was said in the first place.

    why cant the journalists post the real news for a change. shame as it deflects from the actual subject that was discussed.

  280. 280
    Rose Says:

    Hi Phool, Susan, and sherry. Those people who are so biased with their reporting drives me crazy. Whenever there is something about Brad and Angie they can turn it into a negative it’s right on top of the news. Whenever there is something positive about Brad and Angie they sweeps it under the rug. I have not heard one news org talked about what ITLOBAH movie that was written, and directed by Angie has done in bringing awareness to those, maybe millions,of women, in war torn regions who have suffered in silence being raped. Angle has shine a light on this crime and not one news org did a piece on this travesty. But they will have it up on every site that Angie she is retiring, although she never said she is retiring now. Why can’t they report the important news instead of the lies that goes viral in ten seconds.?

  281. 281
    Passing Through Says:

    Good gravy. Did the crack dealer at Duh-listed have a 2-for-1 sale last night or what? Sheesh. If there’s ever an Olympic event for beating a dead horse it’s gonna be a neck-and-neck photo finish between Deej and Tampon. They’d better slow down or they’re going to have a heart attack and we’ll all feel guilty because none of us would risk getting cooties by giving them mouth-to-mouth…

  282. 282
    carry Says:

    @passing through first go find you deej you ..don’t make me to sayit. Second. I was just posting what I think… All posts are different things not the same thing. I could post different names and sometimes you may don’t even know it. But I said with the same and say it here what I read or what i think. Tramp is on hating and for some you say you hate carying to comment that much is mental. You don’t comment because you have maniston story is taken out of you finally so you have nothing esle to say unless new news. REAL fans mostly have something to talk about offcourse not always. That is what I did . I know alittle rocket science for you but…
    ok later in few hrs

  283. 283
    carry Says:

    @who: oh you again… hahahah dumb idoit speed comment or not I wasn’t hating and I have time the whole afteroon yes to check every now and then and went a day without posting or lurking so answering for what I miss what is your problem with that? You people have manistont taken off you THANK WHOMEVER for that so you got nothing to say. As a fan you should find something to discuss comment in rumores, comment in something comment maniston is not the only way to discuss you know? eh you people make me tired.

  284. 284
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: Hi PT, I was thinking it was a full moon last night, or someone forget to take their medication. Oh, what a night!!, just glad I was not on to witness the meltdown.

  285. 285
    Phool Says:

    has any one seen Goops new face on Instyle magazine Freaky whats going on with the nose ?

  286. 286
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    waving hi to all the Jolie-Pitt fans from around the world!! special shout-out to sweet lady Phool& Rose…did you ladies get a chance to watch KTS? since, i have today off im taking my sister to watch it this time..told her it wasn’t the typical shoot em up gangster movie, like was a smart and gritty really have to break it down and analyze the character’s psyche…political undertone…the acting was just excellent!! i love love the overall performance…she didn’t care if it wasnt the mainstream stuff…”girl, its a Brad Pitt’s movie” she says…hey, its her bday on sunday…and seeing papa pitt as a smooth criminal again..hey, can’t say no to the soon to be bday girl, right? lol..

  287. 287
    Passing Through Says:

    Rolling my eyes at Putrid…the BS tripe that comes out of that beeyotch’s mouth always astounds me…
    However, as Gwyneth was interviewed by her friend Diane von Furstenberg for the publication, she admitted she doesn’t believe it is possible to have it all – insisting that while some women can manage to keep up with the day job and look after their children, she just can’t cope.

    The mother, actress and entrepeneur said: ‘I look for an interesting supporting part about once a year. That’s the most I can manage. Some women can do it and that’s fantastic, but I can’t. You make choices as a wife and mother, don’t you? You can’t have it all. I don’t care what it looks like.’
    So says the woman in the last 8 years has criss-crossed the pond going back and forth to Europe more times than I care to keep track of. Just in the last few months Jared has had threads of in her Madrid for Boss fragance launch, NYC for a Hurricane Sandy benefit, NM working on Iron Man 3, hanging with Cam Diaz in London, going to a gala in NYC, doing a video with Handjob to promote Handjob’s show, dinner with Bey in NYC, hanging out with her exercise guru in NYC, hosting a fundrasier for Obama in London, on the cover of InStyle p imp ing herself, at TIFF for Thanks for Sharing, producing Stand Up To Cancer in LA, hanging with Kate Hudson in London, hosting a premiere party of Jakey G’s End of Watch in the Hamptons, going from London to NYC for Bey’s b-day party, going to a concert in LA – sans hubby & kids, announcing she’s going to star in some crap called Blood, Bones, & Butter, dropping the N-word with Kanye, Jay-Z and Bey in Paris, hosting a Clinton foundation event, hanging with RiRi at Jay-Z & Kanye’s show in London, shooting a new Boss ad…and of course she still craps out Goop every week, which she has to spend hours digging up dumb caca to recommend that most people can’t afford, and has had multiple talk show appearances. In addition to that her IMDB page states the following “acting” work for the last 6 years, during which she averages TWO movies per year, not one -
    33 días (filming)

    2013 Iron Man 3 (post-production)

    2012 Thanks for Sharing

    2012 The New Normal (TV series)

    2012 The Avengers

    2011 Contagion

    2010-2011 Glee (TV series)
    – A Night of Neglect (2011) … Holly Holliday
    – Sexy (2011) … Holly Holliday
    – The Substitute (2010) … Holly Holliday

    2010 Country Strong

    2010 Iron Man 2

    2008 Two Lovers

    2008 Iron Man

    2007 The Good Night

    2006 Running with Scissors

    2006 Love and Other Disasters

    2006 Infamous
    And now the $64,000 Question – how many times was she seen with her husband and kids during the last 6 months? FIVE – 2 in LA with the family, 1 family vacay in Italy, 1 with the kids in London and 1 time she was seen at a Cold Play concert and CM made a big ass show of kissing her in public. BUT…the trolls are always trying to crawl up Angie’s ass. At least Angie’s not doing interviews saying dumb caca about how she’s not trying to have it all while her actions clearly prove differently. See…this is why Putrid and Ticky have the same PR Ho – cuz they’re both big ass frauds and nobody does fraud better than Stephen Huvane.

  288. 288
    an opinion Says:

    Even though CinemaScope gave KTS a grade of F, KTS is making some early best movies list of 2012:

    Drew Morton ‏@thecinemadoctor
    Top 10 Movies of 12 (.9): Argo, Bernie, DKR, Haywire, Killing/Softly, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Looper, Moonrise Kingdom, Perks/Wallflower.
    10 Best Movies of 2012: Entertainment Weekly Owen Gleiberman’s Picks
    7. Killing Them Softly
    Andrew Dominik’s scuzzy gem of a hitman drama is full of outrageously loquacious low-life power duels, all anchored by Brad Pitt’s menacingly good performance as a Mob enforcer.,,20326356_20653347,00.html#21249714

  289. 289
    who Says:


    Dumb idiot? Look in the mirror dumbasss. Learn to use a dictionary and spellcheck and write coherent sentences. I get a damn headache just reading your name and I get a migraine just scrolling past the nonsense you scribble. You’re here all day and all your posts are two minutes apart.

  290. 290
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    troll alert!!! “whamo”= whale moo= (JL) aka JUst LOSER& MegaSHIT aka schizo Jilly=evil ellie…and, i don’t need to say who our lil fave Bi-polar Bet is…or else, she will get “carry” away w/ her cray cray!! lol

  291. 291
    Passing Through Says:

    # 279 Susan @ 12/05/2012 at 7:20 am
    I saw that yesterday and LMAO. The folks in HW would vehemently disagree about Denzel. His movies routinely deliver the same solid returns. That alone makes him worth every dime he’s paid. Ya gotta remember – Denzel is 58. No one else on that list even 50 yet. The rest of the folks on that list though are money pits. With the exceptions of the occasional Sandler, Stiller and Bullock films no one else on that list has had a non-franchise hit in donkey years…any resemblence to Eddie Murphy is purely intentional.

  292. 292
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: PT, I did give putrid the side eye about women can’t have it all. I thought that’s what she was trying to do, (0-o), that’s my side eye.

  293. 293
    Rose Says:

    @Ssshhii_baby:#300, Hi Shi, back at you lady. Did you say, carry-Ed away?

  294. 294
    Passing Through Says:

    # 292 carry @ 12/05/2012 at 9:58 am
    Deej -
    Here’s you’re problem – you continue to think anyone cares what you think. We don’t GAFF. That’s why you get thumbed down. I don’t even care if you’re DJ/Bet/Ellie or not. Stoopid by any name is still stoopid.

  295. 295
    William Bradley& The Jolie Says:

    Hello Folks. I hope someone can answer a question for me. When it comes to the sale of distribution rights to a film, who has the authority to do that? I ask because I know the 12 Years a Slave will be coming out next year. I wouldn’t be surprised at its quality (given the cast, director and producer involved). Would there be any way that Brad would be able to keep Harvey away from it? It’s just the kind of film that pig would go for if he thought he could get Oscar glory with it.

    Now that I think of it Brad has three films coming out next year, all very different, plus whatever he may be filming or producing. It will be a busy year for him.

  296. 296
    Passing Through Says:

    # 298 an opinion @ 12/05/2012 at 10:40 am
    Owen Glieberman at EW put KTS ahead of Argo. Don’t tell Ben his flick was on #8 or he’ll be gong to Glieberman’s house to personally campaign for a higher position…

  297. 297
    carry :D Says:

    hahahahahahaha at least I succeded you done with manny talk unless you fail again. THANKYOU FOR JP WHOMEVER LISTEN REAL FANS AND CONSIDER. THANKYOU,. More power to JPS!!!!!!! :D:D now all is in the right track TRUST me with that.

  298. 298
    carry :D Says:

    I agree with what was commented on Goopy woman. She just want to copy similar things what angie said and boy was that quick oh my. she is everwhere the difference is she is not very famous anymore so it is not loud. She can’t open a movie for shiit so she can’t really star in lead anymore that is more of the truth. She only lying herself in her case not one belive her.

  299. 299
    carry :D Says:

    To @ rose @ passing through @ who the multiple names of..I just don’t want say( you are forcing me though ) I want to say this. I am REAL FAN who take MY TIME in MY money most importantly my time to comment here. And what I say is form clear observation and direct .concern not basied to whomever have me….
    So you better shut up. You know I can post a long ass comment about everything I read but I don’t like writting eassys ( unless a must) so I break my comments. That may be look much comment but that is what you got to do sometimes. I am a fast typer very fast but I mispell and I don’t like to re read unless sometimes after I post it. If you don’t understand that not my problem.

  300. 300
    carry Says:

    Last is but not least…. It is totally crazy when those people compalin and say jps talk about their personal lifes they should just promote the movie blah blahb…
    pls WE THEIR FANS WANT TO KNOW THAT. Who else don’t talk about themselves? Say Benoo who has been saying keep me out of your interviews to JG while she gratify him and the kids, was talking about his kids non stop and at the same time doing huge photo ops especially the days there is a new about jps for some reason I thought. He has been doing too much that, you would think ,If talking about kids or family when promoting a movie hurt a movie his should have been bombed to the point no recovery. I dislike those two face poeple who comment on Jps. Just becasue no one care much about the benno family like that doesn’t mean he and others are not talking when promoting they ALLL DO. The difference is you care toooo much about Jps to make everything negative and that is the problem for Jps . The too much interest for making other people money while bashing JP. The bashing and speculating negatively is what is the problem not the JPS and what they do or say.
    Same peole also talk about the JP moving much and lecture about to give the kids stablity … oh pls. These people want Jps not to see their kids for months while they work and stay away from their family for months at a time ? That is not gonna happen.They have been in Euopre for months ( due to brad working and angie was ealier ) that is a FIXED place to stay for me. France and England are not far away even in the map lol and that has been a fixed place for them. Other stars won’t see their kids for months and months ….if Jps do that that would be another backslash. Because their mouth open when it comes to Jps and shut when it comes to others. Because hating on Jps make money to them. who actually seen those kids much? they are the least seen kids for their parents being famous.They should made a least of the least famous seen or exposed kids in hollywood famous paretns and the JPS KIDS but not least…

  301. 301
    Rose Says:

    @carry :D: Carry, don’t let me stop you from writing a long ass comment about Ticky, Ticky. No that I said the word Ticky, do your thing and call me a stu.Id bi.CH as you generally do. Now knock yourself out.

  302. 302
    well Says:

    @Passing Through:
    : So agree. You forgot to add spending four months driving across Spain for a cooking show in 2007 or 2008 while her kids were in NY and London. Jared posted pics of the kids She could have been a lead in a movie with the same amount of time she spend doing that show.

  303. 303
    Yoco Says:

    I’m watching The View and the topic is Angie retiring when the kids become teens.He** has frozen over because Elizabeth,Barbara even guest Co host Jennifer McCarthy agreed with the idea.BTW I know Angie didn’t say she was retiring but that was the Hot Topic .

  304. 304
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Rose yes!! carry ed away…personally, i think the poor child is dyslexic on top of being playing deaf& dumb…thats the only explaination i have for her not being able to comprehend when people tell her to get a dictionary! instead of investing her time trying to stop people from talking about Maniston and going ballistic, she might want to do a little more studying…poor thing, just wasting money and never will get her online degree..

  305. 305
    Rose Says:

    @Ssshhii_baby:#314, hi Shi, Noticed she said it was alright to talk about Goop, but don’t we dear mention Ticky. That word ticky just sends her over the deep edge every time. I’m wondering why? Her love must be very strong for poor Ticky.

  306. 306
    Phool Says:

    Jaye @ 12/04/2012 at 2:22 pm
    Howdy Fans, I hope all is well with each of you.
    Phool @ 12/04/2012 at 12:48 pm
    Hi. How is it going? Sounds like you woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed as my grandma would say lol.

    Hi Jaye my dear believe me by the time I finished I didn’t feel bright eyed & bushy tailed lol…buy the way seems my posting back to fellow fans has irked the resident trolls lol, what’s the point of me even writing don’t bother trolls reading my posts & commenting back and what do they do they answer back . It’s like pair of dogs chasing their own tails.
    Any way enough of that how’s the writing going and don’t laugh when I say I’m pre-booked for your first signing your doing it and I’m coming ok like it or lump it like my mother says to me ( always had a battle eating my greens) when young lol.
    On the Oscar talk you are spot on about many talented actors & actresses not getting the recognition that they so rightly deserved at the time shame isn’t it. But I guess the studio politics is still going at this day n age you know it’s so obvious with some people, but it dosnt take away the fact the obvious talent that those who were un-regognised people in my opinion. Also those who are not palyers you can see are respected by everyone.

  307. 307
    Phool Says:

    Damn jared why put my comment about Goops new face on Instyle mag in moderation

  308. 308
    Phool Says:

    #Passing Through

    Hi PT I know you have already seen this but like you said Ticky is the comedy gift that keeps on giving. I guess the guy in the photo didn’t get the memo that he has the worlds Dirtbag before his very eyes.
    See how famous she is people are clamouring for her attention just see the reaction of this guy it says it all. And he’s digging deep.

    by the way every photo tells a story have you seen th shifty way Squiggy & Ticky are looking out for their photographer, and I guess Squiggy hasn’t changed one bit still opening the door for himself leaving the hag to do her own opening. Lol.

  309. 309
    busted Says:

    No time to read much.

    @PT.. thanks for your posts.. always a pleasure.

    I think KTS will be around a long time. Film peeps will be talking about it, and Brad should be very proud of his film list. extremely impressive.

    I think carry needs a job or a hobby outside of JJ.. the constant spamming is a bit scary. But then when you are pretending be a different person it must get hard. The language in the post have changed on occasion. So anyone can figure that one out.

  310. 310
    Phool Says:

    # Rose
    By the way I watched the Jamie Fox Video you mentioned funny as hell & you are spot on high as a kite.

  311. 311
    Rose Says:

    @Phool: #320, Phool, girl I laughed put loud. I had to show it to my husband and son. They laughed out loud too. Funny stuff, just thinking about it put a smile on my face.

  312. 312
    Jen In Rehab Says:

    @Rose @ 12/05/2012 at 11:37 am
    ….That word ticky just sends her over the deep edge every time….”
    Really I wasn’t aware, in that case:
    TICKYJEN the biggest TICK in Hollywood, BotoxHagTICKY!!!!

  313. 313
    Phool Says:

    I see Jared is going to milk it big time with Taylor Swift and that One Direction puppy with not one but two top headliners just in case their teeny bopper fans miss it lol by the way what example are you setting She is a 22 year old going after young & old he is going after any thing that has a pulse are these 2 the young generations rols models just asking as you seem to be obsessed.
    As Bloaters daily morning, afternoon & evening ventures are being broadcasted know the next question is what’s left? Are we also going to see his bed time pursuits as well? As that seems to be only thing left to document. We have seen where he gets his coffee/breakfast; where he gets his lunch, where he dines, where he socializes, who he’s banging at the moment so might as well get the next photo of him in bed.
    by the way jared why you sullied angie thread by putting a new thread today from people who even mention her name ,whats the point ?
    when its her new you dont report it properly when some one mentions her name you put that up as new thread already tried it on brads thread with the saturday live skit and know this don’t you even read the fans comments ? stick to your main person

  314. 314
    fyi Says:

    EW gives KTS #7 Best movie of 2012,Lincoln #1, Amour #2, Silver Linings Playbook #3, Zero Dark Thirty #5, Argo is #8, Flight #9,,20326356_20653347,00.html#21249714
    10 Best Movies (and 5 Worst) of 2012: Owen Gleiberman’s Picks

    7. Killing Them Softly

    Andrew Dominik’s scuzzy gem of a hitman drama is full of outrageously loquacious low-life power duels, all anchored by Brad Pitt’s menacingly good performance as a Mob enforcer.

  315. 315
    Rose Says:

    @Jen In Rehab:#322, Girl, you are going to get cussed out today because you use the word Ticky, oh, you in trouble, lol.

  316. 316
    Phool Says:

    # Rose @ 323

    glad to hear I made you laugh she is a gift isnt she

  317. 317
    fyi Says:

    EW gives KTS #7 Best movie of 2012, Lincoln #1, Amour #2, Silver Linings Playbook #3, Zero Dark Thirty #5, Argo is #8, Flight #9,,20326356_20653347,00.html#21249714

    10 Best Movies (and 5 Worst) of 2012: Owen Gleiberman’s Picks
    7. Killing Them Softly

    Andrew Dominik’s scuzzy gem of a hitman drama is full of outrageously loquacious low-life power duels, all anchored by Brad Pitt’s menacingly good performance as a Mob enforcer.

  318. 318
    Phool Says:

    Hi Fyi you do know you are going to kill the trolls with the post of KTS being in the Best movies brad’s a winner loving it

  319. 319
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Rose</a: oh her love for Ticky goes waaaayyyy back! she would be up all night in her depends defending to death!!! seriously, ticky really should reward her and JUST LOSER for taking fandom to a whole new level!!! maybe she can let them pick up her dog's poop or something..they could use a job and have money to pay for their know they waste their disability checks on booze& drugs instead of what is important..thats why with every passing year the cray gets worse!!! too bad, their PR Queen Ticky is a selfish BISH…she wouldnt appreciate thier bizarre obession for her…she would throw their as.sss in the looney bin within a quickness cuz her fans make her skincrawl!!! can't say i blame her though..hehehhee

  320. 320
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    weird..why my letters have underlines?

  321. 321
    Phool Says:

    Good morning Ssshhii_Baby

    My dear Ssshhii_Baby how are you my dear or should I say how is my 2nd favourite Shi I let you fight for that position lol.
    Watched KTS and loved loved loved it ..Did I tell you that I loved it lol ok just checking in case you didn’t get it the first time. You & your sister will love it Shi ,not going to spoil it for you just look out for the swagger hmmmm you both will love it ..don’t forget to get your Chanel No5 yes that’s another shameless plugging on my behalf .. You take care will enjoy to read what you thought of it once you watch it

  322. 322
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Again, she gave the interview because of the initiative to stop war atrocities, for them to either NOT mention that fact, or choose to solely pick up on that tired domestic refrain of the lazy interviewer’s questions – is blatant sabatoge of what she’s about and also disrespectful of the subject matter.
    I mean does someone literally bring these items to people who are supposedly journalists, mothers and world citizens – and say, ‘Hey, you know Angelina Jolie is starting an initiative to stop war rape and atrocities against women and children, but towards the end of the piece, Jolie is asked about ‘life w/ Brad,’ and she muses about what she may do when the “kids,” are teens in a decade or so….okay so YEAH, let’s DROP the systemic raping of children and women during wartime, and discuss Angelina’s ‘retirement,’ that she THINKS she might do a decade from now — don’t even bring that war rape thing up. Just make it look like, Jolie’s held a press con, to announce what she may do when her kids are teens, because she thinks everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats…it’ll make her haters even more rage-y!”
    I don’t know what’s going wrong in this world. When grown supposedly responsible people pull this crap.

  323. 323
    CLINIQUA Says:

    OT, I love this ish…she puts it out there…she’s gonna send Leanne back to rehab the way this is going. Seems Leanne is hooked on laxatives. Surprise surprise. She needs help. Brandy is putting her business out there — but then she’s concerned for her kids.

  324. 324
    Rose Says:

    @fyi:#327, As I always say, Brad will have the last laugh with KTS. Now it’s ranked #7 best movie 2012.

  325. 325
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Phool: hi Phool..thanx for the love!!! i don’t mind being second to my fave girl either!!! think you might have missed my last post to you…i already seen KTS…my sister haven’t so im going again to see it with her! and yes, i already got all the ladies in my family Chanel 5+notes from my travels..i have a friend who works in the retail so i was able to use the friend’s discount!! and yes, i love papa pitt’s swagger! like his wife, he is just a natural!!

  326. 326
    Passing Through Says:

    # 302 Rose @ 12/05/2012 at 10:54 am
    I don’t think women can have it all. Not by any means. However…Putrid saying that crap like she’s a stay-at-home mom who rarely gets to leave the house and is there every day for her kids making them breakfast, picking them up from school, wiping their noses when they have colds, putting them to bed everynight and reading them stories, etc., is bullcaca. I see my dentist more often than she sees her kids. I sometimes see her pix 3-4 times a week going somewhere without her kids or her husband and she’s whining like she’s barely had time to comb her hair and brush her teeth. Just STFU and stop frontin’. She’s got multiple nannies just like every other rich person with more than 1 kid. She’s as tiresome and fake as Ticky is. At least Ticky is good for a laugh. All Putrid is is irritating. O. M. G. I just paid Ticky a backhanded compliment! LOL!

  327. 327
    Passing Through Says:

    Sheesh. Now BBT is blabbering about going to Angie’s wedding if he’s invited. Why can’t their mutual multiple exes just STFU and go away? I’ll say this much…at least he wasn’t being deliberately obnoxious, smug and baiting with that TMZ pap…cuz he LOVES to do that when Angie’s name is brought up…

  328. 328
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: That’s what I was saying PT, Goop was running around doing a hundred projects as if she was super girl and wanting it to appeared that she had it all. Or she could do it all.

  329. 329
    Rose Says:

    @Rose: PT,I forget to mention, Angie always said Brad is the reason she can do as much as she is able to do, and she has help at home.

  330. 330
    an opinion Says:

    @CLINIQUA: OT Brandi is no better than Ticky. She plays the victim than attacks. She not saying this to protect her boys. She likes attacking Leanne probably because Leanne is famous and it gets her attention.. Brandi said her ex had a couple of affairs before he met Leanne. Leanne is the one he finally left her for.

  331. 331
    nice Says:

    PT- yes, I suspect that he is already at Owen’s house with print outs of his latest JLo’s emails and ice-breaking the convo by singing the praises of Blake Lively- he’s the coolest!

    Passing Through@ 12/05/2012 at 11:11am +9
    # 298 an opinion @ 12/05/2012 at 10:40 am
    Owen Glieberman at EW put KTS ahead of Argo. Don’t tell Ben his flick was on #8 or he’ll be gong to Glieberman’s house to personally campaign for a higher position…

  332. 332
    Passing Through Says:

    # 305 William Bradley& The Jolie @ 12/05/2012 at 11:09 am
    12YAS is being distributed by New Regency – and they’re also the co-finacier as well. Typically, with an indie, if a financier is also a distributor they will pick up the distribution rights at the the time they make the financing deal. Frankly when you’re making an indie you’re likely to sell the rights to the distributor who’ll pay you the most for the rights to distribute or gives you the largest share of potential profits. In Plan B’s case they’re repped by CAA for their financing and domestic distribution deals. Distributors make their P&A commitment at the time they pick up a film. That’s one way they can get an edge over the competition. It’s basically – we’ll give you X amount of dollars for the right to distribute, commit X amount to P&A and agree to some kinf of split on ticket sales, ie, either all profts after distributor’s fees are recouped or the distributor gets a flat percentage regardless of whether they recoup their expenses. Obviously not many distributors are going to agree to that last deal.

  333. 333
    Passing Through Says:

    # 312 well @ 12/05/2012 at 11:25 am
    Oh yeah…I forgot all about that tour of Spain with Mario Batali. Putrid can’t have it all…and her 8 year-old is still sucking her thumb as her mother while Putrid hoitily refuses to let Mickey D’s pass the child’s lips. Definite Mother of the Millenium candidate…

  334. 334
    Passing Through Says:

    # 318 Phool @ 12/05/2012 at 11:41 am
    Uh, Phool…that’s the bodyguard. The very next photo – same guy behind Ticky. Either he’s the escort for the store or he’s the bodyguard…
    BTW – Do Squiggy’s skinny legs andn over-sized boots remind anyone else of Olive Oyl? They even have the same hairline…

  335. 335
    Jaye Says:

    Phool @ 12/05/2012 at 11:38 am
    Except for their names, the trolls don’t exist for me. Most times their comments are thumbed down and i don’t see them, so I don’t have a clue what they are talking about. All I know is from the fans comments, the troll haven’t changed one bit or had anything interesting to say since they parked their a.sses here. They won’t leave because that would be a defeat for them, they much rather be ridiculed day in and day out. Sick, eh?
    As for the writing, I’m still editing the first story, got about a hundred pages to go, then I’ll pick up the third story and finish it before I start anything else. I’m giving myself a goal of the end of the year, that’s when I first started writing these three.
    Have a great day. :-)

  336. 336
    Angelina Greasy Face Says:


  337. 337
    CLINIQUA Says:

    @an opinion:
    Well see, re the couple of affairs Brandi says Eddie had pre Leanne, she’s honest. LOL Eddie C is a twat. …and the rumors of them being in trouble have merit – especially if Leanne is spending 12 hrs a day on the john. That can be so damaging to the body. I can see why Glanville would be worried about her sons, I think she’s calling it correct — Leanne wants Eddie to think she’s a great ‘bonus mom,’ but I think a lot of her motivation is to oneup Brandi. It seems she’s been imitating her since they got together. Almost like she’s just as obsessed with Brandi.

  338. 338
    Passing Through Says:

    # 340 an opinion @ 12/05/2012 at 12:52 pm
    ITA, Brandi’s an idiot. You seen her lately? She’s skinny as a rail, too, and wasn’t when she got the RHOBH gig. Pot talking about the kettle and she just sounds jealous and bitter. Leann’s an idiot, too, but at least she’s famous for singing and not just because her husband cheated on her and dumped her for a woman worth 100X more money then HE has. Brandi’s basically getting child support on Leann’s dime so she needs to STFU. When Leann and Eddie finally break up then Brandi’s gonna be broke ass again.

  339. 339
    Passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMAO at OuttaTouch. On thei cover they claim Ticky is preggers – just like Duchess Kate! But…another fake Ticky-pregnancy story isn’t the funny part. They also have a story that Gavin Rossdale is hittin’ it with the nanny. In case you missed it – he was photographed hiking with the nanny and the boys a few days back. The photos were taken from behind and he hand his hand low on her back, just below here backpack and right above her butt. Everybody was it was a tad too familiar and very intimate and begain speculating that he was doing the nanny behind Gwen’s back. Well, OuttaTouch has a story on it and says -
    “She’s pretty, blond — and younger than Gwen,” says an insider close to the couple. Another source reveals that the nanny has been in the picture for at least two years: “She showed up to one of the Bush front man’s shows in 2011 with the kids. I did think it was kind of weird she would be there supporting him instead of his wife.
    The reason this is hilarious is because the very next day the girl was revealed to be Gavin’s SISTER Soraya or something like that. If you look at her face – she looks like Gavin. The thing is – this info was out long before OuttaTouch went to press. Since I haven’t seen the full story I don’t know if they reveal in the story that it’s actually his sister, but how typical of this bottom-feeding rag to be misleading about something that’s already been shot down. And this is with the ex-Peep’s employee at the helm. So much more for trying to bring the rag over into Peeps’ ass kissing territory.
    Photo’s of Gavin hiking with his sister below -

  340. 340
    Angie Inspires Says:

    Diane & Josh look cute here- another lady inspired by Angie! Later on in this group of pics are Brad & Angie at the PGA awards- awwww.

  341. 341
    Angie Inspires Says:

    Here are the JPs:

  342. 342
    Passing Through Says:

    # 350 Angie Inspires @ 12/05/2012 at 2:47 pm
    I’m laughing becuase you said “Diane and Josh” so I thought this was going to be a picture of Diane Lane and Josh Brolin! I was like, “WTF are these people?!” I had to read the caption to see who it was. LOL!

  343. 343
    Passing Through Says:

    # 350 Angie Inspires @ 12/05/2012 at 2:47 pm
    BTW – The PGA’s were before the Oscars. Notice how much leg Diane Kruger is showing…and nobody GAFF? Angie flashes a little leg at the photogs’ requests and it’s Angie’s Leg Meme City and Angie’s Leg Twitter accounts…

  344. 344
    Angie Inspires Says:

    sorry, PT- I love Fringe (& DC when I was a kid), so I guess Josh Jackson is the 1st Josh I think of! He & Diane seem like a very nice couple. I really like what she did in IB & she was good in Troy (although that role was a bit annoying, as was OB’s). Speaking of annoying, THANK YOU for the facts on fishy paltrow- she is such a giant hypocrite. Rose- good call on how Angie always credits Brad for being so supportive- it’s a big contrast when fishy BRAGS about her relationship- sound like Chris is away more than he is there- speaks volumes!

  345. 345
    Angie Inspires Says:

    PT- I’m not sure where/when that pic of JJ & DK was taken, but the pic of Brad & Angie was at PGAs in Jan 2012. Angie has worn slit dresses for years & years- I remember there was a TR red carpet where she had one on. Just like this jj post is based on shaky info, the leg & the slit dress drama was a made-up “issue”- so very transparent. Being a JP fan has made me a much more “aware” reader of “news” stories- so many lies! BTW- I hope this post goes through- usually I can only do 1 or 2 & then I can’t post for weeks! Of course, the troll always seems to get through…

  346. 346
    FWIW Says:

    Take with a grain of Salt:

    Exclusive: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pick Out Neil Lane Wedding Rings

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are one step closer to saying “I do!”

    In Touch has exclusively learned that on Nov. 27, a stylist for the actress picked up wedding rings from Neil Lane jewelers for the couple.

    Known for being notoriously shy about discussing his private life, Brad revealed just the day before purchasing the wedding bands, “It’ll be soon — the time is right.”

    Exchanging vows seems to be low on the priority list for the power couple, who have been filming two movies, renovating their home in France, jetting across the globe on goodwill missions, shooting a perfume commercial, and taking care of their six children.

    Brad says the celebration will be “simple” and “just family.”

  347. 347
    William Bradley& The Jolie Says:

    @Passing Through:

    I just wanted to pop in and thank you for your answer. Forgive me for being a little slow, but does that mean that the agency representing the producers of the film , or is it the agency representing the exec. producers (the folks doing the financing) which sell the rights to distribute/market the film?

    And this begs my next question. Everyone in Hollywood know what a thug and self-centered pig Harvey is, so why would you sell distribution rights to him. In the end, he will advance HIS agenda.

    I just hope Andrew comes out okay and continues to make films. And the universe deals with Harvey.

  348. 348
    Rose Says:

    @FWIW: In touch is out of touch. Brad would never buy a wedding band from Neil Lane. He designs his jewelry with his personal jeweler RP.

  349. 349
    Passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMAO at the crackheads at OuttaTouch wondering if Kanye is Shiloh’s “secret stylist”. I think it’s more like Yeezy is ripping off a little kid because most of this stuff Shiloh wore first. The chick at Jezebel who does the tabloid rundown said she was going to start calling Shiloh “Sheezy”. LOL!

  350. 350
    Whamo Says:

    Like she has a choice in the matter. Sorry honey like we’ve been telling you loons, Heroina’s career is DEAD! Flop after Flop after Flop after Flop does not a career make.

    Both of them are TOAST!

    How are you Loons spinning Brad’s complete and utter BOMB of a film?
    How much did it open at…what’s that…..BWAHAAAAAHAHAHAHA


    WOW how the mighty have fallen. The people have turned their backs on these two “Power couple” Power couple!!?????


    Brad can’t even open an envelope anymore.

    By the way Entertainment Tonight called it a BOMB at the BO despite good reviews.

    Hmm, a good movie yet the old faded movie star of yesteryear couldn’t bring the people to the theater!

    Brad AND Heroina’s career’s are TOAST!


  351. 351
    Whamo Says:

    I tell you their career’s weren’t killed softly that’s for sure.

    Heroina has sucked the life and career out of Brad FACT!!
    Heroina has totally ruined Brad’s image FACT!.
    He’s seen as neutered dog now not the cool guy he once was FACT!.

    Brad Pitt open a movie at 6.8mill only 300K more than RED DAWN rated at 11% of RT.
    The Oscar worthy RED DAWN mind you….BAWAAAAAAAHAAA

    Yup that succubus evil witch has KILLED Brad’s career just like I told you she’s would

    The only way for him to get his career and life back is to finally make it public that they are not together anymore as we all know they aren’t anyway

  352. 352
    Whamo Says:

    Just so you read it again….
    Like she has a choice in the matter. Sorry honey like we’ve been telling you loons, Heroina’s career is DEAD! Flop after Flop after Flop after Flop does not a career make.

    Both of them are TOAST!

    How are you Loons spinning Brad’s complete and utter BOMB of a film?
    How much did it open at…what’s that…..BWAHAAAAAHAHAHAHA


    WOW how the mighty have fallen. The people have turned their backs on these two “Power couple” Power couple!!?????


    Brad can’t even open an envelope anymore.

    By the way Entertainment Tonight called it a BOMB at the BO despite good reviews.

    Hmm, a good movie yet the old faded movie star of yesteryear couldn’t bring the people to the theater!

    Brad AND Heroina’s career’s are TOAST!


  353. 353
    busted Says:

    @Angie Inspires:

    thanks for that link. I love the picture they used for Brad and Angie. But that caption is very misleading. if you look at the pictures most of the couples are not LOOKING LOVINGLY at each other ONE is looking at the other, but the other half of the union is looking off somewhere else. You would thing they would actually have pictures of couples looking directly at each other.

    Brad and Angie looked really nice together that night

  354. 354
    Whamo Says:

    Have fun red thumbing loons…..
    I tell you their career’s weren’t killed softly that’s for sure.

    Heroina has sucked the life and career out of Brad FACT!!
    Heroina has totally ruined Brad’s image FACT!.
    He’s seen as neutered dog now not the cool guy he once was FACT!.

    Brad Pitt open a movie at 6.8mill only 300K more than RED DAWN rated at 11% of RT.
    The Oscar worthy RED DAWN mind you….BAWAAAAAAAHAAA

    Yup that succubus evil witch has KILLED Brad’s career just like I told you she’s would

    The only way for him to get his career and life back is to finally make it public that they are not together anymore as we all know they aren’t anyway

  355. 355
    also Says:

    Angie does such great work- no wonder Brad is so proud of her! I agree that NL ring story seems really bogus. Not only would they likely design their own rings, they would also not have some assistant go pick them up, right? Somebody here said re: Brad’s thinking that the time was close that they might be waiting for the rings to be finished (or the dress?), so should be more fun times ahead!

    Angie Inspires- the same thing happens to me- this site only seems to allow intermittent posting any more, so I mostly just lurk & vote on posts.

  356. 356
    Passing Through Says:

    # 356 FWIW @ 12/05/2012 at 3:22 pm
    BBBBBWWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Neil Lane? King of Staid & Stodgy Jewelry? Brad went to Robert Procop for the engagement ring…and Neil Lane for wedding bands? Brad buy wedding rings from a guy who’s now in bidness with Zales at your local mall? As. Freaking. If. And I love how Angie’s “stylist” was conveniently seen picking up the rings. Jen Rade is Angie’s ONLY stylist but she’s not Angie’s confidente like Holly is. If anyone picked them up it would be Holly. Besides, for bragging rights on having designed or made the “Brangelina” wedding rings Neil Lane himself would get on a plane and fly those rings to wherever Brad & Angie are. OuttaTouch is beyond ridic.

  357. 357
    busted Says:

    @Angie Inspires:
    @ 12/05/2012 at 2:51 pm

    thanks for that link. I love the picture they used for Brad and Angie. But that caption is very misleading. if you look at the pictures most of the couples are not LOOKING LOVINGLY at each other ONE is looking at the other, but the other half of the union is looking off somewhere else. You would thing they would actually have pictures of couples looking directly at each other.

    Brad and Angie looked really nice together that night

  358. 358
    busted Says:

    @Passing Through:

    I saw that picture of Diane.. and man she was really pushing the leg.

    I don’t really follow her or her boyfriend. I don’t find them particularly interesting. but they do seem very happy together so good for them

  359. 359
    Observer2 Says:


    Brad and Angelina are always so focused on each other when they’re together on the RC.

    Where were Lenny and her runt? Oh, that’s right, you’d be hard pressed to find a picture of them even looking at each other. Hell, he’s back to not even having the manners to open the car do for her. The car door that belongs to the car she bought, mind you. LOL.

    But, it’s OK, he was so patient with her and let her pick out her Christmas tree, that she bought, to go in the home that she’s paying the rent on, that was loaded in the car she bought, for a party that she paid for.

    No wonder he looked out of sorts the other day with his hair looking like he’d been pulling it out all day because he does get tired of being her yes man. Even bought men get tired of propping her up in the stories the Huvane hand feeds PEOPLE. They’re always supposed to be about something else, but, Lenny and Huvane can’t help themselves, it’s all about HER. Poor runt, barely gets a mention except when it’s to prop up her ego.

  360. 360
    busted Says:


    I’ve really enjoyed avoiding discussing that woman. LOL

  361. 361
    Susan Says:

    Is anyone following the Dolce and Gabbana tax fraud case? The Italian Government is saying they sold their business for a fraction of what it is worth, if convicted they could be facing five years in jail.

  362. 362
    Passing Through Says:

    # 357 William Bradley& The Jolie @ 12/05/2012 at 3:51 pm
    It could be either one. In this instance though I’d say it was probably CAA who brokered both deals – financing and distribution – on behalf of Plan B. Not all exec prods are financiers. Sometimes they just helped get a project off theh ground. Sometimes they’re a “star” who demands a producorial credit cuz it’ll look good on their IMDB page and because they want to get their own production company off the ground. Uh-hummmm…Ticky…Uh-hummmm…
    Why do people sell distribution rights to Harvey Weinstein knowing he’s a pig? Bottom line – cuz his money’s as green as anyone else’s and if you’ve got something you think is an Oscar contender no one in the biz is better than Harvey at finding ways to win Oscars for the films he distributes/finances.

  363. 363
    Yoco Says:

    LOL OK magazine went to print before the Duchess Kate announcement so they wrote “Kate and William hope to conceive soon ” Extra TV is on and they are showing Tyson talking about sitting outside Robin’s house and seeing Brad and Robin driving up.He is doing press for his one man show.So gossip sites are saying he caught Brad w Robin or he caught Brad in bed w Robin( he clearly says he saw them drive up in Brad’s car after he stopped by on the way to meet w his divorce Atty. This happened 23 years ago but if you want to get attention mention Brad or Angie’s names.

  364. 364
    Go Figure! Says:

    @Passing Through: @336: I have been saying this all along: Where are her children. She’s always alone and on tours for sometimes three,or four days or even weeks, yet there’s never any mention of her children. And we know they’re not with their father, since he’s always touring and never home. Guess with his three-year self-imposed hiatus, he’s going to let Goop support him. This musta been a trade off for him staying with her. What a double standard. Angie and Brad, and particularly Angie get this all the time, but never Goop.

  365. 365
    tweet Says:

    @thasydneygirl That face Angelina Jolie makes in Mr & Mrs Smith when her & Brad have their guns pulled on each other and she’s all like “Do it!” #WoooLord

  366. 366
    BP Says:

    You have to question what is truth to people. Angie did not say she was retiring at this moment, but in three to four years when her children are teenagers. The press has headlines “ANGELINA RETIRING”.

  367. 367
    ha Says:

    I’ll bet fishy p is super-ticked that Ben doesn’t name drop her like he does JLo all the time!! If Ben’s campaign works this go around, fishy may suddenly find need to talk about kitchen time w/ Ben’s mother, too. So goop!

    nice @ 12/05/2012 at 12:57 pm
    PT- yes, I suspect that he is already at Owen’s house with print outs of his latest JLo’s emails and ice-breaking the convo by singing the praises of Blake Lively- he’s the coolest!

    Passing Through@ 12/05/2012 at 11:11am +9
    # 298 an opinion @ 12/05/2012 at 10:40 am
    Owen Glieberman at EW put KTS ahead of Argo. Don’t tell Ben his flick was on #8 or he’ll be gong to Glieberman’s house to personally campaign for a higher position…

  368. 368
    RIP Oscar Says:

    I think Brad & Angie visited some of his buildings.

    Jim Shi ‏@jimshi809
    RIP to a real icon of design. RT @AP: BREAKING: A hospital spokeswoman says famed Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer has died at age 104

  369. 369
    BP Says:

    The press just does not get it, ‘ANGELINA IS A SERIOUS WOMAN’!

  370. 370
    RIP Oscar Says:

    #379- yes. Here is Brad in 2009 at the Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center:
    Of the US actor’s visit, Aviles mayor Pilar Varela said: ‘He is interested in supporting the project, the cultural as well as the architectural aspects.’ She added that the US actor was particularly interested in the environmental factors of the venture. ‘This is why Brad Pitt has come to visit the site,’ Ms Varela said

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  371. 371
    cute Says:

    Below is a link to a nice write-up on Oscar Niemeyer. RIP Oscar, I liked this part especially of the article you posted (just like Angie, Brad is well-respected by the people they work with on their projects):
    Mr Vasallo added: ‘Celebrity support such as this can have several benefits including raising public awareness but it is important the celebrity in question has sufficient experience on the subject matter. ‘In this instance Pitt’s work with Global Green USA to promote the rebuilding of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and his lead on the Global Green’s Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans means he is well placed to work with us on this project.’

    Until the end, he embraced architecture as a humanist endeavor and rejected criticism that his buildings were more enjoyable to look at than to live or work in. “The architect … must feel that human beings also are important,” he said. “Because nothing (else) is important. Life lasts but a minute.”

  372. 372
    carry Says:

    Oh the good news…… KTS is ranked in the best of the year. I don’t even care where but it is clear by now why the F score is for . It is more likely for the suprise of expectation than than the movie being bad. When a Bad movie get C rating it doesn’t change it is Baad movie. Somepeople need schooling over it.

  373. 373
    Susan Says:

    Fishsticks is in Dubai, for another paid appearance.

  374. 374
    yolly Says:

    I guess, BBT didn’t hear what Brad said, it will be a simple wedding & only family members will be present.
    God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  375. 375
    yolly Says:

    @BP: Even Good Morning America was flashing that one too.

  376. 376
    carry Says:

    So in first angie page saying BBT will come to the wedding? I don’t know if they should invite the ex? I personally find it a touch to go to my ex wedding though we are pals we email on big occassion and such and he is not here…. um, no BBT I don’t think you will be really invited though may be Angie has your number in her self phone.

  377. 377
    MAMS Says:

    Thanks for the cute MAMS tweet- that was a very cool moment. I remember seeing these pictures & thinking that Brad & Angie looked very Mr & Mrs Smith here:

    International man and woman of mystery Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie step it up at Vienna’s Albertina museum Monday. The couple had traveled from Paris to check out an exhibition of paintings by Austrian artist Egon Schiele.,,1159376_1015536,00.html

  378. 378
    carry Says:

    It surprise me how some people saying things at the same time. I didn’t even read the yolly comment and

  379. 379
    carry Says:

    hahah my 4th comment already hahhaa but speaking of BBT I just thought he and Angie should do a movie together. A total comedy. Just for laughs with some crazy ideas. I think the light up mood will be fun.

  380. 380
    carry Says:

    um when I see the veido though they seem to push it on him than it is his idea… anyways still no if it is me. donno though what they want so

  381. 381
    Observer Says:

    This thread (with 23 min video) has almost nothing to do with Angelina being an actress. Nothing.

    Do any of the negative people who post here actually know what the UN is? Or who Angelina was sitting next to? I doubt it.

    The video was an informative look at sexual violence that takes place during wars. It was not about Angelina quitting acting.

    The IQ of negative posters here has to be negative as well. i.e. -123 IQ

    Addressing sexual violence in war is a slippery slope and I think they addressed it with dignity, humanity and a sense of justice.

    Did you negative posters even hear what Angelina was saying about protecting and finding justice for the victims of sexual violence during war?

    Negative posters, your immaturity and lack of intelligence is a dead giveaway as to what kind of persons you are.

    Thank the powers that be that you hide behind your computers and are not let loose into this world.

  382. 382
    yolly Says:

    Goodnight to all lovely & smart fans of Brad & Angie all over the world. God bless us all. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  383. 383
    carry Says:

    True about the vedio being another topic and no talking about that but the 1 m part out of the rest. Even jared is make that kind of thing horrid but jared has a deal with the likes of skele or whatever his name is so this can’t be surprising..
    In OT new I don’t think goopy is old at 39-40? if she wanted to add another she sure can unless she is an early type of ones. Didn’t JG just have one in the same age ? anyways, She is too much for me but better then manny then again anyone is better than manny.

  384. 384
    carry Says:

    ^ for havig baby that is no?

  385. 385
    carry Says:

    lol I just saw the Star magazine cover and boy the picture they have Angie to thin they defeintly photoshoped it. Forget the story with manny manny boring mannny.

  386. 386
    carry Says:

    @Ssshhii_baby: I haven’t seen you post what a stupid ho just get lost. fake fan

  387. 387
    Jolie's Got Gold Says:

    She is stunning and so grounded. Just love her!

  388. 388
    Julia Says:

    Angelina is a remarkable human being. What ever she and Brad chooses to do in their lives is their business and I am sure they make wise decisions. I will always be a fan.

  389. 389
    Daniela Says:

    I watched KTS today in a cinema here in São Paulo, Brazil. Oh my God! What movie Sensational!! The final scene is amazing!
    Proud to be a fan of Brad Pitt for over 10 years. =)

  390. 390
    anustin Says:

    bless the JPs wherever they are.

  391. 391
    William Bradley& The Jolie Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Thank you again Passing Through. Just wanted to get that in before I have to go out.

  392. 392
    cee Says:

    Is it just me or are the morning shows so shallow that they focus on the channel 4 interview and Angie retiring and not on the reason for the interview re stopping the raps of women and children. GMA did it again today.

  393. 393
    Yoco Says:

    OMG GMA is doing a story on the non story of Angie retiring and they had the audacity to include Goop’s comments in InStyle about avoiding leading roles since becoming a mom.Do you think if Reese,Nicole Julia,or any other actress had made the same off the cuff remark this non. story would be a story? NOT

  394. 394
    Jen the Hag Says:

    Blogs and entertainment news are shallow .. they only focus on Angelina saying that she’s slowing down making movies and not totally quitting.. let see the trolls will be posting ..” oh i thought Angelina said is quitting movies why is she still working” .. the JENTARDS will be posting it in every Angelina thread they will see in the internet. For me TICKY should be the one to retire ASAP the no talent HAG only makes the movie viewer suffer every time she star in some lame romcom !!! Even her rabid fan like the HAG and her alter who post here non stop does not even watch TICKY’s movie bwahahhahahah!!

  395. 395
    Rose Says:

    Hi fans, just stopped by for a minute. I’m hoping fans are having a great day.

    It’s so funny to hear trolls say how much they can’t stand the Jolie Pitt and hope they go away. However, these same trolls seeks out the. Jolie Pitt’s threat everyday. I can’t stand the Dirtbag, aka SS but I never seek out her thread and never leave a comment on Ticky’s thread. If I’m sick of someone I would never seek out their thread, waste my precious time to leave a comment. Trolls are such hypocrites. Angle owns their a$$.

  396. 396
    carry Says:

    I said Angie never ever same with Brad don’t never ever give them something to blow out of proportion. Careful when you speak because with JP speculation to negativity sells they most need to watch what they. It is unfortunate but it is the way it is.

  397. 397
    carry Says:

    I have been thinking why not ther is a Fourm of JPs where fans can post pics and discuss things , rumores all things even OT stuffs and can start threads if you want etc… and the background of all things unlike say FF site NOT the negativity of JPs or bashing JPs for any openion in the fourm. Why not we have something like that? It might start slow but it would be fun if you invite a lot in it and negativity shiit will be banned. seriously . The JPS PR has been slow and ineffective for years now. Instead of focosing on Maniston the user … focous on posivity and fun and what bring change that it deserve. Sometimes I don’t know the people in their they get money like any other stars people even worth it. They are in effective they can’t think what now what is better the same old shiit and the same old shiit the same old shiit evrything is always. Boring and it is in efffective.

  398. 398
    carry Says:

    Always too much but never good enough.very bad.

  399. 399
    Gun Says:

    The FUGgelina in Jordan .

  400. 400
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning Rose

    How are you my dear? ITA when you mentioned in your previous post that Angie always said that “Brad is the reason she can do as much as she is able to do”. That’s the thing with Angie she is so gracious in acknowledging the help may it be emotional or physical she gets from Brad and she is gracious about it as well.
    Same with Brad when he acknowledges his baby Mama Angie, like he said “oh man the best decision I made was to give my kids Angie as their mother” wow that just says it all doesn’t it no matter which way its looked at there is so much love and respect of each other .
    As you can see even after these many years together its so nice and refreshing to hear they both have this mutual admiration and respect of each other, may it be of each others interests ,hobbies , the upbringing of their children any projects they doing they are just on the same page from day 1.
    They both credit each other for being supportive compared to other actors out there you never hear them doing it, well there are some that have started coat tailing Brad & Angie interviews by acknowledging their kids (they will remain nameless).
    I will stop know before being accused of writing essays lol..

  401. 401
    Phool Says:

    Has any one seen Demi Moore’s Photos with Lenny Kravitz at a party on Daily Fail site, well its more Demi having one too many Red Bull’s as we know Red Bull is known to have wings Demi’s certainly has got them.

  402. 402
    Phool Says:

    # Ssshhii_Baby@ 12/05/12 at 12:22pm

    Good Morning Ssshhii_Baby how are you my dear ..

    sorry you know what happened I read your current post quickly and replied and after that I was still going back reading fan posts then saw yours that you already has seen KTS I though oh dame what’s done is done my bad as my post to you already has gone lol.
    That will teach me to slow down a bit..Nice to hear you got your perfume you know what I still haven’t got Angie’s Notes from My Travels I have to get that pronto. I hope its still is in circulation for me to get.

    On other note you loved the swagger lets say who doesn’t Shi..Oh that swagger that voice I need to stop know before I get acused of mentally stalking..

    By the way going to see 7 physcophates soon its trailers looked good I think it’s about a bunch of dog-napper’s lol.

  403. 403
    Phool Says:

    # Passing Through

    Hi PT thanks for the diagnosis of Putrid In style interview you educated us on her fake ness alright. Which I must say you so eloquently pointed out in Putrids 8 year roster of how to keep away from ones family, your post was as always excellently executed. No one is going to say anything against her are they that’s just reserved for Brad & Angie the snarkness of the press .No one is going to call her out for not actual spending time with her family & husband. By the looks of it Putrid seems to be spending more time with Jay Z & Beyoncey than her own family.

    I won’t be surprised if Baby Blue bell or whatever Jay Z’s child is called, calls Putrid Mommy or Nanny.

    By the way I can’t believe it you paid Ticky a back handed compliment by saying she’s good for a laugh which I admit sheepishly she is but still make sure you don’t give her any future backhanded compliments as we won’t be able to stomach them one is enough as we don’t want the undesirable to get any ideas do we PT.

  404. 404
    Phool Says:

    Jaye @ 12/05/12 at 1:15pm

    Hi Jaye nice to hear you are (editing) hundred pages near completion nad nearing your target date so its not long to go end of year at least you will have one book out of the way.

    So what’s happened to the B..itch by the way still very intrigued still rotting in jail or out breaking more hearts lol.. By the way, I was going to ask have you named any of the stories yet ? As it’s too much for my two brain cells to take when you say story 1, story 2 & 3 see very confusing ,just pulling your leg Jaye.
    ITA with your concept of the trolls not worth it , note to self not going to mention again well I’ll try..

  405. 405
    Phool Says:

    Out Of Touch story about the Gwen/Gavin nanny is so old news they need to change their name to not only “Out Of Time” but also ”Out Of Time” as that’s more suited with the lame a$$ stories that they come up with.
    Seems like they still didn’t get Tickys memo of denial of Pregnancy, when they will learn its middle age spread not a baby. Any way can’t they see she’s into her Bikers Grunge mode at the moment (chunky Bikers Boots with out an actual motor bike to ride on in case her weave is flown off ) there’s no room for a baby in that house.

  406. 406
    Phool Says:

    Hi Premalle
    How are you my dear? How’s the NFL going or should I say how’s it is going watching some good looking talent on the court lol…so try to drag your self away for Once in a while, just joking did you by any chance get to see KTS? I read in your previous posts you were saying you were away from NY at the time of Brads Premiure, as I was going to ask if you had time to go like you did with Angies “The Tourist.” Any way have a nice day Prem

  407. 407
    Phool Says:

    got to go god bless

  408. 408
    nani Says:


    Why don’t you go to look at the botoxed Jen’s face? That’s horrible, even with all the make up done. LOL!
    Angelina is here without make-up.

  409. 409
    fyi12 Says:

    New Angie pictures.

    Angelina Jolie Travels to Jordan on Behalf of the UNHCR
    By Angela Wyatt Dean on December 6, 2012 | From

    Angelina Jolie visited Mafraq, Jordan today as part of a UNHCR special envoy. The actress visited a refugee camp in the region in September, and again this month, to shine awareness back on the area during this time of civil unrest. Angelina takes her UNHCR responsibilities extremely seriously, and she could be planning to focus more on her philanthropic duties with rumors that she may give up her big-screen career.

  410. 410
    fyi12 Says:

    Another link.

    UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie (C) meets refugees at the Zaatari refugee camp, some 10km (6 miles) east of Mafraq December 6, 2012. Mandatory credit REUTERS/Jason Tanner/UNHCR/ JORDAN

  411. 411
    fyi12 Says:

    Popsugar also has great pictures of Angie in Jordan.

  412. 412
    Premalee Says:

    @Phool # 419

    Hi Phool,

    How are you girl love all your inputs on the thread. I knew Angie will not be coming to NY leaving her kids for a day.” Notes from my Travels” book you can ask Barnes and Nobles to order it and they will get it for you or go to Amazon.Com and order it new or old. I will be watching KTS when my friends comes for the holidays next week. I love NFL and Basketball and watch ESPN 2 First Take Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. Skip is all about Teabow. It is a waste of time reading trolls as they are so jealous of our Angie and Brad. For me I only read JP fans info. I hope they get married this year or next year. All the best to your girl.

  413. 413
    Whamo Says:

    Jared should have a thread so you fat ass loons can post your pics and we can see what massive LARD ASSES I’m sure you ALL are.

    I KNOW some of you are BEASTS to be sure!

  414. 414
    fyi12 Says:

    From UNHCR site.

    Angelina Jolie travels to Syria-Jordan border as refugee influx continues

    News Stories, 6 December 2012
    © UNHCR/J.Tanner

    UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie meets with refugees at the Za’atri refugee camp in Jordan. Angelina Jolie continued to express solidarity with Syrian refugees and paid tribute to the Jordanian government and people for their strong commitment to refugee protection.

    AMMAN, Jordan, December 6 (UNHCR) – UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie has travelled to the Jordan-Syria border overnight on Wednesday-Thursday to meet frightened and exhausted Syrian refugees who had just completed the perilous crossing to safety in Jordan.

    “What I saw last night is a dramatic example of the plight of hundreds of thousands of Syrians who have been uprooted by the fighting and are in a desperate search for safety,” Jolie said Thursday on her second mission to the region in three months.

    “Civilians inside the country are being targeted. Many of those trying to flee are exposed to extreme danger right up to the border itself. I appeal to all sides in the conflict to do all they can to ensure the safe passage of these innocent civilians.”

    Nearly half a million Syrians fleeing intensified fighting have been registered in neighbouring countries since the conflict began. Hundreds of thousands more are unregistered, but are expected to come forward for help in the next few months as their resources become depleted.

    Since Jolie’s last visit in September, the number of registered refugees in the region has increased by more than 200,000 and in Jordan alone by nearly 50,000. The sprawling Za’atri refugee camp north of Amman has doubled in size.

    Upon arrival in Amman on Wednesday night, Jolie travelled immediately to the border, about an hour’s drive north of the capital. In a briefing with border officers, she praised Jordan for welcoming Syrian refugees despite serious social and economic strains.

    “The incredible compassion shown to these traumatized refugee families by the Jordanian border guards tonight was extremely moving,” she said, noting that the troops were on duty along the tense frontier 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Jordan has welcomed the refugees even though it has placed a huge burden on the country. The international community needs to show more solidarity and to support Jordan and the other countries in the region who continue to keep their borders open.”

    The Special Envoy spoke with several refugees who had just fled across the border in total darkness to two remote border reception stations overlooking a broad plain straddling the frontier. The distant thud of artillery could be heard north of the border, where the lights of Syrian towns were visible. In all, 328 refugees arrived in Jordan during the night. Around the region, some 2,000 refugees flee to neighbouring countries daily.

    “We had a beautiful, hospitable country,” one refugee told Jolie. “We always helped one another. Now, there’s nothing left and we can’t even help each other.”

    Medical staff at the border post said at least six of those who arrived overnight had to be hospitalized, some with bullet wounds. Jolie was stunned by one medic’s account of a wounded child who had lost his leg. “It was extremely upsetting to hear the story of an eight-year-old boy who upon arrival in Jordan explained to doctors that he had asked his family to carry his severed leg along on the journey in hopes that it could be reattached,” she said.

    “I’m sickened by how long and how bloody this conflict has become, devastating a nation and the lives of millions of innocent civilians, and threatening to destabilize the entire region. I call on the international community to do everything possible to find a solution to this tragedy and support the struggling humanitarian operations both inside Syria and in Jordan and the other surrounding countries.”

    On Thursday, Jolie visited Za’atri refugee camp, where those who arrive nightly at Jordan’s remote border crossings with Syria are transferred. UNHCR and its partners are in a race against time to prepare the camp and its more than 30,000 residents for winter, along with hundreds of thousands of other refugees throughout the region.

    Among the refugees she visited in the camp was a family of eight she had met the night before at the border, shortly after they had crossed from Syria. They had already been provided with a tent and an aid package of household items ranging from warm blankets to kitchen utensils. Although their tent is not designed for winter weather – that will come later – they were nevertheless thankful for the help they had received on their first day in the camp.

    “We’re very grateful for what we’ve received, and even more grateful to finally be in a safe place,” the head of family said. “Now we’re eager to find out about schools for the children.”

    The Special Envoy viewed a number of the winter projects under way in the camp

  415. 415
    fyi12 Says:

    I didn’t realize the UNCR post I posted above was cut off. Does JJ have a character limit?

    Here is the rest of the article from my post #427

    The Special Envoy viewed a number of the winter projects under way in the camp, where overnight temperatures are dropping to freezing. Tents are being reinforced and better insulated to protect against the weather, including the addition of “porches” where gas heaters are being placed. Some 30,000 high thermal blankets are being distributed, along with winter clothing.

    A storm drainage system is being built and a layer of crushed rock spread throughout the camp to channel water away from shelters and prevent mud and standing water. In addition, more than 1,300 prefabricated shelters have been erected and another 1,300 should be in place within three weeks.

    “Winter is already here and UNHCR and its partners still lack 50 per cent of the funds needed to get everyone through the next few difficult months,” Jolie said.

    “Despite all the good work being done so far, it’s clear here on the ground that all the resources are now stretched to the limit. This is going to be a very tough few months. Winter can be harsh here, even dangerous for refugees who may already be weakened by their ordeal. Many have been brutalized in unimaginable ways. They deserve all the support we can give them.”

    Angelina Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, made a donation of US$50,000 Thursday afternoon for the purchase family tents for refugees. Later Thursday, Jolie was scheduled to conclude her mission with meetings with Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour and Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh.

  416. 416
    fyi12 Says:

    I want to highlight this portion for the haters & trolls!

    Angelina Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, made a donation of US$50,000 Thursday afternoon for the purchase family tents for refugees. Later Thursday, Jolie was scheduled to conclude her mission with meetings with Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour and Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh.

  417. 417
    valis202 Says:

    Have a huge respect for Angelina. She really is an amazing women and one who puts her money where her mouth is.

  418. 418
    carry Says:

    I think it is great what she helps in what she believes in.
    I suggest though we need their fun side as well as a couple. From all the first news couple in hollwyood they are the only one That FUN part is missing from thier existance and relaitonhship front. That part was missing from day one and to the day and that help the garbage they indured in one way or another. Nothing will touch or suceeded to touch couple who has a united , firm no matter what front.

  419. 419
    carry Says:

    @She B Ugly: just quit it already so boring garbage to much rode that nausiating and have to force oneslef to read after the first sentence. Turn off

  420. 420
    carry Says:

    @fyi12: I honestly and truly admired the donation they give. They keep on going. Seriously…

  421. 421
    carry Says:

    @Whamo: Not my picture or anyones you idolit. You whamoo so you think everyone whamoo.
    I am talking about a fourm the H.o.s can come too when they want across their things but the fourm where the background is not going to be hating on JPs and they won’t be supported when they want spew when they needed something It is jp not hating fourm but open. I really wish something like that…. If it was tried and failled at least it was tried.

  422. 422
    Passing Through Says:

    Just saw that Angie’s in Jordan again for UNHCR. I guess this means she won’t be home when her stylist arrives with the Neil Lane-designed wedding bands. What the heck is she thinkin’!
    Seriously though – the pix…the way the little kids flock to Angie and want to hold her hand says a lot about how much it means to them that she makes these trips and tries to help them. Choke on it, trollettes.

  423. 423
    valis202 Says:


    You need to take a step back, breath and hopefully at some stage you will realize what a truly, truly sad and pathetic individual you are.

  424. 424
    valis202 Says:


    This comment is for the troll passing as Passing Through not the original poster.

  425. 425
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: #437, hi PT, those sick Bs will not leave Angie alone. The trolls are so cray cray they are now stalking BA fans. Life must be a ***** that they’ll come to a Brad and Angie’ thread and stalk their fans.

    Anyone seen Demi M on the Daily Mail? Girlfriend appears to be going back to rehab very soon. It’s actually sad to see what a sad woman she has became. Very sad.

  426. 426
    Cassi Says:

    Angie and Brad continue helping others, they just donate to Jordan refugees.

  427. 427
    plez Says:

    Thank fyi12. JJ has a 5000 character limit.
    CNN showed that some families are living underground to get away from the fighting and bombs. There is no electricity underground so these people rarely see sunlight. It is so sad to see all these people in refugee camps but the alternative seems much worse. Hopefully Angelina visit brought comfort to some.

  428. 428
    Passing Through Says:

    # 428 fyi12 @ 12/06/2012 at 1:55 pm
    Thanks for the article. Yes, Jared does have a character limit. It’s 5,000. It’s posted right below the comment box. However, you can get around that by not clicking or typing in the box. Just copy and paste your article using the RIGHT mouse button shortcut menu. After you paste your text make sure you don’t click in the box with the LEFT mouse button because if you do that activates the character counting script and anything over 5000 will be discarded upon submission.

  429. 429
    Jaye Says:

    Phool @ 12/06/2012 at 12:04 pm
    haha! You are so funny. You think YOUR head is spinning, mine is past spinning. The year end date is for ALL of them to be finished, but I think that’s a little ambitious. The first story I wrote is titled Ryan, the second is A long time Coming, the third A Legacy of Lies. These titles may change, but that’s what I’m going with for now.
    As for the b.itch, I haven’t gotten back to that story yet. Jail is an option, but it isn’t set in stone, I’ve got another one which might be more of a punishment.
    As for trolls, they’re like s.hit that gets stuck to your shoes, you just have to scrape it off and keep going because you know somewhere, somehow, you’ll step in it again.

  430. 430
    Rose Says:

    @fyi12: #429, hi FYI, thank you so much for all your hard work keeping us informed with the latest BA news, much appreciated. I read somewhere that Angie got in Wednesday night and left on Thursday. The needs were urgent for the tents before the snow starts falling. So I’m assuming she was just in and out the next day, today.

  431. 431
    fyi12 Says:

    The tweets at the UNCR Angie’s Jordan visit is so sad to read. The tweets are under “Syria Emergency” at link.

  432. 432
    Jaye Says:

    Passing Through @ 12/06/2012 at 3:02 pm
    Thanks a lot for that information. I wish I knew this when I wrote the Troll Story, I made sure each chapter was inside 5,000 characters. It was a chore. I always wondered how people got those long, lost posts. As I often tell others, ‘ I shoulda asked somebody,’ lol.

  433. 433
    Passing Through Says:

    # 436 PassingThrough @ 12/06/2012 at 2:40 pm
    ROTFLMAO. Poor, pathetic stalker. Guess she got worried when I hadn’t posted yet today so she had to steal my name and pretend like everyone here is as stoopid as she is. I have my own personal Robert Ford. She not only wants to BE me but she wants to be LIKE ME. The only problem for her is that I’m not Jesse James and I won’t be the one to end up with a bullet in my back…

  434. 434
    fyi12 Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Thank you PT & plez for the 5,000 character limit information. Live & learn lol

  435. 435
    Rose Says:

    @Jaye: Hi Jaye, how are you? Hillary Clinton said she may do a home decorating show for HGTV. She is serious with her decorating ambitions, and you are serious with your writing. I hope to read your book one day.

  436. 436
    fyi12 Says:


    Hi Rose, aren’t they amazing. They both worked hard this year and yet helping others is always a priority to them even around Christmas time. I noticed how kids naturally gravitate to her, just from my experience with kids—they have an instinctual feeling about who is genuine. They really are exceptional & inspirational couple.

  437. 437
    new thread Says:

    new thread

  438. 438
    Rose Says:

    @fyi12: You are so right about how kids gravitates to Angie. That little girl in her arms could be her daughter, she looked so relaxed in Angie’s arms.

  439. 439
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

  440. 440
    neer Says:

    My take on AJ’s reply about her thinking of giving up acting as the time comes is what she feels TODAY For now. Anything can happen between now & the future depending on her situation & circumstances. Whether she may change her mind or not, that’s her choice. Her decision. A personal decision in life. Actually, she has made it very clear in her past interviews that her priorities have changed ever since she has formed a family with BP. Her priorities are in this order: FAMILY, CHARITY & CAREER. So it is no surprise if once in a while we hear from her regarding her career decision. She was asked about this again because of the seemingly greater amount of time, money & effort she is spending for her humanitarian work. The dedication she has shown just amazes the public. Hence, it seems her acting profession has taken a back seat. Family of course will always be her ultimate priority. No question about that. Fortunately, AJ & BP has found a way to make it work despite their busy schedules.
    Bear in mind, that AJ has already accomplished so much at an early young age. She has experienced critical & commercial success. Awards, she has many as well as box office hits. She would not be one, if not, the most sought after actress in the world for nothing. Her name is widely known around the world not just an actress BUT a credible humanitarian.
    She has just learned to expand her horizons. Her world is not confined anymore to the land of Hollywood. She has evolved. Usually, people who have everything in life will find other avenues to fill their other needs which can never be satisfied by any material gains. Her need for self actualization or self-realization is just so strong that she is willing to sacrifice her least priorities in life just so she can spend more time with her family & what she is passionate about. Her UNHCR, CFR & other humanitarian work/ advocacy gives her so much inner peace & fulfillment. Her desire to serve others is just really great & special. This really means so much to her.
    Come to think of it, even some of her career work lately has been in relation to her humanitarian work. Her first film directorial job (ITLOBH) as well as a screenwriter was obviously was born out of her advocacy. Same with her first documentary film, A Place In Time. So, maybe even if she may give up acting eventually or she may just do very few movies in between, I think she may not give up directing & writing as she finds more satisfaction in this area.

  441. 441
    neer Says:


    I think the wedding rings are already done and possibly made by their trusted friend/jeweler Robert Procop who also made AJ’s “a-year-designed-by-Brad” engagement ring. And the public will only get to see them through pics only after their wedding has already taken place.
    As what BP has said, their wedding would be simple & really a family affair. Probably, their guests will only include very close friends & associates. My guess, the place will be at Chateau Miraval (France) or Missouri.
    I prefer for them to have a very solemn, low profile wedding. That every word in their vows are said with full of love & commitment, NOT about lavish decorations, NOT the gorgeous gowns, NOT for show, NOT for the guests, NOT for the press, NOT for the fans, BUT it’s all about the intent of lifetime partners.
    Weddings are NOT celebrated for competition with others. It is NOT a contest. It is just a celebration, a ceremony. What’s more important is the reason for “wedding” which is the MARRIAGE.

  442. 442
    chachita Says:

    Simply the most beautiful couple with golden hearts on the planet!

  443. 443
    Heather Says:

    Interesting, but the out of synch video is highly distracting. I found part of it on youtube. Watching it is much less weird when the speed is corrected.

  444. 444
    Lara Says:

    Angelina has always been my favorite actress, is SO saavy, is our UN representative, speaks out for others when they cannot, is unselfish, and is poised but speaks her mind and has accomplished a lot. If she wants to quit acting I will miss seeing her on the screen, but she has a lot to offer OFF the screen. She is the PERFECT mate/match for Brad and there is NO debate there and i wish them the best always. This is a woman who’s got it together and this interview shows us it yet again. I’m never dissappointed when I see her, even if it’s just her at an awards show! Good luck, Angelina!

  445. 445
    Emer Higgins Says:

    Angelina Jolie does not have plans to quit acting.

  446. 446
    Crimsonhelldragon Says:

    If she didn’t quit now when her children are still so young, elementary school and less, she definitely won’t when they’ll be teens; just the years when kids don’t want parents around. I love Angie’s movies and she’s definitely the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world, but this is just a hoax, self promotion. She’s not neither the first nor the last who uses this trick.

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