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Angelina Jolie Talks Plans to Quit Acting in New Video Interview

Angelina Jolie Talks Plans to Quit Acting in New Video Interview

Angelina Jolie has opened up about her future plans to stop her career as an actress during an interview with Britain’s Channel 4 News.

“I have enjoyed being an actress. I am so grateful to the job and I have had great experiences and I have even be able to tell stories and be a part of stories that mattered and I have done things for fun, but…” the 37-year-old actress said.

“I will do some films and I am so fortunate to have the job, it’s a really lucky profession to be a part of and I enjoy it,” Angelina continued. “But if it went away tomorrow I would be very happy to be home with the children. I wake up in the morning as a mum and I turn on the news like everybody else and I see what’s happening and I want to be part of the world in a positive way.”

Check out what else Angelina had to say during the twenty minute interview, including her views on her work as a humanitarian, the Syrian conflict, and more.

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  • Peapo

    She is so well spoken and has so many interests besides acting. She doesn’t need the fame which is good become so many celebrities get caught up in the fame and their looks and they become a joke. I can see Angie doing less acting and more aid work like Audrey Hepburn. What a wonderful woman. I’m glad she has a man that appreciates her and has the same life goals. And I love the importance they put in raising their children. Great woman, super mom, lovely couple.

  • valerie

    to the jentard who said angie needs to retire soon and let other actresses take the center-stage cause she’s just a pr-fabricated celeb…………….

    speaking of pr-sustained pseudo-celeb, everyone in hollywood knows its’ chinifer maniston whose so-called career is being run by her pr dogs. the ugly old hag can’t act yet her pr team and her rabid fans she’s that relevant. did i mention she’s plain boring? lol

  • plez

    William Hague ‏@WilliamJHague
    Grateful for Angelina Jolie’s support for UK team of experts being deployed to help survivors of rape in #Syrian conflict

    William Hague William Hague ‏@WilliamJHague

    She and I will campaign together next year during UK G8 Presidency, calling for new international action to stop rape in war
    Trolls can whine all the want but people of important respect Angelina’s work as Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

  • Meri

    omg! so much different from the bimbo, Katie Holmes. It would be interesting to put these two together and see what happens. LOL

    It would be like an intelligent person (Angie) talking with a toddler???

    I would listen to Angelina anytime! Listening and watching Katie Holmes is such annoying comedy I guess.

  • plez

    One more thing, Sec of State William Hague said he decided to start this campaign against rape after watching Angelina’s movie “In the Land of Blood and Honey”. If there is one less woman raped during war because of the campaign than what a truly great successful that movie would be.


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  • Veinzilla

    Hey, look at me!

  • Veinzilla

    Whatever Jolie is on, I love it!

  • Frenchy

    isn’t she wonderful? Proud to be a fan and suppoter.

  • Bora

    Maybe she give up winning an Oscar?

  • I called it!

    @Bora: Maybe she already have an Oscar….

  • an oldie

    Jared, why such misleading title? Sometimnes I wonder why I continue to add to Jared’s fortune by coming to his site. He is definitely anti JPs.

  • lanas-world

    @gia: How ironic with your username

  • Love the JoliePitts

    I love this video! It is Awesome! Thank you Jared for posting it.

    God bless our sweet Angelina.
    Brad described his “Mama” correctly….he said “she is a Force…..” And look at all the good she is doing in this world.
    How amazing!
    She had no idea what a great influence her movie would become as she was compelled to write it and direct it and share it with the world last year. And I can never forget all the incredible support Brad gave her. They share in this together. As she has said in the past. “Brad is the name that enables me to accomplish so much.”
    And here it is, a scant year later after the debut of her incredibly moving film, and the UK Foreign Secretary is effusive in his praise of her work and singing her praises and explaining what a tremendous “force” she is in being the inspiration behind his initiative to make Rape in war a crime against humanity.
    “Her movie was so clear…….it removes all excuse for doing nothing.” He says. And how true his words are.
    To see how the Great Spirit is directing her life and Brad’s life is a wonder to behold. What incredible contacts they both are making.
    May the Great Spirit continue to bless you and move in you in such wonderful and exciting and beautiful ways, sweet Angelina. May you and Brad be abundantly blessed in many, many beautiful and unheard of and incredible ways and wisely guided by the Beautiful Spirit Who resides in both of you continuing to unite you as One as you two and your beautiful, loving family continue to reach out and help so many in all the ways that matter to make life better for everyone you touch.

  • Goopy


    Angie has said she has no further dreams regarding acting for quite a few years now.


  • Sean

    about time! Good riddance…

  • Bora

    @I called it!:
    What I meant to say was Academy Award for Best Actress……

  • anustin

    bless ur heart,and ur family,jolie.

  • busted

    Why in the world is this heading about less then 2 minutes of the interview. And she didn’t bring up anything about quitting acting. She was asked about her humanitarian work being more important then acting. And she said when the kids reached their teenage years she would probably have to give it up because things at home would be more important.

    The media twists everything around. And the trolls per usual are here spouting off crap. Angie is well spoken and well respected How refreshing to see someone that can actually articulate a thought. Not slurring her words or practically falling down. She is taken seriously. And her opinions are taken seriously.

    And on a superficial note she is very beautiful. Obviously no botox or anything Her face moves and is very expressive.

  • theresa

    i just love thumbing down all the comments from our friendly neighborhood trolls without even having to read them. not that any of them having anything to say that’s worthwhile reading.

  • Heather

    Oh please! Every year she does her whole “I’m going to retire” or “I’m going to take several years off” nonsense and then never does. Just an attention seeking famewh0re.

  • Love Angelina

    That is not true, every time she has said she would be taking a break, she has..people just don’t listen to what she says, and jump to conclusions, and she isn’t saying anything new here, she’s talked about slowing down(and has) for years now,and talked about probably stopping when the kids are older. Nothing new..Media likes to dramatize things.

  • mrst

    I love her…beautiful, inside and out!

  • XYZ


  • XYZ


  • B&A

    Maybe Angie should refuse to answer questions that she’s answered before to avoid being stupidly called fame ho by ignorent people; Brad should also pretend to not hear questions asked about his wedding, so those same people won’t claim he’s “talking about it to sell a movie”. #dumb people are dumb.


    Sorry Jared, HEADLINE FAIL — what she says in no way matches the title of this blurb. If she’s saying anything, “if it went away tomorrow,” she’s speaking of the uncertainty of life, and acting – and saying how she would STILL be happy, because she has a life. That is the OPPOSITE, of her announcing “plans,” — how about you stop playing to the search engine optimization, sensationalizing and lying…you’re getting worse than tabloids that say one thing on the cover, and it’s not represented in the story they run. How about you respect the fans of BOTH of these two incredible people, and stop putting words in their mouth.

  • B&A

    sorry *ignorant* I meant.


    By the way, I meant to mention this — this interview clip actually came on my local news, and everyone was talking in my house stopped to look at Angelina…to say she is stunning in that clip is an understatement….she has on ZIP makeup, flawless skin…just perfection, I almost didn’t hear what she said – but once again, they get it wrong. Like Rpatz recently said, it doesn’t matter what you tell them, they make up their own headlines and characterize it the way they want.

  • B&A

    @XYZ: The planet would be a worse place to be without Angelina; can’t say the same about you.


    @kathleen mariquit:

    I think that it is a shame that the title for this post is about how Angelina Jolie plans on quitting acting. The video is so much more than that. It’s about her dedication and the UN’s dedication to helping other people. I believe Angelina Jolie is a beautiful person because of this dedication.

    I agree Kathleen. Personally for me — it’s gotten to the point where this is just sabatoge. It’s deliberate. Look how there’s NO MENTION made about WHY Angelina is giving this interview. We all know, Angelina, unlike some no talent tv hacks, doesn’t just DO interviews for no fcking reason. I’m sure the interview has something to do with an ongoing event (humanitarian and UN related — possibly related to war and rape what she recently met with other diplomats about) — IF that’s the case, for these media outlets to run that same tired mischaracterization of her words (which sound more like an aside, a reply she gave to a question pertaining to ‘acting,’) — and they’re making that a focal point of their reporting, then this is the worst example of journalistic malfeasance yet. It’s one thing for a silly celeb site like Jareds, to sensationalize and lie to get hits, only tacking on Angelina’s philanthropy and humantarian activism as an after thought at the very end – mentioning that ‘she also talked about it.’
    They almost seem to want to falsely imply that Angelina gave the interview to discuss her ‘plans to quit acting.’ Which is absolutely ludicrous.
    I think it’s despicable.

    It’s also a socially despicable thing to do. Angelina, as well as Brad, makes her living acting, which in turn enables her to give her time, money, sweat and tears to those less fortunate and those causes she really cares about, but these silly blogs, and media outlets — are deliberately misconstruing her words to lie to the public. For what? Hits? Are they in bed with PR agencies who are mad she doesn’t have one – so this is just more retribution to show her she can’t go rogue?? Or is it certain PR hacks that now own this site that gets lamer every day.
    Whatever it is, it’s effed up. Jared should be ashamed – but I doubt he’s around any longer — whoever reps Jared Butler, and Vanessa Hudgens has bought this site, what other explanation could there be for the thrice daily updates of Bloatler’s bowel movements?? No one gives a fck.
    The media is a lying cesspool.

  • sunny

    Jared, still do these things ?
    Several years ago, I witnessed he was planting negative comment when JP thread was quiet.
    Probably it was for the sake of traffic.
    Business savvy Jared.

  • Misleading title,JJ

    That isn’t what she said, and isn’t what this interview was about.

  • audrey f.

    I adore her!!!

  • Rose

    @CLINIQUA: Good morning CLINIQUA, this twisting of the truth re Brad and Angelina is not only done by the tabloids. The regular tv is also getting viewers by just mentioning BAs name. They know whenever viewers hear the name Brad and Angelina they will stop to take a look. Do you remembered when Brad was promoting Money Ball and that Parade interview came out, M Lawer on NBC wanted to continue the bad press by repeating the negative press that was causing all the Jenhens to rear their ugly heads. Brad had to be firm with ML several times saying, please don’t read it, I don’t want to hear.

    Yesterday a fan posted that she was watching Today, and the first thing at the top of the regular news Morales brought up was Brad’s movie bummed . Now, tell me, is this regular top of the news info. No. This is just another way of NBC to give it to Brad for not promoting his movie on their network. The whole news business has become very slimy. I do
    believe several of the news people are trying to bring Brad and Angie down. But they are not succeeding because they have dirty hands.

    Look at Laura Spencer, GMA, she is definitely a Jen hen, most of The View women are Jen hens and they don’t care that they take sides in a eight year separation that was none of their business.

  • D E E A

    God bless her soul and her work! She is such an inspiration to me.

  • lauren


    honey go to hell and take the other losers with you. Before doing Maleficent Angie has not worked in over a year.. almost 2 to be exact. I get that you are a total ignorant ass*, but don’t make it so obvious.

  • Rose

    Another thing I believe Brad and Angie are living the Hollywood life. They are home taking care of their family. During Brad’s promotion for KTS last Monday one of the person interviewing Brad said Brad should ask GC about turning 50, Brad replies, what can he teach me, how to save my liver? We live different lives. Believe me, lots of people are jealous of Brad and Angie and how they live their lives, not kissing A$$ and just doing their own thing. Also, Angie has been slowing down for years, she will do a movie here and there once in a while but her family is her top priority. And as the kids become teenagers whe will do less and less Hollywood but not quitting, that’s what I get from her interview. Another thing, Angie is looking great, just beautiful and rested.

  • Rose

    @Rose:#90, Should be BA are NOT living the HW life, they are home taking care of their family….

  • Rose

    Hi fans, please forgive my not wishing all the fans a great day. Susan, Phool, CLINIQUA, woman Spanish, Tish, FYI 12, busted B&A, Lylian, Shi, Lauren and any fans lurking enjoy your day.


    OMG Rose, so agree — in fact, I mentioned that ish Natalie Morales yesterday, because I just happened to catch her dig at Brad – it was vindictive, no question about it. I am never watching Today AGAIN, period.

  • woman spanish

    HI Rose, I totally agree with you, so I like that Brad and Angie live your life focusing on the important things without caring what others think.
    By the way, Angelina is beautiful in this interview and your skin is wonderful

  • audrey f.

    Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will have lasting legacies both in Hollywood and beyond.

  • Rose

    @CLINIQUA: You are right CLINIQUA there is some reason for this vindictive behavior towards both BA. Did you noticed GMA did not use Lara S to interview Brad? Elizabeth Vargas did a wonderful interview and you could tell Brad liked her.

  • Rose

    @woman spanish: Good morning woman Spanish, good to see you are here today. Yes, Angie looks so beautiful in that video. I believe Brad wrapped up WWZ so they will be on the move soon. I hope we get some new pictures soon.

  • woman spanish


    Hopefully, I love children JP, especially Z, but I have really wanted to see Maddox, in these months without being photographed sure has grown a lot, it’s almost a teenager!

  • Rose

    @woman spanish: WS, you are right, we have not seen MADD for several months. I’m sure he is growing into a very handsome, and smart young man. BA will soon have a teenager on their hands :-),

  • diference

    there is a HUGE difference beteen AJ at 25 and AJ at her 37…now he is much smarter,much mature…she was a junkie and now she is a Woman and a great human being..The changes are unbelievable.she must be proud of herself

  • Lily

    I really hope she doesn’t give it up all together. Maybe she can just make movies she really cares about. Like A Mighty Heart and Changeling… those were powerful movies that showed her talent.

  • cee

    Cliniqua it is so true what you say. I am tired of how Jared covers the JP family. It seems all the tabs want is negative stories. So instead of Angie and brads good work the headline is misquoted excerpt. I am thinking about taking Nj off my list of sites.