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Chris Brown Returns To Twitter & Instagram with Rihanna!

Chris Brown Returns To Twitter & Instagram with Rihanna!

Chris Brown poses for a picture with his rumored on-again girlfriend Rihanna in this new picture posted to his Instagram account on Sunday (December 2).

“What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?,” the 23-year-old singer captioned with the pic.

“Thinking about life,” Chris wrote in another caption. “Complex and bizarre but yet a necessity!”

Last night, Chris re-activated his Twitter account but has yet to write a new tweet – it was deleted last month after a fight with comedian and writer Jenny Johnson.

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  • Kate

    Oh no, not these two again…

  • sj

    blah blah
    just go away

  • Nigga Homy YO

    Cute couple

  • vanessa

    Two losers! Nothing else!


    chris please die. we’d all appreciate it.

  • Derp

    O Rihanna! When will you ever learn, you can do way better than him, and please cut out the douche badGURL attitude! You are beyond that smack! O yea die Chris Brown!

  • Mishee

    @YAAAS HONEY!!!: Be Careful what you say it might just happen to you!

  • Derp

    @Mishee: Nope it will not, no such thing as karma

  • Mishee

    @Derp: Be Careful not to wish death on people it might just happen to you.

  • karlo

    STUPIDOS ………..

  • Ouch!

    “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?”

    OMG, he actually thinks he’s relevant LOOOOOOL

  • Dhea

    “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?” – is he serious??? That boy is just a complete joke.

  • Zoe

    I am so tired of these two attention seekers. If he’s not fighting she takes her clothes off and starts the fights. They are both trailer trash and deserve each other.
    I have to go shower now. I feel dirty just looking at the pictures. Never again!

  • Nigga Homy YO

    No hatin for my boy bro Chris OKAY? im gonna fight you all

  • yea

    mind control slave and her handler

  • Derp

    @Mishee: DIE! jks jks calm down, Chris Brown is a abomination to humanity, what loss would it be?

  • no

    after he insults a female and his fans send her dea*th threats we’re suppose to rejoice at his return? — this is one of those times when i wish 2pac were still alive.. that way chris brown would have been dealt with like the b*tch he is..

  • hello1

    “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?”
    Ummm the same way it sounds today, theres so many people just like Rihanna and Chris Brown in the music industry. No difference in Pop or RnB. Sure they can produce number one hits but that doesnt make there music any different from anyone elses.
    Rihanna your no Lady Gaga or Beyonce. Who can sing and perform and write there own music.
    Chris your talentless, just be a back up dancer for someone who can sing. Neyo has more talent than you

  • Lottie

    Ri Ri looks Ri-eally Rough

  • sam

    at this point don’t they just deserve each other?

  • Macy

    sick and tired of them

  • butch

    wow. Nice way insult your professional peer group. Is this guy really that stupid?

  • hana

    no hate or anything, but this biatch is hella dumb. lets hope he doesnt beat the shit out of her again

  • Gigi

    I really wish they wouldn’t publicize their unhealthy, drug-smoking relationship for all the young people that idol them. Ugh. gross.

  • jayraj

    trash,….absolutely trash.
    I hope to god they dont influence young minds anymore.

    Rhianna with her amazing half shaved head hairdoes, and injecting her skin with ink ” im a whore ” attitude and amazing morality , and the kindess to take back a wonderful role model like chris.
    Such a man , poses naked and post it online, beats the crap out of the girl and is abusive.
    Oh a dont forget ri ris dad who says chris is a stand up guy….

    if you are young and reading this, this isnt the way to behave, these are dumb dumb dumb people….like seriously mentally deficient people.


  • Gabor

    “Ain’t nobuddy bidnis”. Yet they make it everyones business by insisting upon showing the world they are meant for one another. We get it.

  • Olivia

    those dumbasses think they’re MJ and Madonna? I’m laughing my a** off

  • Mickey Mouse

    She looks healthy ………….. not!

  • again

    morons, tra sh, sc um suc king cr ap for brains, music su@ks, both of the, thank god my kids don’t listen to this

  • tasha

    Chris Brown – what a pompous ASS!
    And what the hell are you doing with him, Rihanna? Seriously! You need your head examined.

  • Val

    The music world would be a much better place without these two in it. Primitive idiots that don’t deserve the fame and money at all.

  • wow


    Ha Ha – you said it best – I do agree!

  • i mean

    I mean, she has said she is into s+m. she has said she wants a man to dominate her because she has to be so dominant in the rest of her life. so I think to her getting beat a little isn’t as big a problem as it is to other people! she likes a guy who does that to her.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    RIhanna stop clining to this man and let him go back to his girlfriend. You are not cute with this cheating thing! you look like a skank!

  • bigassin

    they are just using each other to get pr otherwise no one knows who they are b/c they are just not relevant ….. they are desperate ….. and it shows !

  • Lena

    “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?
    HAHA. Is this guy serious? I don’t know. I don’t buy any their crap.
    All Rihanna does is produce auto tuned songs about how gangsta she is. Girl is delusional. They both are. Can’t stand either of them especially since the whole ‘nobody’s business’ thing. She can’t stand not being at the centre of controversy.

  • Phantom

    She’s obviously in love with him. But with him, if the world’s condemning you for something like that, wouldn’t you just be a little motivated by a desire for approval/to boost your PR by getting back with her?????!!!!

    These two do deserve each other! But I still like Rihanna’s voice, even though she does her best to convey her trashy hoe image.

  • um

    @i mean: LOL WHAT? are you 12? there is a difference between BDSM and being abused.

  • Huda

    Am sick of those illuminati puppets

    And yeah someone is manipulating this site ratings

  • um

    @Huda: who cares? it’s a gossip site hahaaa
    does anyone actually care about site ratings?? o_0

  • KAY blood

    Chris brown is a sicko and so is Rhi-Rhi. I find it difficult to hear any news about them due to their disrespectful attitude toward anything other than what they think is “normal”. Chris is turning into a mega-loser and Rhi-Rhi isn’t far behind. They obviously are into S&M.

  • sonya

    rihanna is in love , she deserve it just like anyone else, stop hating

  • Honesty best policy

    Wow, there’s so much hating going on! Forgiveness people! There are way worse things going on in the world open your eyes! Chris brown has sought help regarding this issue and if Rihanna and family forgive him then you should too its none of our business at the end of the day! Worry about your own children, brothers, sisters, neighbours, community instead of getting involved in their lives. Don’t google them or look at these pictures if your going to get upset. PEACE

  • Honesty best policy

    @YAAAS HONEY!!!: now this is just nasty and immature! How old are you??

  • china

    “nobody’s business” but they post pix of them ALL THE TIME geez