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Chris Pine: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Official Poster!

Chris Pine: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Official Poster!

Check out the first official poster for Chris Pine‘s highly anticipated film Star Trek Into Darkness featuring Benedict Cumberbatch!

The 31-year-old actor reprises his role as James T. Kirk in the highly-anticipated J.J. Abram‘s sequel hitting theaters on May 17, 2013.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Pine

The film will also see the return of Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, John Cho and Simon Pegg.

Also pictured: Chris and his girlfriend, model Dominique Piek, arriving together at Narita International Airport on Monday (December 3) in Tokyo, Japan.

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Credit: Louie Angelo; Photos: WENN
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  • Birdie

    and Benedict Cumberbatch, you forgot to mention him! He is also the only one on the poster!

  • Gina

    It’s Benedict Cumberbatch in the poster though, isn’t it?

  • Tom

    Uh, JustJared, you may want to learn the name BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH because he will rule 2013, I tell you.

  • blah

    Jared, you most cover the most stupid ‘celebrities’ but you did not even bother to show pictures of TWO hobbit premiers. one in NZ and the other in Japan. This is surely becoming a trash site. FAIL

  • Jo’anna

    Dominique Piek is not Chris Pine’s “girlfriend” she’s his beard. LOL

  • Geri

    That is most emphatically NOT Chris Pine on the poster. It’s Benedict Cumberbatch.

    You might want to remember that name. You’ll be hearing it a lot.

  • Anna

    I had a nerdgasm whem Tom *cof*Hiddles,maybe?*cof* said Ben was going to rule 2013… Loki too much on my life?

  • M.

    That’s NOT Chris Pine, but Benedict Cumberbatch!

  • Gigi

    The man in the poster is Benedict Cumberbatch, one of the most talented actors of the moment and a future Oscar winning ;-)

  • ceara

    Can’t wait!

  • homophobia much?

    PrivatePine in Tokyo with his PublicBeard!! after she twittered to the whole wide world for days about it. so much for privacy….just can’t let the Japanese public know Capt Kirk is gay, I guess. oh the fakery!

  • Erik

    1. Chris Pine has straight hair. The figure in the poster has wavy hair … like Benedict Cumberbatch.

    2. That’s not a Starfleet uniform. It’s an all black villain uniform with a billowy cape-like coat.


    @Erik: Like the way the Starfleet insignia has been worked into the artwork

  • jenni

    So STID is about a super villain once again trying to destroy earth??
    Wow, how original! Err.. wasn’t that the plot in the last movie too?

  • Dee or Deemebr

    The villain is featured on the poster, and the villain in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is Benedict Cumberbatch! That’s it!

    Chris Pine and Dominique Piek his girlfriend were lovely at the airport, even after a long journey to Tokyo!

    I can’t wait for Star Trek Into Darkness!!! ;-) :-)

  • erm

    There are two different sets of pictures; look at the scarves!

    The black scarf is when he is in Tokyo but I suppose the white scarf is either London/NYC/L.A.


    I hope Cumberbatch isn’t playing a mad Romulan/ Reman, they have done that to death.
    Some of the poster looks a bit ‘Borgified’ with the twisted metal work round the edges, one would hope that is just a destroyed building..

  • Dee or Deemebr

    @homophobia much?:
    Dude you’re so obvious!

    She did, right? And it was GREAT! Otherwise only the “Cumberbitches” would be happy now, if you know what I mean!

    So thank you DP!

    Hey JJ, show BC at Narita airport, too … fans were crazed with him there!

    ;-) :-)

  • homophobia much?

    @Dee or Deemebr
    “She did, right? And it was GREAT!”
    Really? sooo it’s no longer the “notoriously private Chris Pine” anymore hmmm? lmao

  • Jo’anna

    Pine “notoriously private”??! not about his many girlfriends/beards! Gotta keep that image straighter than an arrow….
    Poor guy, he’s what you call a heterosexual with umm, complications! ROTFLMAO

  • question

    @Dee or Deemebr: so you admit that she alerted the paps via her twitter…which i kinda recall Pine dumping someone for just that reason…guess he’s had a change of heart.

  • silly twit!

    Piney’s beard had to have her moment of fame….that’s her game right?

  • Dee or Deemebr

    I’m not talking about the paps, I’m talking about the fans that were there … fans posted the first photos of Chris on twitter … Benedict Cumberbatch fans were there too and they were wonderfully crazy for him … that’s what I’m talking about!

    And about Dominique, as far as I know right now she has the right to talk about him more than any of us … and she does not talk, she does not mention his name … just who obsessively follows (;)) her on twittter knows what she’s talking about …

    I have nothing against her, if he’s happy good for him … they are not criminals they do not need stay hidden … and life is moving everyone has the right to think differently than before …

    I think it’s interesting, I like the way Zachary Quinto handles her relationship with Jonathan, a good example to follow!

    I like CP+DP… I like this ship… btw a trekkie joke! ;-) :-)

  • Dee or Deemebr

    Sorry … correcting:

    “I think it’s interesting, I like the way Zachary Quinto handles his relationship with Jonathan, a good example to follow!”

  • Maggie


    The pictures are confusing, so you could be right.

  • Verity

    I have seen this poster before? Oh yes, Dark Knight Rises. Complete rip off.

  • film at 11

    film at 11

  • Phantom

    Finally a decent reboot that’s so much better than the endless Spiderman, Superman, Batman reboots. They started with excellent actors. Chris Pine, Benedict, and John Cho are my favs in this franchise.

  • LGBT

    Bearding actors like Chris Pine and his beard Dominique Piek are a disgrace to the gay community. People who are harassed and bullied and are still fighting for equal rights.
    I think the entire gay community should boycott all Pine’s films or any work he does. Just disgusting!

  • Dan

    haha the next Star Trek sequel will be Star Trek Rises??

  • Sean

    They just ripped off the Dark Knight poster

  • Star Trek lies bleeding….

    Chris Pine’s PR shill Dee or Deembre at it again at #23! Yea you would ship ZQ and JG. I would have been incredibly (my favorite word now!) surprised if you didn’t. LOL

  • Taylor F.

    Dominique is the biggest famewhore he has ever attached himself to. What does she even model? You never see her anywhere! Except hanging off him!

  • Jo’anna

    She models swimwear and underwear. heee hee
    She’s getting close to 30… looking desperately to break into the movies!
    Oh Pine and his famewho** beards. hilarious no?!

  • jo’anna_needs_to_chill

    If the gf ever gets papped with condoms (or just papped more than once ever 6 months) as well as having provocative texts “LEAKED” then you have a right to complain about his gf’s behavior. Like most people, I don’t see his current gf on gossip sites frequently at all but then I’m not like you and obsessively checking her Twitter site, either.

    You sound a bit possessive of him and seem to have turned your rage about his gf onto the girl, instead.

    You need to chill…

  • Jo’anna

    So I have a RIGHT (lol) to complain only if the gf is papped with condoms or papped more than once in 6 months or if she leaked provocative texts? says who? you? since when exactly do you set the benchmarks on when I can and can’t “complain”??
    If you are referring to Munn, don’t bother. Piney has gone all “ssshhhh! hush, hush” after he got it in spades for being a liar when he said he wants to keep his private life private. So how to let the public know about his private life/gf? through his beard’s twitter of course! lmao. and that is why she just can’t stop twittering!!
    An unknown like his current beard will never make the gossip blogs on her own.
    Before Star Trek, I didn’t know Pine existed. If he left the franchise, I wouldn’t care. I dislike his dishonesty, his lies and his bearding, and he’s no better looking than the standard HW actor. So no, I’m not any kinda “possessive” where he is concerned. You PR shills really need to come up with something better than the tired old “jealous” card….

  • jo’anna_needs_to_chill


    You need to read your comments before you post: you definitely are a little “possessed” by something considering that everyone is either a PR shill or bearding or a liar or this or that. Apparently, you are perfectly normal…pfft.

    Chill out! You are the one that needs to look inward and evaluate what possesses you to write such bizarre and provocative posts about an actor and his gf who are nothing but strangers to you in the first place.

  • hobieluv83

    Why do so many people think he’s gay/has a beard? I have never suspected him of being gay. If he is, so what, but really, I do not understand why people think he is.

  • Jo’anna

    let’s do a recap eh, #37?

    Vitamin xxx on 08/28/2012 posted this:
    “Let’s do a short recap of this “relationship” shall we? Pictures appear of Pine and Piek but no one has a flipping clue who this brunette is. Half his fans think its his ex Beau. Conveniently a S.African jewelry company posts a picture and names her to tell us she’s wearing their designs. However did they find these pictures?? Or did someone (coughPIEKcough) alert them? So then his fans have a name for the random brunette and find her twitter.
    Fastforward to Halloween and suddenly privatePine is actually allowing pictures by VANITY FAIR of him and his mystery date. Clever, now everyone knows he has a gf. And thanks to SOMEONE we know this nobody’s name. Ms. Nobody suddenly becomes a trekkie and makes a point of alluding to him as much as possible.
    A long time passes with no new pap pics and I, being a gullible fangirl, start to believe maybe he really IS private. She’s in London for the TMW premiere but best she can do is show off her shoe on twitter. She is not permitted on the red carpet. Curious, non?
    Unless I’ve missed a set of pap pics the next time we see her (aside from a video from the end of trek) is after WEEKS fo her talking about Cannes, getting a dress for the red carpet. This is strange because after their big red carpet debut and after Lainey Gossip said it was obvious Pine wanted everyone to know he had a gf, PrivatePine claimed there was no plan, no great thought went into it, no strategy, it just kind of happened and he was upset with it because he didn’t like the “discourse” about his private life and wouldn’t say anything about Ms Nobody other than she’s a great girl.
    Let’s back up a mo. there was no plan. No debut strategy. Yet DP talked for WEEKS about it. Further, she had her MANAGER with her. This was just a vacay with her boyfriend, no? Why bring your manager along? Isn’t that for work related matters? Wasn’t this just her going off with her bf?? Oh, and what a coincidence that just as Cannes came, and the non strategic, not planned debut of the girlfreind occured Mr Pine landed a deal for his craptastic sounding screen play and Jack Ryan got a surge of life. Can it be any coincidence that just as Trek was to start filming and a certain co-star came out that Pine dug up a random model gf. On a trip to NYC with his daddy? And debuted her (nonstrategically of course) just as he had business deals to make? With her manager present?
    MrPrivate wants no discourse. Does he want her tweeting his fans? Announcing how she will make his bday epic? Announcing every time she sets foot in LA? I leave it to you to answer.”

    Interesting no? lol

  • Jo’anna

    oh, also
    Vitamin XXX (contd)
    “One last thing: you don’t randomly walk red carpets at Cannes. It doesn’t just “happen” as a last minute thing. In addition: shortly after this there were tabloid reports with quotes from friends of DP supplying info on his trip to SA to meet her parents (when he’d known her for less than a month, when she herself was staying with her parents and he was at a hotel, per her own twitter) and this only about a month or two after breaking up with her exbf. And said tabloid (US WEEKLY) had quotes from her twitter, so she knows she is being watched, and thus her twitter is a source of info for that dreaded discourse Pine so hates.
    Everyone in Hollywood, especially someone who’s grown up in it and is as smart as Pine, knows what walking a red carpet with your girlfriend will lead to. And yet he tried to put that genie back in the lamp. Poor closet case Pine sucks to be bi, prefer men but feel the need for lengthy beardy relationships to maintain your career.”

    @#37 some interesting points hmmm?
    wanna address them INTELLIGENTLY? if not STFU! your circular arguments and motherhood statements only say you as Pine’s PR, know the truth but have to fake it here because you have no other choice. Sad

  • a


  • truthserum

    its kinda obvious at this point that she is a beard. just read her gushing/promoting on her twitter. if they had a real relationship, there’d be no need for her to remind everyone they are together, unless she is very insecure. also, pine has movies to sell…he’s not a big star himself. its part of the hustle.

  • jo’anna_needs_to_chill


    What was all that? It seems like you copied and pasted several little postings into one and it all became one very long sentence.

    Like I said you are a bit possessed. No, twitter is not sufficient and can not be used as proof that she is into the PR. Personally, I don’t expect him to date anyone outside of the entertainment biz so that means that most of the people he’ll date will be on Twitter. He never said he wouldn’t date anyone outside of the biz; he just didn’t want to date a famewhore.

    If you want a girl who was after PR then you pointed out the right person. The Munn girl only had a 4-5-6 week relationship but she was obviously not interested in a relationship since all we ever got from her and them was the most ridiculous pap sightings. The LEAKED texts came after almost a year of being broken up. She is definitely the famewhoring type that he wanted to stay away from. Though dating actresses/models means that he’ll date someone with a twitter; it’s obvious that as long as they are not a famewhore he doesn’t care if they have one.

    Not really hard to understand that logic. Like most people, we are not under the illusion that he’s going to stay away from dating actresses/models just because they are on twitter.

    What are you going to do; follow her Twitter so you an imagine what his life is like with her? Maybe you should get a life of your own?

  • Jo’anna

    LOL nothing to say once again? no points addressed and an inane, lengthy, comment about Twitter ownership?? Sheesh!
    BTW the comment is not “copied and pasted several little postings into one and it all became one very long sentence.” LOL
    Check it out it’s all there as I said – 08/28/2012 here at JJ on the Chris Pine thread. Are you that dumb you can’t find it??

  • LGBT

    From your posts it’s obvious you cannot dispute that Chris Pine is gay. Making comments like “possessive” and “get a life” is a typical PR ploy in such situations. You should be ashamed of yourself for defending a homophobic actor like Chris Pine at a time when many gay people are discriminated against.

  • jo’anna_needs_to_chill

    @LGBT, why don’t you prove he’s gay and tell us his slew of male lovers and give us pics and personal details while you are at. Create a website, if you like, for safekeeping of the glorious details. Everyone will believe it, if you create it, LGBT. :)

    @Jo’anna, why would I look at the thread? its not like i’m that obsessed about tracking every single comment/thread posted about him like you do…

  • Jo’anna


    And how do you know he’s straight? Are you one of those who think everyone is straight till proven gay? What are you, another damn homophobic idiot like Pine? Still waiting for you to address the points raised in #39 & #40. What’s taking you so long?
    Don’t be obtuse. Do you really think his boyfriends will be on the net? No, only “beards” get publicity. But you know that don’t you, you damn hypocrite.

  • Jo’anna

    You said “@Jo’anna, why would I look at the thread?” So you haven’t looked at the thread. Then how can you say ” you copied and pasted several little postings into one and it all became one very long sentence’?? You are a pathetic liar. I guess that’s what happens when you do PR for a faker.

  • Teepi

    I think Chris Pine is totally gorgeous, intelligent, a fine actor – drool drool – Dominique Piek is also totally gorgeous, has a body to die for, is a well-established successful model & also seems like a down-to-earth smart girl. And unlike most of the bitchy people on here I will freely admit I am jealous to hell of her, but I wouldn’t wish her any harm. Good luck to her & him too. So what if he’s had boyfriends – what law says he can’t be with a woman now if he wants. I don’t know if he’s gay, bi or what, his sexuality is his business, people shouldn’t judge when they don’t know anything about his life. If they make each other happy that’s all that matters. She’s been with him well over a year now, that’s way too long for a “beard” if you ask me!

  • jo’anna_needs_to_chill

    your post was completely too long and incoherent so I assumed that you copied and pasted. My bad?