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Gabriel Aubry's Reunion with Nahla!

Gabriel Aubry's Reunion with Nahla!

Gabriel Aubry walks hand in hand with his precious daughter Nahla while arriving at his home’s parking structure on Saturday (December 1) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old model was able to reunite with his four-year-old daughter after he reached an amicable agreement with his ex-girlfriend Halle Berry.

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It was recently announced that Gabriel has decided to drop the restraining order against Halle‘s fiance Olivier Martinez after their Thanksgiving fight.

It is highly unlikely that Gabriel will be prosecuted for his participation in the Thanksgiving fight, according to TMZ.

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  • cami

    I wonder what kinda lie he had to tell his own daughter about what that monster Olivier did to his face… but it’s so good to see them together!

  • Birdie

    This man fought so hard for his daughter, in court and physically, and I respect that. Many would have given up against that lunatic *every man beats me* Halle, but he kept going.

  • Kel

    So happy for Gabe and Nahla!

  • aani

    Halle Berry is the worst mother .. how could she let her boyfriend hit the father of her child like that… on THANKSGIVING !!! she’s an awful human being .. i feel bad for the kid

  • Olivia

    He’s the perfect example to all the men out there who stick their peens in every dirty coochie…

  • Fey

    Don’t start anything if you can’t back it up. I’m not on anyone’s side but nahlas pray for the child.

  • 123lol

    This is how it should be. A father taking his daughter without restrictions. Fathers have as much legal rights as mothers do. Halle Berry should stop keeping this poor child from seeing her daddy. Its fundamental for her growth to be with her father.

  • Comical

    Regardless of alllll the drama. She is such a beautiful little girl….and always seems to be so well behaved.

  • chups

    Wow this little girl just seem so at ease when with her daddy. Its a shame that he has to continue to fight so hard just to be in her life.

  • Rocky

    The precious little girl is the MOST important piece of this ‘broken’ puzzle and the SO CALLED adults should get their acts together. This man loves his daughter and I’m sure the boyfriend does as well, so they need to be civil with each other for the little gir’s sake. These three SO CALLED adutls need to GROW UP!!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    I like Gabriel, he doesn’t talk to the media and he isn’t shoving Nahla in front of cameras for fame. Seems like he just wants to be a good father, good for him. Shame in Halle.

  • Jess

    Aaw, they look really happy together. Nahla is going to grow up to become such a beautiful woman!

  • loli

    So happy to see them reunited. I wonder what she asked when she saw her daddy’s face, and what lie he told him… He seems to be a good father who just wants to have his precious daughter near him. That makes him a really good dad.

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  • Eli-7

    Nice seeing them together after that cretin tried to almost put Aubry out of commission and that Nahla’s best interest was paramount in the settlement.

  • Kaycee54


    I agree…whatever little respect I had for her flew out the window when I saw Gabriels face and as far as Mr. Olivier I have NO use for. Any man who could do that to another especially with the child present is not a man at all but a useless coward and a bully. The fact that Halle stays with him after that says all one needs to know about her judgement. She does NOT deserve custody of that child.

  • let’s not forget…

    gesh. so many daddy issue women on this site. the U.S. puts too much emphasis on the right of the parents instead of on the right to protect the child. if the father is a danger to himself (be it with a bad temper and aggressive behaviour) then he isn’t entitled to see his kid just because it’s his flesh and blood. aubry’s behaviour needs to be corrected. he is an aggressor (if he wasn’t then olivier would be in jail right now). aubry now has time and resources to have professionals fix this. his ex has (forcibly by the courts) made sure he is in the financial position to provide for his daughter at the same level of the child’s mother. no more excuses for him now. if he screws up again than it is on him.

  • harhar

    gesh. so many daddy issue women on this site. the U.S. puts too much emphasis on the right of the parents instead of on the right to protect the child. if the father is a danger to himself (be it with a bad temper and aggressive behaviour) then he isn’t entitled to see his kid just because it’s his flesh and blood. aubry’s behaviour needs to be corrected. he is an aggressor (if he wasn’t then olivier would be in jail right now). aubry now has time and resources to have professionals fix this. his ex has (forcibly by the courts) made sure he is in the financial position to provide for his daughter at the same level of the child’s mother. no more excuses for him now. if he screws up again than it is on him.

  • Sadness

    He probably cried once they were inside his apartment after he had to take off his glasses where his daughter had to see his battered face. And this happened from the hands of the man that her mother is going to “marry”…yeah right. There’s a lot of deadbeats in the world and it’s fortunate that a man that you weren’t even married wants to step up and actually be a father to the child that you two made together. Most are satisfied with just seeing their children every month. Or every other month. That sucks and it sucks even more when you have a good guy like Gabriel trying to do the right thing and you have Halle trying to everything in her power to stop that from happening.

    If Halle just wanted a baby where the dad had no ties to then she should have went the Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Mary Louise Parke, etc. route by just adopting instead. She obviously had a hidden agenda. If not that, then she is truly bat ish crazy to stop the father of her child to have a relationship with his daughter for no apparent reason.

  • abcdefg

    I believe Halle was eager to come to an agreement because of Olivier’s immigration status in the USA. I believe if Gabriel pursued the matter, Olivier may have to leave the country, be barred from working here again or his visa revoked. This could be the same situation as Kelly Rutherford except it would be Olivier Martinez not being able to see Halle. Don’t know much about immigration law but sounds plausible.

  • tyblue

    @Fey: So agreed with you…Nahla is precious.

  • tyblue

    @Sadness: Yes he is stepping up… she’s paying him 20,000 a month to step up.

  • tyblue

    @abcdefg: Yeah.. I believe both parties wanted to rush to an agreement with Oliver amercian status and evidence ofsufficient and satisfactory evidence that Aubry was the agressor by the officer on the screen, reported by the Police department.

  • Ronda!!

    I’m very proud of Gabe for sticking to it and being that parent who no matter what just will not give up. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Say what you want about models male or female he wasn’t afraid to fight (not that I condone it) for his rights as a Father, to spend time with his daughter and to pick up and drop off his child in peace.

    It’s plain to me that Halle has a pattern with men that is awful. She was with David Justice, Eric Benet and Wesley Snipes before them another man who hit her so hard he caused partial deafness in one ear. Now this. Dang!! Sometimes a person needs to take a step away from relationships for a minute and see what it is that causes the same things to keep happening. Anyway…..I’m very happy for Nahla that she and her Daddy are together and she seems none the wiser of all the junk that has happened.

  • Sadness


    She was the one that made all these allegations that he and where he lived was not suitable for Nahla. Well guess what? the judge decided she’s going to pay whatever environment she feels suitable for Nahla and Gabriel will still see his child.



    They say it was Wesley that hit her, which caused the hearing loss.

  • Dana

    When this girl asks her father “what happened to your face?” .. I wonder what he’s gonna say ..

  • emlas

    The girl remembers the trauma the rest of life, even as a three year old. What kind of överenskomelse if not both parties are in place when it is done? handwritten paper!
    Nahlas father injured, police outside the house, Ambulance (Police erscort with her ​​mother Halle Berry Theatre) INSANELY, OFFENSIVELY
    How can she get staying under the same roof with the man who did this to her father
    Psychological abuse of a Child

  • Celine

    Halle and Oliver tried to deport Gabriel so they framed this fight, but the monster got too carried away and attacked him severely .. Maybe if he didn’t take it that far they could have won saying Gabriel was the attacker … Gabriel’s eyes seem to have been the main target. I really hope this didn’t happen in front of the little girl.

  • 2plus2=5

    GA is a model=loss of income.
    The liability is so great for HB/OM I can imagine they don’t want to pay GA for the damages and something tells me “this ain’t over” especially if GA loses income from his freaking face being messed up the way it is.
    HB/OM you can’t just take that man’s child and move across the ocean, nor can OM take GAs place in her life.
    OM must feel like a really big man, defending HB for her selfishnes, thoughtlessness and inconsideration of the natural father; and beating up her Dad in front of her.

    Did anyone notice one the articles that said that when the little angel saw OM she said to her Dad that she was scared–that means something has been going on in her presence that instilled some fear in her.

    I am black and I am not supporting HB everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • 2plus2=5

    I refuse to believe that GA was the aggressor..why would he cause his daughter such angst and anxiety through violence. I am starting to think that GA is actually the better parent.

  • Lucille

    @Birdie: Aubry is one of those lunatic men as if he didn’t have anger management issues in the first place and tried what he usually does to Halle on Martinez but nearly got HIMSELF killed instead.

    I’m proud of Martinez, good for him.

  • Lucille

    @aani: Aubry is a grown man, how is Halle suppose to get between two men fighting?

  • bigteddybear

    @Lucille gabriel won the case he have reason to hit Olivier . It is not Olivier business any way

  • Lucille

    @Kaycee54: Right, you have so little respect for Halle for protecting her child from Aubry when he wasn’t a good Dad at all? Aubry was given only supervised visitation with Nahla twice because of HIS behavior around the child and he’s been sent to anger management several times by the same court, so would Halle be a better mother if she did nothing and hope the child did not get hurt?

    Aubry is a better father today because of Halle’s intervention, not because she stood by and did nothing when he was out of control around their daughter and to an extent Aubry still has anger issues or he would not have attacked Martinez and nearly gotten HIMSELF killed.

  • Lucille
  • Lucille

    @Sadness:Oh Brother!

  • Lucille

    @abcdefg: IAubry was determined the aggressor, was arrested and may have been charged if Martinez hadn’t dropped the charges so the one risking deportation was Aubry, not Martinez.

  • Lucille

    @Sadness: No, Halle didn’t it was Aubry who went for Halle’s money, as usual, with his lawyers stating Aubry’s home was not adequate and it needed to be upgraded. Aubry asked for $15 to $20,000 and the judge gave him the max.

    This judge is always giving away Halle’s money to pay for this and that for Aubry like they were actually married when they weren’t. Sure Aubry now gets paid, for doing very little as even though they share custody, Halle has primary physical custody of Nahla works more than Aubry and is 10 years older than Aubry, and he should be ashamed of himself but he’s clearly not.

  • Lucille

    @bigteddybear: Aubry would attack Martinez because he is subject to “flash rages”, that’s what he’s been sent to anger management several times for, that’s why he attacked Martinez because he hates him because Halle told Aubry she’d never marry again, but she changed her mind and is engaged to Martinez and he’s living the good life that Aubry covets, but Aubry blew it with Halle by treating her like a dog when they were together.

    When they were together despite Halle her giving Aubry everything, cars, money, a house in Canada (which she sold after the breakup), his portion of his failed restaurant, she paid for his place there too, and what did Halle get in return? Aubry calling Halle a “N” word, more than once, that’s as witnessed by Aubry’s former business partner and others including Aubry’s former girlfriend who says Aubry was after her money too.

    Halle also got the the wrong end of Aubry’s temper tantrums and his desire to keep her and see other women. Halle needs a man, not a man/child and she has a man in Martinez.

  • May

    she looks so much like her gorgeous daddy..

  • LOL Lucille/Lucille 7777

    OMG my friends weren’t joking you really are fracking nuts spreading your unproven bs all over the internet. TMZ, NY Daily News, X17, ROL, Daily Mail etc. She’s been all over the place spewing her self-righteous hatred of whaatever Halle /Team has spun as goshpel. Her posts always get the lowest ratings and some folks think she’s Halle or from her camp. Keep it Lucille/Luci\lle7777 we know your nuts and need meds like your idol. You certainly have too much free time on your hands, need to take your meds and I will pray for you.

  • Really

    It’s seems that whenever people look at that pretty face they forget that he’s asked for and received $$$$$$ hundred of thousands of dollars from Halle to look after HIS own child.

    I’m not saying Halle is perfect but Aubry isn’t all that he appears to be…

  • Lou

    @Really: Enough with the $$$ story. Of course, Gabriel isn’t an angel, but he is entitled to child support. It is the law in cases of joint custody, the richer part pays child support. The difference is that usually the richer part is the man. I find 20000 too much money, considering that the money he makes is pretty good, but the amount was decided by the judge because Halle alleged Gabriel could provide the same life style the kid. The story that men should not get child support from women is actually pretty sexist. As long as he is a good father, that’s what really matters.

  • Deedee

    So martinez has dropped the charges, is paying all of Aubrey’s medical and legal bills, and the new agreement says that Martinez has no say with respect to Nahla nor will he be present at any child exchanges. BUT, he admits no guilt in the fight. Interesting. Its sad that halle berry has allowed this person into their lives.

  • Deedee

    @Really, so you don’t believe in child support? The amount may seem outrageous to us, but judges award support so child has same level of lifestyle with each parent.

  • omd

    she seems less stressed when she’s with him than with halle and that fugface bf of hers

  • Sean

    I dont understand why Halle Berry makes it so difficult for him to see his daughter. It’s not like he’s abused either of them. Halle just comes off as being bitter for having her heart broken

  • Kellie

    Let Halle go to France with her lover Olivier. Let Nahla stay with her Dad. To me, HE sounds like the safer of the two !

  • msirene

    Gabriel Aubry is one of the top maie models in the world! Do your research. Prior to meeting Ms. Berry, he was busy modeling. They met on a modeling gig. She obviously fell hard and decided to make him a baby daddy. I remember seeing her on Oprah where she stated that whomever she was dating at the time, she would say “you wanna have a baby?” Do y’all remember that? Looks like she chose him, and not vice versa, as she proposed to her first husband David Justice. When Eric Benet assisted her during her hard times with the “hit and run”, they got married. When she made the movie “Deep Tide”, she started dating Martinez.

    Wow, hollywood seems to be frightening because when you make a movie with someone, it appears that you end up in bed. (I can think of others that followed this plight).

    There are, however, some actresses in hollywood that actually appear to have morals, Hallelujah! (Angela Basett, Kimberly Elise, Vivica A. Fox, Vanessa Williams, and so many more). Funny, how you never read negative stuff about these classy ladies.

    When things are not done in the right order, disaster usually follows! Lesson to be learned!