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Garrett Hedlund Covers 'Interview' December/January Issue

Garrett Hedlund Covers 'Interview' December/January Issue

Garrett Hedlund takes the cover of Interview Magazine‘s December 2012/January 2013 issue, on newsstands December 11.

Here is what the 28-year-old On the Road actor had to share with the mag in his interview with Tron: Legacy co-star Jeff Bridges:

On his new film: “I’d read it in high school. It’s funny that I got to do On the Road because the thing that had the biggest impact on me growing up was reading books. I was very inspired by the book and this spirit of Dean Moriarty and how envious we all are of somebody who can be that carefree. I also always thought of myself as more like the Sal Paradise character—you know, being a listener and writing about a conversation more than being the one that others listened to. So it was interesting that I got to play Dean.”

On being an avid photographer: “I must have taken more than 1,200 photos while we were making On the Road. I find it harder and harder to take pictures on sets now because the digital cameras they use to make films allow you to shoot in low light, whereas my Widelux just can’t open up enough. But I’m still making those little books and stuff and trying to take as many pictures as I can. I love it.”

On learning to play guitar from Terrence Howard: “When Terrence and I worked together more than seven years ago [on John Singleton's Four Brothers], he showed me what was basically the first thing I ever learned on a guitar. It was a little Spanish number. But by the time we started working on On the Road together, five years later, I’d obviously learned how to play more, so Terrence came to my room with a guitar and played a song, and then I played a song, and then he played a song, and then I played a song—this must have gone back and forth about 12 times. It was nice to have been able to do that.”

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Photos: Robbie Fimmano/Interview
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  • Chiara

    I´m not at all attracted to him

  • hmmm

    so basically films are just means for actors and actresses to socialize. They’re paid nice and often travel..regardless of whether the film is remotely interesting’s just an excuse to schmooze with their actor pals.

  • Magritt

    I wonder how he feels about being the one praised by critics for the role and then completely overshadowed by Kristen Stewart famewhoring for awards in order to shift attention from her nasty personal issues. I feel sorry for him!

  • laly

    Smoking Hot

  • notafan

    Looks like he’s getting zero buzz for OTR. Sad, considering he’s supposed to have acted well

  • Mia

    LOL twihards and shippertards DYING of envy of Garrett’s career! He’s getting OSCAR BUZZ losers. Deal with it.

  • Pretty Ka

    I am completely and insanely attracted to him! ;)

  • Liz

    he’s insanely hot.

  • robisaHORRIBLEactor

    Garrett Hedlund is not only the sexiest guy in Hollywood. He is also a great actor and is winning an oscar next!!!! He was brilliant as Dean Moriarty in On the Road.

  • robisaHORRIBLEactor

    Sure, sure, he

  • ljs


    I take it you have no concept of how Hollywood works. The producers of On The Road chose WHO represents the movie at screenings and award shows. They know who will draw the most attention to the movie which is what it needs. It needs exposure. Get over your hate on Kristen. It is boring and unoriginal. She is an actor, doing her job.

  • Gabriela

    Sure, he’s not getting buzz for On the Road and yet he’s on the cover of Interview Magazine. Nice try though, robtards and shippers pfahaha…Maybe Pattinson is finally getting a razzie this year while Garrett is getting an award nomination? LOL

  • Babi

    Watch OTR, very good movie! Garrett is incredible actor.

  • A

    @Mia: I’m not a Twihard but Garett getting Oscar buzz for OTR LOL Really?

  • OMG

    This movie was like two hours of my life I will never get back, if I’m honest the Oscar buzz was started by random people, it’s so boring and dull. It’s absolute crap!!! I didn’t even understand why it was a movie!!! They should of just left it!!!

    johns deep is a really actor who can basically play anything in the entire world , were as young Hollywood today think just because they take their clothes of it makes them a ‘serious’ actor. There all dull and lame take themselves super seriously think there gods gifts to the earth. I would rather old Hollywood movies with real actresses and actors anyday.
    Ok rant over!!!

  • kami

    he has a lot going for him. he’s good looking and a great actor. he’ll have a long career.

  • the_boyfriend

    Damn, he’s good lookin’

  • deedee

    @A LOL Yeah robtard, no Cosmopolis or doormat actor, On the Road and Garrett Hedlund! Are you sad or just jealous? lmao

  • patricia

    Garrett Hedlund’s ascention is irreversible. He will be having a great and long lasting career. He deserves the rave reviews he’s getting for On the Road. It’s an awesome and beautiful movie. The oscar buzz for him is totally justified! LOVE him!

  • verawong

    @OMG Sorry but On the Road is not for twitards, hon. LMAO Go back to your tiger beat sites will you? I saw it and it was just so heartbreaking…One of the best movies of the year with one of the most acclaimed performances by this young actor. Great future ahead mr Hedlund! I bet he’ll nab some award nomination. Otherwise it would be such a travesty…

  • keira

    @deedee LOL word!

  • Mari

    I don’t like this guy at all. All bondes guys looks alike.

  • TIAN

    Ordinary photoshoot. Zero originality

  • booboo

    Garrett is exploding, WOW!

  • OMG

    @verawong: oh shut it my opinion and FYI I’m 20 year old I dont even no what tiger bop is . If I hated the movie I hate it I’m not a twihard I just didn’t like the movie….. I’ve seen better movies end of…

  • eve

    The movie is not that good, way too long and mindering all over the place.

  • Sam

    @ljs: I agree, Kristen is promoting the movie not herself and in doing so she helps Garrett. I am sure that being in the spotlight is the last thing that Kristen wants to do right now. She has, however, done her promotional duties like a professional. Garret has said many times how much Kristen helped him get in the OTR character thru her energy and enthusiasm, and let’s not forget the incredible chemistry between Garret and Kristen.

  • ali

    the movie wasnt good because they got the most entertaining scenes of the movie and mushed it all into the trailers they’re promoting and then once you see the movie, you’ll realize the trailer had the best scenes and the rest of the 2 and a half hrs is dragged out with no substance, no plot, no climax, and no ending/solution. garrett deserves the recognition because he held the movie together with great acting. had he not did that great performance of neal/dean, that movie wouldve been an absolute disaster. the only standout performances from that movie were from him and tom sturridge. im surprised garrett didnt get a spirit award nomination but maybe not that surprised considering how bad the movie has panned out to be. hopefully he’ll get a golden globe nom to seal a campaign for the oscars.

  • dione

    LOL the movie is EXCELLENT. You can’t get it because you’re plain and simple DUMB twihards! You need soem IQ to get it and that’s not your case. Go back to your twitard/robtard/shippers sites and keep going on about the ‘unborken robten bs’ over and over again. Pretty pathetic hahaha…Garrett Hedlund is the ‘most promising actor’ in Hollywood now. You can die of envy but that’s how it is. Deal with it! LMAO

  • dione

    @OMG Geez, you’re so stupid! LOL. Aren’t you embarrassed of being so dumb at 20?

  • ali

    @dione: im not even a twihard or a robsten/rob/kristen fan, im a big garrett fan and read OTR in high school but im just sayin it like it is. his performance was great as hell and he deserves all the accolades he can get but the movie was just not good, plain and simple. i wish they never touched the novel because its very hard to make an accomplished movie adaptation of it knowing all the material thats supplied in that book, whether it was directed by walter salles or any other director like spielberg, and whether you had an all star cast of talented actors like they had for this film, its still a great feat to accomplish no matter what. salles and the cast made a valiant effort but the movie came up short.

  • A

    @deedee: LOL yeah I’m jealous about about a C-list actor getting non-existent Oscar buzz. .Stay pressed,loser.

  • Iwonttell

    @dione: Do you know that OTR mostly got negative reviews?

  • ahahaha

    @A Yeah the C-list actor on the cover of INTERVEW MAGAZINE. You’re DYING of envy your doormat D-list actor is getting only razzie noms LMAO . RPaztz’s future is doomed & there is nothing yoyu loser can do about it bahaha…Garrett is GOING BIG hon.

  • twitard losers

    Love how twitard dumb hags are jealous of him. GO GARRETT!

  • sorry

    Well Pattinson fans seem so desperate lol. Sorry but nothing will change the truth. Can’t do nothing if your guy is only getting supporting roles in obscure films and is headed to the end of his non existent, D-list carrer. Garrett Hedlund is the hottest actor in Hollywood now. Deal with it losers.

  • Klara

    Those beautiful eyes!!