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Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: 'Fringe' 100 Episodes Party!

Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: 'Fringe' 100 Episodes Party!

Joshua Jackson and his longtime love Diane Kruger attend the Fringe 100 Episodes & Final Season Celebration held at the Fairmont Pacific Rim on Saturday (December 1) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 34-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Anna Torv, John Noble, Seth Gabel, Jasika Nicole, and Blair Brown, as well as series creator J.J. Abrams.

Earlier that day, Diane and Josh shopped around Los Angeles together before heading their separate ways to run some more errands.

The Fringe series finale will air on January 18, 2013 – don’t miss it!

FYI: Diane is wearing an Altuzarra dress.

20+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger at the party…

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joshua jackson diane kruger fringe 100 episodes party 16
joshua jackson diane kruger fringe 100 episodes party 17
joshua jackson diane kruger fringe 100 episodes party 18
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joshua jackson diane kruger fringe 100 episodes party 21
joshua jackson diane kruger fringe 100 episodes party 22
joshua jackson diane kruger fringe 100 episodes party 23
joshua jackson diane kruger fringe 100 episodes party 24

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128 Responses to “Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: 'Fringe' 100 Episodes Party!”

  1. 1
    anne Says:

    Anna Torv! *-*

  2. 2
    elodie Says:

    he look old and ugly wit htime

  3. 3
    maria Says:

    Josh is wonderful. :)

  4. 4
    karen Says:

    Joshua looks so handsome.

  5. 5
    Erin Says:

    Awww the beautiful people.

  6. 6
    sidonie Says:

    Jared, thank you so much for giving us yet again so much pretty joshua jackson pictures. We love him!

  7. 7
    Erin Says:

    Anna and Jasika are flawless.

  8. 8
    mel Says:

    Joshua and Diane are so cute together. Love her dress, so sexy.

  9. 9
    brit Says:

    Love Fringe. Adore Joshua.

  10. 10
    tom Says:

    anna you gorgeous woman

  11. 11
    idea Says:

    Diane and Josh still seem happy and in love even after 6 years of dating. Hope they stay together forever.

  12. 12
    heh! Says:

    This is so much better! They are a beautiful couple and Diane is absolutely stunning! Perfect in every way.

    Jasika is such a princess, I love her style!

  13. 13
    Fashionista Says:

    Diane Kruger is a true FASHION ICON!

  14. 14
    Ash Says:

    John and Anna are so adorable together. Going to miss the show and these wonderful actors.

  15. 15
    leonar Says:

    Diane and Joshua: They’re both sweet & talented & I hope they can take a mature view on the pressures their jobs put on a relationship. Good luck to them

  16. 16
    ginger Says:

    Joshua is so amazing i could never get tired of watching him:)

  17. 17
    estela Says:

    sigh :) Joshua is a perfect boyfriend!

    He’s just so nice. I mean, you want to marry this guy, he’s just so..lovable.

  18. 18
    peru Says:

    So jealous of Diane Kruger… Josh is so good to her,”
    Awww. Whatta man. <3

  19. 19
    neo Says:

    Joshua is so damn hot! What a gorgeous man!

  20. 20
    George Clooney junior Says:

    Am I the only one who sees some similarities between Joshua and George Clooney?
    They both have the same type of charm and charisma…except Josh seems to be more into long-term relationships than George.

  21. 21
    val Says:

    Josh Jackson is simply gorgeous! What a charming, talented, handsome man!

  22. 22
    vandale Says:

    Joshua Jackson will forever be a flawless man.

  23. 23
    deb Says:

    Amazing cast! I’m gonna miss seeing them together and I’m gonna miss this show a lot..

  24. 24
    ben Says:

    Vice le canada! I love Joshua jackson, and any other renown famous Canadian actor, it gives me pride to see that our country gets recognized now and then, with everything the states has going on.

  25. 25
    hayek Says:

    Joshua is so amazing!! I love him<33 He's sucha cool, down to earth guy and he's so passionate in everything he does.

  26. 26
    Veta Says:

    I loooooove Seth Gabel. <3

  27. 27
    nora Says:

    Joshua Jackson, I love this guy because that he is endearing, sincerely nice and very handsome.Great actor as well.

  28. 28
    greta Says:

    Damn, I just so love him!! :D
    Diane Kruger lives my perfect life and she’s German like me o_O

  29. 29
    heh! Says:

    I just noticed the pic of Josh with the big piece of cake, haha!

  30. 30
    melodie Says:

    OK seriously, Joshua is ridiculously handsome, talented, charming and charismatic. I love love love his voice, his laugh and his smile.

  31. 31
    Sandy Says:

    Only came to see the Anna Torv pics

  32. 32
    kate Says:

    @George Clooney junior:

    He reminds me so much of George Clooney, same cool attitude, knee weakening good looks, I just love this guy!

  33. 33
    betty Says:

    You can tell Josh’s just a normal, cool guy :) I really like him, he’s chill

  34. 34
    Danny Says:

    They all look so dapper.

  35. 35
    nick Says:

    Joshua is very nice, cute, smart and very sexy.

  36. 36
    azie Says:

    Joshua is such a liferuiner, even since he was a kid! Thou, I start loving him since the mighty ducks.

  37. 37
    joris Says:

    Diane is beautiful, really beautiful and he is hot!!!!!!!! lovely couple!

  38. 38
    mona Says:

    I Love Fringe, Joshua Jackson is so awesome!

  39. 39
    chantalle Says:

    Joshua looks so hot here!!! i love him, he’s so funny and such a good guy and an amazing actor! :)

  40. 40
    Helen of Troy Says:

    Love , Love the dress on Diane Kruger. My immediate thought was “well, if anyone can pull this off, it’s Diane Kruger”.

    Only on Diane Kruger does this work.

  41. 41
    connie Says:

    How perfect can Joshua be.

    His personality is just soo admirable, genuine & likable.

  42. 42
    Joe Says:

    i’m so sad, that this woman has used Fringe party’s to promote herself

  43. 43
    louis Says:

    Ugh! Joshua Jackson killing me by looking all scruffy and wearing a coat with a shirt and tie. His hair!! <3 <3

  44. 44
    perry Says:

    Joshua Jackson is sizzling hot
    im so jealous of kruger’s style and man

  45. 45
    isa Says:

    love Josh and Diane as a couple so much, they’re so cute together!!!!!!!!! he’s funny, she’s beautiful. and of course, they’re so talented!!!!!

  46. 46
    yang Says:

    joshua jackson has no “awkward stage” he’s hot as ever

  47. 47
    art Says:

    Diane Kruger steals the show!
    one lovely woman. pure class

  48. 48
    girlz Says:

    Diane is one lucky german lady i would say. he really is adorable…

  49. 49
    fehrz Says:

    I have to say that Joshua Jackson is looking mighty fine

  50. 50
    jesica Says:

    Just started season 5 of fringe…. How does Joshua Jackson just keep getting better with age! 15 years later, still crushing!

  51. 51
    georgina Says:

    Joshua, you are outstanding.
    He is such a talented, underrated actor.

  52. 52
    serepin Says:

    Class act. Josh is a good actor and he has a great personality!

  53. 53
    Joe Says:

    everyone knows that these two have a deal in this kind of site to promote them it alright if they like this kind of promotion but use the fringe party for it was nonsense to me, it shows that besides the lack of hair that woman also has lack of character

  54. 54
    Chris Says:

    I think it’s absolutely TACKY that Kruger walked the main red carpet for this event and was snapped like she’s part of that show. She’s not a lead on this show and the fact that her photo is the main one for this post annoys the heck out of me. It should have been the cast of the show, not the ‘girlfriend’ of a lead on the show featured in this post. But I guess when her people pay to have her on this site, it makes sense.

  55. 55
    monica Says:

    Diane and Joshua are so sweet!

  56. 56
    Chad Says:

    Does anyone else find it totally off that there is not ONE photo of the three lead cast members together from this event? Or even one shot of the ‘couple’ of the show that the entire storyline revolves around? (I’m also including inside candid shots that I saw from a friend of mine from inside the party.) I’m thinking that all the comments and snide remarks about DK’s attitude towards the cast must be true. From what I’ve heard from set sources, she isn’t exactly a ball of sunshine.

  57. 57
    latino Says:

    Diane and Joshua are one of the cutest celebrity couples I’ve ever seen!

  58. 58
    Herb Says:

    Wyman’s hair lol

  59. 59
    Suzy Says:

    Let me see…has the DK troll hit here yet? I think the answer is yes… LOL!

  60. 60
    esra Says:

    WOW, Diane has long, beautiful, sexy legs. Joshua is a lucky man and she is a very lucky woman too.

  61. 61
    Paris Says:

    Josh and Diane are one of my favorite couples. Love them both! They are so in love and so happy. Glad to see it! Wish them only the best!

  62. 62
    maggy Says:

    @Chris: There’s nothing wrong with Diane’s presence on the main red carpet. Were they supposed to arrive separately? I’ve never seen that happening with any hollywood couple.
    What I find very wrong is how she overdressed for the event. Comparing the two it looks like Joshua Jackson is the plus +1 going low key not to steal Diane’s spotlight when it should be the other way around.

  63. 63
    rafaël Says:

    the way they look at each other is pure love…perfect:

  64. 64
    It'sAFact Says:

    Joshua Jackson is HOTTER than Robert Pattinson!!!

  65. 65
    Chris Says:

    @maggy: Most ‘celeb’ couples – when going to an event for their partner, do not walk the red carpet unless they have direct involvement in the show. (And yes, this is after they would arrive together.) They walk behind it with the other spouses/partners – to keep the visual on the show/cast, not the dates. It’s industry standard unless your Pitt and Jolie.

  66. 66
    sacha Says:

    joshua looks so f*cking hot. plus he seems to be such a funny and intelligent guy, who is clearly smitten with Diane. lucky woman!

  67. 67
    Fan Says:

    JASIKA <3

  68. 68
    mimi Says:

    Joshua and Diane are so perfect together. I love how they are almost always touching each other; holding hands, arms around each other, looking at each other…you can tell it’s a mutual love.

  69. 69
    deborah Says:

    Joshua is an awesome person. I LOVE him. I love how he comes across too, like he’s grateful for what he’s got. And he’s so well spoken too, which is just ATTRACTIVE.

  70. 70
    Pam Says:

    Anna Torv is insanely gorgeous, the definition of a natural beauty. So is Jasika. Some people can learn a lesson on how to be a classy lady like these two!

  71. 71
    nick Says:

    i want a piece of that cake :p

  72. 72
    J' t'aime Says:

    Diane is more beautiful in person. I saw her right in front of me at the christmas lightnenings in Paris a couple days ago and she was marvellous. A perfect natural beauty beyond words. A real princess. And she was with her two nephews, it was really sweet to watch her. Kindly waving at the crowd while leading the kids with the other hand.

  73. 73
    sabin Says:

    Joshua seems so easygoing and cool, he is awesome in Fringe. I love how natural and down to earth josh is <3 he 's just great!

  74. 74
    michele Says:

    Anna seems to be a simple person despite being born into a wealthy family, she is truly elegant, as far as the way she dresses as well as in her behavior

  75. 75
    karima Says:

    Love Joshua!! I’ve always had a crush on him

  76. 76
    stana Says:

    Joshua is such a gentleman..I want a man just like him.. lovely with Diane and also the people around:)

  77. 77
    kayla Says:

    She truly is an inspiration! Love Ms Kruger!

  78. 78
    DK Says:

  79. 79
    vixan Says:

    My all time crush, Joshua Jackson, Never failed to give me butterflies.. . Love Joshua Jackson!!

  80. 80
    heaven Says:

    Diane is so breathtakingly beautiful, I can’t even begin to describe it…
    She has the talent, the class and elegance………………..and of course the perfect boyfriend.

  81. 81
    sparkly Says:

    The thing that i love the most about Joshua is , hearing him talk in interviews, he is fabulous! Josh is absolutely wonderful in the way he articulates things and has a point to everything he says. It’s fantastic. I love his interviews and his body language. it’s marvelous to watch.

  82. 82
    andré Says:

    @George Clooney junior:

    Well i have too noticed the striking similarities between JJ and George Clooney. Apart from looking alike, they share many charecteristics. Both intelligent, well travelled and politically vocal.

  83. 83
    Münch Says:

    Diane Kruger, the face that ‘launched a thousand ships’.

    I love Kruger in Wicker Park, and Troy. But my absolute favorite is the
    B-astards. She was absolutely WONDERFULL as Fraulein Von Hammersmark! She’s a very talented lady and absolutely beautiful!

  84. 84
    mariah Says:

    Josh and Diane look so good together, you feel something really special and unique. They are very glamourous, have a real sense of authenticity. .Definitely something very special between Diane and Josh.

  85. 85
    Sarrah Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, why does Diane act like she is the star of the show. She over dressed, which was a big neon sign saying look at me not the amazing cast. It should have been about Josh, John, Anna, Jasika, Blaire and Seth. Diane just isn’t happy if she isn’t the center of attention, it’s disgusting.

  86. 86
    paulin Says:

    Joshua is great in Fringe! I love his Peter Bishop!!!! Great actor and a nice guy!!!! And hot tooo

  87. 87
    Starlight Says:

    I am not against Diane, but I realy think that she should not be there in the first place or she should hide from the press. She should have observed professional ethics. They are trying to promote Fringe. I am pretty sure that there are some who are disappointed because even though Josh and Ana are not an item in real life, they are to their fans in Fringe in their fantasy world. Even for the moment only.

  88. 88
    michele Says:

    @Sarrah: it doesn’t matter that she did this just shows that she is a classless women

  89. 89
    lilly Says:


    Tell me about it! The first time I ever saw Diane Kruger (in National Treasure) I knew I loved her…
    Then with her amazingly graceful sexuality in Troy…I was sucked in…
    Then in Inglourious ********…..she boasted one of her best performance of her career.

  90. 90
    daniel Says:

    YUMMY. He’s such a hottie, he keeps getting better like a fine wine=).
    He and Diane are adorable. So great to have them both there at the party.

  91. 91
    Marly Says:

    fans are very disappointed with josh what he did shows that he has no personality and once again made a fool of himself . nobody wants to josh and Anna together but he is part of the show he should have consideration for your colleagues and the fans even if they are not friends is part of the politeness greets his co-star in a pubic event, his behavior was simply ridiculous

  92. 92
    joshane Says:

    I still can’t believe I met Josh once!! He is sooooo nice and handsome in person, I still get all giddy thinking about it!! =)

  93. 93
    jj Says:

    the star of the party was the hair’s joel Wyman

  94. 94
    tulisa Says:

    I wish this glamourous couple, love and happiness. Joshua and Diane are the perfect couple. TRUE LOVE!!

  95. 95
    DK Says:

    While Joshua was sporting a casual look, Diane opted for a sexy secretary look by Altuzarra.

    This Fall 2012 dress with a, side slit, crewneck collar with white tie detail and embossed gold-tone buttons is a modern take on the timeless LBD.

    Keeping the rest of her look simple, Diane added black patent leather Manolo Blahnik ‘Fallo’ pumps, while styling her hair into a simple centre-parted ponytail.

  96. 96
    becks Says:

    Diane seems to be down to earth. She’s a natural beauty who doesn’t need to wear tons of makeup. Glad to see such a nice German person performing in Hollywood =)

  97. 97
    lawres Says:

    Holy smoke, this man gets better and better! Joshua sure enjoys his girlfriend, they always look so happy together!

  98. 98
    DK Says:

    On anyone else, this would come off as a failed attempt to look pirate chic, but Diane pulls it off effortlessly:

  99. 99
    dora Says:

    Muchas gracias, justjared for the pics. Always nice to see this two talented actors, Joshua and Diane on this site. Keep it going!

  100. 100
    jj Says:

    @dora: portunhol LOL

  101. 101
    santa Says:

    I want Joshua under my Christmas tree this year.

  102. 102
    Jo Says:

    Chris, it’s JJ site so they have every right to put up the main pictures of their choosing in their article. If you don’t like it, then why are you even coming here .

    As you well know it’s the trolls that have made this couple popular on this site, hence them being the headliner for the article. If it wasn’t for this pair or Josh Jackson, then JJ wouldn’t have even put these pictures on their site. Hence the power of trolls and lots of hits they provide JJ.

  103. 103
    Harvey Says:

    These photos are cute, nice to see them looking so smitten. Diane and Joshua are so romantic.

  104. 104
    flora Says:

    I don’t understand why people think Diane was overdressed. She was wearing a long sleeved black dress, what’s the big deal? If anyone here pays attention to Diane’s fashion choices, they’d know this is basically like a librarian outfit for her because she loves wacky clothes. Also, I have no problem with her being there. She wanted to support her partner. I think that’s nice. Maybe Joshua asked her to stay with him on the carpet, who cares? She didn’t steal the limelight away from anyone and Joshua posed for photos with the rest of the cast. Of all the pictures I’ve seen of the event, she was only in a handful. As for Joshua, how was he inconsiderate of his colleagues? He spent time on the carpet with them and did interviews and signed autographs for fans. What else did people want? I swear, some Fringe fans are so strangely precious about this show.

  105. 105
    vogue Says:

    They really seem to care for each other. Diane is a cool girl and Josh is a hot guy and they both seem like sweet people that love each other :)
    One of my favorite hollywood couples by far.

  106. 106
    Timmy Says:

    @flora: I think some people were shocked to NOT see photos of him with any of his cast members (except one with Blair) on the red carpet AND inside the party. At events like this, it’s the publicists job to make sure that those shots (which are always on a publicists shot sheet) to occur. Esp when it’s the final season of the show and there are no new photo spreads/press shots of it’s ending with the leads. That is unless they were told/given a reason to not have them post together. And there are a few credible sources out there who can tell you the reason why it probably didn’t happen at the party. Although by looking at who jumped at a chance to be on a red carpet, it’s not too hard to figure out some of the reason.

  107. 107
    jj Says:

    @flora: don’t he posed with the cast just with Blair Brown She did not really steal the limelight. she just was uncomely

  108. 108
    flora Says:

    @Timmy: But he did pose with the other cast members. He was in all the group shots both on the red carpet and inside during the cake cutting. If people wanted other groupings to be photographed together, that’s not Joshua’s responsibility to ensure that that happens. It seems like people are so quick to put blame on him and Diane when who knows what really occurred? That is patently unfair. Joshua has been nothing but incredibly outspoken and supportive of this show and everyone involved in it and has made a point to talk about the wonderful contributions the rest of the cast and crew have made. It’s crazy to see people knock him for silly things that weren’t even his fault and frankly, makes me glad this show is ending so that these folks can all move on and shift their misguided hate elsewhere.

    P.S. If all your credible sources are talking about a cast member’s significant other behind his back, THAT is what is tacky, not showing up for an important event in your loved one’s life.

  109. 109
    KNF Says:

    this materia should be Joshua and Diane cause embarrassment in fringe party

  110. 110
    kate Says:

    @flora: he will prosecute his real career posing for paparazzi or posing on red carpets

  111. 111
    flora Says:

    @kate: I have no idea what this means. Your translator failed you.

  112. 112
    Aydee Says:


    @Chris – totally agree with you. It’s okay to have your significant other with you at the party. However, these events are planned & the stars know exactly who the protocol is when attending a red carpet. The stars walk the carpet & then they move inside with the rest of the people. J&D have always done this at each of their respective events ever since they’ve been together. As a huge Fringe fan, I found it to be inappropriate. She should have stepped aside like she’s done in the past. Not happy about this at all

  113. 113
    flora Says:

    @Aydee: This is not true. Joshua and Diane are on red carpets for each other’s events all the time. When she has a premiere, he walks the carpet with her and the same goes for her. She was with him in Toronto for Inescapable, he was with her for the New York screening of Marie Antoinette, and when The Host comes out, I’d be shocked if he didn’t do that carpet with her. The Fringe party was no exception and I don’t understand why some act like it should have been.

  114. 114
    adam Says:


    you did? omg you lucky……………

  115. 115
    lavence Says:

    Diane and Joshua are such a sweet couple. I’m very happy for them.
    They seem to have one of the best hollywood relationships.

  116. 116
    TOP Says:

    Love Joshua Jackson. He was the best of the best at that party. He took the best pictures and we love his beautiful sweatheart, Diane Kruger.
    We are very proud of you , Joshua.

  117. 117
    karl Says:

    I wish more people watched Fringe just to enjoy Joshua Jackson talent. The man heats up our Friday evenings. Such a wonderful actor.

  118. 118
    tim Says:

    This article is funny and cute at the same time:

  119. 119
    Look of the day Says:

    Joshua Jackson:
    Can we discuss Joshua Jackson for a moment, because boyfriend has been dressing so well lately. He always looks polished and put together, but with a modern twist. And this is no exception, so kudos Diane!

    Diane Kruger:
    This is how you wear a slit! I love this whole outfit from head to toe, and those Manolos need to be in closet immediately. I love this noir femme fatale vibe she has going on, and the makeup are hair and very fresh and modern. So the look doesn’t veer into costume territory. Just another one is a long line of amazing Diane looks.

  120. 120
    heh! Says:

    @Chris: Boohoo! Want some cheese with that whine?

  121. 121
    heh! Says:

    @flora: Only crazy people would say Diane was overdressed. I am enjoying the display of jealousy and crazy though. The fact that they’re so suddenly experts on red carpet protocol is hilarious! Flash news… Does anyone here really think the photographers didn’t ask Diane to pose with her man? Really? Like they would pass on the opportunity to take pictures of the most beautiful woman at the party.

  122. 122
    marissa Says:

    Diane and Joshua look wonderful together; completely relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.

  123. 123
    Pam Says:

    Pandax + stewi= TROLL.

  124. 124
    Tea Says:

    Diane totally pulls it off. The sexy slit on that dress is very HOT.

  125. 125
    aydee Says:


    I think I need to clarify what I was trying to say. I understand about red carpets at MOVIE premiers. That is not what this event was about. TV shows are completely different. Fans become very loyal to shows & cast members because they’ve watched them & invested in them for many years. Our connection is with them. The point of this event was for the 100 episode milestone for Fringe & the actors & showrunners who have consistently worked on that show for those 100 episodes. There are no pictures of any of the other cast members or show runners with their significant others on the red carpet. Those people may have been inside enjoying the party, which they have every right to be doing if they were invited.

    I’m also a huge Sons of Anarchy fan. I’ve seen numerous of their red carpet events & only the cast & show runners are on the red carpet, as that is what the fans want to see. I’ve never once seen any of the main characters walking with their significant others and posing (except Katey Segal & Kurt Sutter because he’s the Producter). TV is a completely different forum.

    This is not a jealousy thing about Diane or the way she dressed, which I think was completely acceptable. And she does look beautiful. But again, that’s not my complaint. And I’m not saying that I’m an expert about anything. I’m stating facts that are proven by the way other events, similar to the ones I just mentioned, are handled & portrayed on this site and thousands of others.

  126. 126
    flora Says:

    @aydee: All of what you said above still doesn’t explain why it’s somehow unacceptable or tacky or disrespectful or whatever adjective you want to use for Diane to walk the carpet with Josh. Yes, the event was about Fringe and those who have contributed to its creation. Everyone was there to celebrate the show. Does Diane’s posing on the carpet with Joshua somehow take away from those facts? Does it lessen the meaning behind the event? For me, it doesn’t. She went there to support Josh, she joined him on the carpet for a little bit, they took a few pictures, and everybody got on with their night. But some people want to act like she’s some gigantic attention vacuum who made the entire night all about her, when in reality, she probably stood there for all of 30 seconds. Also, many of these same people will be the first to call her out for not being supportive enough of Josh’s career. Yet here she is and they’re still knocking her for it. The girl can’t win.

  127. 127
    heh! Says:

    @aydee: TV and movie events are exactly the same. You mention SoA, I’ll mention Breaking Bad, whose stars go with their significant others to events and walk the red carpet with them.

  128. 128
    maria Says:


    So you know Diane has been in Fringe too because she had appear in a eppisode from 2 season.
    Don´t blame Diane if she take photo with josh it´s because josh wanna in other red carpets both them respect that for all the people who said she wanna attencion you don~t know anything about diane….

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