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Mila Kunis & James Franco: Artists For Peace And Justice Cocktail!

Mila Kunis & James Franco: Artists For Peace And Justice Cocktail!

Mila Kunis attends the Artists For Peace And Justice Cocktail at Vhernier Boutique on Sunday (December 2) in Rome, Italy.

The 29-year-old actress was spotted chatting with her dashing Oz: The Great and Powerful co-star James Franco.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

A few weeks ago, Mila was spotted spending some time with her beau Ashton Kutcher while taking a stroll in Rome.

James‘ upcoming films Interior. Leather Bar and Kink are scheduled to play at Sundance Film Festival next year.

FYI: Mila is wearing Juicy Couture jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Mila Kunis and James Franco attending a cocktail party together…

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mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 01
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 02
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 03
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 04
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 05
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 06
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 07
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 08
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 09
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 10
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 11
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 12
mila kunis & james franco arists for peace & justice cocktail 13

Credit: Ernesto Ruscio; Photos: Getty, FameFlynet
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  • ceara

    They are both so perfect. Can’t wait for OZ

  • nari

    The entire Cast and Crew of Third Person to support a good Cause.. looking forward to Third person and Oz… Love Mila

  • erica

    Love them both… <3

  • Samantha

    She’s hot. He’s hot as well.

  • bi

    I like them both

  • Ec22

    The Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan of repeatedly working together. Two hot people. Love it!

  • She’s a sweetheart

    I met and chatted to Mila on the set of Angeriest Man In Brooklyn, which is a movie with Robin Williams that she’d been filming here in New York. She was sooo nice and goofy (in a good way, not as in air-headed) she’s actually quite intelligent and very well spoken. We got talking about the food at catering and she was so pissed off that she couldn’t stuff her face with all of it lol since she had to stay relatively fit for movie and photoshoot stuff at the time. Apparently, you can’t eat too much, sticking to small portions of food through the day, leading into photoshoots, so you can fit in the skinny model clothes lol, then you can pig out again after the shoot. Hollywood is funny lol. Anyways Mila is a lovely girl with a scarily good head on her shoulders, considering the fame, attention, privacy invasion etc etc. I hope the best for her future, professionally and personally. Never got to meet Robin Williams though :’( oh well. Can’t wait for this Oz movie! Franco will do an epic job, as will the 3 girls.

  • Mila’s fan

    @She’s a sweetheart : wow those are some sweet words :)!! …I wish I could meet her…I love her..its nice to hear that not only is she beautiful but she is so grounded

  • Awww!

    @She’s a sweetheart: Wow, thanks for that “Sweetheart”! Mila does come across as extremely down to earth and untainted by Hollywood. You don’t see her with tens of guys or partying every chance she gets. That’s one of the many reasons I like her. She seems relatively ‘normal’ compared to Hollyweird standards. You’re so lucky you got a chance to get so up-close and personal with her! Question: “Tar” was released in Rome, does anyone know when it comes out here in the West? I love Mila and Franco together!

  • Awww!

    Btw, the second last pic of them is SO adorable! Just look at them! They seem so smittened! lol

  • Phantom

    I like Franco and Mila Kunis, but why’s she with that douche?

  • csa

    what the hell has happened to her face????she looked way two better years ago!!!

  • Anne

    Mila is super cute. I love her eyes.

  • cody

    Mila is so gorgeous.

  • lisa

    @She’s a sweetheart: Thanks Mila’s Pr for the sincere endorsement.

  • DJohnson

    I keep saying this, Mila and James Franco will evenutally become an item. There is such good chemistry between them. Just don’t feel it with Mila and Ashton. Don’t think it is going to last. I agree, Mila and James appear smitten with one another in these photos. I know they enjoy a close friendship but underneath the surface there is more. Even if they are not aware of it yet. I have been wanting them to get together for a long time. Time will tell. (In one of those pictures, James’ hand seems to be in an awkward position. Ashton may want to board the plane and head back to Italy – LOL)

  • lea

    love james and mila!!! can’t wait for oz!!

  • jade

    I think Mila has more chemistry with James Franco. Now that pairing would produce smart and beautiful babies!

  • matahari

    she is going to f…ck james franco too…do not worry, guys…she is a sl@t!!!

  • lisa

    @matahari: I have never hear that about Mila. She has only been with Macauley Culkin and Ashton Kutcher and perhaps she dated Danny Masternon.

  • Trolls are wastes of oxygen.

    @lisa: Wtf? lol ok stranger. I presume you’re a “troll” since you clearly had nothing VALID, or nice to say. Just wanted to share my experience meeting somebody, since some fans of Mila may like that kind of info!. Crawl back into your hole, creep lol. Also, LMFAO at “PR people” coming on a site like THIS, of all sites, and write one comment. Real smart and effective? :S.

  • Trolls are wastes of oxygen.

    Anyways, thanks for the people who responded nicely to my comment. Really though, it’s not that big a deal. The idea people have about meeting famous people, goes away after standing in front of them, talking lol. People are people regardless of what your job is,or what the media makes them out to be. I couldn’t imagine a more “normal” person to talk to. Mila and 100′s of other people I’ve met and known, have had that in common. Laid back, friendly people, good to talk to, no dirty looks or attitude. I just went on a newer set of Mila pics on here, and some of the comments reek of idiotic trolling, stuff like “B!tch never smiles, she’s so snooty” or whatever lol WTF? In all those pictures, she’s either ACTING in the middle of a scene, or being STALKED (Really wish I hadn’t stumbled on this site and looked through the history of pics) while going to the store/gym. What reason is there to flash a big fake, crap eating grin for the paparazzi? Plus she laughed/smiled at least a dozen times during the moments i was standing, talking to her and someone who works with/for her. As well as TONS of pics online from god knows how many years, of her laughing and smiling, not to mention the endless amount of praise and nice things that everyone who’s worked with her, has said. People don’t keep secrets, people let slip who’s an asshole in Hollywood, very easily and purposely at times (when on Howard Stern or whatever) and zero people in the business or outside (including me after my meeting her) have a bad word to say. LOL you internet trolls are getting dumber.

  • jade

    @Trolls are wastes of oxygen.: You sound a little too involved here. Confirmed what I thought.

  • lisa

    @Trolls are wastes of oxygen.: You sound like an angry 12 year old

  • linda

    @lisa: No, they are just speaking the truth.

  • Trolls are wastes of oxygen.

    @jade: You just confirmed what MY comment contained. the truth about the miserable people of the world with nothing nice to say, even if their life depended on it. Hateful or negative words are one thing. But negativity with no rhyme or reason the subject? pointless. If I hadn’t met and had positive things to say about this girl, I wouldn’t have commented at all, nice or negative. One last thing before I PROMISE myself for the 3rd time that I won’t give into my obsessive nature of getting the last word with a moron, and reply to a pathetic troll over and over. Too involved? wtf does that even mean? Actually, don’t bother even answer that, I’ve handled reading enough mind boggling stupidity on the internet for one week. Have a good “life”, troll.

  • jade

    Such angry people. Is this a fan site where only positive comments are allowed? I know that some posts are put at sites by PR agents and this manipulation of the public annoys me..

  • Avy

    Mila kunis is beautiful not that fugly girl from slumdog millionare. ugly slum girl. Mila is gorgeous. slum girl should go clean her feet.

  • Avy

    @jade: Yes it is a site that PR can post. Check out slum girl posts. She has no fans and there i sthe one idiot who keeps posting postive comments about her and thumbing anyone who doesn’t agree with her. Stupid ugly slum girl.

  • jade

    @Avy: I am not sure who slum girl is but I think you are the pot calling the kettle black though.

  • tj

    @jade: not the tired line asking if this is a fan site…nobody said it is a fan site, but it also isn’t a site for trolls who do nothing but post endless, ugly mean spirited comments, and it does not mean people who are fans, and like her, that do post positive comments are PR. People are allowed to disagree with comments, both positive and negative. You want to talk about the angry, pay attention to some of the nonsense that gets posted by those that are so obsessed with being negative and ugly and that is all they do.

  • jade

    @tj: I don’t think my original comment was negative or ugly. I merely said that I think Mila has more chemistry with James Franco. In my opinion they look hot together and they have a long standing friendship base. Later I became dismayed at the angry posts and it is my opinion that there are occasional set up PR posts. Last I checked it was a free country.

  • tj

    @jade: And last time I checked I was able to disagree with your comment, after all it is a free country right? And the comment had NOTHING to do with your opinon on James Franco. I could care less,the point was about the absurd comment that because somebody disagrees with anything that you post negatively we are responding as if it is a fan site…that is a ridiculous comment in my opinion.

  • tj

    @tj: And I might add it is even MORE absurd to think somebody that works for an actor in the PR department would waste there time on a tabloid website, seriously??