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Olivier Martinez Drops Criminal Charges Against Gabriel Aubry

Olivier Martinez Drops Criminal Charges Against Gabriel Aubry

Gabriel Aubry leaves his daughter Nahla‘s school after dropping her off on Monday morning (December 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 36-year-old model is off the hook in any criminal charges filed against him by his ex Halle Berry‘s fiance Olivier Martinez involving their Thanksgiving brawl.

Olivier informed the LAPD and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office that he was no longer interested in pursuing criminal charges against Aubry,” a source told

Over the weekend, Gabriel was reunited with Nahla after the restraining order that prevented him from seeing her was lifted.

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  • DB

    What – you were really going to charge a guy for getting his ass kicked?

    For serious?

  • Kel

    Good, now when is Halle going to drop Olivier?

  • hmmm

    The public humiliation of getting your butt kicked by a man smaller that him is enough embarrassment….Oliver is doing the dude a favor not dragging him in court forcing him to describe how he got his a$$ whipped. LOL.

  • toria

    Of course he dropped the charges. If Gabriel had pursued his intent to get a restraining order against Oliver for both he and Nahla, then Halle would have a boyfriend that couldn’t get within 100 yards of her daughter. Not to mention he would be as much of a risk as Gabriel for being deported if he had lost his law suit.

  • Annie

    Translation – Gabriel and Sean Holley had such good evidence of a conspiracy against him that Halle and Olivier no longer had a legal leg to stand on. It could be that the neighbours security cameras caught Olivier starting the fight or perhaps Nahla confessed that Olivier started it.

    Unfortunately I’m sure Hellfrog will hatch a new plan soon. Halle has been so relentless – first she accused him of being racist, then a child molester, then bad tempered and violent. When none of that stuck she tried to get physical evidence of him being violent. And all the time there has been absolutely no evidence of Gabriel being anything other than a gentleman and a loving dad. Where there’s smoke there’s fire Halle, and in this case, it’s ALL coming from you.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Ask Nahla where she wants to live. I know she has no choice at this point. A crazy, nervous wreck like Halle or with a calming force like her dad? She looks upset that her visit with daddy is coming to an end. Has anyone seen that pic in Life and Style magazine of Halle furrowing her eyebrows and little Nahla is mimicking her with her hand on her face. She is too young to be that worried.

  • aeks

    oh please. they’re only doing damage control because their attempt to make themselves look like victims backfired. That’s also why they’re paying for gabriel’s medical and lawyer bills.

  • Lia

    I know that we’ve heard a bit too much of fifty shades of grey , but please I do think that he would do a fine christian grey :o

  • Verity

    Peace all around. I hope that the settlement is upheld by all parties for the sake of their daughter.

  • Lucille

    @Annie: Your speculation is absurd and Halle didn’t call him a racist rather Aubry’s former business management to Aubry’s failed restaurant (that Halle paid his percentage to partner in the restaurant on Aubry’s behalf), said he witnessed on more than one occasion Aubry screaming at Halle in fits of rages and several times calling her a “N” word. Also, is former girlfriend was there at one of these occasions and said she was surprised that Aubry and Halle were together because she considered Aubry a “borderline racist.” Also, she said that she thought Aubry was after Halle’s money because he went after her money when they were together too.

  • http://none blondie

    I think that Nahla has a beautiful father.
    Nothing is going to come between them
    and thier love.

    I wonder if Halle wept
    when she saw what pain and suffering
    that she caused this good man.

    I do not think that Halle
    thought that she would live to
    see the day that revenge on someone
    that you once loved
    could taste so bitter and so

    You treat animals better than this.

  • Annie

    @ Lucille – when a person has problems with controlling their temper (like Halle claims about GA) it means just that – they can’t CONTROL themselves. They are not selective about who they act bad tempered/violent in front of. Therefore if Gabriel had this problem we *would* be hearing about this temper problem from members of the public who couldn’t have known him a priori and therefore couldn’t possibly have been bribed by Halle. We would be hearing about bar brawls, road rage incidents, bust ups with paparrazzi, new dates getting threatened or beaten up etc, etc. Just look at celebs like Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen – we hear about their outbursts of temper from people who have no previous connection to them and no motive.

  • betty

    @Lucille If wha t you posted is true why wasn’t it upheld in court. Here say evidence is not court. Olivier has boxing experience and his hands are considered lethal weapons I’m sure that played a big part in him dropping the charges.

  • Deb

    How does almost everyone who posts comments about Halle Berry know that she is so horrible? How do you know that Aubry is so wonderful. From what I understand Aubry gets quite a lot of child support and if he stopped seeing his daughter he would lose all of that money. Of course, I have no idea what these people are like since they don’t have cameras in their homes that are broadcast to the world and neither do any of you.

  • To Lucille aka Lucille7777

    @Lucille: OMG my friends weren’t joking you really are fracking nuts spreading your unproven bs all over the internet. TMZ, NY Daily News, X17, ROL, Daily Mail etc. She’s been all over the place spewing her self-righteous hatred of whaatever Halle /Team has spun as goshpel. Her posts always get the lowest ratings and some folks think she’s Halle or from her camp. Keep it Lucille/Luci\lle7777 we know your nuts and need meds like your idol.

  • sooner thank you think

    @Kel: Probably sooner than you think. At this stage, there’s no matter how much damage control Team Halle & Team Frog Prince (not to inslt other French folks who are on JJ) , the negative comments from this are n’t going away anytime soon.

  • Annie

    I dunno – while I’m gonna laugh (and hi-five Nahla) if they split up next week, unfortunately I give these 2 some more time. They’re two quite nasty controlling people who deserve each other, so are probably very well matched. Having public dirt like Aubrey’s roughed up face on a guy won’t stop Halle marrying him since it’s all very useful stuff she can use to smear him when they divorce. I think it will last until either 1)Halle has a mid life freak out over losing her hot and trades him in for a younger thug or 2) he gives her some shiners to match Gabe’s.

  • kim

    Olivier is the one who should be behind bars.

  • hey Annie

    @Annie: Hey Annie—You and me both! LOL. Agree that they are well suited. Halle has finally hit bottom in her latest acquisition in finding someone like her father (smokes, drinks and is prone to violence) and possibly closer to her lower true self. Still don’t see them getting married. He may stick around for awhile , who knows. Halle can go to Paris, if she’s so hellbent to marry this creep, she just can’t Nahla with her. I still don’t see Ollie moving to the US , he loves France too much. I don;t know if he’s even still at chez Halle–I am sure there’s more to the store than we know regarding Nahla”s safety and well-being while at Halle’s.

  • give him time

    @kim: give him time

  • LOL

    @To Lucille aka Lucille7777: she’s on threads and definitely has too much free time on her hands.

  • WTMF

    OM had no business interfering with the custody drop-off anyway. This whole thing could have been avoided had he not interfered. If I was Halle, I wouldn’t want someone like OM around my child.

  • Donte

    I wonder what he told his daughter what happened to his face.

  • me2

    i don’t know how halle can stay with that slime..ollie….especially after what he did…and is capable of!!! sorry…but to me he isn’t even attractive….i don’t see anything nice about him…… i’m surprised some girl hasnt snatched up gabriel by now though…..

  • justme

    I feel so bad for him you can see that he can not carry NAHLA because of what that ass did, kicking him in the ribs. some body who is a boxer like Olivier is going to kick his ass.

  • Anne

    @hmmm: Olivier was the one who got humiliated by showing he can act like a street thug.

  • Anne

    @Lucille: If there was real evidence that Aubry was truly that racist and angry, he wouldn’t be granted to have his child back one week after he allegedly “started” a fight. It seems the judge doesn’t believe in those accusations.

  • Tracy

    @blondie: I think you nailed it…I was thinking the same thing but you said it much much better then I could.

  • OHCanada

    sex on legs is Gabe. Get full custody of your child and come home to Canada. Leave that violent woman and her creepy violent ‘fiance’ to themselves and watch them self destruct.

    Gabe being a hands on dad, Olivier picking up booze…jeeze, I wonder who is the better man/choice!

    Rock on Gabe and Nahla.

  • Donte

    @me2: Nobody has snatched Gabriel up because he lives off child support from Halle Berry. What woman wants a sorry excuse for a man like that?

  • Peapo

    Team Gabriel. the truth will come out and Halle and Olivier will be seen for the bully’s they are. I really hope Halle keeps Nahla away from Olivier. he looks like a hothead. She sure knows how to pick them.

  • Lia

    team gab ? Really come on it is not a tv show and it certainly is none of your business !

  • Truth

    Halle Berry has NO control over the insecurities, jealousy, animosity or anger issues that men may develop within a relationship or when it ends. Halle is not responsible for the immature behavior and baggage that adult men have and desire to project onto her or scapegoat her with. Bias and sexist (women and men) blame Halle with shallow judgment BUT never address the emotional baggage or problems that men bring to relationships or develop. Sometimes you never know where you are going in life until you get there and if Halle had a crystal ball she could have predicted that her past ex men would have issues with her money and status. Both ex husbands were jealous and sued her for money because she had to much. Her child’s father seems controlling and does not want to let go and could have been expected to have problems with separation since he grew up in foster homes….just something to think about. Since Aubry loves taking Halle to court and being vindictive I sure if he was not allowed to see hsi child he would be in court right now. Aubry loves his daughter BUT he likes Halle’s money just as much.