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Sarah Michelle Gellar & David Boreanaz: 'Buffy' Reunion at Santa's Workshop Event!

Sarah Michelle Gellar & David Boreanaz: 'Buffy' Reunion at Santa's Workshop Event!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her former Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-star David Boreanaz attend the Santa’s Secret Workshop event at the Andaz Hotel on Saturday (December 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor brought along his wife Jaime Bergman and their two children Bella and Jaden.

The event benefited L.A. Family Housing, whose mission is to help families transition out of homelessness and poverty through a continuum of housing enriched with supportive services.

Malin Akerman showed off her growing baby bump while Tori Spelling looked happy as can be with her newborn baby boy Finn, her hubby Dean McDermott, and their older kids Hattie, Liam, and Stella.

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  • KissThis

    I have no respect for Boreanaz after he cheated on his wife for 8 years! And even cheated on her with that hollywood madam. Yuck.

  • taz

    @KissThis: you know whats worse? his ‘fans’ think that no one should judge him.. I’d agree if i didn’t have a conscious and he didn’t cheat on his wife when she was on bed rest for 9 MONTHS due to a difficult pregnancy!

  • Nano

    I like Sarah Michelle better as a brunette!

  • emmaa

    Is there a photo of SMG and David together?

  • Rae

    Where were Willow and Spike?

  • @Rae: thinking that 2 but it was just a coincidence they were at the same event (J.J’s header made me think it was a buffy reunion – got my hopes up)

  • also agree that boreanaz is a dic k
    i got no respect for a man that does that 2 his wife
    ..and don’t bring your 12 yr old perspective into this and say it was a mistake because no.. cheating is no better than abuse

  • anne

    Are those charlotte’s fingers right next to Sarah in the first picture? Would’ve loved to see little Charlotte in the pictures too :)

  • amber

    omg, seriously to the other David commenters “build a bridge and get over it” it happened 3yrs ago. Next you will be telling us about the invention of fire!!!! Get a life, idiots.

  • haha

    @amber: so if you were married and your partner cheated on you, you’d get over it? she was pregnant at the time btw so he’s a real gentleman…

  • annie

    Oh boo hoo David haters. It is Hollywood it happens, as does it happen in real life. Did he do it to you, no, it is between him and his wife, who have moved past it. Get over yourselves.

  • amber

    What I would do or not do doesn’t matter, does it? Cos guess what it didn’t happen to me or you did it, it happened to his wife! She has dealt with it and stuck by him. So as I said before build a bridge and get over it. It happens. It happened years ago, no one cares anymore but you gossip and hollier than thou muck rakers.

  • Clinica de adicciones

    I love you Buffy! Where did you leave the vampires?

  • yeah you

    Haters, Is that all you have to do with your life? Bitching about old news? I applaud that David and his wife got through their marriage troubles and are still standing strong.That takes real guts. Haters to the left.

  • haha

    @yeah you: you’re not old enough to be here if you’re using terms like haters.. and lets hope the people you’re with cheat on you :)

  • geena

    Oh dearie, the trolls and the judgers love to live in the comment sections, don’t they? It happened. It got dealt with. People get on with your OWN lives like David and Jaime have done. Geesh.

  • sheigh

    Boreanaz’s daughter is not Bardot anymore ? What’s a good piece of news! ?

  • yeah you

    oh please @haha get a life, instead of living yours through celebrity scandals. You are one bitter bitter person. David’s past behavior of years ago doesn’t affect you because he didn’t do it to you. And if you feel that it does, and obviously you are taking it personally, go get help…. FYI Haters is a common word used by millions, again get over it, doesn’t make my point less invalid than anyone elses.

  • Liz

    Couldn’t we get ONE picture of Sarah & David together???!

  • haha

    @yeah you: cheating is disrespectful and as a woman it DOES offend me.. and if it doesn’t effect you then i suggest you seek help.

    ..But thank you for enlightening me on the ways in which i should feel – i am entitled to be disgusted with any man that would cheat on his pregnant wife. Who are you to tell me OR anyone else how they should feel? seems kind of arrogant to me.

  • XYZ

    SMG is butt ugly. Not to say she looks older than her age…. if she really is 35….

  • Ella Blue

    @XYZ: RUDE! I just don’t think her hairstyle is doing her any favors in these pics; usually, she’s very pretty.

  • Olivia

    they should do a real reunion btw I ‘d love to see them all.

  • Alyssa


    Since we don’t know the details of the situation it’s hard to say that I’ve lost respect for him. Cheating is never right, obviously, but it’s hard for me to judge when I myself, am not not perfect. I have my share of things I’ve done that I’m not proud of.

  • Alyssa


    I’m his fan, and I think he was judged. He’s still be judged (as we can clearly see) Would crucifixtion satisfy you all?

  • Alyssa

    Huge fan of David. He has the cutest family. I think Bella and Jaden look just like him! So proud of David and Jaime for sticking together and making it. God Bless them!

  • Jo

    Love Sarah!

  • Dasha

    Buffy and Angel reunited!!!! I want pics of them together!!!

  • Buffy

    You know what you haters his wife doesn’t seem to mind as much as you do, and if she can forgive him then you shouldn’t go all judgy on the guy. Let him be and go get a life.

  • Buffy

    Well this thing won’t let me post but here let me try to recapture what I just said. DB’s wife is ok with him, so you should not go all judgy on the guy. Leave him alone and go get a life. I am sure if she has it in her to forgive him then he must be an awesome guy and an awesome father….so stop this hate.

  • minx28

    WHERE is Sarah’s little baby boy ???? Haven’t seen ANY photos !!!

  • connie

    I’ve traveled with 50+ guys – engineers, scientists, managers, and steel workers all over the west coast. After spending 3 months in LA, I don’t blame David for being tempted. It’s like living in a bakery if you are on a diet. It’s an occupational hazard that most men can’t avoid. Its also a pack mentality, you have to be one of the guys if that’s what your clique does for fun. At work staffers often play golf or tennis or run. In LA you mingle and interact for work and play. A bout half of our crew played and had informal secondary relationships on travel that stopped when we moved to the next site. The did not sacrifice their home families and did not tell. It worked and no divorces, happy families and close friends. Davids special charisma and charm make him a target. He probably has always been the center of attention. No family can provide the adoration and boost he gets from his job. But he can figure out on his own exactly how much is family means to him, and it will or will not be enough to keep him focused on them and not himself. It has to be a zen thing-chopping work and carrying water, and not a guilt thing. It has to be what he desires not an obligation. These are smart sophisticated and carrying people, I’m sure they will find their way together.

  • Lulani

    David is a douche a “Nd I lost all respect for him for cheating on his wife! Can’t look at him the same anymore! No ifs here
    He is a lying cheating decietful selfish disgusting piece of trash and for all the people saying to get over it lets hope that someone you love and adore and trust doesn’t do this to you!he ruined his family and not only cheated on his wife but he cheated on his children too! Can’t believe there are people on here condoning this behaviour! What is wrong with you people?

  • Ropa bebe

    She always looks like a hooker

  • Prepagos Bogota

    i’m pretty sure her husband and her choose their outfits together