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Gerard Butler Talks Current Girlfriend on 'Tonight Show'!

Gerard Butler Talks Current Girlfriend on 'Tonight Show'!

Gerard Butler and Olivia Munn take on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night (December 3) in Burbank, Calif.

On the show, the 43-year-old Scottish actor spoke about his new girlfriend, and got very coy when asked about her! The gal in question is rumored to be actress/model Madalina Ghenea, though nothing is confirmed.

“It’s been seven months now…it’s not a record,” Gerard joked.

Olivia, who rocked an Ani Lee dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Loren Stewart rings, chatted about the difference between photo shoots for a male and a female. Click inside to check out Olivia‘s imitations!

If you’ll remember, last year Olivia enjoyed Virgin America’s fleet-wide WiFi and moonlighting during the airline’s inaugural flight from San Francisco to Palm Springs. This December 22, Virgin America will be launching the only direct service from New York to Palm Springs!

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685 Responses to “Gerard Butler Talks Current Girlfriend on 'Tonight Show'!”

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  1. 51
    PR 101 Says:

    @Reality Check: You said it. He looks like her father, or just a garden-variety dirty old man, when they are together, imo. I think it would be yet another hit to his rapidly-tanking career go any further “promoting” this situation in any way. If he’s smart, and he really is involved with her, he’ll just shut up now. If she gets any exposure here, her background will come out and make him look even worse. So far he’s just been lucky that no one’s paying attention.

  2. 52
    what???? Says:

    @what????: The post just proved the lack of intelligence of many JJ posters. But what can we expect on a gossip board? They probably think great acting is what they saw in the last Transformers movie.

  3. 53
    Clamsie Says:

    @craparama: So now do you see why many of his former fans (including me) have thought for a long time that he was gay? Deeply closeted maybe. Why else would he need to keep “staging pics and scenarios for PR”?

    I agree that the whole Maddie thing is very odd considering he’s already admitting to her being his gf. So why clam up now? Why can’t he just be honest? He doesn’t have to reveal all the intimate details but he could act like a man in love. Here is a publicist’s dream comment:

    “Yes, I have a girlfriend, Madalina. She’s from Romania. We’re very happy and I’m off the market.”

    Short, sweet and to the point. His problem is that he has nothing else to talk about when he goes on talk shows. So naturally, the hosts want to know about his personal life, not what he did when he was six years old. I never understood why he had to keep up the pretense that he was “single and available” because he never was open to dating anyone unless he/she modelled or acted.

    Maybe he can’t get it up any longer. Recall that the days of the infamous yellow towel were ten years ago.

  4. 54
    Tiny Says:

    @Clamsie: That’s the rumor in the blinds in the last year.

  5. 55
    dripping with Sarcasm Says:

    @what????: I think you totally missed the sarcasm with which that poster made the statement about Vanessa Redgrave.

  6. 56
    WOW! Says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Some of you SERIOUSLY believe that Gerry and/or “his people” and MG and/or “her people” have and/or take the time to read our silly comment? AND take what we say seriously and act accordingly? SMH! How self-important some can be. We are nobodies to them…..TRUTH.

  7. 57
    Rosa Says:

    @WOW!: He would have more to talk about if he did anything worth talking about, like, helping Sandy victims instead of just being able to say, I was in NYC for Hurricane Sandy. I think he’s getting more and more delusional about who he really is to the general movie going public. Those who even remember him, only know one or two movies he’s done. He’s basically a pretty forgettable actor in pretty forgettable roles to most of the public, imo.

  8. 58
    Rosa Says:

    @Rosa: Sorry, that last comment was for Clamsie.

  9. 59
    what???? Says:

    @dripping with Sarcasm: I hope that was it. The trouble with scarcasm is, it’s better understood when said than when written.

  10. 60
    Bond Girl Says:

    Madalina has a kid. Not her nephew, her nephew’s are other kids in the pics. The kids are beautiful. There is a picture where she says “The biggest love of my life” and she is in NY with her son. Why would that be an insult? people say here “don’t insult Madalina, she doesn’t have a kid”. Well, she does, as a matter of fact. And the kid is not from Butler. Another thing is: why we don’t really know what other better actors and bigger stars than Gerry are doing? because obviously this site covers Gerry for a reason. Why Gerry’s articles have some many people commenting on it? think about it. He is not that smart. Not smart as Tom Cruise or George Clooney. Doesn’t know how to choose his girlfriends.

  11. 61
    Olivia rules Says:

    Was Olivia imitating Madalina? looks like it

  12. 62
    Not so fast Says:

    @WOW!: I think you’ll find that his PR people do pop in. They posted twice early on Sat or Sun morning trying to pretend to be a soccer mom wanting to see PFK. They read here, don’t kid yourself. This, and the DM, are the only coverage he gets, and it’s orchestrated by them. Why do you think when he’s about to open a film JJ has a new thread every time he changes his shirt?

  13. 63
    wake up Says:

    GB’s life has turned into a soap opera. He is probably very worried about this movie. He’s acting like no pressure.

  14. 64
    penelope Says:

    @Not so fast: PR is the name of the game when any actor/actress has a movie coming out. They are all over TV talk shows and also on the sites like JJ. Not just Gerry, but people in the lower and higher eschelons as well. JJ has Brad, Angelina and little Tommy on here all the time when they are promoting films.

  15. 65
    Another Opinion Says:

    I’m wondering why is he the only person promoting this movie. I have seen only one interview with Jessica Biel, and nothing at all with Denis Quaid, Uma Thurman and Catherine Zeta Jones.

  16. 66
    cupcake Says:

    Hello everyone.@Another Opinion. I noticed that to. Very strange.

  17. 67
    WOW! Says:

    @Not so fast: IMO, I think it’s more likely that GB gets tons of threads on here because of all the hits/posts they generate for jj. It increases ad $$$ for jj. And, like many have mentioned, jj is friends withs with a couple of Gerry’s friends. I’m not saying Gerry’s “people” don’t pay ANY attention to the climate about him….but not nearly as much or as thoroughly as some think……(example; they’re not gonna run to GB and tell him to get rid of his GF because a handful of posters on jj hate/are jealous of her.)

  18. 68
    Not so fast Says:

    @penelope: True, but others usually have one or two threads, even for the A-listers. JJ gives GB several, sometimes in one day, saying absolutely nothing. This tells me JJ has a relationship with someone on his team. I think someone mentioned earlier that JJ is friends with Ronnie? You have to admit he gets much more attention than anyone else on this site, for doing very little, if anything, worth mentioning.

  19. 69
    @WOW! Says:

    “We are nobodies to them…..TRUTH.”

    Sorry, but these “nobodies” pay for his crappy movies! People say, “He laughs best who laughs last.” Without us, he is nobody! He knows it, and so he and his team are reading here! And he or his team will pay all these a new threads on JJ. (sorry for my english)

  20. 70
    Clamsie Says:

    @Another Opinion: They aren’t promoting it because it costs money to get them to do so. They probably ask for more money than Gerry does because they are bigger stars than he is.

  21. 71
    Clamsie Says:

    @Rosa: ITA. He does sound delusional. He’s living in the past in all his interviews. Look at any other actor — they’re not talking about a film they did ten years ago. They’re in the here and now. He used to give better interviews where he revealed his fun side. Lately his chats seem forced and surreal, definitely staged or set up. He really can’t sell himself any longer. No one is buying it.

  22. 72
    Another Opinion Says:

    @Clamsie: The ads for the movie are everywhere online. And its been promoted as a Gerard Butler movie. I think that they could draw bigger audiences if they were selling it out as a Biel and Zeta Jones movie. Butler is not the biggest star out there. A lot of people don’t know who he is.

  23. 73
    wiphoenix Says:


    The trouble with sarcasm is it’s hard when people don’t grasp and you have to explain it to them…. :/

  24. 74
    whatshedonenow Says:

    @ WOW

    Of course he and his team read here.  No one else covers him apart from when he has a movie to sell, and now the TV shows only use him as a filler guest.  And as a guest he’s not even that entertaining anymore,  because he has buggger all to say about himself because he chooses to do nothing of worth, and he doesn’t have enough interest in other people to observe them and comment on them. His days seems to consist of eating, drinking, sleeping-in,  shaggging young women, partying, travelling to the next party, taking the odd flying lesson and reading the occasional crapppy script. Not very taxing, and at 43 not very interesting.  Also his faux friend Ronnie sends pictures to JJ.  Bigger stars don’t read here, they don’t need to.

  25. 75
    Just a thought Says:

    Maybe the reason he is not giving her name is when MG becomes the hottest biggest star America has ever seen,she can say she did it all by herself.haha

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