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Halle Berry's Ex-Husband Eric Benet Prays for Nahla!

Halle Berry's Ex-Husband Eric Benet Prays for Nahla!

Halle Berry dons her favorite newsboy cap while doing some holiday shopping at Kartel on Tuesday (December 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 46-year-old actress was seen flashing a smile while she dropped off her daughter Nahla at school in Los Angeles.

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The day before, Halle was spotted taking Nahla on an after school play date with her classmates in Studio City.

Halle‘s ex-husband Eric Benet recently commented on the Thanksgiving altercation between Halle‘s fiance Olivier Martinez and Halle‘s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

“I am hoping for the best,” Eric told In Touch exclusively. “Praying for the best for Nahla.”

15+ pictures inside of Halle Berry donning different caps…

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  • Yaddle

    Crazy self-centered and self-important witch.

  • “Scary Berry”

    Everywhere she goes, drama seems to follow. Trust me, it’s HER. Psycho.

  • Cockadoodle

    She goes through white men like a squirrel goes through nuts.

  • Yaddle

    @“Scary Berry”:

    Oh, it’s totally her. After she was involved in the hit and run,, she showed up in court with a Band-Aid on her forehead and made it seem as if she was the victim. Girl, please.

  • SunnyAutumn

    If anyone knows Halle, its her exes. Benet didn’t want to reveal too much, but I bet he meant having Halle as her mom and the drama that comes with it. I bet Halle is cursing under her breath at Benet right now.

  • Yaddle

    Does anyone remember he acceptance rant from when she won the Oscar? Her insanity was evident all over her rant. Girl is nuts, plain and simple. That’s why black men stay clear of her; the brohers are, like, “I ain’t goin’ near this crazy beyotch.”

  • alex

    benet cheated on halle with various women when they were married.
    he was a sex addicted. he admitted it himself.
    halle went on the oprah show trying to explain how she tried to save her married.
    halle may be crazy. but in that relationship, he was the crazy one

  • NeilsGirl

    If anyone knows her its him. He knows she is nuts. She knows she is nuts and we know she is nuts. Got to give Gabriel credit, he is doing everything in his power to stay in his daughter’s life and just not hand her over to this crazy woman .Does Halle actually think Nahla is going to thank her for taking her away from her father???? Keep up the fight Gabriel, it is worth it in the long run.

  • frank


  • groundcontrol

    Eric’s lovely daughter has turned out to be well off without Berry in her life.

  • Chups

    I have to give Gabe credit you don’t see him running to every news outlet trashing the mother of his child. Even after all that’s happened to him he still hasn’t given any interviews. That shows that his best interest is for baby girl and baby girl only. Its a shame this witch has gone above and beyond to trash this man character especially when she claimed he was the best thing since slice bread on Oprah. Does she know how many children in this world would kill to have a daddy fighting for them and wanting to spend time with him instead of showing up once or twice a year. Halle has daddy issues and she needs to fix them asap…not because your dad wasn’t present does it mean that Gabe wants to do the same to Nahla. Any woman who would still be with a man who beat the crap out her baby daddy has deep rooted issues. She also forgot that in this day and age with technology those pictures will be online for Nahla to find in a few years.

  • not true

    @alex: He never admited he was/is a sex addicted.He only admitted that he cheated and he went to tx to save his marriage at the request of his mother in law. Fact check.

  • justme

    Olivier is history. the whole world is watching halle to see if she going to keep a beater in her home with NAHLA. your child come first she going to see these picture in a few years, her class mate is going to tell her, you mommy man beat up your dad. HALLE YOU FOOL YOU CAN;T STOP THE WORLD FROM TELL NAHLA THE TRUE. YOU CAN NOT BE WITH HER 24/7. you should of think before you setup gabriel.

  • commonsense

    I notice that these days Halle is taking time to smile and engage with the “dangerous” paparazzi.

  • WhyNot

    We keep making the same mistake. This is soooo… not over. And when the final round is played, I think most people are going to be stunned by the difference between their opinions and the truth. Life is NOT what we read in the rags and mags and on these sites. Gabriel is a loose cannon, even the police believe he started it, and yet, because he got his a$$ handed to him, we believe it was ‘her fault’. She keeps picking the wrong man. An old wives’ tale says that women find their fathers.. .and guess what? Hers was an abusive mess. So, maybe she is at fault. Maybe she just needs to stay single and stop falling for the stereotype. Benet was a stray dog and admitted it. So she hooked up with a man with a vile temper and a hair trigger. It’s not over, and he will ‘go off’ again. Aubry’s not the victim. He’s a lazy punk who is taking her for 20K/month. Some man that is! Wait for it. It’s coming

  • justsaying

    @WhyNot are you blinded? bad or good father no one is to be beaten like that not even a dog. it was not Olivier business period, let him go make his own child

  • NeilsGirl

    Olivier should mind his own business. This has nothing to do with him. He should be deported for his actions.

  • Lou

    Even her crazy ex-husband pray for …. the child.

  • villedeville


    20K/month is for child support for Nahla. That’s about 240k/year. For a celebrity with a multi-million dollar income that’s peanuts for Halle who paid her lawyer 3 million (that’s 3,000k) just to keep the father of her child away from the child. To put this into proper perspective, most male celebrities who were divorced from their spouses pay millions per year on child support plus millions more in alimony payments.

  • jen

    The little boy in the background looks like Sandra Bullock’s son Louis.

  • Anne

    @WhyNot: 20K/month in child support from a woman for whom 20K/month is nothing. Women get child support and, so men should get it too, otherwise we cannot complain about not having attained equal rights. It’s silly to think that because a man actually wants to spend as much time as the mother with the kid instead of trying to make lots of money, that’s not being a man. I live in Montreal, where Gabriel comes from, and having grown up in a sexist country where fathers do not take care of their babies and just provide for them finally, I swoon over all the hot dads I see walking their babies around. I see more men in my neighborhood with babies than women…. and they look more gorgeous with kids in their arms.

  • prettydew

    @WhyNot: EXACTLY!!! I’m with you on that one, if he’s such a good dad why does he need 20K monthly to take care of ‘his’ daughter when she’s with him isn’t he’s model, earning an income??? If he really loved his daughter so much why go to Court and force her mother to fire a nanny, but pay him for staying with ‘his’ overseas??? “I have to travel with Nahla overseas and YOU have to pay ME!?!! SPOILED LAZY LITTLE BOY!!! If he had more money than Halle she would be called c.u.n.t., crazy gold-digger, etc. etc. for trying to milk her ‘baby-father’ for ALL he has but NOT this case. HALLE CANNOT WIN, BECAUSE THE PRETTY LAZY BOY IS UPSET!!!!!


  • huggybear

    oh we are standing up for a Olivier how sad people get in your head nahla is not his child period and keep talking about the money will get no where it what it is .

  • Anne

    @prettydew: And how about Olivier? What money is he making? My boyfriend is French and he told me Olivier Martinez has no career in France. Nobody cares about him in his country. As long as I know he has not been in many successful movies in the US too. So, who was going to provide a nice life for him in Paris in case they could move? Ummm?
    Besides, when Halle decided to choose a genetically lucky model for the father of her kid, she knew he had much less money than she. She just cared about getting a baby with his genies. Well, guess what? The model is her baby’s father and, thus, he has rights.

  • http://justjared saira

    HE’S NOT GETTING PAID TO KEEP HIS DAUGHTER!!!. Halle has to pay to keep Nahla in the same lifestyle she has when she is with her mother. If Halle had won her bid for primary custody, she would not have to pay him anything because the child would be spending the majority of her time with her mother. And of course, if Gabriel had more money than Halle, then he would be paying her.

  • Sarena

    Fugly people they never die do they – just sitting around waiting for one post of Helle and they are at it like a bat out of a cave. Psychotic people Halle is living her life you are here commenting about her life. Get a life losers.

  • prettydew

    @Anne: That’s right she choose this lazy pretty boy, because in this case she’s the more powerful one in the relationship. Thanks for proving my point with just those simple words, she has more power so she’s the bad guy after ‘choosing genetically lucky, lazy model’, to be her K-Fraud of a bay daddy!!!

  • prettydew

    @saira: waste of a brain cell. First you say he doesn’t get paid, then go on to say Halle ‘has to pay him’ to keep Nahla in a lifestyle…. in other words, if he can’t buy Nahla an iphone 6, because mom bought the iphone 5 last time, then I cannot be a good dad… REAL sad. The relationship between father and his children should NOT be what gadgets and trips MOM can afford, just because she can!!!!! BE HONEST NOW, TOTALLY NOT COOL AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!

  • Tere

    @prettydew: A fraud of a baby daddy is a guy who doesn’t mind to be far away from his kid or not to be part of his/her life.

  • so true

    @“Scary Berry”:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooo true! she is a HAGGGGGGGGG.

  • Annie very true

    @Anne: Hey Annie, have heard the same thing from my Parisien/ne amiies/amis aussi. He also hung out with other thugs and druggies. Looks like he was hoping Halle would fit the bill. She covering him paying Gabe’s medical bills etc. Guess man-hoe Ollie will find some other woman to mooch off of.

  • me thinks

    If you’ve noticed Halle and the fake fiance haven’t been photographed together since settlement news…he’s soon to be history

  • tyblue

    @prettydew: I am with you… these fool forget when Halle met gabriel, he was opening a restaurant, and expanding his financial portfolio. When that failed, Halle got tired of footing the bills for his lazy a$$. I say good for her…

  • tyblue

    @Chups: Stop being a onesided prick. Halle doedn’t run arround doing this either.

  • tyblue

    @huggybear: No Nahla is not his child, but he has the right to defend himself when attacked. Whether you or aubry likes it Nahla see Oliver more than daddy dearest.

  • tyblue

    @Tere: No a fraud of baby daddy is one who leeches on to his child to pimp as much money from her mother even though the child lives mainly with her mummy

  • Mari

    @Annie very true:

    Isn’t this his modus operandi all the time? He is the guy who dated Kylie Minogue as well, or isn’t he? If he is, then I’ve heard some really ugly stuff about him as well. I’d say he and Berry are well suited to each other. Too bad there is a child involved as well.

  • http://none blondie

    Well, I saw the movie that Halle and Oliver starred in.
    The movie is called, “Dark Tide.”

    Just wait until you see it.
    I am speechless to try to discribe this movie.

    One minute Halle is this super brilliant shark
    expert, and the next minute
    she is a spoiled acting brat, imo.

    Olivier is there as her….what?
    Husband? Ex-husband? Lover?

    She just walks all over him,
    in this movie, imo.

    The movie ends like a bad Jennifer Aniston flick;
    with her getting her own way,
    and Olivier with egg on his face, like Ross.

  • http://justjared saira

    wasted all their brain cells. First of all, the courts make the decision on who pays child support and how much. Their main concern is that the CHILD not be deprived of anything when she is with the parent that makes less money, not whether or not the parent should provide it anyway. Why do think so many athletes’ babymamas live in mansions and drive Benzs? And yes, if the child lives in mommy’s mansion with a nanny, bodyguard, and personal chef, then she is entitled to those things at daddy’s house, too. Since mommy has the bucks, she has to supplement daddy’s income to make it happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s cool or not, it’s just the way it is.

  • Anne

    @saira: Exactly! The courts made the decision. I don’t know if it’s true but I’ve heard that one of her arguments was that Gabriel couldn’t provide the same life style to the kid. So, the courts decided the child support amount. Well, only another actor or a man like Salma Hayek’s husband could provide more than Halle. But she thought that she could use Gabriel and that being a star and having more money would be enough for her to be in control of the situation. Fortunately to the child, she was wrong.

  • Truth

    So many need to make Gabriel Aubry above reproach and innocent of any wrong doing. Everyone is liar except Aubry and everything that is negative about him is planted and untrue. We should never lay any responsibility on Aubry because he is a good white boy and we must continue to make everything the fault of others.
    Fact is… Aubry has showed his TRUE COLORS to many and after a while you can’t blame everyone else for what the F … is wrong with you.
    Understand why Halle got restraining order against him and she needs to keep security with her at all times because he wants to hurt her.

  • oy

    Can we, the public, get a restraining order against Halle Berry’s Crazy Train of publicity?

  • Frank

    This is a woman who dodged 2 hit&run accidents and played a victim, huh! This woman is a monster and uses her money and power to evade justice. She is not a worthy role model. She and boyfriend are dogs. No one deserves to be attacked the way they assaulted the child’s father.

  • huggybear

    @tyblue say what you want’s the fact is the facts gabriel is NAHLA FATHER, going around kissing a man’s girl child on her lips is one sick ass man if he want a child go make one of his own. the is the facts Olivier is not nahla father he needed to minded his own buisness.

  • Mix Up

    @tyblue your are right Olivier see Nahla more done her dad because her mother go to court at a drop of a hat to stop her father from see her. but yet she let a beater around her child who don’t respect her or her child. tyblue put yourself in gabriel shoes for day and you will see how it feel not to see your child. god bless Nahla , Gabriel, and also Halle so she open her eyes and do what right and make right with gabriel and put that problem maker Oliver out of her life. GOD BLESS THE THREE OF YOU,YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A FAMILY NO MATTER WHAT

  • not surprise

    @Mari: Why am I not surprised. He is the closest to her true or lower self. Still won’t last. If he’s not history already. Same here. He’s a fricking joke in Paris. He’s more over -rated than Halle. He’s been a so-called actor for 22 years and only now what’s a career in the US , but doesn’t want to live here. What f’ing idiot. Yes, too bad Nahla’s involved. I bet part of the quick settlement has him not around her as much if any. Who knows he may actually be staying at his place. Like they really were going to get married in the first place. Halle Ho and Frog Prince definitely are well suited.