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Michael Buble is Thrilled to Work with Reese Witherspoon!

Michael Buble is Thrilled to Work with Reese Witherspoon!

Reese Witherspoon flashes a smile while arriving at LAX Airport for a departing flight on Tuesday (December 4) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 33-year-old actress was spotted grabbing a bite to eat with her husband Jim Toth, her daughter Ava, and her son Deacon in Venice.

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Michael Buble recently chatted with UK TV show Daybreak about collaborating with Reese on his next album.

“By all accounts it would be true. I just really am a big fan and so myself and my camp, we wanted to do this with her and we were thrilled that she was excited about it too,” Michael shared.

FYI: Reese is wearing a Chan Luu cashmere scarf.

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  • Yaddle

    She’s a real chin off the old block.

  • Yaddle

    Keep your chin up, Reese!

  • Pattycake

    Poor little Tennessee. Left behind already. Of course that was true even when she was in LA.

  • (^^)

    WTF? Just Jared! Witherspoon is 36 years old not 33! Is she and Toth paying you extra for this crap?

    Ms. Witherspoon,

    Where ever you are going, for the good of the universe, KEEP YO A$$ THERE AND NEVER COME BACK!

    Thank you
    A non Fan!

  • MnL

    Sh!T! His poppa Toth with the big orange “T” on his Glee sweater will be up with his little pooper!

  • Pattycake

    @MnL: riiiiight

  • Rose Colored Glasses

    Michael Buble have you fallen on your head and had a momentary lapse of judgement about singing with this vapid god awful person?
    She can’t act so what makes you think she can sing?
    She was horrendous in Walk the Line and the Oscar doesn’t mean diddly squat. You can jump on a couch for it or pay for it.

  • It’s A Wrap

    Reese singing? With Michael Buble?


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  • ReedCole

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  • JIM


  • Pattycake

    @JIM: Then you must think they’re going to ‘el since that’s where all the lawyers wind up.

  • Sisboomba

    No kid, no husband, just her girlfriend Shannon Rotenberg who is carrying everything since Reese’s hands are broken! Wait, lets not forget the bodyguard. Well Reese was #4 on the Most Overpaid Actors/Actresses for 2012!

  • Dirkstar

    I really don´t understand this hate against Reese! It´s ridiculous!
    1. She has a wonderful voice and I´ll love it to hear her singing together with Michael Bublé one day!
    2. When she takes a flight she isn´t away from her baby for a too long time! And she has a professional nanny! And there is Jim, too.
    3. A good education doesn´t just only depend on the quantitiy, that a mother in that age spends with her baby!
    Let me explain that:
    There are several persons, who spend time with Ten in a “high-quality-form of education”: The nanny, Reese & Jim, sometimes Betty perhaps, too, and even Ava & Deacon, I think.
    So there is a sum of different “HIGH-QUALITY-EDUCATION-EPISODES”, that makes a GREAT QUANTITY WITH A GREAT QUALITY, that is great enough for fullfilling all needs concerning the Theory of Deci & Ryan (2 scientists of education): bond, autonomy (self efficiacy) & competence.
    And there is a huge variability of stimuli for creating a network of neurons with the most complexity possible for creating the base for a great intellect.
    Better think twice, if you wanna´ talk about good education!
    TO PUT IT IN A NUTSHELL: Ten is loved and educated much more better than a lot of other babies! And the time, Reese spends with him is time of High-Quality and not low quality! (She´s NOT an alcoholic, she´s NOT aggressive, she´s NOT “unsporty”, she´s NOT addicted to drugs, and so on and on)
    As she´s a GREAT ACTRESS, she has a GREAT SENSITIVITY for reading emotions out of someones face. So it´s rather logic, that she has a sensitivity and emotional empathy for reading Ten´s emotions, too. So why shouldn´t she be a good mum?! Therefore she has a GREAT HEART, that´s beating for Ten, too, what else?
    And she´s a great sense of humour, too! (What is good for Ten, too)
    And that´s why she´s be always in my heart. I believe in her qualities!

  • @Dirkstar

    It’s not hate. Hate would be “she needs to fall off a cliff and die!” That’s hate! These are people’s knowledge and or opinions of this woman.

    I personally think agree with most comments on here. She can’t act, she can’t sing, she pretends to be someone she isn’t and I am really sick and tired of seeing her on here when it’s the same old sh!t!

  • Psst….Dirkstar


  • LORDY!

    Beotch loves her papparazzi’s don’t she? and the girlfriend!

  • Dirkstar

    Then have a good sleep, if you are tired of seeing her!

  • Dirkstar

    Now with a “Psst” in front of my nickname. How creative you are this time!

  • Dirkstar

    What kind of monk*y are you to write such bullsh!t in the name of JIM?!

  • Dirkstar

    You are right, when you say it´s not hate. Hate is indeed an evil word!
    But I don´t share the opinions of those, who describe her in a negative way.
    Coz´ these are just opinions. Nothing more!
    And she can act, and she can sing! That´s my point of view!
    Yes, she can!

  • *-*

    I disagree. She’s a cnut, can’t act, can’”t sing, sorry a$$ mother, fake marriage, lets see what else? hmmmmmm…….

    That’s my point view and my opinion!

  • Love&Justice

    Jeepers! I have been gone for along while on sites. Who the heck is this Dirkstar? OH WOW! and I can see that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has changed about Ms. Narcissistic FameWh@re! Geesh….

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