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Mila Kunis: 'Third Person' Rome Set Turned Into New York!

Mila Kunis: 'Third Person' Rome Set Turned Into New York!

Mila Kunis waits for the cameras to roll on the set of her film The Third Person on Tuesday (December 4) in Rome, Italy.

The set of the 29-year-old actress’ flick was transformed to be a replica of a New York City subway station. Very cool!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

The Third Person, which is about three interlocking love stories involving three couples in three Cities: Rome, Paris, and New York, also stars James Franco, Olivia Wilde, Liam Neeson, Kim Basinger, and Adrien Brody.

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Credit: Fabric; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Beach

    why can’t we see photos of the fake set then? I like Mila Kunis but that would be really interesting too!

  • Lily

    Mila’s “vibe” changed a lot since Black Swan. She used to be very likable and fun, now she just seems bored all the time and and somehow pretentious. Just my thought though.

  • sandra

    she looks hungry

  • Anne

    She is very pretty.

  • Yaddle

    Does this BlTCH ever smile? Lighten up, Mila, you’re life’s not that rough.

  • Yaddle


    She’s in one successful movie and suddenly she thins she’s Meryl Steep.

  • JMO

    up with him. HUGE difference inI can’t believe I’m going to say this but, Mila always looks hotter AWAY from Ashton. Don’t get me wrong, I think they make a cute couple and all; although I think she can do heck of a lot better, but it’s almost like he’s sucking away her youth and good looks. I don’t believe in all that hocus-pocus stuff, but somethings’ just been ‘off’ since she hooked how she looked prior to April. I think she needs a new romance. She’s too young and hot to settle down.

  • LooseLipz

    She doesn’t move me at all…in fact, I find her boring, snotty and a mediocre actress.

  • boom

    @Yaddle: oh wow, I didn’t know you could write BITCH on JJ. ……Oh btw, I agree with you. Though I think she’s quite beautiful

  • txr

    Mila is such a beauty. Kutcher is so lucky.

  • Miguel

    @LooseLipz: I´m not american, but in my country and most countries in this world Mila Kunis, James Franco, Olivia Wilde, Liam Neeson, Kim Basinger, and Adrien Brody are unknown, maybe some people know them by their series, but only who watch those series, I mean some of them like Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis, specially Olivia have played for many movies and until now they aren´t famous actresses, they are well-know in EEUU, but not in the world, someone knows how many movies Cameron Diaz, Jhonny Deep, Tom Hanks, and other world famous actors and actresses played before they became in world famous actors and actresses, well I don´t think they played more than 20 movies because talented actresses and actors always shine even in a boring movie, and most people recognize that and in that way they become in world famous actresses and actors, but nowdays there are few interesting movies because in Hollywood producers prefer to hire popular actresses and actors (just popular in EEUU) than talented or new talented actresses and actors.

  • ted

    Mila has lost what I loved about her.

  • kdee

    @Lily: so you get all that from looking at pictures on a set while she’s filming? Umm, OK, couldn’t disagree more, she’s even hotter and more fun then ever, but OK, to each their own.

  • ted

    @kdee: You wrote that Mila is more fun than ever. How do you know this from looking at her photos?

  • kdee

    @ted: I was having some fun with the absurd.

  • Beard

    She’s not a great actress, but so striking onscreen. Dating Kutcher though…what the heck is she thinking?!

  • lala

    why dating Kutcher? Keeps them both in the ‘news’ is all.

  • mo


    Where do you come then? In the meantime, in Europe it is known very much!
    And she is still pretty and a great actress.

  • anstac

    what a difference in these comments vs. her other photo posts lol. she has definitely showed aging since her shrimpy That 70′s Show days. So what? She’s beautiful, hot, and working with amazing actors/directors to sharpen her skill.

  • esku

    losing her spark

  • linda

    @ted: lol, you do nothing but slam her post after post, this is supposed to be a surprise?

  • Low-lives

    @linda: Scum of the earth, will be scum of the earth. It’s second nature to these people. No life of their own, why not use their imagination to spend 24/7 insulting the looks, personality and life of people they don’t even know :) such a charming life these trolls lead. They have the wittiest and smartest comebacks too, such as “Why are you defending someone you don’t know either” WELL DONE lol a fan of someone/something, replies to a “hater” and calls them on their pathetic hatred in general, yet somehow that means defending a person you don’t know for the hell of it? Figure that one out.

  • ted

    @Low-lives: Look what I wrote. Don’t you think you reaction is rather over the top? I don’t think Mila would like an unhinged fan like you that spews hate because of fairly innocuous comment.

  • Low-lives

    @ted: LOL! Did you honestly just prove my point about trolls by turning my comment around into something it never was? What part of my comment, implied that specifically, your little comment was what i was referring to when talking about “scum of the earth” which i’ll admit, is a little harsh, considering the dangerous/scary people walking around out there in the world. I CLEARLY made my point about people SPEWING HATE (nice try on turning that trait on me) a stranger who didn’t senselessly say anything negative, that wasn’t called for. You senselessly bash a stranger, constantly, and I make my point about hateful people, yet somehow, that means me spewing hate? Spewing hate implies somebody walking up to a stranger (or in your case, safe behind your computer, typing comments) and saying horrible things, then walking away. That’s literally what your type, does on here. Your mentality is this “I senselessly hate an actress based on virtually nothing concrete or factual, so I can’t wait to go on a celeb website, and call them ugly, untalented, b!tchy, etc etc, thousands of times over,, if possible. How can you or anyone else, possibly defend that mental illness? Get help. The only help I need, is learning to ignore negative people. People who leave comments like you, need a whole different and more severe kind of help. Unhinged fan? LMAO Wow, I hate negative people, so I must be a horrible, unhinged person, who someone would hate to have as a fan LOL WHAT? I would hazard a guess that Mila hates negative a-holes too. Only she’s far ahead of me in life and not getting caught up talking to one of them online. GOODBYE.

  • micronaut

    Believe it or not nearly everything about actors revolves around image and looks so expect people to focus on their looks and image. And if you can’t deal with opposing opinions don’t come to public forums like this one because you’ll only embarrass yourself with your angry tirades.
    Yeah, Mila’s no doubt beautiful but she did change after Black Swan, she’s become a tabloid fodder, pretty much accepted it since she knows it helps her stay relevant and is pretty cynical about it these days.

  • Miguel

    @mo: Really??? Well, I know Mila thanks english webs, some months ago I talk to my friends and classmates about Mila Kunis, Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde, I must say that some of my friends know Olivia thanks Dr House, but most of them have never watched any of her movies, but Mila is an unknown actress for all my friends except for three of them who told me that they are her fans, and about Emma Stone in some way she´s unknown too, but when I said that she was in last Spider Man Movie and she was Peter´s girl, then all my friends said they had watched the movie, but the didn´t know the name of the actress who played Peter´s girl, so that´s the reason I said they are unknown actresses, most people in this world don´t even know they exist, but if you talk to them about Jonnhy Deep you´d notice everybody know him, even my family know who is, I´m from Argentina and It´s obvious they are unknown in my country, and I´m not sure they are well known in other countries, someone could suggest me some of her movies apart from Black Swan.

  • ted

    @Low-lives: Your reaction is very strange and unbalanced. i simply said that Mila had lost what I loved about her. Please, seek help.

  • Avy

    Mila Kunis is stunning and a talented actress. She is not a famewhore that kim kardashian or that fugly terrible actress from slumdog millionare. That girl is ugly and can’t act for shit. Go back to the slums you slum cunt!

  • hanna

    @Avy: I am not a KK fan at all but you really are quite disgusting in your comments about Kim, Mila fan.

  • Steve

    @ted: Well, you can’t lost something you´ve always had because you have it or don´t, I think Mila always pretended to be someone who she never was to get fame, and now she get it and don´t need to pretend.

  • esky

    Mila and Ashton were clearly having an affair before he broke up with Demi I think. Not nice.

  • ted

    @Steve: I think you are right.

  • Cass

    I love her for not being all cutesy and fluff fluff just so people will go “awe isn’t she precious”….for who?? Be you, Mila.

  • Vicky M&M

    I think Mila is fantastic. To me she looks better with Justin Timberlake. I loved her in Friends with Benefits. I love those sexy eyes and her pretty hair. I do not care for Kutcher at all. I think he looks and acts (somehow I feel part of him isn’t acting) simple. Very immature.