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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Holding Hands After 1D Concert!

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Holding Hands After 1D Concert!

Taylor Swift and her rumored boyfriend Harry Styles hold hands while heading back to her hotel at 4am on Tuesday morning (December 4) in New York City.

The 22-year-old country singer and the 18-year-old heartthrob attended an after-party following his group One Direction‘s concert at Madison Square Garden.

Earlier in the evening, Taylor was honored with the Ripple of Hope Award by the Kennedy family.

Taylor and Harry went on a romantic date to the Central Park Zoo over the weekend.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles holding hands…

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taylor swift harry styles holding hands after 1d concert 01
taylor swift harry styles holding hands after 1d concert 02
taylor swift harry styles holding hands after 1d concert 03
taylor swift harry styles holding hands after 1d concert 04
taylor swift harry styles holding hands after 1d concert 05
taylor swift harry styles holding hands after 1d concert 06
taylor swift harry styles holding hands after 1d concert 07
taylor swift harry styles holding hands after 1d concert 08
taylor swift harry styles holding hands after 1d concert 09
taylor swift harry styles holding hands after 1d concert 10

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135 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Holding Hands After 1D Concert!”

  1. 1
    lila Says:

    I just want to say that I LOVE these two together. I know no one is going to agree with me because they think that Taylor is a serial dater and that Harry is a player, but I honestly, honestly, honestly, think that they’re perfect for each other. Taylor needs someone who is a little bit younger because she herself hasn’t really matured yet when it comes to love. and Harry needs someone a little bit older to settle down his wild ways. I think they’re honestly perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect. I love them together and I really hope this relationship works out for both of them.

  2. 2
    Chiara Says:

    Ah, the most famous beard has another gig

  3. 3
    lauren Says:

    i dont get why she just chill out for a second.

  4. 4
    whatsnews Says:

    on-off, on-off, compose breakup song, seen w/ another guy.

    what’s new w/ HOLLYWOOD?

  5. 5
    Ann Says:

    hahah this relationship is fake is obvious..(like mostly Swift’s relationship) PR all the way…
    Can wait when this 1D guy “breaks her poor heart” and she desperatly will need to write about it… *roll eyes*

  6. 6
    Kate Says:

    I know this is not my business but it’s kind of disgusting to see her jumping from one guy to another in a blink of an eye…

  7. 7
    Sadness Says:


    I’m sorry but how is she not yet mature but is able to settle down his wild ways? he’s only 18! I can understand what you mean if you meant to say that about a 40 year old like Gerald Butler dating someone older but he’s only 18. Majority of us wouldn’t expect anything but that. Taylor is still immature, so I don’t see how she can help a guy settle when she herself probably doesn’t know what she wants when it comes to love.

  8. 8
    ugh Says:

    Poor Styles, I hope he doesn’t wait until he’s 30 and his life is ruined to come out of the closet

  9. 9
    Maria Says:


  10. 10
    Lary Says:

    She really needs to date the teen sensation of the moment? Im surprised she never date with Bieber lol
    When she’ll grow up? She will be 30 yeard old and she still will date the “hot” teen guy at that moment..sad

  11. 11
    Bria Says:

    Taylor is so desperate for a man!

  12. 12
    Maria Says:

    Time to break out the flats, Taylor. He’s a tad shorter than you!

  13. 13
    Bwahhaah Says:

    Can someone explain me please, why Taylor always dates the kids who are usually 18? She is not even pretty! And why Taylor is not being called w**** when she changes boyfriends more than her bags, but this singer Rita Ora is?

  14. 14
    Jennie Says:

    Well That was quick ! This girl bounces back faster than a basketball ! If this was someone like Megan Fox ( a married woman with a family of her own ,who tries to stay out of the media circus ) people would have have labeled her a s l u t or a ********* but and most people would have turned they’re backs on her but Taylor plays the role of the broken hearted victim very well , but little by little people are starting to see through Taylor . Don’t get me wrong she is super talented and I like her music I just don’t like how fake she is .

  15. 15
    hmmm Says:

    These have to be fake. Harry has tattoos on his arms and they are magically gone in these pictures.

  16. 16
    Gun Says:

    Her new song ” wrong Direction “

  17. 17
    S Says:

    I have no problem with the kid, he has dated some older women before and I see why he wants to date Taylor…OH WAIT, no I don’t.

    Seriously, no problem with this kid but Miss Swift is so effin annoying and I do not like that she’s dating guys that haven’t gone through puberty yet, no wonder she writes break-up songs when she dated immature guys..

    Makes it obvious that she is the most immature, fake ****** out there. Get a hold of yourself, woman!

  18. 18
    ckd Says:

    She’s too good for him. He’s not even talented and has the most disturbing fans as you can see on twitter

  19. 19
    Asdf Says:

    He’s a very mature lad and I question why he’d date someone so immature… I don’t get it?

    Also, he’s quite good in the sack I hear. Pretty impressive as well. She will be a downer on his sex life…oops. SorryNotSorry. Had to be said.

  20. 20
    What's next? Says:

    Taylor my dear… you don’t waste any time did you? In a few weeks there will be ‘a upcoming’.. upcoming guy, upcoming song, upcoming album.

  21. 21
    Marika Says:

    Get a life of your own.

  22. 22
    nm Says:


  23. 23
    Anna Says:

    She’s so desperate it’s disgusting.
    She reminds me of Chucky. You think she’s harmless at first but then you realize that inside she’s a creepy lunatic.

  24. 24
    Lauren Says:

    Does she still own that house next to the Kennedy compound she bought just after her and Conor were together? She was planning a future with him. She seems to move too fast in relationships. Now she’s on a barely legal kick.

  25. 25
    Jen Says:

    I give it until mid February. Tops!

  26. 26
    ... Says:

    @ckd: She’s too good for him? Not talented? He can sing notes Taylor can only dream of singing. Her voice is so weak. I admit, One Direction songs are too overly poppy for me and some Directioners are crazy as hell, but he has more talent than she does in the singing department, thats for sure.

  27. 27
    cuckoo Says:

    2-latch on

  28. 28
    Lex Says:

    The fact that she dedicated her time to write & sing a song about the whole “Kenya west incident” speaks volumes about her. I’d run far away from her.

  29. 29
    Mkhay Says:

    Run Run as fast as you can.
    Some boys/girls never learn…

  30. 30
    leah Says:

    Taylor is always with a younger guy!

  31. 31
    NotAGirl Says:

    I bet that little sh!t couldn’t name three Pink Floyd songs.

  32. 32
    Joanna Says:

    She dated all men on this planet that are over 20. Now there are only minors left.

  33. 33
    Audrey Says:

    How pathetic is this girl? If you look right, on the seventh pic, SHE takes his hand, and was waiting next to him to do so. She could have kept walking but of course, she had to make a move for the paps.

    It is time people start to see her as she really is…she is no innocent girl!

  34. 34
    lucy Says:

    Well….she sure has been around, that beaver must be so used lol

  35. 35
    $ Says:

    If Taylor went to speed dating events, spending 15 min. per date, she could knock out an album a week.

  36. 36
    la Says:

    maybe she will get a taste of her own medicine when they break up and he writes a song about her cos no doubt she is probably already thinking of lyrics to write a song about him when it ends

  37. 37
    WTF Says:

    “jumping from guy to guy”
    WTF? She only literally had 2 boyfriends in the past 2 years. gtfo out that crap.

  38. 38
    what Says:

    Most of the guys she dated have been quite older. This is the only 2nd guy she dated that was 18. She dated John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal who were both well older than her.

  39. 39
    Nightwish Says:

    She’s dating really young guys because they’re the only ones dumb enough to date her. Anyone older than 21 wont touch her with a ten foot pole. The word is out, Taylor will drive you nuts and use your despair as a basis for her new break up song. Stay away from this psycho, don’t do it! Poor Connor, as if that family doesn’t have enough to deal with as it is!

  40. 40
    Rory Says:

    Taylor is truly a psycho in a pretty little package. Despite everything she has, she still seems so shallow and insecure, and looking for fulfillment in men (or boys, these days).

  41. 41
    Lynn Says:

    It’s really sad that this happens. Taylor moves through men like water. It’s probably one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen in the media. In hollywood this does happen a lot but Taylor pushes it to another level. I hope Harry comes to his senses soon. To be honest I used to really like Taylor, but slowly and surely I changed my mind. Mostly because of her dating life haha. It’s just not right or normal.

  42. 42
    sheigh Says:

    Sl*t in a puritan immaculate disguise !

  43. 43
    Mimi Says:

    **** !!!!

  44. 44
    Zee Says:

    I hope he at least listens to the album whose cover he wears on his shirt and not just to look cool.
    Long live Pink Floyd.

  45. 45
    Dave Franco Says:

    4 am? I wonder what they did. hahahahaha

  46. 46
    Kelly Says:

    This is like wih Jonas Brothers all over again…and with a 3D movie next year…lol it wouldnt be weird if 1D starts flopping by 2014. Shes a bad luck!

  47. 47
    Dave Franco Says:

    I’m sorry but I tried to like this girl, but she is so deceiving. She’s not a saint and if this were a guy, we’d be calling him a PLAYBOY, but it’s swiftie, so taylor fans must defend her. Girl gets around like a carousel.

  48. 48
    Hazey Says:

    Find it funny that no one has commented on what looks like a toiletry bag, tshirt and undies he’s carrying lol

  49. 49
    Dave Franco Says:

    Dear Harry, She is loaded trouble and will write about you after she dumps you. She’s the problem. Every guy she’s been with has been ridiculed and she gets off easy. Not fair.

  50. 50
    Dave Franco Says:

    I have a crush on Swiftie but knowing she has STDs…. best stay away.

  51. 51
    lol Says:

    lol@ Hazey
    I think it’s his Underoos

  52. 52
    Dave Franco Says:

    I’m sure at this point, Swiftie would date her dog, dump the poor dog and write about him… only to be savagely mauled to death. Actually, I would very much like that to happen.

  53. 53
    mariaNY Says:

    I really like her.. but she really needs to take it easy. her reputation is not going well..

  54. 54
    Dave Franco Says:

    Anyone know what it says on his shirt? Illuminati sign?

  55. 55
    Mark Says:

    Only together for a short while and already jumping into bed.Whw that is short,really short.

  56. 56
    Whats happening?? Says:

    I don’t understand why Taylor had to be chosen as a beard for Harry, someone low key would’ve have been easier for him.I mean she doesn’t need the ridiculous PR stunt, does she? Her album is doing amazing and she is wining awards left and right. If anything this just shows how incredibly ridiculous this set up is. Harry is in love with Louis (Another One Direction member). End of story.

  57. 57
    I'm done. Says:

    I know this is just the way things go in show business. But, I am so done being fed with lie after lie. I feel so bad for Harry.

  58. 58
    Mark Says:

    @I’m done.:
    what lie??haha

  59. 59
    guest 4114 Says:

    americas sweetheart? is she really so desperate to change that ´nickname´ or what? i meen, after all he is a young boy

  60. 60
    leelee Says:

    A lot of her “relationships” always seem so fake and staged but this seems to be the worst one. It’s pretty sad for both of them.

  61. 61
    Sarah. Says:

    ohno, got a feeling this one is going to be ugly when it’s over.. shouldn’t be long from now though.

  62. 62
    LULU Says:

    I used to love Taylor but now I think she’s too easy, she changes boyfriends every two seconds, she’s not a sweet girl at all!!

  63. 63
    Marta Says:

    I think he is too old for her.

  64. 64
    Zee Says:

    @Dave Franco:

    His shirt shows the album cover of the Pink Floyd album “Dark Side of the Moon”.
    Check it on youtube. It’s one of the greatest concept albums of all times.

  65. 65
    Fill Says:


    This is like her 10th boyfriend in less than 6 months.

  66. 66
    Well... Says:

    Man she gets around doesn’t she? It’s interesting to see her with a new guy everyday when her image is supposed to be all nice and simple. I don’t know what her parents must think. And she isn’t even that pretty I mean come on you are in your early 20′s and you wear more make up than a grown woman.

  67. 67
    Dave Franco Says:

    Thanks Zee.

  68. 68
    Reese Says:

    I like Taylor Swift, but her hoping from one guy to another is just wrong! She is like a serial dater.

  69. 69
    noone Says:

    OMG!! A new boyfriend already. I hope she hasn’t slept with all these guys. Goodness sakes girl, take a break, and work on yourself. Stop rebounding. I have lost a lot of respect over Taylor over the years.

  70. 70
    Macy Says:

    i’m about to vomit blaah

  71. 71
    Lina Says:

    What is it with her and younger men?
    I mean i think she’s a very talented artist but it seems like her personal choices are constantly “lost cases”.

  72. 72
    . Says:

    wow again? she is with an new guy like every week..
    maybe she has no inspiration so she need to be with someone for a couple of days then breakup and then finally she can write a song!

  73. 73
    Jenna Says:

    What’s in his hands? Her purse? Nope, she’s carrying one. Oh they’re going into her hotel at 3 am. Meaning it’s an overnight bag. He’s spending the night with her.

    Excuse me while I go jump off a cliff now.

  74. 74
    kami Says:

    ok, i’m thinking she’s doing all these hookups with famous guys for the attention? to be in the tabloids? she doesn’t need to do this because she’s famous for her high-school-girl music and how much money she makes. maybe she craves attention of this sort.

  75. 75
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    Wow! Another Fauxmance. Either old Swifty is deserate for attention or she is man crazy.

  76. 76
    Sara Says:

    you go taytay! get em girl

  77. 77
    stan Says:

    Loving the meltdowns and bathing in stantears. :) You go, Taylor. You deserve to be happy. I am not sure he is the guy…but why not try and live it up while you are young. :)

    And honestly i find sexism among women so disturbing. Why are you not ****-shaming your precious Harry who is a total manw ore. Always the girl who is called all kinds of terrible names. Just disgusting.

  78. 78
    Ron Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen : Taylor Swift, the famewh*re in action ! She’s such a sl*ut…

  79. 79
    lafamepoma Says:

    fake “relationship” they live in different continents, i noticed that he’s wearing a shirt of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon cover, Pink Floyd is a better band than 1D hahaah, he’s laughing at himself

  80. 80
    melanie Says:

    seriously? really? omg taylor swift is awesome and she has the right to date anybody she wants! you people arnt in charge of who she should date and who she shouldnt! what if taylor were to look at these comments? do you know how offended she would be! im already offended and i only read like 3 of the comments! honestly i think people should keep all their hate and insults to their self! taylor already has a lot of drama in her life now becasue she was seen with harry styles and now she is getting death threats and getting insulted by people like you guys who dont even know anything about her!

  81. 81
    Cory Monteith Says:

    Get Tay-Tay GURL! enjoy that british ****! haters and directioners stay mad while Queen Taylor enjoy her new sex-toy.

  82. 82
    Kelli Says:

    What is with her dating school boys? She comes across as needy and immature.

  83. 83
    Uh huh Says:

    LOL one of the One Direction a-holes likes Pink Floyd? I wonder if he can name any of the songs of their obscure albums like Animals? … probably not.

  84. 84
    liz Says:

    taylor is so fake and plays the “victim” all too well. grow up and stop being so annoying

  85. 85
    K Says:

    Little innocent “shocked face” Taylor Swift sure does get around…quickly.

  86. 86
    Kim Says:

    You REALLY just can’t take this seriously.
    She should try a girl next time. Might have better luck that way. ;)

  87. 87
    alyssa roober Says:


  88. 88
    alyssa roober Says:


  89. 89
    KissThis Says:

    Don’t her people realize that while putting this “relationship” together and getting Swift more attention they’re actually RUINING her image? This is not helping her. Yeah, sell a few more records, but everyone thinks you’re a sl*t. Makes sense…

  90. 90
    Ruby Says:

    Knew her in highschool. I swear this girl is not all there mentally. Something is seriously off about her.

  91. 91
    Jade Says:

    I’m not one to ****-shame anyone, but how does someone get away with sleeping/dating various boys/men in the span of a year? If this was Miley, everyone would call her a ***** in a minute, but she’s been with the same guy for four years. Is it because Taylor looks like a virgin? I hope she receives major backlash from this relationship, especially if a song comes out of it….such an attention *****.

  92. 92
    Love The Shoes Says:

    There’s a part of me that loves that she loves love. She’s 22 and a serial fall’er in love’er and why not. If anything, when the right RIGHT guy comes along, she’ll have serious data to check him against. I say leave her be and waitt for the new LP to tell us how it all went. You go girl!

  93. 93
    Shelbey Says:

    @Zee: Yep, he not only has the shirt…but tattoo of Dark Side of the Moon too on his arm. Love that album! Though The Wall will always be my favorite Floyd album.

  94. 94
    Lauren Says:

    @NotAGirl: Probably not. And what’s funny is that he has a tattoo of Dark Side of the Moon on his arm haha. Trying to get music cred by sporting other better bands, stupid boybands these days.

  95. 95
    Lynn Says:

    If she gets a song out of this, I will probably lose all the respect I have for her.

  96. 96
    lana Says:

    WAIT. i wear she was just dating that connor kennedy guy that was still in high school or some sh*t. wooow taylor…I would understand it if she looked like megan fox or something but woooow.

  97. 97
    Kris Says:

    Gosh!!!!!! Give us a break taylor!!!! ugh -.-

  98. 98
    Susana Says:

    Sometimes when I read comments about Taylor Swift, I wonder what the same folks would say about a serial killer or someone who had killed someone in a DUI hit-and-run. There is so much hatred aimed at someone who is young, talented, attractive, very successful and seemingly dates a lot. I’m old enough to be her mother, but I seem to recall dating a lot in the 80′s. I just didn’t have to do it in a fish bowl the way she does. Do I think she sounds like Barbra Streisand? No. But she has her own type of talent and relevance. If she were my daughter, I would be very proud.

  99. 99
    ha ha Says:


  100. 100
    lol Says:

    one more “breaking heart” love song on the way….and soon we will see this poor boy crying: U did’t love me, U just used me for song writing!!

  101. 101
    Effy Says:

    This screams PR!

  102. 102
    Effy Says:

    I can’t even take Susana’s comment seriously. Bringing up serial killers in a post about TSwift. You’re talking about to MAJOR different things.

  103. 103
    Lara Says:


  104. 104
    deidre Says:

    cute couple

  105. 105
    weird Says:

    these photos look weird. there out of focus and it doesn’t look like they’re holding hands. it looks like harry’s not walking with her and taylor looks exactly the same in each photo.

  106. 106
    trendeh Says:

    Wow! Sweet Taylor is gentlewoman she let Harry went to the car first

  107. 107
    as Says:

    ZZzz she’ll release a song about their break-up next year

  108. 108
    Concerts Tickets Says:

    She’s preparing another album using her stories with Harry Styles. She always dot the same with her love stories. Harry, u’ll find ur life on stores soon.

  109. 109
    George Herbert Walker Bush Says:

    He needs to keep his filthy little hands off of my woman! She’s mine, all mine!

  110. 110
    Uncle Sam Says:

    You can tell in that picture that she is already putting together the lyrics together in her head to make a song of this boy. Just another that will be used and abused by the black hole known as Taylor Swift. OMG, throwing my radio away now.

  111. 111
    alan Says:

    so now holding hands is news .wtf next

  112. 112
    interesting Says:

    Little Head dates Big Head

  113. 113
    yep Says:

    @Uncle Sam:
    i was thinking the same thing but your way of expressing it made me laugh….im thinking both singing sensations will do it to each other musically though. guys are just as vindictive when it comes to break ups.

  114. 114
    yep Says:

    @Whats happening??:
    -they could be collaborating on something musically. he is only 18 afterall.
    -maybe he is trying to sleep his way to the top by dating an older successful woman. ;p (joking)
    to be fair, she is limited to dating successful guys her age in the music industry. she’s not going to date kids her age until they are successful too and have real jobs like her. if it was me, i wouldn’t risk it on some guy his age and not working or having income above 100k. how many 18 yo’s do you know that make even 50k? zilch
    just because they hold hands doesnt’ mean anything is going on
    at least she is getting experience with dating by dating her peers. otherwise she’d be an old maid by the time mr right finally showed up.

  115. 115
    yep Says:

    i wish i dated a new boy every week when i was younger than she is now.

  116. 116
    Rose Says:

    Oh god, she need to buy her some self-respect. She’s beautiful and talented but I don’t like that she’s always playing a good girl. It won’t last, it’s fake, obviously, like every Taylor’s relationships. Harry’s going to break her sweet and good heart. BAD HARRY, BAD, go to your room now!.
    Harry, he’s looking for some fun, he’s only 18 years old boy with money and fame, he doesn’t want to settle down now!

    P.S: Come on swift, stop playing the sweet an innocent good girl, it’s disgusting to see you jumping from one boy to another.

  117. 117
    yep Says:

    dating is what you are supposed to do before you get married. you should date as many boys as possible. dating someone is not sleeping with them. its better to date around rather than sleep around.

  118. 118
    yep Says:

    @Dave Franco:
    because guys are jerks and at that age treate women like sh!t. if he does the same thing, she will write about it and women will love her because we can relate. and teach you jerks a lesson.

  119. 119
    yep Says:

    if you treat a girl with respect you don’t have anything to worry about. its that simple.

  120. 120
    gee Says:

    dont mind them together, couldn’t really care to be honest.
    but a little confused?

  121. 121
    alev Says:

    what for a stupid love???harry , you did a mistake!! the same mistake!!SHE DOESN´T LOVE YOU!! SHE USED YOU OFF THE SHE CAN WRITE A NEW SONG !!! I HATE TAYLOR !!!! SHE LOVES SO MANY BOYS IN AN ONE TIME THAT SHE CAN WRITE SONGS!! MONEY ADDICT!!

  122. 122
    Mark Says:

    the horoscope for aquarius says this year,that he can’t be kept and isn’t up for anything serious.So I just give it a short while,an affair nothing more….

  123. 123
    rj Says:

    Why does she always have to date someone famous? Maybe that’s the problem.

  124. 124
    KimYu Says:

    I just CANT WAIT to hear her next breakup song! with all the details and ****… I usually dont listen to her music really but that song I willl listen to i

  125. 125
    natalia Says:

    the 1 … desperate ***** taylor switf how desperate are you?

  126. 126
    T. Slut Says:

    I think she has diseases.

  127. 127
    justsomegirl Says:

    You guys are AWFUL! Seriously, what the hell is the matter with most of you people! I’ve read only the first three pages of comments and your HATRED and SPITEFULNESS is disgusting to me. For crying out loud the girl is 22! So what if she is bouncing back from broken relationships or even (and it’s creepy that you ppl say this) jumping into bed with her bf (do you even KNOW if she is?!) It’s called the DATING WORLD. Ever heard of it? Stop hating on Taylor for trying to find the real thing. God, you haters seriously need to get a life.

  128. 128
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @ T.**** I think you are stupid

  129. 129
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @natalia: She’s not desperate! It’s called DATING!

  130. 130
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @lauren: It’s called dating. She’s twenty-two and searching for the real thing, why don’t you leave her alone?

  131. 131
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @Kate: You’re right, it is none of your business, so shut the hell up!

  132. 132
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @Sadness: She’s twenty two and searching for love. And here you are at the comp, flaming her for it. You’re the one who’s immature!

  133. 133
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @S: None of your business who she dates. And what do you mean dating guys who haven’t gone thru puberty? Are you saying boys don’t reach puberty until they are 18? Because that’s the youngest guy she’s ever dated, wow ur not smart are you?

  134. 134
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @rj: So you want her to date someone that’s not famous? I don’t get your comment. How about you leave her alone and worry about your own life.

  135. 135
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @Asdf: You’re creepy.

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