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Zac Efron: Misibis Bay Vacation Photos Revealed!

Zac Efron: Misibis Bay Vacation Photos Revealed!

Zac Efron stands up on his ATV while spending time at the Misibis Bay resort in the Philippines in these newly released photos from September.

The 25-year-old actor was in town to attend the Penshoppe Fan Con at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila. Zac shared these photos with his fans during his appearance at the conference.

“Hey guys! Z here. Rode up the lava flow of Manyon Volcano today. Wishing you the best from the Philippines,” Zac tweeted during the vacation.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron at the Misibis Bay Resort

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zac efron misbis bay vacation photos revealed 01
zac efron misbis bay vacation photos revealed 02
zac efron misbis bay vacation photos revealed 03
zac efron misbis bay vacation photos revealed 04
zac efron misbis bay vacation photos revealed 05
zac efron misbis bay vacation photos revealed 06
zac efron misbis bay vacation photos revealed 07
zac efron misbis bay vacation photos revealed 08
zac efron misbis bay vacation photos revealed 09
zac efron misbis bay vacation photos revealed 10

Photos: Magic Liwanag for PR Asia Worldwide
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  • lauren

    why are these on here?

  • Yaddle

    Did he pull the egg out of his

  • lauren

    he ate an egg or whatever they eat over there.

  • A

    His PR team is working again. Maybe now all his fans would understand he was there just for PR, he used Vanessa’s name just for PR.
    Ashley is so much better than him, Ashley tisdale is a good actess and producer, he is just a bad actor and bad producer.

  • A

    Because his Philippines vacation was just a pr move, he was there to promote his ugly clothes and promote himself, why do you think he talked about Vanessa in Philippines, when everyone knows Vanessa is Philippina?PR PR PR Lol he lives for PR. Ashley is so much better.

  • ClamSlam

    He has taken more loads to the face than a Maytag washing machine.

  • lauren

    he was there to promote a clothing line,

  • Sash


  • Zaca

    His electric eyes scare me… They are too bright for me

  • http://Comcast Monica

    He was great in The Paperboy movie and Nicole Kidman deserves an Oscar for the role she played in that movie.

  • Yahja

    Beautiful Zac.

  • test


  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Sharona

    Oh Zac… adorable, as always.

  • Chiara

    Very cute. Unfortunately forever doomed to remain in the closet.

  • My 2 Cents

    Gorgeous smile, and it looks like he had an awesome time. Nice to see him having fun and him with the children is just too precious.

  • R U sure

    The sexiest man living. Can’t wait to see more.

  • BO

    love you sweetheart .you are hot .don’t mind these hateful comments .they are the doings of the paid pumpers of your GF Pudgens .WE LOVE YOU !

  • sjk

    Love you, Zac! Looks like lots of fun!

  • Wondering

    @A: Are you the same @A that a couple posts back said you “see and know everything” and claimed to be related to Zac’s aunt? Which would make you related to Zac also (in some way, if not a blood relation)?? Nice. Glad I’m not related to you; if you are the same “A.” And if you’re not; well, I would apologize… hard to though, since I don’t think much of your comments, no matter whom you are.

  • abie

    lol, its mayon volcano. not manyon volcano.. DUH???

  • kelly

    Peter Brady type. Plain.

  • Brogy

    G O R G E O U S ! ! !

  • Mila

    I love you so much !!!!! <3

  • Rachel

    Adorable! Seems like he had fun. Love you Zac.

  • Fran

    @A: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha omg, you are SO funny. And ridiculous.

  • Fran

    @Chiara: Why do you say that? Are you gay or something?

  • Klicz

    My boy. ❤

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @A: What kind of A… are you? Looks like you have serious problems.
    Sure Zac was in the Philippines to promote, but I didn’t know that he own Penshoppe. As far as I know it’s brand from the Philippines and they need famous people to promote their clothes, they also have Ian Somerhalder, Leighton Meester, and so on.

    And the reason he talked about Vanessa at the Fancon was, because they didn’t give him any other chance. There were just one or two questions about his other movies like The Paperboy, At Any Price or The Lucky One.

    And Zac and his team also know exactly that the Filipinos can’t let go of “Zanessa”. They live some years in the past and to talk them out of that is IMPOSSIBLE. You have way more luck with that when you talk to brick wall.
    He personally doesn’t want to talk about the whole HSM thing but they didn’t give him any chance to talk about anything else, so he had to give them what they wanted to hear. Why don’t you go to the official Twitter account and read what the people from the Philippines write.

    Zanessa here, Zanessa there, they have to get back, they want them back, and so on. It’s stupid. It’s over between them for good but these people can’t let go.

  • M

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: Nothing against Zac but he was the one that turned that FanCon into a homage to Vanessa. He mentioned her name as soon as he got off the plane and made it about Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa. If the fans jumped on that bandwagon then he was the one leading the way. BTW, dude is looking rough these days.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @M: You really believe what you’re telling here? It wasn’t him who told the “cheerleaders” to do a hsm number, it wasn’t him who wanted to talk about hsm the whole time. I’ve seen enough stuff from the FanCon. When he said how great it was to work with Nicole Kidman the entire place turned silent, they didn’t want to hear that stuff. The Filipinos live in the past in that case. I talk to enough of them and to tell them to finally let go is senseless, the only thing they do is call you names.
    Zac is an actor and he and his team knew exactly what they wanted to hear there and they gave them what they wanted. He is someone who plays along. He can’t really say what he thinks.
    And some things went wrong especially after the whole thing. The security guards had to rush him out and they only do that when they can’t guarantee for his safety anymore, I should know I’m a security-/bodyguard. Well let’s say the whole security thing there was nothing but a bad joke.

  • M

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: He was the one that instigated it all when he mentioned her name as soon as he de-planed. He didn’t have any probs with talking about her or his experience with HSM. He’s the one that got stuck in the past. The Filipino fans went along for the ride. If he really wanted to disconnect from Vanessa, why would he even ink a deal with a Filipino clothing company in the first place when his ex is half Filipino. That deal was inked BTW in March 2011 BTW…soon after the breakup. It took a year to put it together. Think about it.

  • Mandi

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet have you ever went to Zac’s st tropez thred on jr site??

  • http://@kateprovance Kate Provance

    wow… :) he is gorgeous… ;)

  • Dani

    lol, why is @lauren being red arrowed? She’s like the biggest Zac fan.
    To be honest, I really don’t see how people can make negative comments about him. He tries.

  • Rachel

    Miss him!!

    Nicole (who has got a Golden Globe nom for The Paperboy) had some nice words to say about Zac:

    Q: You and Matthew and John have all made pictures somewhat of this scope, but Zac has never made a movie like this.

    No, it was luck [Lee cast him] and he was so good and he was up for anything. I think he’s got so much ahead of him. He obviously has a beautiful face, but I loved the quality he brought to the character and in the scene where he comes to the door he’s suddenly a man. [His character is] like, ‘Hey, you can be with me’ and ‘I want you to be with me’ and I’m like, ‘No, no.’ I loved what he did with the arc with it. I think he’s a really strong actor and I just hope he gets the opportunity to shine.

    I too hope that he gets the opportunity to shine.