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Halle Berry: Return to 'X-Men'?

Halle Berry: Return to 'X-Men'?

Halle Berry greets another parent while dropping off her daughter Nahla at school on Wednesday (December 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 46-year-old Cloud Atlas actress was also spotted chatting with a fellow mom while walking back to her car.

It was recently announced that Hugh Jackman may be signing on for the upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past film, and Halle and James Marsden are also reportedly in talks to make an appearance as well.

Halle and James would reprise their roles as Storm and Cyclops, respectively, in the action flick where their characters “would only be featured in an alternate, dystopian version of the world, in which giant robots called ‘Sentinels’ have come to eradicate the entire race of mutants.”

WOULD YOU WANT TO SEE Halle Berry and James Marsden reprise their roles in X-Men: Days Of Future Past??

20+ pictures inside of Halle Berry dropping off her daughter Nahla at school…

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Photos: FameFlynet, AKM-GSI
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  • dooliloo

    Well looks like all the X Men seniors are going to be present on that one… Boy is it going to be one huge and large and loooooong red carpet for the old/new generation cast at the premiere…

  • SunnyAutumn

    All of a sudden, she has been seen recently cheesing it up for the cameras and even having Nahla waving at the paps. What gives? Is she bipolar or something? Or does she think we are so gullible that we don’t know that she is doing this for her own self promotion.

  • DARN!!

    I hope not because it means I will have to skip the movie because saour puss Berry is in it. I vow to never give her a dime of my money, assemble or not.

  • Interesting

    Looks like someone is trying to salvage their reputation. Where is her sorry liquor store errand boy fiance?

  • nowitall

    She doesn’t smile, she a _____ch, she smiles, she’s a ____ch. Give the women a break. “Can we all just get along” lol.
    Move on already, dammm!!!

  • Ted

    Vile bítch,

  • Blue

    Evil cünt.

  • Loiu

    Nasty whôre.

  • LOL a kinder gentler Halle

    Not buying the ‘kinder, gentler Halle” bit, at least she’s trying even though most of us here and across the Internet know it’s an act.

  • Creejay

    boo no Halle…she’s terrible. Bring back Jean Grey!

  • Huh Xmen

    Thought Halle wasn’t invited back. She and Bryan singer didn’t get a long big time. Funny, she’s not in talks now all of sudden she is? The timing right after operation damage control commences is uncanny…she very well could be. But my understanding is that in most polls she’s always voted one of the worst ones. Boy is he desperate, poor thing did it to herself.

  • nooo

    @Huh Xmen: She’s too old to play Storm and has been miscast from the start. More of Halle’s believing her own hype.

  • Uh huh

    I really wish they had gotten Angela Bassett for Storm. Yeah I know shes older but she has several advantages over Halle.
    1) She’s a way better actresses
    2) Shes more beautiful than Halle
    3) She’s a very classy lady.

  • SimplementMoi

    If she’s in the movie i’ll be pissed. She’s not that major, she can easily be replaced.

  • Kilem

    1. nobody really wants to see her in anything.
    2. Looks like she is manipulating the parents against Gabriel. I wonder what sob story she came up with?

  • Gigi

    I want to see James Marsden and Anna Paquin in the new film, badly. I really don’t care about Halle Berry, I’d prefer Rutina Wesley or Lupita Nyong’o as Storm

  • Nopiuba

    Halle Berry was never a good choice for playing Storm. They should have chosen someone else right from the start.

  • Gigi

    @Nopiuba: I totally agree. Bryan Singer wanted Angela Basett but producers make him pick Halle and in the end her only apportation was her complains about having more lines which leaded to an almost useless character who took half the second and third movie. Luckily she has not the same power this days, so if she comes back as Storm she won’t ruin this one.

  • http://none blondie

    I pulled out my bootlegged copy of “Compass Atlas”
    if that is the correct name of that jigg-saw puzzle of a movie.

    It started out o.k, and it good pretty good,
    but then, I kept wondering:

    “Is this thing going to EVER, EVER finish and come to
    some sort of conclussion????!!!

    I just about went darn nuts
    watching this effing movie.

    After a while, I just turned the thing OFF,
    until I could calm down and stop hating this movie,
    with Halle looking like a shrunken HEAD….
    just skin and bones.

    Oh, and how many day are left before December 21st,
    the dooms day or end of the world or some stuff.

    Just/Jen had better tie that knot, before it all
    goes up in smoke.

  • http://none blondie

    Oh. The movie is called
    “Cloud Atlas.”

    Haaaa haaa ha.
    It should have been called:

    I will not put up with the cloud that this movie
    forms in my brain and causes my brain
    to click like Jen’s heels, as she attempts
    to return to the year 1998….moaning:
    I want to go home.
    I want to go home.
    I want to go home…back to Norman the Dog
    and my barging in on David and Courney’s
    little family.

    Jingle Bells all the way!!!!!

  • Mya

    Exactly, I stopped liked her a long time ago. Her career was over anyway and not she just put the nail in the coffin. I hope no one hires her ever again. This is a woman with no morals, I would not want to work with anyone like her or that creep.

  • Mya

    What does she have on, she sure doesn’t look like a movie star. I cannot stand this chick any more. I will never go see any movie that she is in.

  • Toni

    @Ted: I don’t want to entertain your ignorance.Halle has money in the bank, what in the hell so you have. She can careless of what you think about her.

  • Toni

    @Mya:@Mya: Really Mya all the hate will get you no where. She could give a rats ass on what you think of her. She already has millions! Get a life!

  • Toni

    @Ted: I bet you wouldn’t say that to her face. I know your mother raised you better.

  • Trish

    She loves the attention and violence. This f”up trash is a sorry mother and a sorry woman. I won’t see any movies if she is in it and will fb and tweet all my peeps to do so. Anyway, most ppl hate her before and even more now when the father of her child was beaten up by her/boyfriend. I hope she is charged for the assault and put in prison.

  • BabyBlue


  • Really Halle???

    Still not convinced with the fake ‘damage control’ act with her “Love Me” shirt…no we don’t!

    Seriously doubt she’s really being considered…most comments have been against her returning with the exception of a few remaining fanbots on her not so popular imdb page.



  • Frank

    This is a woman who dodged 2 hit&run accidents and played a victim, huh! This woman is a monster and uses her money and power to evade justice. She is not a worthy role model. She and her boyfriend are dogs too. No one deserves to be attacked the way they assaulted the child’s father. The poor child has a mother who loves the world of violence, abuse & hit/runs.

  • JJ why speculate

    JJ why are you speculating?

    THR report never said Halle was in talks for the new Xmen flick–just her PR crew and her few remaining zealot fans spinning the story in their damage control campaign and wishful thinking.

    Will believe it when Bryan Singer says so


    Halle is not the only woman who has unfortunate fate w/abusive insecure men. the people here act as if their lives are perfect. Look at all the celebrities that have nasty divorces? no one bashes them. she is the only mixed race read black woman with such media attention at the moment, the jealousies are unbelievable to read. The same child you are all defending?? will have friends or their parents read and repeat this in the future. how awful of you all. I do not know her but like most have admired her in the work areas I find appealing. Oliver was probably fed up with Gabriels taunting of Halle but she cant say anything but try to live within the laws of family court. Other rich people live with their children in other countries, other coasts and they do not end up in court or being harassed by the paparazzi and now twits. She had a weeks work in New York where she offered for him to come and be with the baby and he refused. Yet he is getting $20K per month? He is inflexible which you cannot be with a child who has a working mother. Merry Christmas to all!

  • see

    Halle Berry and Reese Witherspoon are both OUT of my viewing. I even switch channel if any of their movies is on TV. Boycott until they own up to their fakery and lies in public.
    Evil witches!

  • Mya

    But she does care that’s why she is out to play up to the cameras, so she does care creep or B which ever one fits